The Escape Room

The company memo hit everyone’s inbox at 4:59pm on Friday afternoon. Daniel rolled his eyes at the desk next to me.

“They’re really pushing this team bonding thing. We’re not high school kids at camp. Camilla, look. Does this seem necessary to you?” He turned his computer screen in my direction and I leaned in to give it a read.

The subject line read “Escape Room Team Building!”, and all fifteen members of the startup we worked for were included in the email blast. Jessa, our bubbly COO had sent it.

“Hey SyndaComp fam! Great news! We managed to reserve an escape room downtown on Saturday night (tomorrow!!). I know it’s short notice, but this is an amazing opportunity for some serious team bonding. I’ve sensed that tensions have been a bit high lately with quarter deadlines looming, so let’s go shake some of that off and have fun showing those puzzles who’s boss! Of course, this isn’t mandatory, but anyone who attends will receive a two-day extension on the upcoming report filing deadline. Hope to see you all there! -Jessa :)”

“Whoa, can she do that? Like…bribe people to participate in this?” I was whispering and looking at Jessa’s office over my shoulder. Through the glass she appeared statuesque, unbothered. Her dark curls were piled on top of her head in a carefully composed bun, and her wide lips were settled in a satisfied smirk. But I knew that calm demeanor masked a nest of zany, anxious energy underneath. As irritating as she could be, though, I couldn’t help it. There had always been something about Jessa that sent a zip of electricity down my spine. Her overzealous businesswoman vibe wasn’t usually my thing, but with Jessa, one look and I wanted her to bend me over and spank me with a binder full of TPS reports.

“The thing about Jessa,” Daniel observed, “is I think she’s actually just really lonely. She’s a lonely extrovert without a close community, and forcing us to do stuff like this with her every weekend is her social life. It’s weird. It’s not about team bonding. It’s about Jessa bonding.”

I sighed, still hunched over Daniel’s shoulder and staring at the email.

“Yeah. It’s super annoying. I know. Did you go last time? I haven’t been to any yet, and I feel a bit…guilty.”

Daniel snorted. “Don’t. I did go. Twice. Both times were heinously boring.”

“So you’re not going to go tomorrow?” Daniel swiveled around in his desk chair and looked up at me over the rim of his tortoiseshell glasses.

“Honey, at this point Jessa could offer me an all-expenses paid trip to Capri, and I would still have to do some serious soul searching before agreeing to lock myself in an escape room with her on a Saturday night.”

“Damn, Daniel. Don’t sugar coat it.”

“Look. If those extra two days would make a difference to you, by all means, go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He wagged a Bic pen at me and turned back to his computer.

The thing was, that slight extension was a bit of a game changer. Like everyone else, I’d been behind, frazzled, and overworked. I might regret it later, but getting that grace period was a gift to my future self. Besides, there was a part of me that was curious. What was Jessa like after hours? Did she let her hair down? Did she wear anything besides meticulously tailored pencil skirts? Though those skirts did, admittedly, look incredible on her. What else was I going to do on Saturday night? Get my usual bottle of $9.99 Gamay and sprawl on the couch in front of “The L Word” for the tenth weekend in a row? Nah. I should go. Maybe Jessa wasn’t the only one who needed a bit of socializing.


I arrived at Enigma Escape Rooms twenty minutes early, expecting to be the first one. But Jessa was out front, pacing, her smart phone glowing in the palm of her hand. She looked up at the sound of my footsteps and arced her arm over her head in a frantic wave.

“Camilla! Oh, amazing. I’m so glad you came. It’s going to be the best time.” She was grinning, the whiteness of her teeth rivaling the glow of her phone.

“Hi Jessa. What um, what room are we signed up for? There are different themes, right?”

“Oh, this one’s theme is ‘Jack the Ripper in Space.’ It was either that or ‘Vampire Slayers in Ancient Egypt,’ but I thought that sounded a little boring.”


“I really hope other folks show up! I’ve heard great things about this spot.”

So we waited. And waited. The minutes crept by and I could sense Jessa’s desperation increasing. When eight o’clock rolled around and we were still the only two, Jessa sighed, her back crumpled into a defeated hunch.

“Well. Let’s go in I guess.”

The room was illuminated with chrome sconces, and made to look like a 19th century study…with a space age twist. Jessa and I plopped down on a mahogany sofa and began looking over the first clue. Jessa was reading it out loud, but her voice was trembling, and I thought for a moment that she might burst into tears. Her hands began to shake, and finally she set the piece of paper down.

“I just feel so pathetic. I really want to try and connect with all of you, but everyone at SyndaComp just thinks I’m a stupid idiot nerd who’s trying too hard.”

“Jessa! No, come on. We don’t think that.”

She looked at me. “Yes. You do.”

“No, we don’t. It’s just that people’s time is valuable; you know? And people want to leave work at the office, and not have it be a part of their time off.”

Jessa’s face crumpled.

“Oh, god, Jessa, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. You’re really good at your job!” I put an arm around her and rubbed her shoulder. “It’s great that you actually care!” She leaned into me.

