The Girl Next Door

Brigitte was my best friend growing up. We knew each other since we were 5 years old and went through everything together. We didn’t miss a single birthday or holiday – she and I were like brother and sister in a way. I guess, since our families were inseparable, we followed suit. Brigitte would be into everything that the other boys would be into – she and I would play with action figures, trucks, and we’d even wrestle. Since I grew up as a single child, it was a dream come true to have someone like her in my life. 

As the years passed, we started to slightly drift away – she became an angsty teenage rebel and I became an awkward teenage boy. We went through our necessary phases with confusing emotions, lack of direction, and terrible relationships. Though, as we hit the latter parts of high school I started to focus more on school (preparing for college) and Brigitte started to focus more on boys (looking for an escape). And by the time we were approaching 12th grade she had already breezed through five different relationships, while the only thing I did that many times was take my SAT. Although we didn’t talk much, I always had my eyes on Brigitte, keeping up to date in her life. 

Brigitte had grown into her beautiful 18-year-old, maturing body, and I actually started to feel some physical attraction for her. She grew to 5’9” (just below my height of 6’0”), had a slim frame, nice booty, long black hair, and beautiful deep-blue eyes. On top of that, she got a nose-ring and several piercings on both of her ears. She was no longer just ‘Brigitte, the friend’, but she was becoming, ‘Brigitte, the friend I was secretly in love with, but didn’t have the balls to tell.’ Though, I was determined to change that as we were finally exiting high school and moving onto the next stage of our lives.

I ended up getting into UCLA to study chemistry and neuroscience, which was ideal, because I lived only 15 minutes away. On the other hand, since Brigitte didn’t really care about school (and her parents forced her to continue her education to get a degree) she picked the most obvious school – Santa Monica College, a community college very close by. I wasn’t sure what her ambitions were, but I was glad that she’d be close by if we ever decided to rekindle our friendship. 

It was the start of the first fall semester of our college careers and was also a solid three years since we’d had an extended conversation about anything. Brigitte stopped coming to joint-family holiday parties and gatherings, and we’d missed each other’s birthdays. At most, we’d each just receive a happy birthday text – followed by no contact for a year. I knew that Brigitte was also dating one of our childhood classmates – Danny, who was considered to be the “bad boy” in school. If I remember correctly, Danny seemed to not have any other clothing aside from leather and rode a motorcycle that you’d hear from a mile away. That’s not to say Danny was a bad guy, but he was definitely not the type of guy you’d want to bring back to your parents. Consequently, Brigitte isolated herself from her family and friends.

It took me by surprise when it happened, but I got a text that October that changed everything between Brigitte and I forever. Brigitte texted me asking to meet up me for lunch that coming Saturday afternoon – she said it was urgent and that she’d explain everything in person. I had promised my parents that I’d be home to watch our two dogs since they were going away for the weekend, but I quickly cancelled and texted Brigitte back to commit to lunch with her. Instead, they left the dogs with Brigitte’s parents. Why did Brigitte contact me? What did she want? Did she want to be friends again? I needed answers and was determined to find out. 

My classes that week were essentially pointless because I was unable to focus, so preoccupied with my lunch date with Brigitte. It was strange to me how the time and distance from one another made me nervous, all on top of the fact that I was now sexually attracted to Brigitte. I’d have sexual fantasies about her in my bed, me running my fingers through her hair, her sucking me off like a maniac – we were lovers in my dreams – and I felt that it would be hard for me to face her knowing our imaginary sexual past. She probably still saw me as ‘Kyle, the childhood friend’ – nothing more or less.  

That thoughtless week passed by quickly, and it was finally Saturday morning. I woke up early at 8 AM and was supposed to be at a nearby café at 12 PM to see Brigitte. I brushed my teeth, showered, shaved, and got dressed in jeans and a tight shirt (to show off whatever muscles I thought I had at the time). I even put small dabs of cologne on my wrists and neck. I was treating this event so special and Brigitte was probably going to show up in no make-up and sweats. I thought I was about to make a fool of myself for overcommitting to what was probably going to be a simple lunch date. 

I showed up to the café at 11:30 AM to be early and on-time, and Brigitte showed up at 12:00 PM sharp. I was already sitting at a table when she strolled in, dressed in black jeans (that accentuated her curves), a loose-white t-shirt, and Doc Martins that made her look even edgier and taller. As she walked in, she smiled at me with her beautiful, wide smile, and I stood up to greet her.

