The Roommate

It’s a been a few days since moving in with my friend Skylar and to say things have been awkward is an understatement. He offered to have me move in to his spare bedroom in his apartment after my old roommate screwed up and supposedly wasn’t paying rent. Needless to say we got evicted and I was desperate for a place to stay. Not saying that I didn’t WANT to move in with Skylar…but SHOULD I have is the question. Him and I have been friends for a few years now but I can’t help but feel attracted to him. We would always flirt here and there but nothing ever came from it. I’m sure the feelings aren’t mutual because he’s voiced how I’m “a lot” before. Whatever that means. But back to the awkwardness…I feel like he is regretting letting me move in. It all started on the first night after I took a shower. We have to share a bathroom so I tried to make it quick and in my hurry I realized I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me. That wouldn’t be a big deal if the bathroom wasn’t on the opposite side of the apartment. I wrapped the towel around me and cracked the door to look into the living room. Once I saw that the coast was clear I stepped out and made my way towards my new room. I looked around the apartment because it seemed so quiet and I was relieved to know I was alone. Or so I thought. I turned back towards my room and walked straight into Skylar! I jumped back which caused my towel to fall to the floor. Horrified I look up at Skylar hoping he looked away but found him staring right at me with a pained look on his face. I could see him clenching his jaw and he was standing very still. Not knowing what to do I rush to pick up my towel and ran to my room. It’s been days since that incident and he has barely spoken a word to me or even looked at me. Part of me thinks he is grossed out by me and is now uncomfortable. A bigger part of me is hoping he liked what he saw and just doesn’t know what to do about it. I’m currently sitting on the couch opposite of him watching TV. He picks up the remote to pause it as he looks at me. “I invited a few friend over tonight for a small party. They are curious to meet my new roommate.” He says with little emotion. “Cool! I’m assuming alcohol will be involved?” I ask with high hopes because I’ll need some liquid courage to get through the night acting like things aren’t awkward between us. “I said it was a party didn’t I?” He says with a tone that catches me off guard. I didn’t know how to respond so I just walked away to my bedroom to figure out what I’ll wear tonight. I really hope he changes his attitude because I honestly could use a fun night! I end up choosing my favorite skater dress. It’s black and a little short but still acceptable for meeting new people in. It’s already 7pm so I’m sure people will start coming over any minute now. I run to the bathroom to put a little bit of make up on when I have this feeling like someone is watching me. I look out the open bathroom door to see Skylar staring at me from the bar stool by the kitchen island. “What?” I ask kinda irritated because his look doesn’t seem approving. “You’re going to wear that?” He asks with a tone. So I respond with “Yes? Is something wrong with that?” While trying to match his distaste. “It’s fine. Whatever.” He says as he opens a beer and looks at the clock. I hear a knock on the door and decide my make up looks fine. I make my way to kitchen to grab my rum and Sprite from the fridge while I hear other voices in the living room. I look up to see everyone is looking at me. And by everyone I mean three guys and a girl. One of the guys is obviously with the girl because they are holding hands. They are both blonde and very beautiful looking people. The other two guys I notice are very good looking as well. Definitely not my type but you can tell they probably don’t have trouble with the ladies. One has a 40s style hair cut and huge smile. The other has shaggy blonde hair looking like he just came from a day at the beach. “Everyone. This is Kathrine. Kathrine this is April, Derek, Sam and Gideon.” Skylar says as he walks over to sit on the couch and opens another beer. The girl looks at me with excitement on her face and with a high pitched voice says “Hi Kathrine! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you!”