Untamed Love

It’s another day like this… again Scarletta has found herself becoming fatigued with her stuffy, stuck-up office job. She writhed in her chair as her shoulders refused to release the tension built. It was becoming unbearable. She looked like a tigress pacing in her small cell eyeing her escape route. It was only a matter of time before she breaks out into the night and goes on the prowl.

There is one place she knows, a club to be specific. Like the back of her hand she knows every little thing about it. This place was no cage to her but rather a safe haven. For her… the music entices her senses and frees her body in a way that is truly enchanting. Now she wouldn’t pick this place if she wasn’t so sure about it. It’s one of the better clubs. They don’t let anyone get out of hand and insure everyone’s safety. There was just something else though, something about this scene. Maybe it was about how the lights flashed, how the music boomed, or perhaps dancing every which way without a care that released all her pent up stress from the day, week, month, you name it.

Most of the time Scarletta is found dancing alone, just being herself and getting hypnotized by the music. Other times she is in the company of beautiful women or handsome men. Often times, ‘things’ are taken to the bathroom or back to someone’s place. With all the encounters she has had, never has she once regretted an encounter. Each one was absolutely beautiful and exciting to her. However, she never sees the same person again. She prefers to keep it new and exciting. There’s just something about falling into someone and experiencing them that intrigues her.

The clock which hangs on the wall at work clicks into place and at last the wild tigress is released from her cell. She glides to the exit where her freedom awaits. A bounce in her step and her hair floating up and down gracefully, eagerly wanting to rush outside those doors. They burst open in a flurry and with her sweet escape she marches home. Upon arriving she drops her bags and strips herself of those irritating office clothes that are up to the neck on the dress code. Despite her yearning for relaxation she won’t be staying here long. She goes to her bedroom and rummages through her closet, looking for something special. A tint of red catches her eye and thoughts run wild in her head. Imagining herself in this, she made her decision. With a slip of her red dress and adjusting it to her body, she was ready to see where tonight may take her.

Her car door shuts and her heels clack on cobblestone which lead up to the club’s entrance. The security guard smiles as she makes an appearance and waves her inside. She takes him up on his offer gladly. These two are good friends thus he never felt the need to check her at the front. When she walked up, something about the scene felt familiar to how it looked a year ago. Then it clicked in her head. It was like the first time she had ever come to this club. Scarletta had somehow captivated the owner of this establishment. That was definitely a night that would stay with her for many years to come.

Want to know? Scarletta was going through a rough time of her life. She had very low confidence in herself. It didn’t help that the manager at her work pushed, pulled, and criticized her to the max on her first day. She had made so many mistakes that she thought for sure she was going to be fired. On top of that her long, long, long! relationship had just ended. She had no time to relax between her awful day at work and that piece of news she didn’t see coming. Fed up with the day she threw her heels off, let her makeup run down her face, and roamed the streets which felt empty where she walked yet there was also freedom in each step she took. And then when she finally looked up, her eyes lit up. She didn’t know why, but this was just the place to be -the club-. It was calling her. When she got inside… she stood there in the middle of the dance floor looking into the flashing lights with an expression that showed time had stopped for her. It was just her, the lights, the enchanted music, and blurred shadows of the people dancing behind her. She had never felt this way before. Her eyes, her body… something was changing, something about it was awakening something deep down.

Soon enough… the music hypnotized her and her body had begun to move. Her subtle movements caught the eye of the owner who was watching from above in her office. Scarletta goes into a trance like state and lets go of the reins that held her back, the owner couldn’t take her eyes off of her now -she was captured-. The owner had no choice, but to come down. She moved through the crowd toward this seemingly wild and untamed woman who was lost in the music. When she approached, Scarletta whipped around toward her causing her hair to sweep over her face while her intense eyes peered through it. The impression she made could be seen all over the owner’s awestruck face. Scarletta’s lips turned into a smile, she quite liked that expression on her pursuer. Scarletta invited her into her space and the two danced away the night together, reeling each other in little by little.