“Thanks for saying that. I’m glad you came, Camilla.” A moment of silence passed. It didn’t feel especially pressing to be working on these clues. An eight-foot tall plaster mold of a hooded figure holding a fishhook loomed at our side. Inexplicable glowing blobs were suspended from the ceiling. Jessa’s arm was wrapped around my waist and I was rubbing her back.

“Jessa, should we be trying to figure out a cipher or something?” I held up a Styrofoam alien cutout with “VICTIM” printed across the forehead.

“God no. Fuck this.” She sat up on the sofa and inched closer me. Her lips were slightly parted, and her teeth shone through the gap. Was I imagining that her face was just a bit too close to mine? She took my hand in hers.

“Thank you. I’m so glad you came.” And then her face was inching closer, her eyelids lowered in a bedroom come hither look. Before I had time to wonder if Jessa was coming on to me, her lips were on mine, and we were kissing. Her tongue darted through my lips and I felt the slick of it against my own.

“Camilla, I see the way you look at me in the office,” she whispered into my ear. Her breath was hot against my skin, and the way she drew out each word made the whole sentence drip with sex. My hands were petting her back, feeling the sloping arc of it as it swept down and gave way to ass. I felt a momentary surge of embarrassment. Had my desire been so transparent? But then Jessa laughed and kept talking.

“It’s been exciting me. Gives me something to look forward to.” She was stroking me now, one finger drawing a long line down my sternum, towards my breasts. I let my hands wander over the front of her shirt, and my palm grazed an erect nipple. We were leaning into each other, exploring the landscape of one another’s bodies.

“I can’t believe you picked up on that. I thought I was being so subtle.”

Jessa giggled. “Staring someone down around the corner of your cubicle every day isn’t exactly subtle.”

I decided to mask my embarrassment by doing something bold, so I crawled into her lap and straddled her, grinding my pelvis down against hers. “Well, is this okay?” I leaned in and gave her a little nip on her lower lip. “I mean aren’t you technically,” another little bite, “my boss?” Jessa groaned and arced her neck. I kissed it, letting my tongue drag lightly over her trachea.

She pulled my head towards hers and kissed me open mouthed, her hands working up under my shirt.

“We only have fifty minutes left in this freaky Victorian space room. Let’s not waste them talking.”

I could work with that. Jessa was pulling my shirt up over my head, and when it was off she flung it across the room where it landed on a bust of Queen Victoria. My bra was next, and soon she was sucking on my nipples, alternating between them, biting, squeezing, pinching. Licking. My nipples went from soft and pink to a ruddy red, and when Jessa finally took a breath and leaned back from them, the tips were swollen like little bee stings. I brushed them over her cheeks, against her lips. My nerves were buzzing, and both breasts felt a little numb. I was so fucking turned on.

I reached down between her legs, and up the short skirt she was wearing. My thumb brushed against silk panties, and Jessa groaned as I pushed lightly against her slit. My head was spinning. This had all happened so quickly, and now Jessa – my boss – was pinned between my legs with her clit hard against my fingers. I hadn’t even known she was queer, though I’d had my hopes. I was on cloud nine.

I pinched her labia and rolled the soft flesh over my fingers. She was purring in my ear and rocking her hips up against my hand. I held her by the back and reclined her on the sofa, inching her skirt down as I did. She was wearing black underwear with little peaches embroidered into the silk, and I bent down and bit one gently before kissing the swell of her cunt through the fabric. I dragged my tongue against her, letting her panties get wet and stick to the folds of her skin. She’d spread her legs as wide as they would go and her pelvis was twitching beneath me. Her hands were in my hair, pulling it in fistfuls and she was saying my name, “Camilla, Camilla,” softly through barely parted lips. I’d fantasized this exact moment too many times to count, and now here she was. Here we were. Daniel didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

I pulled her underwear to the side and gave a tentative lick, watched her face while I was doing it. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she was pushing my head toward her cunt. I wanted to devour her, but first I wanted to tease her, watch her want me. I traced the outline of her opening with a finger, pushing slightly inside of her and then stopping. I pursed my lips and blew gently against her skin, the landscape of it slick with the first sheen of cum. She shivered, and for a second Jessa drew her thighs inward and squeezed my head between them. She was dewy and smelled of salt and something tangy, bright. Citrus.

I couldn’t draw it out any longer, and I took her clit between my lips, began sucking on it while flicking it with my tongue. She began groaning, low, raspy. Her thighs were twitching, and I felt a surge of warm cum trickle down my chin. Her pussy was soft flower folds, an elegant dome of desire and hot, pulsing sex. My hair was tangled in her hands like reins and the more diligently I ate her, the tighter she wound my hair about her fists. My entire face was buried in her, drinking her. I slipped a finger inside of her, and flexed it in a beckoning motion, brushing against the swollen ridge of her G-spot.

Her groans turned carnal, plaintive. I wondered if an escape room attendee would hear us and think to investigate. The bust of Queen Victoria looked on disapprovingly.