. The guy with a huge smile and 40s hair walks up to me holding his hand out. “Hello there Kathrine. I’m Sam. You are way more beautiful than Skylar described!” He says this as I grab his hand to shake it knowing my face is probably ten shades of red. “It’s nice to meet you Sam. Thank you.” I reply. Even though Sam seems charming I could tell he definitely is not my type. A little too full of himself. We all join Skylar in the living room and I decide to sit next to him on the couch. When our sides touch I feel and electric shock through my body. I’m in a daze when Sam plops down on the couch on my other side purposely sitting as close as he can. Instead of getting irritated I use this as an excuse to sit closer to Skylar noticing he’s trying not to look at me. I really wish I could see what’s on his mind. April, Derek and Gideon decide to sit on the floor by the coffee table where they are filling shot glasses to the brim. They hand one to everyone and I reluctantly take it. I don’t normally drink hard liquor but I don’t want to seem like a party pooper! I wish I could say what conversations were going on around me but my mind was focused in the parts of my body touching Skylar. My body feels like it’s in fire and my adrenaline is high. He hasn’t said a whole lot to his friends and I wonder if he’s feeling the same way. I know he’s been acting like a jerk to me but I’m hoping it’s because he’s trying to ignore his feelings for me. “Alright! Let’s play game!” Sam yells to get everyone’s attention. “What game do you want to play?” Skylar asked not seeming all that interested. “Never have I ever! I want to know what you fuckers have done!” Sam says while laughing mischievously. “And I’ll start! Everyone put a hand up! If you’ve done what someone has never then put a finger down!” You can hear the excitement in Sams voice as he puts his hand up. Everyone else follows suit and waits to hear what he supposedly has never done. “Never have I ever…. masturbated in someone else’s house.” He says while laughing and staring intently at everyone’s hands. Everyone but Sam, Skylar and I put a finger down and everyone bursts out in laughter and finger pointing. I realized that I should put my finger down but unfortunately waited too long so when I finally did everyone was looking at me. I turn my head to look at Skylar and his eyebrows are raised and he has a slight smile on his face. “What?! This place doesn’t feel like my house yet.” I say and regret the minute it leaves my mouth. Skylar looks away and pretends to be preoccupied by his beer. “Ok! Ok! I’ll go next!” This is coming from Gideon who has a look on his face like he’s up to something. “Never have I ever….wanted to fuck someone who is in this room right now.” He’s saying this while looking straight at Skylar. Sam dramatically raises his hand and puts a finger down to make sure I notice. But to his dismay I do everything to not give him any attention. Instead I’m looking at Skylar wondering why he seems to be the target of this statement. I can see he is clenching his jaw and looks mad. “I don’t want to play this game anymore! We should just get drunk and listen to music!” Skylar says while abruptly standing up. He grabs the remote and turns up the song that is playing. At this point I have a very strong feeling that I haven’t been imagining the tension between us. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything that is going on in the room because the thought of Skylar wanting to fuck me has got me wired. My whole body is tingly and I know my panties are soaked. You’d think Sam would realize he doesn’t stand a chance with me but apparently he hasn’t because as I’m going into the kitchen to refill my drink he follows me and touches my back to get my attention. I turn around to find him leaning against the counter and standing extremely close to me. “So beautiful. What are the chances you’d go on a date with me?” He slurs at me. “Um…I’m sorry but you’re just not my type. But I’m always happy to make friends!.” I say deciding to just be blunt with him. Mainly because I want him to leave me alone so I can focus on finding a way to get Skylar to admit what he’s feeling towards me. I look over at him in the livingroom to find him staring at Sam and I. From his point of view I’m sure this looks way different than it really is. He looks pissed. He sets his beer down and rushes over to us pushing Sam out of the way. I try to act irritated but I’m relieved and turned on by Skylar’s obvious jealousy. “You got a thing going with him?” He asks through clenched teeth. At this point Sam has retreated to the living room too drunk to notice anything going on around him. “What if I do?” I ask teasingly wanting to push him. “You’re too good for him. Id be disappointed.” He says more calmly now. The the angry look on his face is replaced with what is possibly defeat. “Why would you care?! You’ve barely spoken to me since I’ve moved in. Hell you barely look at me ever since you accidentally saw me naked! For all I know you’re disgusted by me!” I say even