“Oh my God, Kyle! It’s been forever, I’ve missed you so much,” Brigitte exclaimed as she came in and braced for a big hug.

“Me too, Brigitte! It feels like it’s been a lifetime. You look like such an adult,” I said awkwardly. 

“I can say the same here. Look at you, Mr. college man adult guy with your button-up and cologne,” she teased me.

I was embarrassed that she called me out on the cologne. Did she know I was wearing it for her? Or did she think that I just wore cologne all the time now because I was an “adult”? I tried to let these worries go as we sat down and ordered sandwiches. Just as I expected/remember, Brigitte ordered the biggest, messiest sandwich on the menu. This was a quality I liked about her a lot, especially with her attractive looks now – she was never afraid to get her hands dirty – she was so comfortable and secure with herself. It put me at ease that some things with her didn’t change, despite her different look.

Brigitte and I ate our lunch and talk for over an hour about our lives for the past few years and how everything had been going. It made me feel even more comfortable that I could talk to Brigitte so freely and without any restraint – it honestly felt like we had never even spent time away from each other. In my mind, that’s how you know someone is a friend for life (or potentially something even more). The entire time, I couldn’t get my mind off how beautiful she was, and how large her breasts had grown, though her body was still so skinny. I couldn’t help but think back to sexual fantasies of me thrusting my cock into her doggy style as she talked away. I was hoping she wouldn’t be able to read my thoughts, because they would’ve definitely freaked her out at the time.

Toward the end of the lunch Brigitte apologized to me sincerely. She owned up to isolating herself from me for the past three years and leaving me out of her life. Honestly, I felt complicit in all of that too, but I genuinely appreciated her apology. She claimed that I was pretty much the most special person in her life and that it was dumb of her to let me go without any explanation. I was starting to get suspicious as to why she was saying this now, out of the blue, after all the time. I strategically asked her how things were with Danny. Maybe she was coming to me because she didn’t have a shoulder to cry on, or maybe things in her relationship were rough. 

It was a good thing I asked, because I got the answers, I was looking for… well, kind of. Brigitte admitted to me that things weren’t going too smoothly between her and Danny, and that she realized how much she missed out on connecting with other people in her life – she really seemed to regret it. Not to be an asshole or anything, but I was kind of hoping that she and Danny had broken up, he wasn’t the nicest guy and, of course, I was madly in love with Brigitte. Unfortunately, they were still together, but I could sense that Brigitte was on her way out of the relationship shortly. There was a key question to be answered though… who would be there to pick up the pieces once her relationship was over? Was Brigitte reaching out to me because of romantic interest? Or did she just want to have me close-by as a shoulder to cry on once shit hit the fan?

After lunch on that fateful afternoon, Brigitte and I spent the next month and a half hanging out like old friends, only now I was still hiding the fact that I wanted to be way more than friends. I wasn’t just sexually attracted to Brigitte, but I actually had deep emotional feelings for her – I wanted to be there for her and support her through everything. We had the history and I knew that we could be something more in a healthy, romantic sense. 

It started with us grabbing lunch on the weekends, but then it turned into going over each other’s house during the weeknights, and even started to come to the point where we’d have sleepovers. I was glad that we were starting to become very close again, and I had a front-row seat to watching the downfall of her relationship with Danny. We’d talk night after night about it, and I learned that Danny was actually an insecure and jealous person – and he’d try to manipulate Brigitte into feeling sorry for him so he could keep her around. I really didn’t like the guy, but I didn’t want to be the one to encourage Brigitte to leave him and then sneakily swoop in to fill his spot. 

I wanted Brigitte to make that decision herself and then realize I was the one for her. After all, I did end up becoming her shoulder to cry on, and I helped her try to work through all of the problems in her relationship. I didn’t mind because I wanted Brigitte to be happy, whether that meant being with me or being with Danny. And as time moved forward, I started to get the early sense that Brigitte was developing romantic feelings for me too. There was one instance in which Brigitte slept over my house and got closer to me than I ever expected she would. 

