Work Break

I’m working from the cafe down the block when I see a little microphone blinking in my email tab. There’s a G-chat window flashing green, and I’m excited to see your name on it.  


“Hi Sunshine,” it says. “When are you coming home?”


“I don’t know,” I reply. “I have some work to get done.”


“Take your time,” you say. “I’ll just lie here and play with my dick in the meantime.”


I just send you a cry-laughing smiley, but your message has done much more than make me laugh. Images of you are now flooding my brain and distracting me from my work. Was this your plan? 


I imagine what you must be doing: I bet you’re half-assing some work on your laptop as you unzip your pants and take your dick out. I can see it fall to the right side, as it somehow always does, the tan skin visible against your black jeans. You wrap your hand around it and move it up and down over your shaft as it gets harder and the head begins to peek out over the foreskin. You’ll probably put on some porn as you get more excited. I can hear the porn stars’ voices moan along with your deep growls. I’m not thinking about work anymore.


“Hey baby,” I type, “would you play with your dick in front of me?”


“Hmm,” you respond. “I don’t see why not.”


“Wait for me. I’ll be right there.” 


I quickly pay my bill, pack up my laptop, and head home, nearly bumping into motorcyclists as I hurry to meet you. I barge through the door and find you on the bed. As I expected, you’ve got your laptop open, though no porn. I suppose you’re still in the half-assing-work stage. And I know you’re half-assing it because there’s a little hole in your pants where your dick is peeking out. I can tell it’s been played with because it’s pointing up toward your face, and its pink head has begun to poke its way out. It looks nice and happy, but it could use more attention. 


“Hi, there,” I say coyly as I squat down on the bed. “Please, don’t stop what you’re doing just because I’m here. Do you mind if I watch you?”


“‘Whew,” you joke. “I was scared you’d be mad if you caught me cheating on you with my hand.” You close your laptop and pull your pants and boxers down, making your dick flop upward until it settles again in its position on your stomach, pointing slightly to the right. Your shirt is off as well. I notice that the skin on your cock is slightly browner than the rest of your skin. 


You cup your hand over your cock, using the foreskin to massage the head up and down. I can tell you’re enjoying yourself; your dick is now pointing up toward the sky. You move your hand up and down the shaft as your other hand caresses the head, which is now swollen, pink, and round. A moan escapes your lips as you slowly massage the underside. I start to wonder if you’d like some help.


“Would you like me to take my shirt off?” I ask.


“Is that a trick question?” you joke. 


Sitting to your side, I slowly lift my shirt over my head to reveal a shiny blue bra that barely fits. My D-cup breasts are falling out of it, and a small sliver of a pink nipple peeks up over the top of the right cup. My right breast has always been a bit bigger than my left. You groan as your eyes become locked on those blue cups.


“Would you like me to take my bra off too?” I offer. “Would that make you feel good?” 


“Oh, god,” you growl, an expression of disbelief on your face, as if your wildest dreams are coming true. “You’re amazing.”


I love that I can excite you so much with something so simple. I lift the right cup off first, since it’s already practically falling off, and my soft, yielding, porcelain-colored breast falls down over my stomach. I let the left free as well before chucking the bra over my head. I lean forward to shake out my long auburn mane, and my breasts jiggle as I sit up on my knees and put my hair in a ponytail. I want to make sure nothing is blocking your view. 


“Oh, my god, baby, you’re so hot,” you moan as you cup your balls with one of your hands and rub your cock fast and hard with the other. Just the sight of me is making you desperate for release. I wonder how much more I can undress before your cock explodes. At this rate, I’m not sure you’ll last long enough for my pants to come off. But if you can, you’ll be in for a treat… 


I run my hands down the sides of my body, over my waist, hips, and legs and then back up. “Do you like this body?” I tease you. 


“You’re so fucking hot,” you grunt under your breath. I laugh. You’re like a little boy, so thrilled to have a naked woman in your bed. And you’re a good boy, so I’m willing to give you a little more. I unbutton my pants and slowly pull them over my hips so that all I’m wearing is a little blue pair of underwear. I run my hands down my body again so you can take in the view, stopping at each breast to give it a little squeeze.


“Am I doing all right?” I ask innocently. “I know I can’t measure up to one of those porn stars.”


“You have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen,” you say. “Take off your underwear. Please.”