though I know it’s not true but I’m curious what he will say next. Instead of saying anything he grabs my hand and makes his way to his room with me following behind. I don’t know what he is planning to do but I’m painfully turned on. He pulls me into the room, shuts the door and then locks it. The room is dark but the street lights coming from the window give us just enough light to see a little. He stands still looking at the door like he’s debating what to say and finally turns towards me looking at the floor. “I am not disgusted by you. I don’t know why you would think that.” He says quietly. He walks towards me and I step back. My back is against a wall as he gets closer. He stops a few inches in front of me and I can feel his breath on my face. “The reason I’ve been distant towards you is because when I saw you naked I wanted to do things to you. Things that friends don’t do to each other. You’re one of my good friends and I didn’t want to ruin that. I also didn’t know if you even felt the same way. Seeing you in this dress all night with Sam hitting on you was hard to watch.” As he says this his eyes our on my lips. Like he’s afraid to look me in the eyes but also holding back kissing me. “It’s about damn time you say something.” I say breathlessly. I’m having a hard time catching my breathe and the butterflies in my stomach are going crazy. I can see his chest rising and falling from breathing so hard with anticipation. I look up at his eyes and he finally looks at mine. The look he is giving me is so intense. Like he’s hungry and desperate. Almost pained like the look he gave me when my towel fell. He inches closer till our lips almost touch and then he stops. We don’t break eye contact when I feel his hands on me. One hand reached up to my neck like he’s going to choke me but his touch is soft. His other grasps the side of my dress while he leans his body into mine. My pussy is throbbing at this point and I feel like I’m going to explode and I know it shows in the way I’m taking short breathes. Finally our lips meet softly. He tastes like beer but I crave more. I open my mouth a little to deepen the kiss and he grabs my neck harder. I moan as his tongue meets mine and I pull him closer. I can tell he’s enjoying this from the hardness of his dick now pressed up against my pelvis. As we are making out I notice my dress has been pulled up and his hand is caressing my hip playing with the side of my panties. I moan again as I push my pelvis harder into him and feel his dick twitch against me. He breaks the kiss to breath in sharply and stars me in the eyes while his hand slides into my panties and makes it’s way between my legs. I feel him touch my pussy and arch my back from the excitement I feel throughout my body. “My god you are wet.” He growls and smashes his lips onto mine. I suck his lower lip into my mouth and lightly bite down hearing a deep growl come from him. That’s when I feel him slip a finger inside of me and I let go to moan louder than before. “Fuck! And you’re tight too.” He says as he pushes a second finger inside. I grab onto his shoulders because I feel like my knees don’t work anymore. I let out a whimper already on the brink of orgasm. “I haven’t been touched in so long I might cum already.” I say in a shaky breath. He removes his fingers and pulls my panties down never breaking eye contact. It’s like he wants to see my every reaction and I couldn’t be more turned on by this. Now his hands are on my ass and he is picking me up. I wrap my arms around his neck as he carries me over to his bed and tosses me on it. He pulls off his shirt and I sit up to unbutton his pants. He’s looking down at me as I unzip them and pull them down. I can see his boner more clearly now through his boxers and I can’t get them off fast enough. I pull them down and he tosses his clothes to the side. I’m still leaned over on the bed eye level to his dick noticing his size. He’s not too big thank God but definitely not small! I grab the base of his penis and look up at him. He’s giving me that hungry look again and I realize how much I love it now. I usually would look away if I ever give a guy oral but I have the urge to watch him like he apparently likes to watch me. I open my mouth and slowly move forward till his head is on my tongue. I close my mouth around the tip and swirl my tongue around it. His eyes slowly close noticably enjoying it. I hear him moan and I decide to catch him off guard by pushing forward and taking him as deep as I can. I can feel his head in my throat so I tighten it up in a rhythm hoping he feels it. I can tell he does because he gets even harder even though I didn’t think that was possible. Suddenly