The Diary

It was a warm summer night. Mollie was asleep, and her voluptuous tits lay loose in a thin, white tank top. Her ass was dressed up in a pretty, red lace thong— her favorite. She wanted to feel sexy, and that she did, and looked the part too. Mollie had a secret— she was a lesbian. Now whilst this was no issue, she didn’t know how her parents would react to knowing their little 18-year-old girl was living a life that they never expected. However, Mollie slept comfortably knowing her parents were far away, on a vacation to Spain.

She wasn’t alone though: A few rooms over was her stepsister Freya. Freya was beautiful with mid length, straight brown hair, blue eyes, and pretty, silky, rosy pink lips. She was around 5’3, and like Mollie, she had shapely, smooth, pert and perfect breasts; however, Freya’s alluring ass was slightly bigger than Mollie’s.

Now, Mollie had kept a diary, only started a week ago, in which she planned to write about her summer, thoughts, feelings, everyday life, the usual teenage things. Her newfound passion for other girls obviously took a forefront. Mollie (as well as Freya) was raised, not strictly, but fairly traditionally. They had lots of chores and responsibilities, probably more than the average teenage girl. Because they were traditional, Mollie knew that her parent’s reaction to her being lesbian could be less than great, but luckily, she could now confide in her diary.

In her diary she often wrote about her love for other girls, as well as which girls she found so, so sexy. She also wrote about her masturbation each day, what she wore, what she used, and how she felt when she achieved pure, blissful ecstasy. Anyone would think she was a pure, lesbian slut, and she was on her way there, but for now, she had to keep it on the down low.

Mollie was asleep. But she wasn’t where she thought she was. She awoke when she felt a smooth, silky feeling running up her neck. “What the fuck?” She muttered, still barely awake. Mollie slowly opened her eyes but wasn’t met by her usual bedroom ceiling. No, she saw that she was lying on Freya’s bed, tucked under the oddly neat covers. And there was her stepsister, gliding her moist, slippery tongue up her neck. Mollie, unusually, didn’t protest but giggled playfully, still confused. She looked up again, and there stood Freya next to the bed. Her legs were crossed, the tan reflecting off them accentuating their beauty. Her arms were also crossed, and she was wearing a beautiful white lace bodysuit, almost entirely see through, and she knew it, as her face wore a sultry grin and a smoky makeover, whilst her eyelashes fluttered.

“How did I get here?” asked Mollie, confused. “Let me guess, I drank a few too many G&T’s earlier?” She didn’t ask about her stepsister’s clothing choices, assuming she was just going to bed. “The gin certainly helped,” agreed Freya ambiguously, anticipating Mollie’s next move. Mollie tried to rise out of bed, to head back to her room, but she suddenly realized that she couldn’t. She tried to move her arms, and then her legs, and she felt something stopping her. Then her struggling caused the blanket covering her to fall, and she realized she was tied to the bed. Her arms and legs were locked into place, tied with rope around the bed legs, spread-eagle: There she was.

She was completely vulnerable. Her legs were spread wide, her red thong barely covering her now visibly shaved pussy. Her arms were also spread outwards, her perky tits rising up and down as her breathing increased. “Freya what the fuck is going on?” she asserted, only to be met with giggling. “What have you done?!” Freya giggled again, before reaching next to her, and picking up a book. It was Mollie’s diary. “FREYA leave that alone, what are you doing with it?! That’s my fucking diary! Give it back!”

“This was a great read sis, some really, uhm, interesting things in there, eh?” chuckled Freya playfully. “So you’re a lesbian huh? You like to ‘play’ with the other girls?” she laughed.

“I don’t know what you’re talki— okay yes, I am. So what? And why the fuck am I tied to your bed?!” insisted Mollie. Freya giggled again, “Just say it to me–‘yes Freya I’m a Lesbian’! Mollie wriggled and writhed, trying to break free but quickly found it was no use. She sighed, “Yes Freya, I’m a lesbian.”

