Who’d Be a Plumber

It was a Monday morning, a bright sunny day and the view from our fifth floor flat was particularly good, the clear air after the night’s thunderstorm allowing us to see all the way across the river to the Shropshire Hills, and I lay in bed feeling horny (as I do most mornings). 


James and I had been away for a long weekend on an obligatory visit to his parents where James and I had shared an old, creaky bed in the spare room. James’ parents lived in an old house and the walls were paper thin with their bedroom next to ours and the dining room immediately below. I’m not a prude and have enjoyed sex outdoors – I love the feel of a cool summer breeze on my naked pussy – but the thought of giving his parents a sound effect blow by blow account of our coupling was more than I was prepared to do. The thought of meeting them over breakfast afterwards with an imagined wink from his father and perhaps an envious glance from his mother made me cringe with embarrassment. So, no sex, despite lying next to my hunk, feeling his member pressing into my back as we spooned, his hand cupping my breast. Suffice it to say I did not get much sleep either.


My thoughts went back to the first evening with his parents before we’d realised the limitations placed on our activities.


I’d dressed in a cream skirt and blouse – not the best idea as it turned out – and we were dining on a chicken casserole. James had spent most of dinner running his fingers up and down the inside of my thigh whilst holding a conversation with his parents on the opposite side of the dining table. When he finally slid a finger under the frill of my, by now, soaking wet panties and slipped it into my slit I nearly choked on a mouthful of chicken, and had to explain hastily that it had almost gone down the wrong way!


The meal was over and Ann, James’ mother, stood up, suggesting that we have coffee in the lounge, when I leaned against James and whispered in his ear. “I have a problem”.


“I know” he grinned.

“So have I, a big thick one!”


“I’m serious!” I whispered, smiling across the table at James’ mum who was looking quizzically at me.


“Tell me about it later he whispered.”


“I can’t” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“I can’t stand up!”


“You’ve not had that much to drink?” he looked at me questioningly.


“No. It’s just that you’ve got me so wet I can feel there’s a big damp patch on the back of my skirt!”.


He paused for a moment then, “Leave it to me” he whispered, and to Ann “OK mum”. He turned back to me and said “Let’s go”. He winked at my horrified expression and then stood up. But as he stood, his hand “accidentally” caught my wine glass, knocking the nearly full glass into my lap.


“What the….!” The look of composed horror on his face almost had me bursting into laughter but I managed to choke it into a sort of strangled “Ahhhh!” as I involuntarily jumped back, almost toppling my chair over.


“Well, at least it was white wine” he winked at me “best get you upstairs and changed”.


His parents were suitably apologetic, although I wasn’t sure what for unless it was to excuse their son’s perceived inherited clumsiness, as James ushered me out of the room and up the stairs. 


Once in the bedroom I hardly had time to remove my skirt and knickers before James’ rampant cock was pressing at my pussy as we fell onto the bed……which immediately gave out a welcoming “Creek! Squeak!” as we bounced on it. I froze, the sudden protestation from the bedsprings enveloping my passion like a wet blanket and driving all thoughts of vigorous sex out of my mind.


“What?” queried James, his cock throbbing on my stomach.


“The bed!”


“What about the bed?”


“It’s noisy!”


“It’s not that noisy.”


“Listen!” I hissed “ I can hear your parents talking in the dining room below us! If I can hear them they can certainly hear us. This bed will wake the whole street and I’m not being this evening’s entertainment!”


“He grinned. We can do it quietly. How about the floor? Or doggy style!” James knows I love doggy style, wiggling my lovely cheeks at him and I was tempted, but…


“No.” I confess I’m a rather expressive lady when it comes to sex and much as I loved the idea, the picture of James’ parents over breakfast would not go away. “They’ll still hear me!”


“OK” he said, rather too easily, lifting off me. “How about giving me a blow job, then? I’m quiet.”


The cheek! “Not on your life, buster!” If I’m not getting any, neither are you!”


So we spent a sexless few days, long days, slow days that seemed to take forever before we said our goodbyes and set off for home.


A rain front had moved in during the day and It was a long, tiring drive home in the driving rain and heavy traffic. Coupled with the lack of sleep over the weekend we tumbled into bed and fell asleep soon after getting home, but not after I’d managed to toss a few clothes into the washing machine, only to find there was a small leak from the hose which would need attention before I could do any more.


James decided it was a worn rubber washer where the hose joined the washing machine and had promised to come home at lunchtime and sort out the leak. This meant he was up early to get to the office, which in turn meant no quickie that morning.I worked a three day week and Monday was one of the days I had off (unfortunately not that kind of “off” I thought).


