The Erotic Novelist

Laura Yvette stared at the screen of her home computer with amusement. Another novel finished. Her publisher was going to love her. Erotica had always been a calling. The sentences came with ease, and the characters based on people she wished she’d had sex with but never had the opportunity. Honestly, Laura was quite content reliving the few sexual encounters she’d had, considering how horrifically shy she was. 

After she saved, double saved her manuscript on the computer, she was on the phone with her agent who was begging her to send the email over. The two of them spoke for nearly an hour about all the details an erotic manuscript of that magnitude would contain. Laura was more than good. She was an exceptional writer. She didn’t write under her name because she was afraid of the judgment she’d face if they knew the filthy things she wrote. In some cases, she wrote filthy things about people she knew, but under different names. 

“It’s juicy,” Laura had said before hanging up the phone. Juicy was a mild way to express the manuscripts dirty, passionate writing. Gritty, horny words splayed from her fingers as easy as breathing. 

“I think I will take a dip in the hot tub,” Laura said to the empty house. 

Before walking for the deck, Laura looked around at the mansion topped with fancy décor. It was everything she ever wanted in a house, aside from it being empty. By now, she thought she’d have a family and a couple of rug rats roaming. The loneliness didn’t bother her as much as it should. She had fan mail and a handful of close friends, some of which even knew what she did for a living. Maintaining her privacy was getting harder to do because of the internet. 

When she got outside, she clicked on the hot tub and watched as the jets came to life. She loved it and was glad her friend Rachel talked her into getting the thing. It wasn’t a lot of upkeep like a pool. It was simple, keep it covered until you need it and make sure it’s clean. Laura pulled back the cover and dropped it onto the deck. 

Outside was a beautiful night. Cicadas sang, distantly crickets chirped. She loved where she lived, just enough country to appease her inner child, but close enough to the city to be practical. There was something about the country air that made for better living. 

On the other side of her yard was a house, no fence. The lights were on upstairs, which meant Mr. and Mrs. Mower were in the bedroom. They were nice people. He was a handsome man, big and strong. He worked outside sometimes, in the summer he took his shirt off, exposing thick cords of muscle. She was a bombshell blonde, big tits, perfect teeth. Although she wouldn’t admit it aloud, the Mower’s had been the subject of a couple of drunken sexual fantasies. There weren’t characters based on them, yet. 

Laura looked around at the yard, completely dark. She made sure, double checking that nobody was out and about. When she was sure the coast was clear, she unbuttoned her jeans. They came down easily, exposing pale but tone legs. Under her jeans Laura was wearing a purple thong. She slid out of that too, allowing it to land on the wooden deck. She was quicker to slide out of her shirt and bra. The relief she got when she slid out of the bra was unmatched. It was the closest thing to an orgasm she got every day. 

The bubbles caressed her bottom as she lowered her body into the tub. The warmth roared against her skin, melting the week’s stress. There had been a time at the beginning of the week where she wasn’t sure she was going to meet her deadline. There had been a lot of pressure from above to finish on time.

Laura’s tits floated on the top of the water, bobbing up and down, catching the white foam on her chest. She loved the look of her tits. There weren’t a lot of things about her body she liked, but that was one of them. At first, Laura just pushed her breast under the water. It felt nice to be touched there. It had been a long time. 

The jet was blasting to her right, and she could feel the pressure on her side. Again, she reached out and touched her breast. This time, she was slower and more tender, taking her time to grab it with a full hand. Electricity seemed to twinge between her legs. Laura looked up, assuring that nobody was standing in the window watching her. There was a light on the back deck, exposing her. Nobody was there. 

It’s alright, she thought, lowering into the tub.It’s safe. Masturbating in the tub was the perfect amount of danger. She liked the idea of someone accidentally seeing her but wasn’t sure if she could handle it. 