“From what I’ve read in here, you’re quite the little whore too aren’t you? What would the parents think if they found out about all the things you’ve been saying in here, huh?” poked Freya, as she rested her hands on her hips. Mollie glanced around, not knowing what to say. “I don’t know? Why do you care?” replied Mollie. She looked up at her stepsister, but then, her cheeks started slowly blushing, as she finally began to realize how hot her she really was, and how erotic her bodysuit was, allowing almost every inch of skin to be admired.

Freya slowly stepped towards Mollie, before bending down and whispering seductively into her ear, “because I’m a dirty little lesbian slut too”. Mollie’s mouth slowly opened in awe, and downwards, through her tank top, her tantalizing brown nipples began to harden, and poke through the thin, almost see-through fabric. Freya laughed again, noticing the effect she was having on her younger stepsister, watching her tits almost bounce as her breathing grew heavier, causing her nipples to brush against her tank top, only making them grow harder, and more sensitive.

Freya whispered again, “I was thinking, how’s about a little sibling blackmail? I don’t tell Mom and Dad about your little sex journal here, and in return, I get to have a little fun with you.” She noticed again, Mollie’s two rising nubs, “Or, for now, a little fun with your nipples.”

Freya climbed onto the bed and positioned herself so that Mollie’s head rested against her soft, voluptuous breasts, like a naughty cushion. Freya had pretty hands, with long, painted nails, which she placed on her stepsister’s tanned belly. Slowly, she teased her fingernails across the skin of the belly, which made Mollie whimper with anticipation, as the fingernails glided upwards. It took seconds, but Mollie felt as though it took minutes, for Freya’s long nails to reach her tits. Then, as slowly as before, Freya began to slowly run her fingers in circles, from the outermost edges of Mollie’s tits inwards. She took her time, massaging the surface of the skin with her nails, and she enjoyed every second of it, so much so that her pretty little pussy slowly began to get wet, her juices ever-so-slightly soaking through the lace of her bodysuit, and meeting Mollie’s back. But Mollie didn’t notice, because unbeknownst to Freya, she was secretly enjoying every second of sensual touch upon her skin.

She memorized every sensation left by her slutty stepsister’s hands, and her pussy too, began to get wet. Freya gradually began to make her finger circles smaller and smaller, pleasing every inch of skin on Mollie’s also voluptuous breasts, and eventually, made her way towards her helpless stepsister’s hardened areolas. As Mollie felt Freya’s fingertips getting closer to her nipples, she could almost burst with anticipation. Freya gave another seductive grin, as she began to twirl her fingers over Mollie’s areolas through her tank top. “Ohhh, yessss”, groaned Mollie, as all of her attention fixated on her pleasure. “I haven’t even started on your nipples yet, baby,” replied Freya, knowing the ecstasy her stepsister was about to experience. Mollie’s nipples were almost throbbing with anticipation, rock hard and ready to feel true pleasure. Freya took a pair of scissors from her cupboard, and cut the tank top off of Mollie’s chest, releasing those hard little nubs, aching for pleasure.

Then she did it. Freya moved her fingertips onto the tips of her stepsister’s nipples, and circled over them. “Mmmmm ohh yeah that’s it” moaned Mollie, now in pure heaven. She never knew her nipples could bring her so much pleasure. It was never-ending euphoria. Freya then took each nipple between her fingers, and began to roll them back and forth, attacking from all sides, before pinching them lightly. “Ohhh that feels so fucking good”, sighed Mollie, barely able to speak. The only thing in her world at that time was the sensations in her nipples. “It’s only just begun,” whispered Freya, as she reached for a jar of coconut oil, and began to spread it over her stepsister’s tanned, lean body. The oil made Mollie’s nude body shine in the lamplight of the bedroom. It accentuated every curve, eliminated every blemish, and made her nerves go wild. Freya continued playing with her stepsister’s now oiled nipples, the oil now making every movement smoother and more intense.

