Work Trip Neighbors

“Do you have any idea how goddamn long it’s been?” she asked as she walked past where he sat, tapping him on the head as she did so. “Since I’ve seen even one single person’s face, other than your adorable little mug?” He recoiled slightly from her tap, more a gesture of irritation than actual revulsion. Still, she smiled as she noticed it, enjoying even that much control over his body. They had been cooped up in that server room for just about three hours now, and it had started getting hot. The persistently low, white-noise hum of cooling fan after cooling fan had grown into a low din that softly occupied the background, a gentle pad under which the tension had started to bubble, at least for Allie. She and Alec had been working together for a few months, having been both assigned to the same job by the I/T service provider for whom they did contract work. It had wound up being a more lengthy assignment than either of them had anticipated, and the rapport that developed was one that seemed to veer mystifyingly between friendly and antagonistic in a way that turned Allie on more than she cared to admit. For some reason, something about her utter inability to tell how Alec felt about her was enough to make her start getting at least a little bit wet.  


It certainly didn’t help that they essentially left together every single night, driving in the same rented company car to the same rented company hotel, walking up the same flight of stairs and then down the same hallway together, before coming to a stop at two different doors sharing the same wall, each right next to each other, leading into two separate rooms that also frustratingly shared that wall.


More than just once or twice Allie had let herself fall asleep while warmly imagining what might happen if there were just a couple of soft knocks on that door. She imagined Alec standing out there, shirtless in the hallway, his surprisingly chiseled body suggesting way more of an athletic inclination than was typical of your run-of-the-mill information technology worker, his bottoms loosely clad in a pair of sweats-like pajama bottoms. More than just once or twice she let her fingers start tracing lightly along the lips of her vulva, letting tingles of excitement shoot up and throughout her body as she imagined him glancing around nervously, unable to decide whether he should fully commit to waiting for a response or just cut his losses and maybe head back to his room without pushing things any further. She imagined him just starting to turn back, his weight shifting to his other leg almost imperceptibly, when her room’s door somehow just swung itself open. She imagined him stepping cautiously, even tentatively into her room, moonlight filtering in, but softly enough that he could barely make out anything in front of him. She imagined him taking careful steps as his eyes adjusted, the room coming slowly into focus, swimming out of the blur so that the details coalescing gradually in front of his face revealed her nude form, spread and waiting, begging for him there on the bed, ready to accept him into her and almost wishing she could somehow subsume his entire body into her, feeling his form fill her with a pleasure that might almost be too much for her to handle. 


She wished, more than just one or two nights over the course of the last few months, that she could watch him walk over to her, almost unsure in his movements, as she lay there in front of him, spread open and lightly caressing herself, her pussy wet, quivering, and begging for him. She imagined him walking up to the edge of the bed and placing his hands gently on her knees as he lowered himself down between her legs, a slow and deliberate type of reverence infusing his movements. She imagined him starting with a slow, wide kiss on her inner thigh, his lips sucking her skin gently, the wet suction causing her nipples to harden, raising goosebumps all across her entire body. As she lay there in the real, sliding a finger slowly in and out of her clenched pussy, she imagined him beginning to eat her, slowly, his tongue lapping up the wetness that was positively spilling out of her as his powerful, strong hands slid their way up her body, exploring her flesh and mapping the ridges and points of her body in a way that brought her dangerously close to orgasm with a somewhat remarkable quickness.  


She gasped, loudly, and wondered if he could hear her over in the next room. 


She wondered if he was thinking about her too. She imagined his cock, hard and towering and gripped tightly in one of his impressive hands (she had spent no small time admiring them, and wondered how many instruments he played — they were hands that sang with an elegance and a power hidden underneath an almost delicate layer, and she knew they were as capable of intricacy and finesse every bit as much as they were capable of powerfully gripping her and perhaps pushing her up against a wall), all ripples and veins and texture that she could practically taste. She imagined him, stroking himself, his impressive hands working up and down on the even-more-impressive shaft of his cock, his head leaned back with both eyes closed in a pleasured state of zen. She imagined him coming dangerously close to orgasm, his hand working itself faster and faster as his muscles clenched and un-clenched, tightening as his body came closer and closer to orgasm, closer and closer to uncontrollably pumping hot cum out of him. She thought about it, in vivid and excruciating detail, edging herself closer and closer towards what she anticipated as being an immensely powerful orgasm, picturing him also masturbating on the other side of the wall, their bodies twinned in desire and close to the very same edge.