It was a Wednesday night (and I had class the next morning at 9 AM) and Brigitte was over my house watching a show on Netflix in my living room. We lost track of time and both passed out on the couch. I was woken up around 2 AM by Brigitte, who giggled and asked if she could just stay over since it was so late. I told her, “sure”, and that she could just stay on the couch. Then, I got up and went to my room, but Brigitte followed me. I asked her why she wasn’t going to bed, but she claimed that she didn’t want to spend the night on the couch. Brigitte then said that she would just sleep in my bed next to me and tried to assure me that it wouldn’t be weird at all. 

I didn’t want to seem overly eager, so I said It might be a little strange, to test her response. Brigitte assured me once again that it would be normal and that we’ve shared everything together, so this wouldn’t be any different. Well, it didn’t take long for Brigitte to convince me and we both ended up getting into my bed. Although this seems all good and well, the further sign that tipped me off about her interest was the fact that Brigitte took off her sweats and slept in her thin underwear. She had peach fuzz on her soft, thin legs, and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. I understood that we were close, but this is definitely something that friends wouldn’t do – especially with her being in a relationship. And even if I was crazy and wrong, at least her doing this gave me the confidence to believe that she was building interest too. 

As we laid on my queen-sized bed, Brigitte came in closer to me and even ended up cuddling with me, resting her head on my shoulder throughout the night. I felt so close, yet so far away from anything sexual or romantic with Brigitte. I specifically remember being as hard as a rock as she laid next to me – I couldn’t control my raging boner and wanted to slide it inside of her so badly. I felt the blood rush to my cock and pulsate, and I was hoping that she wouldn’t feel it. Had she felt it, that would’ve been either very good, or would’ve ruined our relationship right on the spot. 

As we laid there, Brigitte came in close to me and I could feel our warm legs against one another. I didn’t say anything at the moment, but I was ecstatic to be lying next to Brigitte in bed, but now, under slightly different terms. Her hair smelt like apples and cinnamon and it got me even more turned on. It was the first time I ever felt strong urges to fuck someone, but I knew it was best to be a gentleman and wait it out. 

“Goodnight, Kyle,” she said to me as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. 

“Goodnight, Brigitte. See you in the morning,” I laughed as I passed out.

It’s possible that the world was listening to my wishes, because only a week after that, Brigitte and Danny broke up. It was a Friday night and the week before my birthday. I got a call from Brigitte, who sounded like she was out of breath, telling me that she’d be coming over in thirty minutes. I didn’t think much of it, assuming that she probably just went on a run or something. 

Before she came over, my mind (as it often would be) was preoccupied with thoughts of her naked body embracing mine. I actually even jerked off and edged my cock before cumming – I didn’t want to cum to the thought of Brigitte just yet – I was saving it for the potential real thing.

As soon as thirty minutes passed, Brigitte arrived at my front door. As I opened the door, I saw that she was flustered, but trying to keep her composure. She was dressed in a cute little leather jacket and leather leggings, though her hair was a bit frizzy. She held a small backpack in her hand.

“Did you just come from the gym?” I asked.

“Oh, no. My hair is probably crazy, huh?” She said.

“I mean, a little,” I laughed, “It looks kinda cute though.”

Brigitte found her way into the house and headed for the stairs, “I need to talk to you about a lot.”

Curiously, I followed her upstairs and into my bedroom. Brigitte sat down on at the edge of my bed and looked down at the floor, contemplative. I sat down across from her in my computer chair, waiting for her to share the news, likely about another issue between her and Danny. Despite her always venting to me about her relationship, I really cared about Brigitte, so I was always ready to listen.

“So, what’s up? You said there’s a lot we need to talk about,” I stated.

“Yeah… well…”

“Is everything good with Danny? Or did something happen?” I asked.

“Well something happened. And I guess you could say it’s good,” Brigitte said as she looked up at me in the eyes.

“So, what exactly happened?” I stretched and leaned back in my chair, “I’m all ears.”

“I ended things with Danny. He was just getting too controlling and I realize I should’ve done it a long time ago,” she said.

“Did he do something to you? Like, put his hands on you?” I inquired, now leaning forward in my chair.

“No, he didn’t do anything. We just got into a yelling match because he couldn’t just accept the truth. And it’s a truth I’ve been avoiding for a long time, too,” she said. I could sense that she was getting nervous, and her heart was starting to beat fast.

“Well, what have you been avoiding?” I asked. I was starting to get nervous too. I think we both knew where this was going, and what was going to be spoken into reality.