“I thought this was blackmail?” Mollie questioned through her moans, staring into her stepsister’s baby blue eyes. “Hushhhhhh baby, just take it all in,” muttered Freya, before moving her face closer and closer to Mollie’s. Freya continued running her hands over her stepsister’s nipples as she stared into her eyes seductively, before their lips and tongues met in a kiss. Mollie had never kissed a girl before, but wanted to desperately, and by God, she went wild. Freya swirled her tongue around Mollie’s, their saliva mixing. They kissed, and kissed, and kissed.

Mollie was quite literally in heaven; she could have stayed there forever. Their inner dirty little sluts were in bliss. Freya separated her lips from Mollie’s, stared into her eyes, and pecked her lips again, before standing up. Mollie looked disappointed but excited for what was next. Freya stepped towards the other side of the room, giving her stepsister a sensual view of her ample ass, which jiggled with every step. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a Victoria’s Secret lingerie set. It was a black and pink velvety bra and thong, which she carried towards her stepsister, still tied to the bed, enthralled.

Before anything could be said, Freya stuffed the thong into Mollie’s mouth, still wet with Freya’s enchanting saliva. The thong smelled and tasted of her stepsister, giving her an idea of what her pussy would be like. Next, Freya took the bra, and tied it around Mollie’s head. She couldn’t see a thing. This made her other senses go crazy; all she could taste and smell was Freya’s warm scent, her life now revolved around her slut of a stepsister. Freya lowered her mouth to her stepsister’s nipples and gave each one a quick kiss and a lick, making Mollie’s oiled body grind in pleasure, unable to see Freya’s moves. She began to squeeze and massage Mollie’s tits, and admire how alike they were to her own. Big, soft, and so slippery with the coconut oil. Freya kneaded and jiggled Mollie’s breasts.

She was truly experienced, as being a year older had given her more time to ‘play’ with other girls. “Here’s where your ‘punishment’ begins darling,” snickered Freya. “Do your tits feel good, baby? Have your nipples been teased enough?”

“Don’t think you could ever tease them enough,” replied Mollie through the soaked thong still in her mouth, barely understandable, and still in a state of ecstasy from her near-orgasmic nipples. “Relax, baby. We’re not done yet,” said Freya suggestively as she walked out of the room. About 2 minutes must have passed. Mollie had calmed down a bit, and was ready for more, and then voila. She heard footsteps coming from outside the door, and then towards the bed.

Freya had stripped down to nothing, her bountiful tits sat bare on her chest like trophies. However, she had not returned empty-handed. “Are you ready for more, baby? You’re about to feel true bliss like you’ll probably never feel again,” Freya chuckled as she removed her stepsister’s gag. “You’re not doing a good job of making me scared for my punishment” replied Mollie, still unable to see what was going on.

“You see, my princess, you’re about to cum like you never have before” said Freya, while she glided her fingertips down Mollie’s thighs, towards her soaked pussy, barely covered by her equally juice-soaked thong. “Strap yourself in, you’re going for a ride, and we’ve even got you a new gag!” giggled Freya, as she removed her stepsister’s dripping thong, giving it a lick and stuffing it into Mollie’s eager mouth. “Taste yourself, baby. Is it good?”. Mollie nodded, unable to speak.

Freya picked up the box she had brought with her, and opened it, to reveal the tool that would bring her stepsister to the most powerful, pleasurable orgasm she had ever felt, the Sybian vibrator. “This is called a Sybian, it’s the strongest vibrator that a girl can buy, and it’s what’s going to make you fucking cum all over my bed”.  Mollie didn’t know whether to be nervous or excited. She’d rubbed her clit to orgasm plenty of times, but never with a vibrator, and definitely not one like this. “Here we go baby, relax and enjoy yourself, if you can” laughed Freya, as she pushed the vibrator into Mollie’s pussy, wet and ready. Mollie let out a whimper, as Freya turned on the machine, and whispered into her stepsister’s ear, “Just relaxxxxx”.

