The Broadcast

Kelsey leaned over and took another peek around the corner to make sure the coast was clear. These semi-private study cubicles at the library were everything she’d hoped they’d be, but even so, it wasn’t like there was a door or anything…although that was part of the thrill. So, once she was confident that everyone else in the library was lost in their own little bubbles, she settled back in her chair, took a deep breath, and opened her laptop. While it was booting up, she reached into her laptop bag, pulled out a portable webcam, unwrapped the cord, and plugged it into the computer. She started to feel a little nervous as she opened the app; nervous, but excited, and that feeling only intensified once she saw herself on the screen, staring back at herself, courtesy of the laptop’s built-in webcam. The second one she had just pulled out of her bag? She stuck it on the underside of the desk. And after she pushed a few buttons a second window showed up in the corner of the first one, giving her a perfect view right up her own skirt. Pleased with the view she pushed a few more buttons and that second window disappeared.

That white-hot feeling of nervousness and anticipation kept growing as she took a deep breath and pressed the call button next to Jacob’s name in the app. For a moment she was afraid the dialing noise might bring some unwanted attention but when she didn’t hear anything she relaxed a bit, remembering that she had already put the laptop on mute. And then he answered, shirtless, laid up in their bed at home. She could tell by the smile on his face that he was just as excited as she was – maybe just as nervous, too – and she couldn’t believe that she had been so afraid to tell him how badly she wanted to do this.

She’d always been secretly turned on by the idea of being a cam performer; she’d spend hours at home on this very laptop masturbating to her favorites, or, more accurately, masturbating to the fantasy of doing the things that they were doing. But she had a high-ish-profile job that she loved and hoped to turn into a higher-profile career, so putting herself out there for the entire internet to see just didn’t fit into those plans.

This, however? This was a compromise that offered a lot of promise. Especially because there was every chance she could get caught.

She took another deep breath and mouthed the words “YOU READY?” at him. He showed her a thumbs-up. Another moment to peek around the corner, then she leaned back in her chair and started touching her breasts, making sure to keep eye contact with Jacob as he watched. She started slowly, just lightly squeezing, and tracing circles around her nipples through the fabric of her top. But soon enough she started getting into it, and the light squeezing turned into deep massaging as she pinched her now fully-erect nipples through the fabric and started biting her lower lip. The look on Jacob’s face turned her on even more, so she pulled the front of her halter down, letting her breasts fall into view. She leaned back in her chair and arched her back a little bit while she fondled and massaged herself, occasionally lifting a nipple up to her mouth and flicking it with her tongue. She could see Jacob biting his own lip and knew from the way his right arm was positioned what he was up to just out of frame.

The idea of him stroking himself while watching her on cam was every bit as arousing as she’d hoped it would be, and she imagined thousands of strangers doing the exact same thing at the same time. She could feel all their eyes on her at once, and started to lose herself in the fantasy…

But then she heard footsteps approaching her study cube! She shot up in her chair and pulled her top back over her breasts, leaning over a text book that she’d had sitting on the desk for just such a situation. She pretended to read it as the footsteps passed her cube and moved on, then looked at the cam to see Jacob staring back at her with eyes as wide as hers were. They both smiled giant ‘HOLY SHIT’ smiles and Kelsey was surprised to find out just how sexy that adrenaline rush was.

Working hard to stifle nervous laughter, she peeked back around the corner to check for anyone else. Satisfied that they were alone once again, she turned her focus back to Jacob, who flashed a thumbs-up. She gave her body a little wiggle and let her hair fall over her eye, and it didn’t take long before both of them settled back into the mood. Feeling good with how things started, Kelsey decided she was ready to jump up to level 2, so as she used one hand to pull one of her breasts back out of her top and play with her nipple, she used her other hand to push a few buttons in the app until a second window popped up in the bottom corner of the main window, giving both of them a crystal clear view of her knees. She could tell by the look on his face that Jacob wasn’t expecting that at all, which only turned her on more.

She pushed a button that made her skirt cam the main window, then slowly brought her hand down into frame, grabbed the hem of her skirt, and started to pull it upward. She shifted bit in her seat, showing off just the slightest curve of her ass as her skirt inched upward, and both she and Jacob watched her little tease with rapt attention.