“That I don’t love him. And I don’t think I ever did,” she started to shake a little, “Actually, and this might sound strange… actually, I’m in love with you, Kyle,” she said as she tried her best to keep eye contact.

I felt like I was the one getting even more nervous now. I tried to seem calm, cool, and collected, but I had butterflies in my stomach and found it hard to face Brigitte. “No, I mean, that’s not weird at all,” I said.

“It’s not?” She asked, confused.

“No, I mean, I’m actually in love with you too. And I don’t mean to sound strange now, but I have been for a while,” I said.

“Really? Why didn’t you say anything?” She asked.

“You were in a relationship! I wasn’t going to become some homewrecker, but I wanted to respect you,” I said.

That response was as genuine as could be and it seemed to win over Brigitte immediately. We were in love with each other, and this was the first time we could freely express that in words, and hopefully through actions. 

“I swear, this isn’t like that… meaning, you’re not a rebound… but, where are your parents?” Brigitte smirked.

“They’re at the movies. They just left like an hour ago,” I said.

“Kyle, do you want to fuck me? Because I want to fuck you so badly,” she said.

“I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a very long time. I just don’t have any condoms here.”

“Don’t worry, I actually have one in my bag,” she reached into her bag and pulled out a Trojan bare-skin. “This’ll work,” She put the condom on my nightstand.

Brigitte stood up and slowly made her way over to me in the seat. She took off her leather jacket and threw it onto the ground, to reveal a black, crop-top shirt. As Brigitte came within an inch of my face, she bent down, leaned over, and brought her lips to mine. The moment our lips touched; I was in heaven. Her lips were so soft, and she wore a lip balm that tasted sweet like cherries. 

As we kissed, I couldn’t stop thinking about how unbelievable this was. I’d imagined this moment for years, yearning for it, and it was finally happening. Brigitte and I locked tongues and explored each other’s mouth. At some points she would touch my tongue with hers ever so slightly, and it would make the hair on my arms stand up – this was pure bliss. After a few more moments, Brigitte got onto the chair as she kept her warm hands on my face and straddled me. 

I wasn’t too experienced with women, so I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I ended up putting them on her waist – what seemed like the most appropriate thing to do. I still had my jeans on, and she still had her leather leggings on, but she grinded her pussy along my hard cock. I could feel her putting all of her bodyweight and pressure into me so she could feel the entirety of my cock. I followed suit and found a rhythm to rub against Brigitte too as I squeezed her waist with a lingering touch. 

“Take off my shirt, Kyle,” Brigitte said as she looked me in the eyes, starting to breath heavier.

I essentially made it my mission to please Brigitte and show her that I was a viable sexual companion, so I pulled off her shirt as smoothly as possible. Then, I went back in to kiss her and started to kiss her face, then lick her neck. As I licked her neck, she giggled and tried to pull away because it tickled, but I held her in tighter. Brigitte started to bite her lip and arch her back, then I found the perfect opportunity to unclip her bra.

Brigitte’s bra hit the ground and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her beautiful, perky breasts. He breasts were perfectly proportioned, and her nipples were already hard. Like an animal, I started sucking and licking her nipples, I was hungry for a taste and wanted all of her. As I licked, I could feel her nipples harden even more and her nails dug into my shoulders. Brigitte didn’t just have the bad girl persona, but she was super kinky, and I was so turned on. 

Then, Brigitte ripped off my t-shirt and ran her fingers down my hard body. Her hands explored every inch of my skin and I could tell that she was just as turned on as me. We’d both been longing for this forever. Brigitte told me to lift her up and throw her onto the bed. So, I did. I stood up with her still straddled around me, our nipples grazing, and warm bodies connected. Then, I threw her down onto the bed. Brigitte laughed and then quickly turned serious. I could only imagine how wet this real-life fantasy was making her.

I wanted to lick all of her juices up, so I unbuttoned her leggings, which revealed her red, rose-designed thong. She had long smooth legs and there were cute little pubes sticking out by her pussy. As Brigitte laid down on the bed, she wrapped her legs around me and I brought my head down to her wet pussy. I slid her panties off to the side and licked the dripping juices from her. 

