Yes, Mistress

Bronte sat still, tense and warm in the middle. Wildly anticipating what was to come later that afternoon, the young and eager University student had completely disassociated from her lecture. Bronte’s mind swam as she subconsciously bit her lip and traced her notebook with hot, restless fingers. Those fingers, she knew, would soon come into contact with her lover, whose name she kept to herself – and herself only. This lover’s name was Todd. Todd was a young entrepreneur who ran a successful ATM business, while working part time behind bars in the heart of London. Todd was tall, slim and taut and carried himself well. He had nothing to complain about. Todd was always in control.  Bronte and Todd had met at University, both studying the same degree – but University life wasn’t for Todd, he felt too restricted. The two had kept in contact, starting slow with flirty messages that crept late into the night. Recently, however, detailed and explicit messaged had been their favourite way to communicate, accompanied with dirty pictures of uncovered flesh, heavy bulges and spread legs. Both parties felt hot at the thought of one another. And tonight they were to indulge in a three course meal of eachother.  The night began with shy hello’s, a drink and a couch. On that couch Todd saw a little too much of Bronte’s upper thigh than he could handle.  Todd’s long, slim finger grazed the side of Bronte’s thigh so swiftly that she felt a bolt of lightning crash through her spine. She repositioned herself, acting smug, as not to make it so obvious that she would willing place herself on her knees then and there and let Todd cover her entire being in his warm liquid. But that one slight movement of Todd’s finger was enough to start her fire, and Bronte pushed herself onto Todd, straddling his muscular thighs and letting the hot weight of herself melt into his crotch. Her hands crept up his chest and she felt the curve of his pecks under his shirt and up and around his neck. This is where Bronte stopped, choking Todd slightly, giving him just a fraction of a taste of what was to come.  

“Oh shit”‘, Todd moaned. He tilted his head back, smiled and moaned a little. Bronte figured that, for a man who was so in control of his life, no wonder he enjoyed someone to take the weight off in the bedroom. Bronte bet he might enjoy some minor degradation. She would save that for later. 

”Does a little girl like you really think she can control me?” Todd asked.

Bronte knew the answer Todd was looking for.  

”Damn right I do”, there was that smug smirk again. Todd liked this fucking smirk, and he let out a quiet moan as he stared at her.  

“Tell me how you want me”, Todd continued, slowly giving in. “I want you on your knees, open mouthed, trembling for me, and drained of cum, drained so dry that you’re worth nothing to me anymore”. 

Bronte had no idea where that had come from, but she knew it worked. Todd groaned in frustration, picked Bronte up and chucked her over his shoulder.  After he propped Bronte down on the bed, Todd got down on his knees in front of her. 

“Get on with it, then”, he began. Bronte stood and walked herself over to Todd. She took off her t-shirt to reveal her large, plump breasts. Todd felt himself begin to salivate. 

“Arms up”, Bronte demanded, there was a certain directness in her voice that was never there before. Without taking his eyes off her, Todd lifted his arms above his head, thinking Bronte was about to remove his shirt. But no, she was tying his wrists. 

“You’re gonna fucking get it, you know that?” Todd started. Bronte was enjoying how worked up Todd was getting. 

“You better watch your mouth there, little boy, or you might get a smack”. Bronte wasn’t nervous anymore, she was owning this.  Now Todd was lying on his back, naked, wrists tied, breathing heavy. His cock was so fucking hard and veiny, and Bronte couldn’t wait to feel that thick cock stuffed inside her sweet, dripping pussy. But Bronte composed herself. She walked, or rather towered, over Todd, and squatted near his lower thigh.  

“We need to go over some rules before we begin”, Bronte said, as she spread her pussy lips and placed herself onto Todd’s thigh. 

“Oh fuck”, Todd began. He felt the heat  of Bronte’s sticky pussy upon his leg. “I can’t take this Bronte, get on my cock now. Please just wrap your lips around it, this is too much I -“. 

“Shhhh, I can’t recall asking you to speak.” Bronte began grinding on Todd’s thigh. “Now as I was saying, I want to go over some rules. You speak when spoken to, and you will refer to me as Mistress, understood?”. Todd was stunned. 

“Yes, Mistress”.  Taking her time, Bronte shifted her weight up Todd’s body. She rocked her hips back and forth over Todd’s stomach, soon shifting her thighs to line up next to his ears. Bronte began grinding on Todd’s throat. Bronte teased her breasts, circling her fingers around each areola and squeezing her nipples firmly, moaning. 

“Please fuck me, now”, Todd was on the edge now, he’d never been made to wait this long for some pussy. Bronte only smirked that smirk, and sighed in satisfaction. She brought herself off of Todd and knelt beside him. As she slowly jerked his rock solid shaft, Bronte lent onto Todd’s neck and licked clean where her juices had been only moments before. She tasted so damn sweet. She swallowed herself whole.  

“I think I’ve made you wait long enough”, Bronte said, finally.  

“Next time Bronte, I fucking swear to God I won’t let you out of my grip until I’ve filled you at least three times”. 

“Whatever”. Bronte tried to act unbothered, but the thought of submitting to Todd made her tremble. She smirked to regain character, and proceeded. Bronte slid down onto Todd’s cock, taking every inch, feeling the pressure in her lower stomach as Todd’s cock hit her g-spot. Todd let out a groan. With his mouth open and eyes closed, muscled tensed and back arched slightly, Bronte knew that in that moment, she owned him.  Bronte began to rock, lubricating every inch of Todd’s cock in her juices and started to bounce. Pressure immediately began to build in Bronte’s pussy, and she couldn’t help but make noise. 

“Oh fuck, you feel so fucking good inside me, I love the way your hard cock fills my walls”. 

Being the good little boy he was, Todd replied; 

“Mmm, you’re so fucking wet for me it’s so fucking hot. I can hear how fucking wet you are you little slut”. Bronte didn’t care anymore, she couldn’t keep up her act. 

“I’m gonna fucking cum, go faster”, Todd sounded desperate. Bronte shifted her weight forward, her tits bouncing in Todd’s face, and twerked up and down on Todd’s throbbing cock. 

“Ohhhh, fuuu-“, Todd started”. Bronte was screaming now, the sticky, squelching sound of her wet pussy was so loud, she was loving every second. “I’m gonna cum, fuck Bronte, I’m gonna cu-“, Todd’s body suddenly grew stiff, his head arched back and he let out a monstrous groan. Bronte was biting his neck; “does that feel good baby? Coming inside my pussy like that, huh? I want you to feel my pussy tighten its grip around your cock, pulsing and throbbing for you”. 

Todd was breathless, he hadn’t opened his eyes yet. Bronte lifted herself off him and Todd’s wet cock fell onto his stomach, now sticky with mess.  

“I hate you for this”, Todd said with a smile. He opened his eyes.  But Bronte was nowhere to be seen. She had left Todd, covered in his mess, naked and tied. Todd was left only with his thoughts, the scent of Bronte on his skin, with no sight of his dignity.