After she slid her skirt up the last few inches of her thighs, she hesitated just a moment to build the anticipation, then used her hands to push her legs apart. She knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, but even so – seeing herself there on the screen was still somewhat of a surprise, and it was intoxicating. Jacob very clearly felt the same way, and Kelsey’s breath caught in her chest watching his reaction. This was everything she’d ever hoped it would be.

Her heart pounding in her chest, she lightly ran her hand up the inside of her thigh until it reached the junction between her legs, already visibly wet. She ran her fingers through her neatly-trimmed bush, massaging and spreading her labia, then walked her fingers down toward her clitoris. She massaged it lightly, forgetting the camera and letting the pleasure be just hers for the moment. She closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, pulling her top down to play with her breasts as she got a little more aggressive about fingering herself. As she felt the heat spread across her body and lost herself in the ecstasy of it all she heard the tiniest moan escape her throat.

“PUBLIC PLACE” she thought to herself as she snapped back to reality. She opened her eyes an realized she had one foot kicked up on the desk, three fingers buried deep inside her, and Jacob, on the other end of the connection, stunned into wide-eyed, unblinking silence. She continued to finger herself, this time playing to the camera, pushing in as deeply as she could. She pulled her fingers out and, with her other hand, pushed the buttons that brought the upper body cam into primary view. She leaned forward until her breasts took up most of the frame, then used the fingers that were just inside of her to play with her nipples, coating them in the wetness from her pussy. She readjusted herself until her face was back into frame and looked directly into the lens of the camera as she lifted one breast up to her mouth, then the other, sucking and licking each nipple until she couldn’t taste herself on them.

She loved the way Jacob was looking at her, but if this was going to feel as real as she wanted it to, he was going to have to do more than just look. She gave him that “well…?” expression and he smiled and gave her a thumbs up. She laughed and shook her head no, then pointed at him. He looked confused, so she got very specific and made the jerkoff gesture, selling the fake orgasm for the camera. Realization set in on his face and she watched, wide eyed and breathless, as he adjusted his laptop, letting her see that he was already naked and fully erect. She was surprised at how brightly she felt herself blush as he started masturbating and motioned for her to continue. She knew this was the home stretch so took a deep breath, leaned forward, and reached into her laptop bag. When she came back into frame she was holding a very realistic looking dildo, the sight of which made Jacob immediately stop everything he was doing. Which was exactly the reaction she was expecting.

After a quick peek around the corner to make sure she was still safely hidden from unwanted attention, she set about bringing this entire experiment to the conclusion that she was starting to desperately need. First things first she slowly licked her lips then opened her mouth and proceeded to give that dildo the most sultry seductive blowjob she could muster. She wanted to try to deepthroat it but was afraid that she might choke and prompt some good Samaritan to run in and ruin everything, so she decided to save that little experiment for the next time she had Jacob in her mouth. Instead she focused on the head with her lips and her tongue, keeping eye contact with Jacob, who was starting to get lost in his own ecatasy.

Knowing there wasn’t much time to spare she pushed the buttons that brought the under-the-desk cam back into the primary view and had to stifle a moan as she slid the sex toy deep inside of her very wet, very sensitive cunt. She could see Jacob’s eyes go wide as he watched her fuck herself, slowly and silently, but deeply. With her free hand she spread her lips and massaged her clit, and it wasn’t long at all before the warmth spread throughout her body and the contractions in her abdomen began. It took everything she had to stay silent as the first orgasm rocked her body, and she bit her lower lip hard while her eyes started to roll back in her head. But she knew what was on the screen, and she knew what Jacob was doing, and as she kept fucking herself that first orgasm had barely subsided before it rolled into a second. Her juices poured out of her and ran down the dildo until she felt them trickle down her fingers. Eventually the sensation was too much and the thrusting had to stop, so she held the cock inside of her and was able to focus on the screen just long enough to see Jacob completely laid back, his hand furiously stroking his own cock to completion, the resolution of the HD cam letting her see his cum land all over his chest. As she held the dildo inside, squeezing it with her vaginal muscles, she imagined all that cum inside of her. She took a moment to relish the thought and catch her breath, still absolutely stunned that she managed to cum not just once – but TWICE – and not make so much as a peep.

It was only a moment or two before Jacob was able to catch his breath as well and met her gaze on screen. They both just grinned at each other for a few moments, relishing the experience they just shared, but they also knew it was just the beginning.

Kelsey pushed the disconnect button and started cleaning up after herself. No time to waste, after all – round 2 was starting as soon as she got home.