The Hunting Party (Part 1)

Y’know, some nights, you just really need to go hunting. This was one of those nights. I’m not sure what it was. I don’t think it was the particular time of the year, or month, or anything like that. No alignment of the stars or moon. Just…a good, old-fashioned instance of a girl absolutely needing to get fucked. Needing some dick! Some good dick, though. None of that dime-store dick. None of that dick they sell for a few bucks in subway cars. None of that nonsense shit. I was in need of something memorable. A real show-stopper of a dick. A Greatest Showman of a dick.


Like I said. It was time to go hunting.


Phone calls were made. Plans were drawn up. A hunting party was assembled. A taxi was hailed, and we were off. Things started off excitingly, if I was being honest. I had been guaranteed that certain substances would be made available, and we had already begun, via group text, plotting what struck me as a very promising course through the city, making stops at a few local venues that were known to be replete with…let’s say, talent.


I sat there, draped across the backseat of the taxi as it wound its way into the city, taking me deeper into that tangled gnarl of concrete and steel and sweat and leather, and I could feel my body practically buzzing, alive with excitement and anticipation. My breasts felt especially full, swollen and wanting, my entire body tuned up, every sensation registering at eleven. My jacket was laying across my lap, and I noticed that my dress was short enough that my fingers were close enough to feel the heat coming off my hungry nethers. I glanced up at the rearview mirror, making sure my driver was busy and focused on the road, and slowly inched my hand closer to my crotch. Slowly and gently, taking care to make sure my movements were nearly imperceptible, I slipped a fingertip beneath the border of my panties. My vulva was freshly-shaved, smooth and inviting as my finger glided around the border of me, flirting with entrance before moving to gently greet my clitoris. I couldn’t help but breathe inward, sharply enough to get my driver’s attention. I quickly acted as nonchalant and casual as possible, subconsciously touching myself even harder under my jacket and causing my body to stiffen in spite of itself. I slowly worked a finger around my clit as the cab wound its way even deeper into the city, remembering the way Ethan had fucked me the night before. I had actually had him over for dinner, and so we were in the kitchen when it happened. Sort of a pity, too, because I had done up the bedroom in anticipation. My assumption, of course, being that we would make our way in there eventually, having made all kinds of googly eyes and done the appropriate amount of flirting to build up a sufficient amount of tension until we were ready to pretty much just go right ahead and tear each other’s clothes off.


Apparently, Ethan had more or less shown up to my place already ready to tear my clothes off. I guess we all have our nights.


He took me while I was working in the kitchen, chatting with him and preparing something, I really don’t remember what. I had just barely set my glass of wine down behind me when I felt his weight take up the air behind me, his hands sliding gracefully over my hips and around my belly as he embraced me warmly from behind. He whispered something affectionate into my ear and was then busy working his mouth along my neck, eventually massaging my breasts as he did so. I was basically his, at that point, and he knew it.


He pushed me down a little bit, bracing me against the counter and pulling up my skirt, gently, as he did so. He didn’t need to do anything else, as I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I stroked my clitoris with increasing urgency, upping the tempo of my own pleasure as I remembered the way it felt when he slid his admittedly massive cock inside me. From behind like that, the angle and depth was almost too much to even deal with, the fullness and sudden expansion of my body causing my eyes to all but shoot out of their sockets and making me come frustratingly close to knocking my nearly-full glass of wine off the counter. I stretched, willing and wanting, ready to accommodate him, and once I regained my senses, I responded to him with a backwards thrust of my own hips, pressing my cheeks against his thighs and burying his cock even deeper within my body. I moaned loudly, my voice filling the entire house just as his cock seemed to be filling my entire body. He fucked me in the kitchen, only the first of many that night, faster and faster, his speed increasing as I came again and again, my pussy clenching and contracting against his incredible stiffness, my body tensing and writhing as I remembered all of this in vivid and glorious detail in the backseat of a moving taxi that got closer and closer to my destination as I got closer and closer to coming. I remembered the waves of pleasure that lapped and licked at my body the night before as similar ones threatened to blow my cover in that car, my orgasm reaching its peak right as the driver pulled up to the destination, reflexively looking into the rearview mirror as he did so. I’m almost positive he was able to figure out what I was up to, but damned if I wasn’t up and out that car door before he could get a word in edgewise.