She tasted so sweet and I couldn’t get enough, so I licked it all up – I even stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. Then, I licked her clit until I could feel it get hard against my tongue. I liked the idea of having sexual control over her. The entire time I could hear Brigitte panting, trying to catch her breath, but she never wanted the feeling to end. I continued to lick as I squeezed the smooth skin on her groin. 

Brigitte reached for the condom on the nightstand. She held the package with one hand and used her teeth to rip it off. “I’m gonna put it on you. I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time. You have no idea,” Brigitte said.

I stood up on the bed in front of Brigitte and she pulled down my pants and boxers at once. My long, fat cock popped up and nearly hit her in the face. Her eyes opened wide and she couldn’t believe how big I was. Although I didn’t say anything, it was a bit of a confidence boost to think that I was bigger than Danny, and that Brigitte liked it more. 

“I don’t have another condom, but I hope this one fits,” Brigitte said as she licked her lips. Then, she slid the condom over my head and down my shaft, all the way to the base. The condom fit, but it was very tight around my cock – though, I didn’t say anything about it. Brigitte gripped (or at least try to grip) her hand around my cock and started stroking it sensually.

My cock was so hard that it was sticking straight toward Brigitte’s face. As she stroked my cock, she got underneath it and sucked my balls in her mouth. I could feel her warm tongue swirling around my balls – it was pure ecstasy. After a few moments, Brigitte looked up at me and told me that she wanted me to fuck her senseless. 

I got down to my knees, bent Brigitte’s body with her legs up near her head, and smoothly slid my wet cock into her wet pussy. As soon as it entered, Brigitte let out a loud gasp. She put her hands on my shoulders and squeezed my hard muscles as I passionately thrusted my cock deep into her. I fucked Brigitte as hard as I could – I could tell that she liked it as rough as possible. At this point, I wasn’t nervous anymore, I just wanted to give Brigitte the best time of her life.

I took Brigitte’s hands off of my shoulders and pinned her wrists down against the bed. Then, she wrapped her legs around me, bringing our bodies in even closer. I felt the rhythm of her body thrusting into me too, and I thrusted even harder. Brigitte started to scream, but I didn’t care because no one was home. 

Then, our bodies sweat, and I could smell more of Brigitte. Her sweat smelt so sweet (like apples and cinnamon again), and I got even more turned on. Brigitte’s glistening breasts shook as I penetrated her with the smooth movement of my hips. It came to a point where Brigitte started uncontrollably making noises with each thrust – she couldn’t hold it back, and I genuinely didn’t think she wanted to.

“I’m gonna cum. Okay?” Brigitte said cutely.

“Yeah, just let me know when. I think I might too. That’s so fucking hot, by the way,” I whispered to her in a sexy tone.

I slid my cock in and out of her for another few minutes – it was like our bodies were one. I didn’t just feel like we were physically connected, we were also connected on other deeper levels. Her body squirmed underneath me and her breathing intensified. Her body, pinned underneath mine, shook quickly. It was like she was being possessed, but I thought it was so hot.

“Fuck, baby, I’m cumming,” Brigitte couldn’t hold it back, and it showed on her face.

I didn’t think I was going to cum that fast either, but after seeing Brigitte cum and seeing myself sexually dominate her, I ended up cumming immediately after her. Even after we came, I kept my cock inside of her and laid on top of her – we hugged each other in full embrace. 

Later, to prove to me how kinky she was, Brigitte ate my cum out of the condom. But she genuinely enjoyed it. She was a little freak and I encouraged it. After all of our sexual shenanigans, we laid there naked for the next thirty minutes until my parents got back home. This was one of those experiences that you appreciated in the moment – one of those moments you never wanted to end. 

For the next year of my college career, Brigitte and weren’t just boyfriend and girlfriend, but we were best friends. I realized that the best relationships are where your significant other isn’t just there sexually but is there for every moment that matters – and that’s exactly what Brigitte was. Brigitte was the best girlfriend I ever had, and I was so lucky that we had this initial experience that catapulted us into uncharted waters. 

Now, Brigitte and I aren’t dating anymore. Though, Brigitte and I somehow managed to remain very good friends, even after the entire relationship. We still talk to this day, and there’s no bad blood because we tried out the relationship and found that we were ultimately looking for different levels of commitment. Regardless, I’ll always be sexually attracted to Brigitte. I still get turned on when I think back to that first magical moment between us – and the many other magical moments we had that followed.