The Chiropractor

I arrive at his office alone about midday. He and I are the only ones there and it’s warm inside. He’s a sizable Latino man with a dark complexion. I’m a small European who is fair.

“I’ll begin by adjusting you” he says.

I lower myself onto my back on a bench, but I move slowly because I’ve recently been injured. He begins by kneeling beside me and tells me to twist my body.

“Breathe” he says.

I’m nervous because he’s a big man. I breathe in slowly, and out slowly. In slowly again, and out slowly – CRACK! There’s my spine.

Now he instructs me to twist in the opposite direction, facing away. As I do, he begins to come to the side I am facing, but stops at the end of the bench. After he sits down on the bench, he slides off my pink shorts with one deft move and is a bit taken aback when he notices that I am not wearing any panties. He lifts me onto his lap facing him, in a straddling position.

“Let’s keep this quiet” he whispers. I nod.

I both unbutton and unzip his slacks. My hands fumble to grip a huge monstrosity and I am a little surprised by the sheer size of it. Feelings of both excitement and fear fill my mind. He smiles at me.

I’m soaking wet now. I guide his member toward my tight, hot pussy but it won’t slide in with ease.

He then notices a small, strategically placed tattoo in my groin region.

“Cute” he thinks.

I’m hovering over his monstrous cock and, while it has only entered me about a half an inch, he proceeds to force my entire body downward as he thrusts his hips upward. The utter size of his huge shaft fills me with a mixture of pain and pleasure. My eyes water from the ecstasy.

Once it has been forced into me entirely, I have to sit motionless for about 20 seconds so that my body can adjust to him. He sees my discomfort and feels my nails clawing his back. Will I be able to accommodate a man of his particular size?

After my pussy has adjusted to his gigantic member, I begin to move my body upward slowly at first, then ever-so-slightly faster downward. I feel every inch of his shaft as he glides in and out of my compact void. Although my body is somewhat becoming familiar with him, it is still crucial for me to move at a moderate pace. He could really do some damage with his robust Latino manhood.

Suddenly, he lifts me from his cock and places me down onto my back, facing upward and still on the bench. Now he takes full control. He proceeds to forcefully drive his thick member into me again as he covers my mouth with one hand, for fear that my breaths will be audible. My female elixir continuously moistens my entire vulva and covers his thick shaft thoroughly. He proceeds to move a little faster now that my tense muscles have relaxed a little.

This is it – the few moments that I live for. I can feel my orgasm growing stronger as it approaches, like a crescendo becoming louder by the second. My eyes begin to water and there is no need for the Chiropractor to cover my mouth, for I cannot utter a sound, although my jaw drops. This is a sign that my orgasm is exceptionally strong and has even lasted for about forty seconds. It’s still going.

Simultaneously, his thrusts become more intense and his breathing becomes more sporadic. This tells me that his orgasm is beginning. After about thirty seconds of this, he grunts and his thrusts slow. After about fifteen seconds of these slow thrusts and, as he withdraws, a mixture of each of our fluids follows the withdrawal onto the bench.

He is drenched in sweat and so am I. “Shall we plan on next week? Same time?” he asks me.

“Only if I receive the same treatment” I say smiling.