Strip Wii Golf

Right after graduating college I was lucky enough to land a good well playing job near by. I wanted to stay in the area for the foreseeable future and opted to buy a house since I was sick of apartment living. Ashton and I had known each other for a few years and had become close friends. When we first met I had found her extremely attractive, but I was already dating someone at the time. A year or so later she had started dating her boyfriend Cody, who I got along with pretty well. Ashton and I had a close relationship, talking and hanging out often. There had been the flirty moments here and there, but we really had friend zoned one another, and there was honestly no intent on my part to ever pursue anything. One of the best parts of our friendship was that we would talk about anything, down to the most detailed sexual information about our relationships.

A few months before graduation my girlfriend’s (Nicole) dad passed away, and she moved home to help out her mom with the younger siblings. After a while she wanted to put things on hold for a bit so she could get her family situation figured out. She said I could date around if I wanted – I never did – and eventually we got back together and are now married. Ashton was still dating Cody, and their relationship led to her turning down a great job opportunity a few states away and looking for a local job. She was working as a waitress, and really struggling to get by. When I first moved into my house she came by to check it out and was super excited for me. A few days later she asked me if I would be open to letting her rent one of the spare rooms for a bit. She had an apartment, but spent most of her time at Cody’s. With rent at the apartment being pretty pricey, she was hoping I could cut her a deal since she wouldn’t be around much, and it would work out for both of us. I had her ask how Cody would feel about it, and she said he was fine with it, so a couple weeks later she moved in.

Having her living there was pretty fun from the start. My job was the traditional 8-5, and her job had more evening hours, so it was rare for her to be around ever. There was typically one day or night each week where we would both be at the house and we would just hang out and talk. She slowly started to open up to me about Cody and how he was a great guy but really was holding her back and controlling. She had really wanted to take that job a few states over and he was not happy about it. They had some fights over it, and she opted not to take it because she cared about him and thought they may get married some day. She was looking for jobs in the area, but had been unable to find something as attractive. Finally, that fall she landed a decent 8-5 job, and while not ideal she took it anyway.

With her new job we ended up being home more often at the same time. Typically, if Cody was working some evening or busy, she opted to stay at the house rather than at his place alone. Seeing her more often was great and helped us both bridge the gap from the college lifestyle to adult lifestyle. Still at this point nothing sexual was going on, but it was fun having her around since she would often not wear a bra under her shirt, or wear more revealing ‘relaxed’ clothes around the house. A few times I had caught a glimpse of her boobs when she would wear a tank top and bend over to grab something.