My group was waiting there, holding down the fort in line surprisingly close to the entrance of the club. I was quickly supplied with an Evening Aid, a little white button that, when pressed into my tongue, would open my doorway up to an expanded universe of sensation and pleasure, my body glowing a brilliant white as the thick-layered, pulsing undulation of the music wrapped itself around me and I plunged myself deeper and deeper into the seething, packed mass of bodies that made up the interior of the club. I brushed through a sea of dancing, grinding bodies, my own moving and lost in the music until I finally settled in a comfortable spot and simply lost myself in the groove. I could feel myself expanding outwards, my body moving in perfect concert with every single thrust of the beat, the seamless transition between sounds guiding me in and out of a synaesthetic fugue.


At a certain point, I noticed that a separate body had been mirroring my own. Someone else had been dancing with me, and I wasn’t even sure for how long. I noticed, then, a sweet smell, drifting into me from behind, pushing its way into me as I realized I could feel the warm, light pressure of another body behind me, its posture and position twinning mine, a hand lightly pressed against the side of my thigh. I pressed my hips backwards, and they were pressed into in response, my partner grinding into me as that sweet smell increased. A noticed a flit of blonde hair flying out and over my shoulder, standing in stark contrast to my own dark hair, and then proceeded to realize that I could feel a pair of not-insignificant breasts pressed into my back. I turned around, facing the woman who had been dancing with me and sliding my leg in between her own, dancing close into her and grinding my thigh in between her legs, pushing her dress up so I could feel her warmth against my skin. Our faces were inches apart, bodies in motion with the music, and suddenly, I felt a shoot of pleasure make its way through my entire body.


Somehow, imperceptibly, she had worked a hand up and under my dress, slipping her fingers inside me as we danced. I threw my head back in response, widening myself for her, and she kissed me on my throat, cradling me with her other arm and holding me against her while we ground into each other, hidden and cocooned within that massive and pulsating seat of bodies. I came incredibly hard, for the second time that night, my wetness dripping out of me and coating her fingers as our tongues danced with each other as eagerly and aggressively as the rest of our bodies did, wrestling and wrapping around each other in our mouths. I found myself playing with her breasts, cupping and kneading them with my hand and marveling at their impossibly inviting, soft-as-down texture, wanting to bury myself in them, to feel them envelop me and simply float away into them. Her fingers made their way even deeper inside me and I came again, my loud moans lost in the impressive decibels, that massive sound masking any noise I could have made while my new dance partner fingered me and I came against her wrist over and over and over again.


Some time later, my body having been given an adequate enough time to cool itself off, I took a breather, letting the cool night air wash over me while I smoked a cigarette on the tiny, grungy outdoor patio, the music from inside thumping out at me through the wall and inviting me back in to join that sweaty congregation once again. After a moment, I noticed someone sitting next to me. Tall and thin, he had the reserved air of someone who wanted something and didn’t know how to ask for it. His…sense of timidity stood in stark contrast against his looks; he was clearly more handsome than he realized, and snappily dressed, to boot. I wondered how long he had been sitting next to me, and how he even got there without my noticing in the first place. People had a habit of sneaking up on me that night, it seemed.


When I noticed and looked at him, he took the unspoken invitation of our eye contact as an opportunity to introduce himself. “Hi, I’m Jude.”


I looked at him for a second. Then I looked around and then I looked back at him. “Rudy?”


He blinked. “No, it’s…Jude. It’s Jude.”


I exhaled my drag. “I’m going to call you Rudy. Nice to meet you Rudy.”


He just looked at me for a moment. If there’s one thing I know how to recognize, it’s a man on the verge of asking me something. And this man was on the verge of asking me something. I had a pretty good idea as to what it was going to be, too. “What do you want.” It was somehow less a question than a statement.


