To My Soulmate

To My Soul Mate 

I haven’t met you yet, but I have wild fantasies about what we’ll do together once I meet you. Maybe I’ll show you this one day, but for now, I’ll have to write this for myself. 

I imagine we will recognize each other immediately when we meet. I’ll look at you and feel like I am looking in the mirror, and vice versa. I’m open to you looking all different ways, but for some reason, in my imagination, you have olive skin, curly black hair, and golden brown eyes with long eyelashes — sort of a Greek god look. 

We’ll take things slow. We will kiss perhaps on our second or third date, depending on how instantly we hit it off. (I have a feeling it will be instant.) I will ask to kiss you as you drop me off, perhaps. I’ll start off with a peck, then I’ll run my hands through those black curls, or whatever hair you have. I’ll press my lips harder into yours as our kisses grow more passionate. Soon, I’ll be pushing you against the wall. Not long after, you’ll be pushing me.

We’ll do this a few more times before I invite you in. I’ll lead you to my bedroom, with its fluffy king bed, French doors, and lace curtains. In my bed, we’ll hold each other for hours and kiss and talk. In the midst of a makeout session, I’ll ask if I can take your shirt off. When you say yes, I’ll run my hands over your beautiful sculpted chest and arms. The next time, you’ll ask to take my shirt off too. You’ll gently graze my nipples with my hands then suck them in your mouth, making me whimper and moan. We’ll do this for hours, treating it as its own form of lovemaking. 

One day, I’ll get so wet and excited that I’ll ask you to take off my pants. You’ll unzip them and pull down my underwear, then kiss me and stroke my breasts with one hand while the other rubs my clit. It feels so natural, I have no worries or anxieties, just a feeling of all-consuming, full-body pleasure and bliss. You take your time, rubbing gently, then harder as you hear my voice pick up and feel my hips grind into you. My hands dig into your back as I get louder and louder. My legs start to shake, and then my whole body convulses as I cum in your arms. You keep your finger on me until my shakes and screams completely subside, then you wrap your arms around me and kiss me on the forehead as I bury my face in your chest, suddenly feeling a bit shy. I giggle as I move my head back up to kiss you. 

This becomes our routine for a few dates; you alternate between this same technique and thrusting your fingers in and out of me until I squirt all over your hand. Then one day, you pause with your fingers inside me to mention we should probably talk about STIs. I’m so turned on not just because you care about safe sex but because that means you want to take our physical relationship to the next level. I tell you I was tested recently and didn’t have anything; you say the same. 

“Why do you ask?” I ask. 

“Because I want to taste your pussy,” you whisper. I instantly get wet. 

“I want to feel your mouth on me,” I whisper back before kissing you. Your kisses travel down to my breasts, then my stomach, then my thighs. 

I’m a little nervous; I hope you like what you see down there. You quell my concerns immediately by taking time to look at my pussy and admire it, running your finger up and down each labia before leaning in to kiss it. “Mm you taste good,” you growl before moving your face between my legs and licking my clit. “Oh my god” is all I can get out. You make me squirm when you put a finger inside me, and I gasp as you look up at me with those sexy golden eyes of yours. “Ohh,” I throw my head back while you lick my clit and press your finger up against my G spot. A full-body orgasm rushes through me like a wave starting at my pussy and radiating out in all directions. You hold onto my hips as I quiver, licking until you get every last bit of orgasm out of me. 

By that point, I’ll have lost all control. “I want your big hard cock inside of me,” I’ll whisper. I’ve been feeling it pressed against me, and I’m dying to know what it feels like in my hands. You’ve earned it. I unzip your pants and pull out each leg, then slowly watch it spring up as I pull down your boxers. I gasp; it’s even bigger than I expected, not just long but thick, too. I start to stroke it up and down with my hand. You tilt your head back and let out a groan. I can’t wait for it to be inside me. I come back up to kiss you. “I want to feel you,” I moan into your mouth. 

“Do you have condoms?” you ask. 

“Yes.” I rummage into my bedside drawer to pull out a condom, a “ribbed for her pleasure” one, of course. I hand it to you; I know myself too well to think my stumbling fingers will get it on right. It’s so sexy to watch you touch yourself as you put it on. You look like some kind of ancient statue with all your clothes off. I run my hands over your chest as we kiss. “Are you ready for me?” You whisper in my ear. God, you know how to turn me on. 

“Mmhmm,” I whimper. 

“Good. Now lie down and spread your legs for me.” Whew, it is hot when you take control. 

I do just as you ordered, and you get on top of me and kiss me. One of these days, I’ll get on top of you and ride you hard, but it’s nice to feel like this time, all I have to do is relax and let you pleasure me. You push my legs up so that you can get between them then pause with your cock at the entrance to my pussy, kissing me as my hips tilt further and further up to meet you. You push yourself down slowly, just a little bit at a time so I can adjust to your size. I let out a gasp as I feel you enter me and push my hips up harder into yours. Fuck, you are in so deep. Good thing I’m as wet as a fountain or it would be painful. Instead, you glide right in, leaving me with an overwhelming feeling of fullness that makes me want to cry. You push yourself out and back in, so slowly that I am aching to feel more. “Harder,” I gasp. 

All right, if you say so,” you smirk. Then, you grab me by the shoulders and thrust in and out harder than I thought possible. I wrap my legs over your shoulders so you can get up higher and scream as I squirt on you again and again. Then, you flip me on my side and fuck me from behind while your finger rubs my clit. 

“Let me get back on my back; I want to see you,” I say. 

“As you wish.” You withdraw yourself and let me spread my legs again so you can get back between them. You enter me again then pause for a minute, staying still as we look into each other’s eyes and kiss. You slowly start moving in and out again. 

“Can you go a little to the left?” I ask. There’s a spot on the left side of my pussy that feels really good when it’s penetrated. You shift yourself so that each thrust massages it. 

“Oh my god, your cock feels so fucking good,” I groan as I look into your eyes with a mischievous grin. 

“Mm, your pussy feels amazing.” You lift my hair off over my face. “Are you ready for me to cum?”

“Yes, I want you to fill me with your cum.” Technically, you can’t because you have a condom on, but you know what I mean. 

“All right, if that’s what you want,” you return my mischievous smile. You position yourself on your knees and hold my hips so you can fuck me just like you need. “Oh, fuck,” you throw your head back and your eyes close. Your strokes get harder and faster as you let out a growl and your dick quivers inside me, sending vibrations throughout my body. “Mm yes,” I yell as I thrust myself harder and harder into you, my body wanting every last drop of your seed (even if it’s not actually getting any of it). 

After you’ve collected yourself you don’t pull out. Instead, you put your finger back on my clit and start stroking it from side to side, then in little circles. You look so sexy kneeling there above me. I start squealing with delight as I realize your going to make me cum again. “Yes, right there, don’t stop,” I encourage you. I can feel all my pent-up desire gathering in the tip of my clit. Soon, my pussy starts convulsing around your cock. It’s a deep, deep orgasm; even though it’s mostly coming from your finger, I can also feel it all the way up near my cervix, where your cock is still gently caressing. Every part of my lower body, from my stomach to my ass, is convulsing around you. I sigh  as you slow down your finger and finally pull your cock out. 

As you get next to me on the bed and put your arms around me, all I can say is, “Thank you.” My whole body is singing with the echoes of all the pleasure you’ve just given me. 

All right, my soul mate, I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse into this filthy little mind of mine. Can’t wait to get to know yours.