She flipped a switch, and the machine roared to life like an engine. Behind the bra, Mollie’s eyes suddenly opened wide. Every inch of her eager pussy was vibrating in perfect pleasure. So intense, and yet only on the lowest setting. Mollie let out a long groan through her thong gag, “MmmMMmfhhhhh.” Freya had used the Sybian many times and knew the ecstasy her stepsister was feeling. She slowly turned up the speed, making the machine roar even louder. “MMMMHHHhhhhhhHhhh”, moaned Mollie, unable to contain herself, every breath she took ended in a long groan of unimaginable pleasure.

Freya looked down at her sister and enjoyed the view. Mollie couldn’t have felt more ecstatic, but Freya knew of one more thing to top it all off. Freya crawled back onto the bed behind her sister, laid Mollie’s head back against her tits, aching for attention of their own, before reaching her hands down towards her stepsister’s chest, still oiled, and now sweetly sweaty from her constant writhing in pleasure. Freya had one more trick. From under her pillow, she pulled out a pair of well-worn metal nipple clamps and began to clip them onto Mollie’s still-hard nubs of joy.

Freya had developed a huge nipple fetish. Simply tapping her nipples was enough to bring immense pleasure, she could even orgasm just from rubbing her fingertips over them, just like she did with her stepsister. Because of her nipple fetish she knew just how to please her stepsister’s nipples, too. She clipped the clamps onto Mollie’s nipples, causing the already groaning girl to scream through her thong gag. The clamps brought both pain and pleasure to Mollie’s nipples, and made the tips even more sensitive than they already were. Freya began rubbing her fingertips over the clamped nipples, and Mollie could almost pass out.  “How does that feel huh baby? Are you my dirty little lesbian slut? Do you wanna fucking cum for me baby? Yeah?!” moaned Freya into her stepsister’s ear. “You’d better get ready, you’re about to have the most intense orgasm you’ll ever experience. I bet you’re ready to make that pretty little pussy explode, huh? Mmmhh yeah baby you’re soooo ready, aren’t you?”.

Mollie couldn’t even respond, her moans and screams were so loud, but muffled by her thong, still seeping her pussy juices down her wet throat. She could feel her pussy contracting, she knew she was ready to cum like never before, and Freya knew it too. Freya turned up the dial to maximum power, pulled out the thong gag and rubbed her stepsister’s hard nipples as fast as she could, before groaning, “Cum for me baby!!! Do it!!” Mollie’s pussy obeyed obediently, sending her into complete orgasmic overdrive.

She hit her climax like a thunderbolt, or a volcanic eruption. “MMHHHHMM OHHH FUCK YES YESSSS!”, screamed Mollie, in a state of pure ecstasy. Her clit on fire, while her sweet pussy spasmed and contracted over and over in sheer ecstasy. “That’s right, mmmhm, just let it allll out baby. Cum harder than than you ever have before, you’re such a good girl” groaned Freya. “Mmmm let that pretty little pussy ache with pleasure for me” Mollie’s orgasm lasted for nearly two minutes of unadulterated bliss. Her juices flowed, she screamed and moaned as the vibrations sent her into heaven. Freya licked her neck and still pleasured her stepsister’s tiring nipples. Mollie was in fucking heaven. Finally, she came down from her orgasm as Freya turned off the Sybian. “Holy fuck, Freya, what did you do to me?” groaned Mollie, barely able to speak.

“That’s my way of blackmailing, sis, you definitely held up your end of the bargain,” giggled Freya, as she removed Mollie’s bra blindfold, and then her nipple clamps; her nipples now sore with pain and pleasure. “Still catching your breath, baby?” Mollie nodded through her heavy breaths, the sensations of post-orgasm still flowing through her body. “I’d ask you to untie me,” she panted, “but I’m not sure I want you to.” Freya grinned, and began to untie her stepsister’s weak arms and legs, still oiled, and still trembling after her orgasm. Freya looked down at her stepsister’s spasming pussy and lapped up the juices with her tongue. Mollie jolted, her pussy still extremely sensitive. After Freya untied her, she helped her stand up. Mollie took her stepsister’s mouth into hers, and gave her a long kiss, and whispered into Freya’s ear, the sweet words of anticipation. “Your turn.”