After a long night of dancing, the owner whispered in her ear if she would like to take this somewhere else. A smile and intensely seductive gaze told her everything she needed to know. In response she led Scarletta to her office. There, the owner gave Scarletta the last bit of release she needed. Scarletta had been with women before, but hasn’t been with a stranger since her wild years in college where she experimented quite often. Maybe she needed to feel that spark again that seemed to have left her.

Scarletta was placed on the desk and papers fell from it. Legs were spread open, her underwear stripped down, and a moist tongue melted between her majora. She shivered and shook in pleasure. Just feeling that woman’s tongue slide up and down between her crease and inside of her made her thoughts go crazy. She became eager to cum the more she felt it sliding over and over her sex. Her pussy was more than pleased and showed it with her glaze dripping off the table and onto the floor. So beautifully wet the owner refused to let Scarletta’s body beg any longer. She slipped up, licked her clit and sucked on it, alternating quickly bringing her body to twinge. Scarletta’s voice rang through the office. Quickly, fingers began to penetrate into her. She begins to pulsate and shake. Her voice wavering. The music seemed to get louder and louder with the building tension. At last the owner releases her. Scarletta throws her head back and magnificent colors blossom from her, colors more wonderful than the lights below could ever stir up. Something had woken up inside her that was thought to be forgotten. It was her hidden desires, a wild fearless tiger personified.

Scarletta wasn’t going to stay long in that office despite everything. It was about one in the morning when Scarletta decided to vanish. She wasn’t interested in asking the owner’s name or talking after. She liked the silence. It wasn’t awkward, the aura of their pleasure filled the room and spoke enough for them. With that she took her leave from that room and that club. She wore a smile as she strutted away under the gentle moonlit sky. She felt free and without worries. It was something new she won’t be forgetting anytime soon. She now had the confidence back that she needed. She may have even felt… a little glad everything went wrong, cause everything became so much more right.

From then on the owner didn’t dance with her, only watched. But Scarletta liked feeling her eyes all over her body. The intense desire she felt from it made her quiver in orgasmic energy. This was pleasure enough for her.


Drifting back, Scarletta passes the club’s threshold. There were bright lights of varying colors turning every which way as usual. However, the club had more people than usual today, and yet she still managed to catch one man’s attention. She eyed him throughout the night, seducing him with her eyes forcing him to keep watching. It was like she was there one minute, gone the next, and then there she was again. Almost like a tiger walking through tall grass, stalking it’s prey, you just couldn’t look away for a moment… or else… she will vanish and be right on top of you.

She gently runs her hand along his shoulder and whispers to him, sending a thrilling chill down his neck.

Walking away, she leaves him a nice view of her dress pressing against her shapely butt. She claims one of the poles for herself and let’s the music control her body. She was gone with the beat already. And to her delight, she had piqued his interest. Pushing through the crowd he eyed her all over with seduction. She clasped the pole with both hands, slid down and swayed her ass around on the best stage. He watched oh so closely. Her ass looking tighter as she swung it out, her dress tightening around it, showing off every crease.

Her lips create a smile and her eyes close in delight as she feels his hands running up her legs, going toward her hips, fingers skillfully slip between the joining of thigh and sex which sends a shiver down her. He holds her hips and she turns to face him. Their bodies closing in on each other, bouncing subtly to the beat. Then rubbing together softly sending an electric vibe through them. Jumping, popping, and grinding in these streaming lights that kissed their bodies was the perfect cover. They enclosed themselves. His hand snuck beneath the strap of her dress and it readily slipped off. She gazed at him, batting her long lashed eyes, and stroked her breast, pulling down the thin fabric which covered it. Pushing in she pressed her plump breast against his chest which shuddered in response. And with a single touch her lips parted. He stroked her softly and played with her nipple. Teasing it so gently. Twisting and turning through the crowd they kept it a secret from eyes who may want to sneak a peak, but it was all theirs and theirs alone to enjoy.

Turn after turn and bumping to the rhythm, they found themselves on the outskirts of the crowd. With a swift movement, her strap loosely hugged her shoulder and covered her breast once again… but not for long.