he’s pulling me away from him making his dick exit my mouth. I look up at him confused why he doesn’t want more untill I see his face. That is a face of a man who was about to cum too quick. He kneels on to the bed towards me and grabs at my dress pulling me towards him. Our bodies and lips meet together roughly. Our tongues swirl around each other and I can’t seem to get close enough to him. My hands are on the back of his neck and I know I might be leaving marks from grabbing onto him so hard. We break the kiss while he is pulling my dress over my head and tosses it to the side. I unclasp my bra and throw it as well. I look up at Skylar to see him staring at my chest. “I love that you’re nipples are pierced” He says with an admiring look. Before I can say anything he pushes me down on the bed and now all his weight is on me. I spread my legs so he can be between them. I feel his dick touch my pussy. I want to almost screamed with want but I know we aren’t alone in the apartment. He kissing my neck and I whisper in his ear “You should know that I typically can be loud in bed and considering how much I’m loving this already you should be warned.”. Hearing this he gets up and I have no idea what he’s doing. I’m just laying there naked on his bed while he’s rustling in the room for something. He finally finds what he is looking for and it’s his phone. I see him type something and he tosses the phone down. He stands there staring at me and I notice I’m not even ashamed to be spread out on his bed completely exposed. He seems to be waiting for something and that’s when I hear the music turn off in the living room and the front door opening and closing. It completely quiet out there and I realize he must have texted his friends to leave. As soon as he hears the quiet he crawls on to the bed stopping in between my legs. He grazes my thigh with his hand making his way up till he touched my clit. Something so simple sends me arching my back and moaning loudly wanting more. So much more. He starts caressing my pussy sending me writhing. I look down to see a huge smile on his face as he moves closer to my opening. I can feel his breath on my pussy and my heart starts racing. I’ve never gotten off on oral but for once I want to so bad! His mouth makes contact and I can feel his tongue flicking my clit. “Oh FUCK!” I yell with pleasure. While he’s working his tongue he slips a finger inside of me and then two. Working them in and out. I can feel my vagina tighten around his fingers and I decide to let myself go. My hands are pulling at the bedsheets and I’m looking at the wall above my head now as I scream with pleasure. I don’t know how load I’m being but I won’t be surprised if the neighbors know exactly what’s going on. As soon as my body stops twitching Skylar stops what he is doing and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. I’m looking down at him as he moves on top of me and kisses me hard. I wrap my legs around him pulling him to me. “My god woman. I can’t wait to see how loud you get when I’m inside of you.” He says as he’s caressing my body. My eye lids feel heavy with the ecstasy I’ve just experience but I know my want for more is evident in the way I’m rubbing my pussy along his penis in between my legs. “Let’s find out.” I whisper as I dig my nails into his back which makes him moan into my ear. He raises his body a little bit to grab his dick and pressed his head against my opening. “Do I need to get a condom?” He asks as I feel his head throbbing against me. “No I’m on birth control. I need to feel you in me with no barriers. Please fuck me already.” I whisper as I pull his face to mine and kisses him deeply. I could feel him slowly inch his way inside of me. Feeling my vagina trying to stretch for him he moans into my mouth. He pushes all the way inside and I moan loudly feeling like my vision is fading away. I force myself to open my eyes and look at Skylar. His lids are heavy as he slowly pulls out a little just to push back quickly moving my whole body. I feel like I’m going to pass out from the pleasure and let out a scream. “I’m going to cum already!” I yell as I arch my back as my hands grip the bed. He then starts pulling in and out harder and faster. Each time my body moves with the force. I feel my orgasm gripping his dick inside me and notice his moans are matching mine while I feel the warmth of his cum inside of me. He collapses on top of me while staying inside of me. Shockwaves of my orgasm causes my vagina to twitch and I can feel him doing the same. Finally he pulls out of me and lays on the bed beside me. I can feel his cum dripping out of me and it only makes me want to do it again.