Suddenly, Jessa pushed my head away and pounced on top of me, dragging me onto the floor where we sprawled on top of a map of London’s East End. Out of a speaker in a corner a voice warbled a clue about a murder on Planet X9. Nothing in this room was making sense.

“Jessa, please tell me you put this on the company credit card and didn’t spend your own money on space murder role-play.” I gestured widely around us.

Jessa laughed. Now she was the one on top, pinning my arms over my head and burying her face against my neck, kissing it.

“Don’t worry. I would never. I can’t believe the hype behind these things. Frankly, I’m unimpressed.” Her face was hovering over mine and she slid a hand between my legs, down my shorts. Suddenly she was filling me with two fingers. I gasped.

“Unimpressed?” I whispered.

She kissed me, and I groaned into her mouth. “Obviously your presence in this room is the exception. I’m finding you -” she slipped two more fingers inside of me, “very, very, impressive.”

She twisted her hand inside of me and began to work my shorts off with the other. Soon they were down around my ankles, and I was naked with Jessa’s fingers filling me to the brim. She was kissing my belly, my breasts, my inner thighs.

I’d never been finger fucked and had it feel so intensely sensual. I was used to a jarring poke, an internal sensation that felt…some type of way, but never pleasurable like this was pleasing me now. My pussy muscles were humming, their slick walls swelling against Jessa’s fingers and responding with sparks of pleasure. Bliss was centered in my cunt, and I have to admit, I was impressed. There was a part of me that was taking notes. Queer sex worked wonders this way. I always learned something new.

Jessa was watching my face and must have been aware of the way she was working me.

“Someone’s feeling it.” She leaned in and kissed me hard, sucked the air out of my mouth and swallowed that part of me. I could barely breathe. My entire body was radiating.

Jessa’s kisses began to trail lower, circling my belly button, gently nipping my mound. When I felt her breath hot over the opening of my cunt I thought my body was going to dissolve into orgasm right there, but I held it together. I wanted her mouth on me. She kissed my clit tenderly, and went back to fingering me with just a single finger, which she slipped in and around and twisted. My G-spot was singing.

When her tongue flashed over my clit, my hips buckled and she gripped my thighs to hold me down. Her lips settled over me and she did what I can only describe as an exercise. Her tongue’s motion was so precise, so consistent, I didn’t understand how it was possible for a human to have such strength in that one muscle. My mind was spinning out, and my legs were tingling with pinpricks of radiating pleasure. I looked down at one point, almost expecting to see my pussy glowing it was so hot and brimming with electric energy. Jessa’s eyes were closed, and she was smiling against my skin as she ate me. Every now and then a tooth knocked against my labia, and the thought of her biting me there drove me wild.

She slipped her tongue inside of me, and fucked me with it while rubbing my clit with her thumb. I drove my hips down against her, and grabbed her by the back of head as I began to come. My orgasm built slow and steady, and by the time it was at its height, my legs were shaking and my ass had lifted a foot off the floor. I was screaming, I realized, and Jessa’s head was locked against my cunt, unrelenting. I shuddered and collapsed into a heaving ball. I curled into fetal position, and Jessa wrapped around me as big spoon. Beneath us an enormous wet spot spread over the floor and the map we’d been fucking on.

Jessa dragged a finger over it, then held it up in the air, fingertip glistening.

“Well. This is going to be noticeable.”

I giggled and lifted my butt up. The map was sticking to it, and Jessa peeled it off for me. An imprint of the River Thames was left in ink snaking over my right cheek.

I pointed to it. “A memento to take home with me.”

Above us the five-minute warning signal blared out of the speaker, and a voice echoed through the air.

“Detectives. The time draws close. Submit your final clue, or perish as the newest victims in Jack the Ripper’s planetary reign of terror.”

Jessa and I looked at each other.

“Oh my god, let’s get the hell out of here,” she said.

I nodded vigorously. “Yes, Jesus.”

We stood up and quickly dressed. I looked over at Jessa and noticed a slight smile on her face. And was she blushing? God she was cute. I felt high, like I’d taken a hit of something strong and euphoria inducing. Jessa – upper management Jessa – had just pinned me to the ground and fucked me like her life depended on it. I would worry about what I was going to say to her in the office on Monday morning later. For now, I just felt damn good.

We reached for the door to the escape room and realized it was locked and would remain so until the clues were cracked or the full hour had run its course. We looked at the clock overhead. Two minutes left. I sighed.

Jessa looked at me. “What are you doing after this?” She was grinning.

“Uh, nothing I guess. Why?”

“You want to come over? I have a feeling that time limit didn’t give us enough wiggle room to really explore.” She traced a finger down my spine. Goosebumps rose up in its wake.

I was silent for a moment, then looked at her slyly. “Yeah. I’ll come over.” I stepped closer and snaked my arm around her waist. “But only if you promise to spank me with a binder full of TPS reports.”

She laughed, and a loud buzzer ricocheted throughout the room, signaling the end of our session. “Be careful what you wish for, Camilla.”

The door’s lock clicked, and we opened it wide into the night.