In what amounted to, I’ll have to admit, a relatively surprising turn of events, Jude simply said, “Nothing. Never mind.” And he got up and walked away. I’m not going to lie, I was a little turned on. I had been given something to want, after all. Few bigger turn-ons than denial, after all.


I stamped out my cigarette and followed him to the door back into the club, trailing him through it as the music wrapped itself around me yet again. I took his hand from behind him, his expression surprised when he turned to see me there behind him. “Dance with me!” I shouted at him over the music. A smile crept across his face, and he led me onto the floor. We danced for what felt like hours, our bodies melting further and further into one another, until finally he kissed me. Hard, and from behind. I reached behind me, and could feel his erection through his pants. It felt big, and strong, and I wanted to take it in my hands.


I cocked my head backwards and shouted into his ear, “I HAVE AN IDEA!”, and then I took him by the wrist and led him off the dance floor. Winding our way through that cavorting mass of sweaty bodies, we eventually made our way up to the second floor of the club, me leading him towards the lesser-used of the facility’s bathrooms. I practically kicked in the door and was surprised to find it completely empty. Not only that, but it was far cleaner than I remembered it. Not like there would have been any stopping me at that point, anyway.


Jude looked around, “Are you s—” but he didn’t finish his sentence. I was yanking him into the nearest stall and locking the door behind me. By this time, Jude was fully on board, pushing me up against the door the very second I finished locking it, kissing me on the mouth and pushing his tongue deep into me. I kissed him back, hard, my tongue probing his face in return, and we just kissed there for a few minutes, our bodies filtering all night’s lust and intensity out and through our mouths, communicating more to each other than we ever could have with words. As he kissed me hungrily, I inched my hand down his body, finding him hard in his pants, his erection growing in response to my touch. I rubbed him, getting him harder and harder as he pressed himself against me. He pulled up the bottom of my dress, massaging my clit through my panties, and I moaned. “Fuck, I want you, Jude.”


He kissed me on the neck. “Hey, you remembered,” he managed out, between wet kisses. I was incredibly wet by then, my pussy hungry and pulsating, welcoming his two fingers as he slid them deep inside me. I moaned, my back arching with pleasure as he kissed me and fingered me in tandem, my body taut like a bow, wound up and ready to fire off at a moment’s notice.


It was at this point that I snapped my head forward, making him stop kissing me, and looking him dead in the eye. I grabbed him by the wrist, staying his hand as he fingered me, and I said to him, “I want you to eat me.”


He looked at me, slightly confused. “What?”


I took him by the shoulders and pushed him down. He slowly sank to his knees, beginning to understand what I was telling him to do. I said to him, my tone measured and even, “I need you to eat my pussy. You need to eat it right now, Jude.”


He was on his knees, then, staring at me as I held my panties to the side for him, glancing around nervously, clearly a little nervous about getting caught (whatever that meant). Before he could ask me if I was sure again, I practically bellowed at him, “EAT MY PUSSY, PLEASE.”


In response, he kissed me gently on my thigh. I sighed and closed my eyes, my head rocking back in my shoulders and coming to rest against the door behind me. I kept my eyes closed, swimming and alive in the darkness, letting the blind wetness and warmth of his mouth trace a trail along my body, tensed and clenched in anticipation. His kissing grew in its intensity and passion, his mouth moving across my body more and more eagerly, my body responding in kind. I was incredibly wet, practically begging for contact with his mouth, and when it came, my entire body practically sighed in ecstasy. He took my pussy into his mouth fully, greeting it widely with a big, wet cushion of a kiss, his lips and tongue swelling over my clit and drinking me in generously, and I almost came immediately. Turns out our man Jude was a total pro, when it came to eating my pussy. He made a meal out of me for the next four or five minutes, his mouth working on my lips and my clitoris as I worked my hand into his curly nest of thick, soft hair. I came at least twice, my hips gyrating against his head as his hands smoothly ran against my thighs and stomach. As I was beginning to come a third time, I could feel my phone buzzing against me, and taking it out I saw the display. I pulled Jude away from me, pulling my dress back down as he fixed his pants.