Light steps from her high heels led the way, her hand as the guide. Along the way, they crashed on the walls sipping on each other, but found their way to the red lit bathrooms. It was empty and set the stage for their private dance. Leaping out and clacking down on the tile floor she threw herself to the music that was still beautifully heard, even from here. It was a tease, the way she moved, the way her hips taunted, lips seducing, breast enticing, and eyes inviting. He follows her instructions and shuffles his way to her. They danced and danced on their private dance floor and got caught behind the closed door of the bathroom stall. The lock clicks into place and suddenly everything feels silent. All they can hear is their breath coming together and the sound of their lips tasting the other. Her chest against his, they feel their strong heartbeats pulse through and create their own tune. The friction causes her loose strap to fall down once again. She smiles as his hand gently pulls it down from her breast and admires all of it, the sight, the feeling, everything.

Her succulent breast was just the right size for his hand. He completely covered it and played with it like kneading dough. He rolled his thumb over her nipple that was perked up with pleasure and she gladly pressed it more into his hand. Her body rolled back and forth into his hand and against his body. She danced her hands above her head, as if they were reaching for the glowing red lights that enveloped the bathroom. Her hands took hold of the railing just above as she swayed her hips side to side, eagerly waiting for him to feel her skin underneath her red dress. He grinned and obliged by slowly, slowly running his hand up her thighs.

He sifts her black lace thong down her thighs like soap gliding on porcelain. Light as a feather, it slowly dropped and rested at her feet. Her legs danced and unwrapped herself from them, clearing the way. His head came close, rolling and teasing her lips for a kiss. Nose and cheeks playing a waltz as the lips play coy. She smiled at the cruel game and he planted his lips on hers finally, smearing her red lipstick before plunging his tongue inside. His hand softly glides on her skin toward her flower. Tasting each other for so long left her breathless. She breaks it off and gasps for air. Slowly he dips his fingers between her slit. She shutters and his mouth wavered open as he felt her soaking wet. The jeans he wore grew tighter against his groin. It became a problem so he stripped his belt and it clanked onto the tiled floor. Dancing forward her hips, she grinded her sex on his constricting pants. They tightened more and beneath it throbbed strongly. His button jostles free. She bites her lip, looks below and raises her gaze to his again. Her demands are heard and he follows with the sliding of his zipper. His pants hit the floor around his ankles and she was back on him. Gyrating her way to his core, his cock’s flavor oozed out and dampened his boxers. Soon her glaze too has seeped through them and hypnotized his ‘friend.’ She wriggles his cover off and they float down to join his pants. The sight sent her mind wild with just what pleasure awaits.

His hand wanders and braces against the cold wall. And the other sneaks along her inner thigh, under her knee and lifting it up and out. Her dress gives way and retracts in response, putting her glistening sex on display. Inching his groin closer, his cock roams around her outer lips and explores her clit’s pleasures. She gyrates her hips and moves him to her inner lips, then sifting through her juicy crease. Her hips sway more and swirls his cock around her entrance, slowly but surely spiraling his head inside and toying with it. Shuddering and gasping for air, he can’t resist any longer and plows into her, juices splashing down her thighs and dripping to the floor. Their sweet glazes mixing together in the heated dance of lust.

Thrust after thrust brings her wavering breath into hot gasps. Hot breath and the touch of wet kisses smother her neck. With each beat of her heart bumping to the thumping of his brought her gate to open and close like a butterflies kiss ready to take flight. Her grip tightened around the railing. In just the right spot her voice sang, going higher and higher to the peak. Her screaming moans grew muffled with the booming music that enveloped every inch of this place. The intensity brought her shivering arms down to around his shoulders. She dug her nails into his back, leaving her mark on him. The bass drops and hits all the right places as the music pulses between them. Filling them up and bringing them down in each other’s grasp, they glide along sweat soaked skin in bliss.

They rested on each other and eventually released, but not without a few more kisses on their bodies. He may have even re-entered her a few more times, just to feel the leftover sensitivity. And before he knew it, she was gone. Winking at him as she unlocks the stall door, turning her back, and strutting away without a word. Walked out of the club with a sense of release and relaxation. She’s not interested in names or numbers. Just the experiences her encounters bring. Being tied down, must have never suited her to begin with. This is her true nature and it won’t be changing anytime soon.