Tied Up

It felt like days, but I knew it had only been hours as the first pangs of hunger started to run through my stomach. It was no use trying to look around with the blindfold applied so expertly, the passing of time had to be judged by the sounds outside the hotel window. Traffic, car horns, people passing by excitedly on the street. I tried to move again but the ropes were secure. He’s really done his research. I let the thought develop into a fantasy. I felt myself getting turned on imagining Alex at the computer studying the sequence of events involved with bonding a partner. Images of the willing victims had always turned me on, the contrast of black rope on pale skin, helplessness juxtaposed with powerful sexuality. Something about the taboo nature of it added to the experience, feeling like a pervert I derived great enjoyment from watching women (and sometimes men) held in a vulnerable position, not always ready to accept their situation.

Now here I was, the gentle tug of nylon against my skin and the pressure of the rope against my breasts. I could feel a steady pulse at these pressure points and my nipples had risen in and out of hardness countless times since he left me like this. I knew what was coming after all, I just didn’t know when. What I did know was just how well I would suck his cock for doing this to me, after all I need every last drop of what he had to offer just to keep myself from starving.

Almost at the point of boredom I caught the sound of a card swiping in the door, the cleaners are in for a surprise I whispered, a sarcastic grin spreading across my face. Silence for a second before the door swung shut under its’ own weight, followed by the muted thuds of clothing being removed and thrown to the floor. At last, I would get what I needed and in doing so, satisfy him completely. This is what it feels like to meet your soulmate. Alex must’ve moved quickly because the next thing I knew the bed shifted slightly as he moved towards me. ‘Hey baby’ he whispered before moving his lips down to my ear, gently he pulled at my ear lobe and the sensation of touch after being so deprived sent a shot of desire between my thighs. I could feel myself moisten at the encounter, almost anxious at how much pleasure he might be about to unlock. My attention wandered back to his lips as he worked his way down my neck and shoulder finishing at my breasts, each kiss a drop of pleasure rippling out across my chest. I strained forward against the rope, as much to heighten my pleasure as to signal a desire for more. Feeling it dig in at points all over my body was like having multiple hands all over me at once, all I could think was how much I wanted him inside me, anywhere he liked

‘I want you’ I gasped as his mouth toyed across my nipples. I could feel the pinpoint intensity as they strained with pleasure, sparked by each flick of his tongue. ‘Not yet Olivia, I want you dripping first’, the phrase alone sent a flush of wetness between my legs as he reached his fingers across my body, purposefully catching the bonds as he travelled down between my thighs. ‘That’s better’ again he whispered knowing exactly how to control my desire and provoke a reaction. I felt his fingertips playing up and down the soft skin between my legs and I spread them further inviting him inside. He took no time to respond and carefully slipped one then two fingers into me, while leaning forward for a kiss. Double pleasure. All of my inhibitions were gone at this point as I drove myself deeper onto his fingers, I could feel them curl up towards my stomach as Alex worked his magic, a feeling of intense, comforting pleasure started to build from my pussy up through my navel and into my chest. At the same time the kissing became more intense, I couldn’t help myself and I leant forward pressing my lips firmly against his. With each thrust onto his fingers I used the movement to press my tongue inside him, running along the inside of his lips, saliva building as quickly as the wetness between my thighs. I pulled my head back to let out a heavy moan and slid further down onto him. I loved the feeling of pushing against my restraints, desire playing against the restrictions he had put in place.

‘Ok Olivia, I made you suffer today but now you get what you need’ he slipped his fingers out from inside me and I could hear him sucking the juice from them. ‘Oh fuck, you taste incredible!’ The surprise overcame his character momentarily and made me feel the deepest love for him. ‘I’m all yours’ I spoke confidently, knowing I had no choice but to submit given my current situation. ‘I want to taste you baby’ I felt him reposition on the bed and a sense of anticipation filled my abdomen. He held off just long enough to have me arch my back and push against my bonds, begging him to take action, that’s when I felt his velvet tongue draw up my left thigh and towards my pussy. Working as one I slumped down the bed slightly just as he took my clit in his mouth. The pleasure was intense, driven on by anticipation and desire I tried desperately to wrap my legs around his head and pull him in, but I couldn’t overcome the action of the ropes tying my ankles outwardly to the corners of the bed. My dismay was short lived as he sucked slowly at first, quickening with my convulsions. The earlier build of pleasure all across my body started to become the familiar sensation of a numb top lip and hands. He had complete control.

