Tongue in Cheek

She is in the shower when I arrive home from work. The remnants of her workout are strewn all about the floor, and her sweaty clothes make a trail to the bathroom. I can hear her singing, and I know that she had a good session, which is a promising sign for the different kind of session I have in mind. With a quick knock, I enter the steamy room and peek behind the curtain. She is covered in soap from head to toe and is bent over away from me with her soft bottom spread right in front of me.

“Hey, honey”, she says through closed eyes as the water runs down her body to where she is massaging her calves.

I get an immediate hard on and reach out to caress one cheek. She giggles and shifts herself closer, giving me deep access to the soft folds of her pussy. She angles herself to rinse of the last of the soap and then spreads her legs even farther as she looks over her shoulder at me.

“I’m squeaky clean. What do you want to do to me?” she drawls.

I reach in and turn off the water as I stretch up and grab the towel she has hanging on the rail. I take my time as I dry her off, stopping to caress the softness of her inner thighs with my lips, cupping and massaging her ass as I make my way up to her breasts with my mouth.

“Why don’t you grab my body oil and meet me in the bedroom?” she teases as she wraps herself up in the towel and saunters out of the now chill bathroom. I rummage through the cabinet until I find the oil she likes and that I don’t mind tasting. When I come into the bedroom, she is once again stretching—this time in downward dog. Her breasts are soft pendulums with the nipples tight in the cool air, and her legs are spread just wide enough that I can see she is getting wet. She gives me an upside down smirk and says, “Why don’t you start with my ass?”

Sinking to my knees behind her, I pour some oil on the top of her ass where it makes a trail between her cheeks and runs down to her already slick lips. I spread the oil out across her bottom, kneading and squeezing firmly the way I know she likes. She moans with pleasure every time I release and then press back in, getting closer and closer to her swollen pussy. I’m so hard as I move her ass around shaking her cheeks faster and faster.

“Put a finger in my pussy while you do that. Oh please!” she says.

I immediately comply and am rewarded with the feel of her silky pussy, wet with her arousal. I slide one finger in and out slowly, watching the juice accumulate on my knuckles. I add another finger, and she gasps with pleasure and shoves her rear end closer, making the penetrations deeper. I continue to watch my fingers move in and out of her as I take a few strokes on my cock that already feels like it could burst. Unable to keep my mouth off of her any longer, I remove my fingers and greedily press my tongue deep in her pussy, licking my way up to her tight asshole. I repeat again and again, going down to her clit and sucking and nibbling as I reinsert my fingers into her now sopping wet pussy. My tongue plays all over her open backside—always returning to her little asshole, which I want to pay special attention to.

“Spread your legs farther apart for me.” I tell her.

She does, and I move closer to her, spreading her ass as wide as it will go and burying my face in her ass. She starts to move in rhythm with my licks and soon she is wet enough for me to start putting one finger slowly in her ass.

“Oh God yes. Please do that”, she moans.

“Do you like this?” I smile at her. She thrusts her hips back, and my finger slides in to the knuckle.

“Is that enough of an answer for you?” she asks.

I slap her ass in reply, and I begin to slide my finger in and out, fast and faster.

“Ohhhhh, use two fingers”, she groans.

I pull my first finger almost all the way out and add another, which I slowly begin to slide deeper and deeper into her. I continue like this as I bend down to lick her pussy all over again. She’s so wet and tastes so good; I want to stick my face in as far as I can. She’s straining to hold her position, so I wrap my free arm around her hip and slowly flip her onto her back on the bed, keeping my fingers in her ass. I now have more free access to her pussy and feast on her clit and lips, burying my nose, mouth, and chin in her juicy folds, all while penetrating her with my fingers.

“Grab the butt plug. The one that vibrates. I want your cock in my pussy while that’s in my ass”.