When I heard the front door of the flat close after James I tossed the bedcovers off and lay there letting the cool air play over my naked body. The occasional draught from somewhere drifted across my nipples causing them to stand firm. I’m quite proud of my nipples. They are a bit on the large size but James loves to nip and suck them, and run his tongue around them. His favourite, though, is to stand behind me and cup my breasts in his hands, softly moving his palms over the breasts and nipples. I could feel myself getting wet at the thought. Enough! I pushed the thoughts to one side, jumped off the bed and headed for the shower.


The warm water was invigorating and the spray from the shower head was inviting as I soaped myself all over, feeling the stirrings again as my fingers slid easily over my pussy, when a thought entered my head. James would be back soon for lunch to fix the washing machine. I know how much he loves my ass, so maybe I’ll surprise him.


One of the games we like to play occasionally is pretending we’re strangers who meet and end up having sex, and I’d just thought of a good one to play. Quickly finishing my shower and resisting the temptation to indulge myself, I towelled myself dry in the bedroom. We have a full length mirror on one of the wardrobe doors and as I stood in front of it I cast a critical eye over my body. I have an hour glass figure, with pert 34DD breasts. The nipples are quite large as I’ve mentioned but the aureole are relatively small, which tends to make the nipples look even larger. I bounced up and down a few times on my toes and watched them wobble. Very nice!


My waist is slim widening out on the hips which gives me my beautiful ass, as James likes to describe it. The feature I’m not quite sure about is my thighs. Footballer’s thighs my mother used to call them. James says they’re great – he loves tackling them! But all in all I do look pretty good, even if I say so myself.


Now, what to wear? I decided to go all black. Sheer black stockings and suspenders and a mid thigh black skirt. I took a little more time to decide what to wear on top but finally picked on a black boob tube – much easier for James to get his hands on my breasts from behind.


The final question – knickers or no knickers. After going through my collection, thongs, straps, bikini, and the like I decided no knickers, purely on the grounds that if I put any on, by the time James got home they would be well and truly soaked!


Having decided on my ensemble, I laid everything out on the bed and, pulling on my dressing gown, went and had my breakfast – toast and marmalade. Not very exciting but easy to make and I like it.


By the time I’d finished and sorted a few things out for work the next day it was close to 12 o’clock and I decided to get ready in case James was early. Returning to the bedroom I took off my robe and dressed in the chosen outfit. I looked myself over in the mirror (a bit narcissistic I know but I wanted to make sure everything was in the right place) and couldn’t resist closing my eyes and squeezing my breasts for a moment, just imagining they were James’ hands.


The thought of what was to come was already making me wet so I wandered into the lounge to the open window.


We overlook the nearby park and as I rested my elbows on the sill, chin in my hands, I could see people below cutting through the park. I recognised one or two as neighbours but unless they looked up – which no one ever does – they would not see me. There was a slight, warm draught wafting through the window, and I enjoyed the feel of it cooling my hot pussy and lazily lifting and dropping my skirt.


I must have daydreamed for a bit when I was brought back to the present by the sound of the front door opening and closing. Now to put my play into practice.


“You must be the plumber” I called over my shoulder, remaining in position.“ The washer is in the kitchen. When you’ve fixed it, come in here but before you do, there is one condition. You must not speak or say anything. I’m in the lounge.” I heard the footsteps in the kitchen and then the noise of the washer being replaced.

There was a pause then footsteps as James walked into the lounge. I had not moved and was still looking out of the window, my “beautiful ass” pointing back towards him.


“Remember, you must not speak! Now come and stand behind me.”


I heard his footsteps as he padded over the thick carpet until he was behind me. I could feel his eyes boring through my skirt and it was all I could do to stop squeezing my thighs together. Instead, I opened them a little further and stood there, still leaning on the window sill but with my legs straight and a nice, inviting gap between my thighs. I wiggled my cheeks slowly.


“Now, I am going to ask you some questions and you will answer with one smack on my ass for yes and two for no. Understood?”


There was a pause.


“It’s a simple enough question. Do you understand?”


I felt a smack on my right cheek through my skirt.


“Did you like that?” I asked.


Another pause then a second smack.


“Do you like what you see?”


Another pause, although not so long this time, then a further smack. 


“You can’t see a lot though, can you?”


Two smacks this time.


“Would you like to see more?”


Smack. No pause. He was getting into the swing.


“Hmmmm” I said, questioningly. “There’s not a lot of feel through this skirt, wouldn’t you agree?”




“Do you think a smack would be better on my bare bum?”




“Would you like to lift up my skirt?”




“OK lift my skirt.”


I felt my skirt being lifted over my cheeks and up to my waist, laying bare for him my naked pussy, glistening wet already. I presented my buttocks, pushing them upwards to give him a better look – I was really enjoying this, I thought, as I wiggled my buttocks a little.


“Do you like what you see?”




“Are you sure?”




“Is it the best pussy you’ve ever seen?”




“Are you getting hard looking at me?”




“Place a finger on the part you like best!”