“Guess what! It’s time to go.”


Not for the first time that night, he looked confused. “Go where?” I was busy replying to the message on my phone. “Are you sure? I came here with people, I can’t really just—”


Without looking up from what I was doing: “Shhhhh. Shut up, Rudy.” I finished my message, put my phone away, straightened myself out just a bit more, and looked up at him again. “It’s time to go. Are you coming?”


He looked at me, totally bewildered, but more and more on board with whatever brand of adventure I was intent on taking him on. He smiled. “Alright, fine. Let’s go.”


We made our way out of the club, stopping on the curb of a side street and waiting there, Jude confused as to what we were doing. Appropriately, he asked me, “What are we doing?”


“We’re waiting for Marvin,” I told him. And after a few minutes, as was his custom, Marvin arrived. His stretch limo glistened, black under the tungsten yellow of the side-street street lamps. “Hi Marvin!” I couldn’t help but squeal a bit whenever I greeted him. He popped out and held the door open for us, and Jude climbed into the spacious back of the limo with me, taking in the scenery as I started making him a drink I knew he wouldn’t get the chance to finish. Before he could even ask me where we were going, I had started sucking his cock. I undid his belt slowly, and deliberately while he sipped his drink, each of us maintaining eye contact. He was big, but I could still fit most of him into my mouth, and I glided my lips and tongue up and down his thickness. He set the drink down in a nearby cup holder and relaxed, letting his head loll back as I consumed him, sucking him eagerly and undressing him further with my free hand. I could feel him growing harder, his cock inflating with want and with need as I coaxed more and more desire out of him.


Finally, I had had enough. I climbed upon top of him, kissing him thoroughly as I did so, and hiking up my dress to a sufficient degree, all in one fluid motion. I settled my weight onto him, feeling his hardness pressed against me, hearing a moan escape through his parted lips, and I slid him deep inside me. I fucked him there, in the backseat of that limousine, coating his cock with my wetness, bringing myself to orgasm again and again. He was almost passive at first, letting me ride him in whatever way I chose, letting me seek my hands all over his body, touching and exploring him as I pleased. Eventually, he began to reciprocate, his hands running themselves all over me and feeling their way across my back, over my breasts. He slipped my dress over my shoulder, kissing his way down my collarbone as I fucked him deeper and deeper into my incredibly wet pussy, sucking on my nipple hard and in a way that set my entire body alive with electric pleasure. I came on him, my wetness pouring out of me and down the shaft of his cock as it slid in and out of my body, guiding me into a state of extreme bliss and causing me to lose all sense of space and time, existing only in a blanketed cloud of orgasm, my whole body wracked with wave after wave of intense pleasure, my pussy clenching and closing on his cock and threatening to swallow him whole.


He reached down and traced circles around my clitoris as I fucked him, letting my juices run down his leg and letting the car interior fill with the panted and impassioned sounds of our fucking. I came who knows how many times, before I eventually slid him out of me and climbed off him, his cock spent and glistening under the lights of the car’s cabin. I studied the rise and fall of his chest, his body impressive and naked, his cock still big. I slid a finger down its shaft, watching his body react to its hypersensitivity.


I fixed my dress and could feel the limo slowing, knowing that we were had just about reached our destination. Jude probably wasn’t going to be super thrilled about this next part, but my night was very, very far from over. When the car had finally stopped fully, I got out, turning to see Jude’s shock. He had barely even finished putting his clothes back on. “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you don’t get to come with me for this next part. But Marvin is going to take you home, no matter what. Just give him your address, and he’ll get you there.” I blew him a kiss and closed the car door, the limo pulling away before further words could be exchanged. Good old Marvin.


I turned, then, facing the big stone cathedral-looking building that stood, tall and imposing in front of me. Walking up to the massive wooden door, I knocked three times. As I waited for my answer, I sighed. Deeply.