I reach over to the night stand and grab her favorite blue butt plug and the lube. I squeeze out a little bit of lube onto the toy and spread it around with my fingers. She lifts up her legs into her chest, giving me easier access. I give one last full bottom lick from her ass to her clit as I turn on the vibrator and slowly begin to press it into her tight hole little by little. She groans and a little spill of juice slips out of her pussy. I rush to lick it up and continue to lick deep into her as the toy slides into place. I can feel the vibrations through my tongue, which I am forcing as deep into her pussy as I can.

“I fucking want you so bad. Let me suck on your cock”, she says as she rolls over toward me and takes my hard cock in her eager mouth. She guides me to sit down on the bed as she gets on her knees between my legs and starts to suck voraciously. She grips my shaft at the base and caresses my thighs and groin with her free hand. She pops my cock free from her mouth and descends to my balls, taking them one at a time between her lips. Milking my cock, she alternates between sucking my balls and licking my asshole, which sends electricity up my shaft. She repeats this cycle again and again until I let her know that feel I am about to come.

“We can’t be done so soon”, she teases as she licks my cock one last time before rising up and turning around, straddling my hips in a reverse cowgirl. I see the plug between her cheeks and almost come in anticipation of what my cock is going to be feeling soon.

She rubs her clit along my shaft over and over again—her wetness making my cock slick and ready to slide right in. Her hips are moving as though I am already inside her and with a quick shift, I enter her with the head of my cock and wait for her to take the lead. With her ass starting at me, the feeling of her moist pussy, and the vibration from the butt plug, I can barely focus. She continues to shift her hips back and forth and each time my cock slides a little bit deeper and deeper. Before long, I am all the way inside of her, feeling the tightness of her inner walls and the pulsing of the vibrator.

”I feel so full”, she gasps as she pauses to focus on the sensations happening within her. She braces one arm on my upper leg as she begins to move up and down on my shaft and then reaches her other arm up to her breasts, tugging on her nipples, making them harder and tighter. I feel like I’m about to come, and I pop her off my hips as I squeeze my cock tight and wipe a gleaming tear of fluid off the tip.

“I want to be behind you”, I tell her, and she obligingly flips over to her hands and knees. She grins at me as she shakes her bottom invitingly. Unable to resist I thrust my cock all the way to the hilt in one motion. She lets out a near growl and begins to meet my thrusts, her wet pussy making slapping sounds as we go harder and harder. She begins manipulating her clit from the front, and I can feel her bear down and tighten her inner grip on my cock.

“Fuck yeah!” I grunt. She’s squeezing so hard, and the vibration is so intense that her orgasm takes her—and me—by surprise. Her convulsions are racking her body, and she’s all but screaming as she continues to rub her clit and release her wetness all over my cock. She rides these pulses for a minute or so and then stills in a post-orgasm lull.

“Is it too much sensation?” I ask. “Do you want the vibrator out?”

She is face down on the bed and can barely speak. I still feel little twitches from her core as she turns to look at me.

“It’s fine. How do you want me?” she breathes.

“I want you on your back”, I tell her.

She flips over and spreads her legs wide enough for me to slide in. I immediately begin to pummel into her and revel in the openness of her post-orgasm pussy. No need to worry about going too deep. She is wide open for the taking and spreads her legs in a wide V and smiles up at me as she grips my hips to pull me in deeper. She begins to play with her clit again, and I can feel her tightening even in her openness. I switch her legs to over my shoulders and let my hips swing freely into hers, penetrating her deeply and thoroughly.

I can feel her beginning to swell again and that signals my release. As her pussy begins to tug on my cock, I feel the orgasm erupting out of me. I pull out and begin to slide my cock up and down on her clit to further her orgasm , releasing mine all over her breasts and belly. She is shaking underneath me as she rubs my cum into her breasts and smiles up at me with half closed eyes. I finish my shuddering release and roll over next to her as I grab her towel from the floor to wipe her off.

“I made a mess of you,” I mutter as I gently clean her up and then tuck myself up against her back. She is getting sleepy, and I am almost wrapped all the way around her when she waves her hands down toward her bottom, and I reach down and slowly slide the vibrator out of her sweet ass.