I felt a finger slip into my slit and ease its way up to my clit. Oh my! The simple touch of James’ finger on my wet clit sent a shudder through me. My eyes were closed now as I began to rock my pussy in tune with his finger movement. But the game was not finished yet and with a gentle moan I surfaced sufficiently to ask: “Would you like to finger me?”




“Don’t you ever say no?”


Smack smack.


“Finger me!”


There was a pause and then I felt fingers stroke my clit a few more times then slide back down to my vagina, where they stopped for a moment then slid oh so easily inside as I groaned and thrust my ass back to receive them. He started to move his fingers in and out, at the same time moving them in a scissors manner, open and closed, caressing the wall of my vagina by my G-spot. The effect was immediate as I began to pivot my ass to the movement, sensing rather than hearing the pitch of each short moan getting higher and higher. James had never done this before and it was excruciating in the way it drove my body to twitch and shudder despite my efforts to control it.


His fingers stopped.


I waited a moment: “What are you doing?”


No answer. Of course he was not allowed to speak! I was hanging just below the cusp, my body crying out for a finish, and he’d stopped!


“Do you want to fuck me?”




“OK. Put your cock inside me. Now!”




I heard a rustle and then felt the tip of his cock nestling against the entrance to my vagina, warm wet and wide open for him.


Push It In! Push It In! Push It In! My mind was screaming – and then I felt it slowly easing into me. Just a few inches – just? God it felt thick! It seemed to stretch me like nothing I’ve ever had before! I didn’t remember James’ cock doing this to me before. The game must really have got to him! Then he slid a little more into me and I must have groaned aloud – it was so thick it was like childbirth in reverse! Then the final few inches and I felt him fully inside me, every twitch, every movement magnified, sending tremors up and down my body.


He withdrew slowly and then began to slide in and out of me, slowly at first. I slipped my right hand between my legs and gripped his shaft with my fingers. I loved the feel of his wet slippery shaft as it moved in and out and James loved the feel of my fingers on him. My mind vaguely registered the lack of hair on James and wondering when he’d shaved, but his cock felt almost alive inside me. It was so warm, and it felt like it was almost pulsing, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I rested my head on my hands as a groan escaped me, the pure delight as his full cock seemed to caress every part of me. 

He started to pick up the pace and move more rapidly inside of me, leaving only an amazing sensation from deep inside my body.

He was moving faster now, and damn, it felt so, so good, I was getting close! Just a little bit more James, I’m almost there.

My eyes were screwed tight shut, my fists clenched as I willed him further and further until suddenly the first spasm hit like a bolt of lightning, the world went dark and there was nothing, just an intense, glowing feeling that emanated deep inside my body. A deep throaty, long lasting sigh seemingly belonging to someone else reverberated through me and it was all I could do to stifle the scream that hung in my throat. For the first time in my life a wetness like I had never experienced leaked onto my fingers, running down my thighs to the floor. I love an enthusiastic lover and once I felt his cock and how full he was inside me I was gone, helpless, and I was breathless (and screaming?) as he rode me, his thighs slapping against my cheeks as he drove into me ever faster until with a final judder he held me hard against him, his cock twitching violently inside me before it spent itself.


My knees were trembling but I couldn’t move, hair plastered across my forehead, sweat and juices dribbling down my thighs.


I felt him withdraw and the sudden, cool emptiness brought a gasp from my lips.


“Go now” I managed to gasp “before my husband gets home. Go quickly!” The game was over.


I heard James pull his clothing on then the front door close as he left. For a moment I couldn’t move. I just held myself there, arms on the windowsill looking out, knees trembling.


I finally moved away from the window, a little unsteady on my pins, still with an inane grin on my face, when the door opened and James walked in.


“Hi beautiful. How’s my sexy babe? Has Mike been in to fix the washing machine?”. Mike was one of our neighbours, a young plumber’s apprentice by trade, and a rather handsome well toned figure. I’d occasionally caught sight of the bulge in his jeans and, naughty me, had idly wondered what it would be like to feel his cock in me.


“Mike? I said a little puzzled but with a dark thought beginning to worm its way into my consciousness.


“Yes. I asked Mike to do it. Gave him my key in case you were out. I met him on the way in. He says he’s done it. Didn’t you see him?”


The shock hit me like a cold wave. “No” I managed, thinking at least I was telling the truth! It was all I could do to speak, remembering that huge cock that had been inside me a few minutes ago – not James? Impossible! It couldn’t have been Mike! Oh my……!


“Did er….did he say anything else?” hoping James would not hear the trepidation in my voice.


“No, just that it was an unusual plumbing job. Can’t see it myself. Anyway” he started to strip “I thought I’d come home early to catch up on what we’ve missed” a gleam in his eye. “I hope you are nice and wet in anticipation of what you are about to receive!”


“You’ve no idea” I muttered to myself, staring at his engorged cock and the dark bush of hair surrounding it. “Just give me a minute” I said, making for the bathroom to wipe myself off.