Slower, this time with more intention, Laura grabbed her tit. The tip of her nipple tingled. Now, she grabbed the nipple and began to pull at it, feeling her clit come to life. With two fingers, Laura pulled and twisted. She noticed there was a change in her breathing. Sparks flew as she twisted and plucked at her nipple. It grew firm under her fingertips. 

Laura relaxed, allowing herself to close her eyes. She submerged herself further in the water, hoping the soap would block the view, which nobody was looking. Again, she grabbed her nipple and rolled it in her fingers, feeling it send tingles and jolts through her body. 

Her right hand was playing with her nipple while her left hand slid down to her pubic mound. It wasn’t just the water that was making things hot. There she ran her fingers through her trimmed pubes for a moment. It felt good to be touched, magical even. Nobody touched her recently, but she knew how to please herself. Part of her wished she had brought down one of her toys. 

The first touch was flirtatious, just a brush across the clit. Even masturbation had been a little while for Laura, but she was excited. The first brush had been more than enough to stimulate. Now, she was eager for another touch. She couldn’t resist rubbing her clit again, this time with two fingers — tendrils of electricity shot in all directions. Her middle finger rolled up and down on her clit, enticing herself. 

The jet blew close to her side, and she could feel the water gushing against her body. Laura decided to slide over, moving closer to the stream. She adjusted herself, feeling the gush of water from one jet streaming on her back and the other blasting on her slit. At first, it was rough, but after seconds of sitting there, she adjusted. The pulse was sensational, rubbing against her flower in a way no wand could. 

When writing her next great novel, Laura always got worked up. She tried to refuse herself any sexual touch because it would only postpone her progress. She wrote best when her body craved sex and starved for affection. The characters had more desire when she didn’t gratify that need. 

The orgasm came rolling in waves of euphoria, splashing, throwing her head back. Laura couldn’t fight off the moans caught in her throat. “Oh my,” she whimpered, helpless against the pulse of the jet. The orgasm was coming in hot, and she wouldn’t be able to sit there much longer. 

Laura looked up, noticing a silhouette in the Mowers window. She was too far along to stop, too occupied by the jet to worry about being watched. She entertained the idea of someone watching her. The idea of someone watching heightened the orgasm, adding an extra layer. Mr. Mower could watch if he wanted. Hell, Mrs. Mower could watch if the idea suited her. 

The jet vibrated her lips, rumbling against her clit. She couldn’t fight back the noises any longer. It wasn’t just a low moan. Now, she thought she sounded like a panther. The jets were more powerful than any dildo she’d ever owned. What was coming out of her mouth was closer to a scream. 

The voyeur next door, whoever they were, didn’t move from the window. Laura wondered if the shadow had been there all along, but she didn’t think it had. Their shadow stayed, watching as Laura grasped the sides of the hot tub, moving her hips over the jet. Her head was rolled back as she sighed and moaned. She continued to look up to the bedroom window, letting them know she didn’t care. 

What if they come down? She thought wildly. 

There had been a time when she would have shied away from the attention. Under ordinary circumstances, she wouldn’t have entertained the idea, but nothing but a screaming orgasm would pry her off the jet. The bubbles rolled against her lips, vibrating and purring to her satisfaction. “Fuck,” she cried out. “Oh fuck.” 

Just as fast as it arrived, the shadow was gone. Laura wasn’t surprised. Whoever it was couldn’t stand there all night. She missed her admirer already. There was something about the eyes on her that added a forbidden layer to her orgasm. Come back, she though in a frenzy. 

The back door to the Mower’s residence opened. Mrs. Mower, Jan, to her friends, emerged from the shadows. She was a beautiful woman, brunette with a large bust. She was wearing a shimmering silver dress, something a woman might wear to a cocktail party. Jan walked with a slow, hip-swaying walk, seeping with sexual confidence. 

Laura considered getting off the jet and covering her breasts, but it was too late. Jan’s eyes had already taken in her breasts, welcomed them with a smile. 

“It looks like you’re having fun,” she whispered. Her puffy red lips looked kissable in the limited light from the back porch. 