Right around the new year Ashton and Cody broke up. He was simply being too controlling and she was worried how it would turn out if they continued to date. She was upset for a while but every time we talked about it she said it was what was best for her – something I truly agreed with. One evening Ashton suggested that since both of us had nothing to do for Valentine’s Day that weekend, that her and I should just hang out and order some food rather than sulk. We went and grabbed some Pei Wei and hung out that evening drinking some and watching tv. We decided to play some games on the Nintendo Wii, and started to play a round of Wii golf. Ashton said we should make it into a drinking game, and whoever lost each hole had to take a shot (9 holes total). We played the round and we both ended up taking three shots, since we tied on the other three holes. Since we had tied Ashton wanted a rematch. I said that was fine but let’s bet something else since neither of us were heavy drinkers and I didn’t want to have anymore shots. Ashton agreed and started to laugh, blurting out “okay, let’s play strip golf”. I looked at her surprised but intrigued and asked what the rules were. She said that we each could have four items of clothes, and if we won a hole we could either pick to have the other person take an item off, or put our last item removed back on. We agreed and after some playful trash talking started the game. Ashton won the first hole, and I took off my socks (I had on a shirt, socks, basketball shorts, and boxers). At this point it hit her she drew the short end of the stick since her four items were her shirt, bra, pants, and panties. She complained it wasn’t fair, but I fought back and said she was the one who made the rules. I won hole two and Ashton took off her shirt. She had on a simple nude colored bra, which provided more coverage than the bikinis I had seen her in. Ashton won hole 3 and 4 and opted to have me remove an item each time. I was down to my boxers and she was feeling confident. The trash talk was spewing, she had me a hole away from being naked. I won the 5th hole, and she didn’t seem too concerned, I could tell she thought I was going to reclaim my shorts. Instead, I opted to have her take off an item, and right as I said this her face went blank. She took off her pants revealing her Victoria’s Secret panties. Again this was no different than a bikini, but the fabric was thinner and I could kind of see the outline of her pussy. I shot some trash talk at her that if I won the next hole she was going to be half naked. My first shot was almost perfect, landing in the fairway. She got up from the sofa to take her first shot and I backed up a few feet and just stood there. She looked at me and asked what I was doing, I said I was just going to stand there and watch her ass as she stuck it out and swung. She laughed but got a bit flustered and her shot went into the water. I was laughing so hard, and started to taunt her more. I easily won the hole, and now Ashton was really flustered. She suggested I put my last item back on since if she won the 7th I would be totally naked. I pretended to think about this and said that it was a good idea, quickly she smiled thinking she had dodged a bullet for now, and then followed up with “but I think I’d rather have you take something off”. Her smile vanished and she blushed, she playfully begged me not to make her do it, I reminded her that the game was her idea, and just a few minutes ago she was taunting me saying I was going to be naked. She playfully said “fine” in an angry voice and turned her back towards me and took off her bra. She was laughing pretty hard and said she couldn’t believe she got herself into this. I told her she was going to have to turn around so I could see, she did but attempted to cover both of her boobs with her left arm. She was really just hiding her nipples, and pressing her boobs against her body to where I could see them bulging out on top and bottom. I told her to move her arm and she finally dropped it back to her side revealing them. Man they were nice, obviously I had wondered what they looked like, and had a rough idea from the peaks down her shirt, but this was better than I expected. Ashton was blushing bad, and said let’s play the next hole. During all this I hadn’t noticed that my dick had decided to announce its presence. Ashton saw that I was hard and said “holy shit, someone is horny”. I said “well you have really nice tits”. We kind of just looked at each other and this is the moment we both dropped the friendship shield and made things a bit more flirty. She asked how I was going to swing with a boner, I joked back that I was going to watch her tits jiggle when it was her turn. Ashton had a short putt to win the 7th hole, but it lipped out. We ended up in a tie and moved on to the 8th. She was upset she had got so close to winning and having me naked. The 8th hole was off to a bad start for me and again Ashton found herself in position to win the hole. She missed the putt again and I was laughing and taunting her that she had missed her chance twice. She started to trash talk back and missed her next putt to tie and lost the hole. She stood there shocked at her mistake. She sighed and pulled her panties down, letting them fall to her ankles and then kicked them over to the rest of her clothes. I was sitting on the sofa so I had a great view of her ass. It was small and fit, but really nice. She turned towards me and didn’t even attempt to cover her pussy with her hand. She was completely shaved, although it had been 2-3 days since she had done it, and had an amazing “innie” pussy. I was rock hard just looking at her naked, and she was enjoying being the cause of it.