Her back arched even harder as she slid two fingers inside herself, moaning louder than she intended, rocking her hips so that her pussy swallowed her two fingers before she slowly dragged them back out again, both parts of her body rocking back and forth to meet each other in slow tandem. She imagined it was him. She imagined her two fingers, sliding deep inside her, as being his cock instead. She imagined it engorged and veiny, coming to a plump head in a way that looked almost tight and ready to burst, slightly purple, throbbing and coming to a soft dimple in the middle that she wanted to see overflowing with hard-earned cum. She imagined him taking it in his hand, its powerful curve arcing up towards the ceiling as he lowered himself in between her widening legs. She could see him in the room with her there, hovered above his bed and working the head of his cock slowly and deliberately between the lips of her vulva, dipping slightly between them and bringing out her wetness to spread it around her clitoris in a slow, circular motion that practically made her head explode all over the bed, there. Her fists tightened, gripping handfuls of bedsheet and pillow as she imagined him teasing her with his tip, spreading her open slightly before drawing himself back out again in an almost maddening game of pussy-cat-and-mouse. She imagined him maintaining eye contact with her the entire time, the cords on one arm standing out as it strained to hold him above her while the other reached down to finesse the head of his cock against the throbbing, begging walls of her pussy.


Finally, she imagined him settling down and pushing the entire weight of his body onto her, and the full breadth and length and girth and texture of his cock inside of her along with it. She imagined that she could feel him tunneling deep inside her, positively burying his cock inside her, and she imagined his mouth seeking its way along her chest before finding one of her nipples and sucking on it, hard. She could feel her hips rocking, harder and harder, more and more involuntarily, her fingers dripping with her cum as she slid her fingers in and out of herself with an increasing urgency before finally flipping over onto her stomach, pushing her fingers in deep until she came, pulsing and writhing there into the thick, numerous hotel pillows, hoping to hell they were drowning out the escalating volume of her impassioned moans. She imagined that he was in the room with her, bending her over and spreading her legs wide, his cock deeper inside her than it had been previously, the angle and sheer depth of his penetration causing her eyes to go wide and pushing the limits of what she knew herself to be able to handle. She could feel cum dripping down her leg, imagining his shaft fucking her deeply and fluidly from behind. She pictured what it would look like from his perspective, the broad flat of his cock with her pussy rubber-band-tight around it, pulling in and out as he slid himself in and out of her body, her cum gathering at its base as she grew wetter and wetter with the nearly unbearable deepness of every subsequent thrust.


She came, losing track of how many times, the lips of her pussy writhing and clenching closed around her fingers as the muscles in her body wracked and strained with the force of the pleasure that repeatedly overtook her. She wanted to feel him inside her so thoroughly, she could practically taste it. 


She could practically taste his cock, which seemed to grow longer and more impressively thick every time she imagined it. She wanted to worship it. To kiss it along its head and trace her tongue along every inch and contour and centimeter of it, running her tongue along the tiny rivulets of its soft, delicate skin, and feeling his body respond to her movements as she did so. She wanted to see it, tight and flexed, pointing at the sky as a monument of his desire to fuck her deeply, and she wanted to wrap her lips around it. She imagined gripping it at its base, her hand not even covering half of its length. Just the touch of it made her gasp, its powerful sinews making her grow noticeably wetter, and the moment it made contact with her lips she could feel her pussy clench in anticipation. She imagined fondling him with her free hand as she sucked him and worked her other hand in a circular motion along the bottom of his shaft, her spit lubricating both as she worked his cock with an increased frenzy while she groped and fondled and gently squeezed his soft parts. She wanted to feel his body tensing, to know that she was drawing an orgasm out of him the likes of which he wouldn’t be able to control.


As she imagined him coming, she came again herself, her entire body this time, clenching and pulsing, and doing so with such a force and fervor that she wondered if her body would simply swallow her entire arm. She pushed her face even harder into the pillow as she drew tighter and tighter circles around her clit, her body coming harder and harder with each successive lap around her throbbing clit.