“I’m sorry,” Laura said. “I will keep it down.” 

Jan looked down, seeing the pile of clothing by the side of the hot tub. It was no secret she was in there completely nude. “I was hoping I might be able to join you?” She curled her lips up into a tight smile, with a raised eyebrow. 

Laura slid off the jet. “Please,” she said. 

Laura hadn’t predicted the woman next door would strip off her dress right there in front of her. She also didn’t expect she wouldn’t be wearing panties. 

Her body was impeccable, flawless skin, perky breasts. Jan stood there for a couple of seconds, allowing Laura to look at her. She even turned, showing her backside, before sliding into the hot tub. “Oh, that’s nice,” she said. 

The bubbly water enveloped her body. Her D-cup breasts plopped into the frothy water. “Were you riding the jet?” Jan asked. “Don’t be ashamed. I’ve never done it personally, but always wanted to.” Jan spoke in an even, calm tone. 

There was a blush rushing across Laura’s face. Not only was she ashamed she’d possibly woke the neighbor, but they knew what she was doing. She was considering getting out and putting an end to the whole charade. 

“It’s alright,” Jan said. “You know, my husband and I have read your books. That’s some explicit stuff. I love it.” Jan slid closer to her in the pool. “Don’t worry. I won’t bite.” 

Under the hot water, Laura felt the tips of Jan’s fingers land on her thigh. Their eyes locked for a moment. Jan was an attractive woman. Laura had written about lesbian sex a million times, fantasized about it extensively, but never experienced even a single kiss from a woman. The hand slid closer, raising Laura’s pulse.

She thought about it for a moment, sinking further into the tub.Do it, she thought. It didn’t happen every day, and this was the chance she’d always wanted. Her moment to shine. It took a little coaxing, but Laura placed her hand on the woman’s thigh. Her heart was jumping in her chest and had to remind herself to breathe.

Laura had never felt a vagina, other than her own. She slid her hand into the position, touching the outside lips. It was hard to distinguish in the bubbling water, but it felt nice. What little she could tell from pruned fingers. Judging by the expression on Jan’s face, there weren’t many complaints. 

The humming tub and darkness added a romantic aspect to their tryst. The night was nice. The moment was perfect. Laura couldn’t have written a better scene for a woman to lose her lesbian virginity. She decided she was going to dive in and stop being afraid. 

Using her middle finger, Laura parted her lips, feeling her skin fold around her finger. The first finger felt good, approving. Laura thrust the finger inside. Jan leaned back her head, and her mouth fell open. Laura scooted closer, placing herself above the jet. She kissed Jan, pushing her finger deeper inside. Jan’s lips parted, allowing her slippery tongue out. 

“Oh, wow,” Jan said, locking her lips against Laura’s. Passionately, they kissed a few times, tongues dancing. 

Laura had never eaten a girl out before. She was afraid, concerned she might not do it well. She thought about where this escapade was leading, uncertain if she was ready to commit to such an act. The tingles in her clit said she could do anything, even if it didn’t go well. 

Jan lifted a hand from the water and patted the edge of the hot tub. “Sit up here,” she whispered. “I can’t hold my breath for that long.” 

Laura vividly imagined Jan sliding under the water and tongue fucking her in the hot tub. The thought sent chills up and down her arms. She climbed onto the edge of the tub, half expecting they were going to take whatever their affair was into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the pool, waiting for Jan to exit, but she didn’t. 

Instead, Jan put a hand between her legs, forcing them apart. 

“Oh my,” Laura said. 

The kisses felt soft as they swept the inside of her legs, touching like butterflies against her creamy skin. Laura was watching eagerly, itching to feel what it might be like to be licked by a woman. She had to admit, Jan looked incredible with her face that close to her cunt. There was an urge to grab the back of her head and push her in, but she withheld. 

Jan took the left lip into her mouth, sucking fiercely, favoring that one side. Laura leaned her head back, rolling her eyes with pleasure. At first, it was rough, but as it continued,

Laura began to admire the grit and pain and wished there was more. Jan was awakening the sexual deviant inside. 