The desire in your eyes is too strong to say “no” to, so I hook my fingers into each side of my panties and pull them down to reveal a triangle of black hair. Each time I lift a leg up to get them off, I lift it up enough to give you a flash of my pink pussy lips, just to give you even more pleasure. Once I’ve gotten completely naked for you, I’m sitting next to you on the bed with my legs spread in front of me. You can see my warm wet pussy welcoming you in between them.


“Is there anything else I can do for you?” I ask.


“No, this is amazing,” you say. Your eyes linger between my legs then travel up to my hard red nipples. They linger on my breasts, which have swollen so much they’ve begun falling to the sides of my flushed chest. 


“Then I think I’ll take care of myself,” I smile. I reach my hands down and graze them up and down over each nipple. I open my legs further so you can see my pussy begin pulsating while I stroke my breasts, the inner lips opening and closing to the rhythm of my moans. I get louder as I move my hands down over my stomach, bucking my hips as they glide over the soft skin. You gaze at me with an almost pained look in your eyes as your cock springs up even higher. “Oh, my god, you’re so fucking hot,” you groan again.


I know what will drive you even wilder. With my left hand still fondling my breasts, I place my right hand gently over my clit and ever so lightly rub it in circles. All the attention to my breasts has made it super sensitive, so I’m careful not to press down hard. I get even wetter as I rub myself; you can see my pubic hair get soaked and my pussy lips blossom out in the shape of a heart, opening up wider and wider. Sweat drips down your forehead as I put my left hand down inside my juicy pussy. “Ahh,” I scream each time I thrust it in. “Ohh yes.” I don’t want to get too wrapped up in myself though. I want to show you a good time. And I think I know just what would make your day. 


“Would you like to cum on my body?” I offer, hoping it will please you as much as I think. A grin appears on your face as if you’re a kid who’s just been offered his favorite candy.


“Have I died and gone to heaven?” you ask. 


“Nope, as far as I know, we’re still alive!” I laugh.


“Yes please!” you say. It’s so cute how eager and excited you are, like a little puppy dog getting his belly rubbed. You get up and kneel on the bed, your dick in your hand, pointed toward me. My breasts swing under me as I crawl toward you and lie obediently underneath you, my legs slightly spread so that you’re nestled in between them. I move my right hand to my clit again. It excites me so much to see your hand jerk faster and more desperately, gliding your foreskin over the smooth skin of the head. I can see precum glistening in the center. I stick my chest out to make sure anything else that comes out of there reaches me.


“Are you ready, baby?” you ask.


“Please,” I say. “Shoot your cum all over me. Don’t hold back”


“Lucky you, there’s going to be a lot,” you manage to make out before letting out a grunt. You lean closer into me, pointing your dick at me as if you’re about to draw a picture on my body with it. And you do, sort of. You get very still as the first spurt flies out the center of your dick and hits my stomach, dribbling down toward my pubic hair. “Oh, yeah,” you moan, staring at the yellow line running down my body; I can tell that watching yourself cover me is making this even more satisfying for you. 


The next spurt travels further, landing on my right nipple before dribbling down my breast and stomach. I gasp then break out giggling as the next one hits my eye. You don’t apologize; you just lean even closer to make sure you get your cum all over my face. I love to know I can satisfy you so much just by laying here, letting you unload yourself onto me. I stay right there smiling sweetly up at you until there are drops of cum all over my upper body. 


You finally stop stroking your cock as it begins to deflate and droop downward. But my hand is still on my clit, and watching you hold your cock and whimper as the last of your seed drips onto my leg is enough to send me over the edge. “Ooh baby that’s so hot it makes me cum too!” I yell. My finger is pressing down harder now, sending my pussy into full-on convulsions. I’ve lost complete control; I surrender to the sensation. 


You stand back to watch as my pussy lips open and close and my hips undulate up and down. “Oh,” I whimper as the sensation overwhelms me, taking my whole body on a roller coaster ride. My legs shake, my left hand grabs the bedpost, and my chest stretches up toward the sky. “Ohh,” I scream again before I slowly stop quivering and lay like a puddle underneath you, cum still dripping down my stomach. 


Once I look back up at you, I see you still have that same expression of awe on your face, though your dick is now hanging limp and satiated between your legs. “You are so sexy, I can’t believe it,” you tell me. “How about we get you showered off?”


I look down at myself giggling. “I’m a mess!” I exclaim. “All right. Then back to work.”