As Alex worked his magic I could feel a repetitive movement ping through the mattress, hard and fast but without any sound. Strange I thought as I felt his hot breath across my clit. He moaned my name. The brief pause was enough for my heightened senses to pick up on the movement, Alex was pleasuring himself. So fucking hot. ‘Baby you don’t have to do it yourself, I’m here for you. I want to suck your cock’. I felt him kneel up and take a second to think, his spare hand coming to rest on my thigh. Every inch of me wanted him and I was ready to take whatever he had to give. I felt him stand up carefully and place his feet either side of me. Again my mouth filled with saliva as my body pulsed with pleasure and anticipation. I opened my mouth and tilted back my head as slowly his cock pushed past my lips. The smooth length gliding across my tongue I felt him take my head in his hands, I prepared my throat to take all of him. ‘Uhhhhhh’ he moaned and I felt his knees almost give way, his momentary weakness gave me intense satisfaction, to pleasure him so utterly and completely was a gift. I felt the tip of his cock push against the back of my throat and I matched the action with a gentle nod of my head. My lips came into contact with his body as his cock slipped down deeper. I was utterly fulfilled, this is what I wanted, what he wanted, and it pleased me to know it.

I always felt like an expert lover with Alex, we worked unconsciously in unison ever since the first time we made love and this kind of connection had totally unlocked me. The confidence drove me on, using the feeling of absolute devotion to push against the restraints I moved as much as my bonds would allow, knowing they could stop any movement too overt. I took him repeatedly down into my throat, feeling his shaft slip the final few inches and knowing that’s what really gets him cumming. Each time he buried the full length of his cock there was a small gasp and I knew he didn’t have long to go. My body meanwhile was still numb in parts, feeling the bonds slip up the inside of my thigh coupled with a rock hard cock in my mouth was plenty to keep me satisfied. Plus there was the small matter of my hunger, coming back now I knew it wasn’t long till I got the sustenance I sorely needed. The blindfold had really opened up another dimension to this lovemaking, with all of my other senses heightened I didn’t feel like I needed to see what was going on, I felt I would cum from pleasuring Alex alone. Of course, I never imagined that was actually possible…

As I felt Alex grip my head more tightly, his fingers running through my hair, his strokes took on a longer and slower pace. He thrust with a purpose now and the shift in speed and position moved a length of rope further up my inner thigh to press against my clit. Immediately it became difficult to concentrate, I was going to cum and there was nothing I could do. But Alex! Today it’s his turn and I haven’t finished him off. I needn’t have worried, Alex had his own rhythm now and he was using me to take himself over the edge. Still my mouth flowed with saliva and each draw of his cock pulled more out over my bottom lip. I could feel it pooling on my chest and rolling down my stomach down to meet the feeling of numb pleasure cascading back up from between my thighs. As the feeling once again built up through my stomach and in waves passed across my chest my breathing became ragged. Alex too was struggling to maintain pace and his knees were starting to give again. Suddenly the focus switched and the pressure against my clit was all I could feel. I pushed my shoulders against the backboard to force myself against it. In one swift movement I felt myself start to cum as Alex withdrew himself from my mouth. The dash of saliva onto my skin was like a finger tip tracing from my cleavage down to my clit. I arched backwards just as Alex lifted the blindfold from my face, feeling every slither of rope across my skin I was experiencing an orgasm like no other. As if a hundred lovers were in contact with my body as I came. Taking a squint or two to adjust through the pleasure I saw Alex stroke his cock recklessly before pinning it back hard towards his body. I had just enough capacity to strain forwards and open my mouth as I watched his balls tighten and his shaft twitch within his grip. My mouth opened and closed slightly as I tried to stifle a loud ‘ohhhhh’, my jaw hanging down as pleasure took control over my bodily functions. He came forcefully across my cheek and lips and I fought to take as much as I could in my mouth, the taste amplified by my still flowing orgasm his cum was the familiar mix of sticky but sweet. Still jerking his shaft and barely able to stand, Alex coaxed out another shot or too before letting out a sigh and falling to his knees over me. I felt his cum hit my tummy and thighs as the final few spurts convulsed from the end of his cock, leaving just a trail hanging down painfully out of reach.

‘Feed it to me baby’ I begged as he let his grip relax and hung his head in exhaustion. He complied of course, using two fingers to scoop it softly up from my exposed skin and dragging the remnants across my top lip, allowing me to lick it up at my will. ‘I want all of it’ I demanded ‘you’ve had me tied here for hours with no food, I want it all’. ‘You’re right baby, I want you to have it all, after all you’ve waited so patiently’. The next move caught me by surprise as he started to lick up his mess from all over my body. The dance of his tongue on my skin tickled me and a sly grin spread across his face. He maintained eye contact best he could while cleaning me up, the reddish pink of his tongue bright against the sheet white pale of my body. When the last of it was gone Alex moved up to eye level, kneeling directly in front of me and without closing his eyes he pushed out his tongue, covered in cum, and I leant in to take it from him. We kissed long and hard and I made sure to take everything he had, delighting in the taste once again. He peeled back to look at my face, and rocked even further back to take in the full picture. ‘I love seeing you like this Olivia…’ he looked content, his cock not even beginning to soften ‘…and I love the fact that you came’. I could see in his eyes he had thought of something mischievous and that I wasn’t going to regret letting him take control today. ‘So let’s untie you and see how tight your pussy feels, quickly, before the cleaners get here’.