Laura grabbed her hair, tugging on it, pulling her head into her crotch. “Don’t stop,” Laura moaned. 

Jan pulled her head away from Laura’s sopping wet pussy for a moment. “I didn’t plan on it.” Then she lowered down again, making eye contact as the tip of her tongue roamed on Laura’s clit.

“I see you guys are getting to know each other,” a voice came from the darkness. 

Laura jumped, reaching for the towel on the ground behind her, but Jan grabbed her hand. “It’s just my husband. Don’t worry. It’s ok.” 

Her first impulse was to cover herself up. Laura was by nature a shy, reserved woman, but the sex was incredible, and she didn’t want Jan to stop. Although she was still nervous, she didn’t pull away. Laura lifted a hand, blocking her breasts for a second. 

“You don’t mind me being here, do you?” he asked, moving closer to the tub. “I have seen my wife with another woman before.” There was a devilish grin on his handsome face. “She’s not cheating on me because she has permission.” 

Laura’s shoulders began to drop. Her arm dropped, unblocking her breasts from his view. She hadn’t woken up thinking she was going to have sex with the woman next door while her husband watched, but here she was. Her neighbor’s tongue was deep in her pussy, and the man was standing there. 

“I guess it’s ok,” Laura said apprehensively. 

Jan’s tongue continued to lick, flick and engorge her clit. She was relentless the way she ate and pleasured. While her tongue circled the clit, Jan slid a finger inside. At first, it was tight and resistant, but it didn’t take much for Jan to slide knuckle deep. 

“Do you mind if I get in the tub?” 

“Please,” she said, stuttering. 

Harold grabbed the belt to his jeans and began to pry them off. His pants slid down around his ankles, just in time for Laura to catch a glimpse of the bulge arising in his boxers. He stepped over the wall of the tub and lowered himself inside. 

“That’s nice,” he said. 

Laura continued to moan, only catching glimpses of the man moving closer to her. He started by playing with his wife’s pussy underwater. Before she knew it, Jan’s head was bobbing in and out, only touching the lips of her pussy occasionally to the rhythm of them fucking. Rather than being upset he stole her away, Laura was intrigued. She wanted him to fuck her, hard. 

My first threesome, she thought.Not at all, how I predicted it.

Laura grabbed Jan’s chin and led her up. Laura, who wasn’t feeling shy at the moment, kissed Jan, tasting her own pussy juice on her lips. The taste was interesting, and it made her wonder what Jan tasted like. The two kissed a little longer, tongues battling. 

Harold was still behind her, rocking her body, cock sliding in and out of her. He could be heard grunting over the hum of the bubbles. “Oh damn,” he said. 

Laura slid down into the tub and grabbed one of Jan’s legs, lifting it to the edge. From that position, Laura had a clear shot at her wet cunt. Harold pumped, penetrating her with a massive shaft. For a few seconds Laura watched as his dick slid in and out of her. Laura leaned in and began to lick her clit, shyly at first, then more aggressively. 

The man was winding back, about to pull out to change positions or something, when Laura grabbed his dick. She had thought about it for a few seconds before doing it and decided she was already in a threesome so she may as well commit. She slid his dick into her mouth. It was bigger than she anticipated, and for a moment she was surprised she hadn’t gagged. She took him in deeper, and he was pleasantly surprised. 

Jan stepped out of the uncomfortable limbo and lowered herself into the tub. She also grabbed his dick and began stroking it softly. Jan was watching Laura suck for a few minutes, adding a few strokes when she could. Jan got an opportunity and took over sucking. 

“I’m about to cum,” he whispered. 

Laura watched as Jan sucked her husband, how skillful she was. She didn’t gag or pull up for air and she could go all the way down to the base without any hesitation.  Harold made a groan, scrunched his face and unleashed. Jan swallowed the load. 

“I think you may have inspiration for another novel,” Harold cracked.