The Window Washer didn’t blink an eye as I came

The past few weeks have been quite a rollercoaster on me. I’ve had a crazy schedule at work recently, forcing me to work very strange, long hours. My boyfriend of a few years and I decided, after many months of fights, tears and talking, to open our relationship, so I decided to be brave and hit on the one coworker I find quite attractive, and got shot down. I haven’t slept well in weeks, and I’m still following my intense work out program, allowing me to look the best I ever have.

To sum up the above, it’s been a pretty shitty couple of weeks. To top it off, I caught a bad cold and get to spend my hard earned days off, in bed, trying to get over it. I also am ridiculously sexually frustrated… which leads me to my story.

Saw above coworker as I was leaving work today, he was just starting as my shift was ending. We had quick small talk, I tried to pretend everything was normal, but my mind is still in ‘I’d love to fuck you’ mood when I see him. (Hopefully this mind frame will eventually go away, it will be incredibly frustrating to be constantly wet everytime I have to work with him). He works out probably as much as I do, and even in his suit, you can tell he has a nice hard body. I also can close my eyes and recall exactly how it felt when I ran my hands all over him, right before the big no, haha.

Because of this, by the time I reached home, I knew I’d be playing with myself.

It’s been quite warm the last week, I’ve loved being outside during the day, but being sick in bed is not as nice. I spend basically my entire time home naked, I would be naked 24/7 if society allowed, so I immediately stripped down to my birthday suit as I walked in the door. Grabbing some water and a snack, I opened my bedroom window and pulled my curtain open, allowing any wind to attempt to cool down my room. I laid naked in bed, not worried anyone could see me. I live on a high floor with no direct view into my place.

I allowed the breeze to try and cool me off, while loading up a link to one of my favourite porn videos. I also pulled out my favourite ‘back massager’, that surprisingly has never been used on my back, and turned it on the lowest setting. I used two fingers to go slightly inside my pussy and pull out some of my wetness, easily spreading it along my lips and to my clit. If I’m turned on, I get very wet, and today is no different.

I rub the head of the vibrating massager along my whole pussy and allow myself to get even more wet and ready for release. I press play on my video and skip it to the best part, and turn the vibration to the highest setting. It feels SO good as it hits my clit directly on. I’ve used this for many years, I can make myself cum in less than 15 seconds with it if I want to, but if I can hold out and bring myself close to finishing, pull back before I go over, and then repeat, the orgasm is just way more intense.

Today I’m able to do that. I bring myself so close to the edge, then ease off the pressure on my clit, not allowing myself to go over. By the 3rd time I’ve stopped myself, I hear a loud bang at my window, and while I’m laying spread eagle with this vibrator on my pussy, a head pops up at my window!

I almost fall out of bed trying to process this and cover myself up and just hear laughter from the window.

“Don’t worry, you’re the 3rd naked person I’ve seen today” he says.

It’s then I remember we had received notice the day before that the building was having the windows cleaned the next two days.

With my porn still playing quite loud, atleast to my ears, beside me, I notice the guy is still looking at me.

“If you’d like, you can continue. I’d love to watch while I clean your windows” he smirks while arranging some tools on the window frame.

I have froze in place for the 30 seconds this has all taken place, my mind is racing, but my body is still aching to release, the blood still pumping to my clit. I decided an audience would make this even better and turn my vibrator back up and rest it on the tip of my clit.

No longer even noticing the video playing on my laptop, I watched as this man went to work. He was staring directly at my body, while his hands worked in auto function cleaning the window. He was a bit older than me, but very cute smile and a nice tanned muscular body under his grey tank top.

“Wish I could come help you out, I love to lick pussy” he says to me. I moaned at this and could feel I was so close to cuming.

I moved the tip of the vibrator, circling it around my clit, allowing me to enjoy the moment a bit longer, before my body could hold out no more and I finally came. My eyes rolled back and my toes curled as I enjoyed almost 20 seconds of orgasm. Once I couldn’t handle it anymore, I turned the handle off, and just laid there panting.

The man at the window starting moving and I could tell he was on his way.

“Thanks, that was hot. Your tits are amazing by the way” he laughed again as he disappeared.

Feeling a cross of embarrassment and excitement, I got up to go to the bathroom to clean up, then peaked my head to look out the window, and saw my surprise visitor was already onto the next row of windows.