Eventually, her orgasm subsided, and she slowly let herself sink back down into the remarkably comfortable sheets and pillows she had found herself enjoying on this trip. They were way nicer than what she had back in her little apartment, at least. As the spinning of her head slowly wound down, she thought ahead three days, to the end of this little months-long excursion and all the tension that had come along with it. She thought about going back to life as she knew it, occupying the stale space in her little apartment. She thought about the last time Greg had been there, and about the talk they had while she reconstituted herself after positively disintegrating under the spell of his incredible, magic cock a few minutes earlier. If there was one thing that was true of Allie and Greg, it was that each and every time their bodies met, they did so as though it were not just the last time they’d ever have the chance to do so again, but as though it was the last time they’d get to enjoy this activity with anybody, ever. They fucked each other with a passionate urgency and fervor that filled both of them with a strange fear, once they had broken up with one another, each one unsure as to whether it would ever be possible to find someone who could replicate, let alone improve upon, that strange and apparently once-in-a-lifetime alchemy.


She could remember how it felt to not know how limited their time was. That last night wasn’t the last night at all, until the moment that made it their last night. But until that moment happened, it was just a lovely night. A night in which she found herself melting into his body the way she always did, and when she gathered herself back up enough to do so, she took him in her hands again. She worked him, slowly, feeling him grow and respond to her touch. Feeling him inflate and pulse, the blood pumping from his body into his cock, and filling it with her hand wrapped tight around it, moving up and down and stroking its shaft lovingly. She stared into his eyes, those deep blue orbs that she had fallen so thoroughly in love with, biting his lower lip just a little bit as she stroked him faster and faster. She could feel his body gathering, his grip on her hips tightening. She pulled herself even closer into him, bringing their bodies together like magnets as she worked on him under the covers. Their hips were almost touching, her naked heat radiating on to his hardened girth until finally, he came. He came, hard, and a lot, and she could feel the warmth spreading on her skin, small indicators of his pleasure making contact with her at a regular interval as she brought him to an orgasm that she then saw him all the way through, feeling him flex and come and pulse in her grip, extending his orgasm as long as she could until finally he could come no more.


At this point, she broke that gaze she had been holding, turning around into the small spoon position and backing up into him. A hand still gripping him, she eased his thickness between her legs, finding her opening and sliding him deep inside her, closing her eyes with the pleasure as she did so. He held still while she rocked her hips backwards against him, her cheeks pressing against his hips and making small, circular motions as she worked him deeper and deeper inside him. Freshly-fucked though she was, it still took just a little bit of doing to get him pushed fully inside her, and she could feel herself expanding, filling up with his massive cock as each new inch of it found its way deeper paster her border. She could feel herself wrapped, so incredibly tight around his almost unforgiving girth, and he continued to hold perfectly still, allowing himself to be used as an instrument for her pleasure, leaving her in complete control of the angle and depth of his penetration, letting her decide how fast to fuck him.


She worked her hips against him slowly at first, letting her cum slowly build, her pussy growing wetter and wetter as his familiar thickness slid in and out of her. She began to say his name, over and over again, begging for him as she fucked his cock, her cum gathering on his shaft to make its repeated entry and exit fluid and powerful. She pushed him deeper into her with each rock of her hips, her angled body grinding against his until she couldn’t take it anymore, grabbing him suddenly by the wrists and slapping both of his hands down on his hips. He got the message, taking her strongly in her hands and moving his hips in tandem with hers as they fucked each other together, rocking back and forth into one another until she could feel an orgasm building.


His hands moved, seeking up and down her body, the feel of them gliding smooth and free against her taut skin making her wetness increase. One hand moved down towards her clit, rubbing circles around her as he continued to fuck her. The other found a nipple, taking hold of it in just the way she liked and pinching to the point where she was on the brink. A fire built inside her, spreading and pulsing and burning as she came on him. She felt his mouth on her neck, hot and wet, his kisses trailing up to her ear as he fucked her deeper and deeper, his hips pushing him inside of her until she came on him with full force. Her body pulsed and latched onto him, every single fiber of it alive with radiant pleasure, and she could feel the power of her climax building and building, until eventually it reached a peak, her squeezed-shut eyes playing a fireworks display on the back of her eyelids as she came so hard her ancestors were probably blushing. As she did, she could feel his rhythm and intensity building, his own movements picking up a frenzied pace until she realized why: He was coming too.