Ashton said “you won, happy?”, and all of a sudden she walked over and straddled my lap. Before I knew what was happening she had pulled my cock out from my boxers and had her hand wrapped around it. We began to kiss and she was slowly stroking my cock. About 30 seconds in she pulled away and looked at me and asked if it was weird that we were doing this. Before I could say anything she continued “I mean it doesn’t feel weird, but I don’t want to mess things up between us”. I agreed that I didn’t want to mess things up either, and really that was all Ashton needed to hear. She stood up and pulled me up off the sofa and then pulled my boxers off. She told me to lay down and then laid next to me. We kissed while she played with my cock and my hands slowly explored her body. I played with her tits, and lightly teased her nipples. I knew from prior conversations she had sensitive nipples and enjoyed them being played with. All our knowledge on each other made the whole experience feel very passionate and exciting rather than first time excitement with someone where you learn what they like as you go. I ran my hand down her back and lightly grabbed her ass. I ran my hand from her back onto her ass and then her thigh. As my hand moved on her body I could sense her excitement as it would get closer to her pussy. I made several trips with my hand in the same pattern getting closer and closer and it was driving her crazy. Moved my hand to the front of her body and ran my fingers up the inside of her thigh and grazed the outside of her pussy lips and up her stomach. She pulled away from our kiss and threw her head back slightly and thrusted her body up as if she wanted to bring her pussy closer to me. I finally took my hand and ran it across her pussy and started to rub it. She let out a moan and let go of my cock. I slid down a bit and began to tease her nipple with my tongue. She brought her hand to her boob and asked me to suck on it while pushing it towards me. I continued to play with her pussy, eventually sliding a finger in, listening to her moan. Ashton reached down and pulled my hand off her pussy and stood up. She pushed me from laying on my side to on my back and then climbed on top of me and we began to 69. Her mouth felt amazing on my cock, and I just laid there for a second looking at her pussy which was right in my face. I had really never anticipated this was going to happen with us but I wasn’t going to stop. I began to lick her and she was squirming with excitement. A few minutes in she took my cock out of her mouth and said “keep licking me right there”, her body was tensing up and she was starting to take deeper breaths. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started grinding her pussy slightly on my face. She was moaning and said “oh my god” and pressed her pussy down on my face and began to orgasm. I could feel her pussy pulse on me and all of a sudden she collapsed back onto my body and pulled her pussy off my mouth. I watched it pulse a few more times while she caught her breath, and then felt her guide my cock back into her mouth. She was putting her whole effort into sucking on it, I laid there just looking at her dripping pussy and playing with her ass. It was all too much and I began to orgasm, she never skipped a beat and slowed her stokes to time them perfectly while she swallowed all my cum (another thing I knew about her was that she liked to swallow). She got up again and laid down next to me and said “well that was fun”. We both just laid there surprised at what all had just happened, and eventually went to my room.

We left all our clothes in the living room, and climbed in bed naked. She snuggled up next to me and said we should watch a movie. We turned something on to “watch” but we both kept our hands on each other. I played with her boobs and ran my hands up and down her body. She ran her hands up and down my chest and would play with my cock occasionally. Eventually I was pretty hard again and she pulled the blanket off of us slid down and began to suck on my cock again. She took my entire cock in her mouth and then slowly pulled it out and made that smacking noise some people make when eating a lollipop, grabbed it with her hand and kissed it right on the head. She came back up and climbed on top of me. She slid my cock into her pussy slowly. Her pussy felt amazing, she was incredibly wet and moaned slightly as she moved up and on me. Our eyes locked and she slightly bit her lip and came down and kissed me. We continued to kiss while she slowly rode my cock, going up and down and also grinding on me with it all the way inside her. The sex was incredible, it was easily the most passionate sex I had ever had to that point, and remains that way to this day. We fucked for what felt like an eternity, we would kiss and then she would lift up and rub her boobs on my face, grazing her nipples across my lips and then have me suck on them. We were both so caught up in the moment and incredibly horny we didn’t want it to end. She kept telling me how bad she wanted to cum but she didn’t want it to stop. I felt like I could have exploded inside her at any given moment but did my best to hold back. Ashton pinned my hands down with hers on each side of my head and started to move faster while she rode me, she said she couldn’t hold off any longer and she was going to cum. She moaned really loud and I felt her body tense up and I couldn’t hold back any longer either. We both came at about the same time, she pressed her pussy on my body as hard as she could as I felt her tighten around me. She laid down on me, leaving me inside her and said “can we just stay like this the rest of the night”. We just laid there, both exhausted, and she kissed me a few more times. She got up and we cleaned up then got back into bed naked while the movie continued and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning to Ashton’s fingers running up and down my cock and her looking at me and smiling. “That was a pretty fun night don’t you think” she said to me. She drew in closer and kissed me and said “let’s go shower”. We got in the shower, both now totally sober, and made out some under the hot water while playing with each other’s bodies. We got out and dried off. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me, then slid her left hand down onto my cock. “So you want to fuck me doggy and then get some breakfast?” We went back to the bed she sat on the edge and sucked on my cock while I stood in front of her. She looked up at me with my cock in her mouth and slowly slid it out again making the lollypop sound and kissed it on the head again. She let out a little giggle and smiled then got on the bed and stuck her ass up in the air and said “I want you to fuck me hard this time.” I had known that Ashton really loved fucking doggy, and that she did like rough sex sometimes. I got behind her and slid my cock in, and she let out another moan. I started slow, and began to slowly build up speed, she said she wanted it harder a few times and I kept speeding up. I had my hands gripping her hips as our bodies smashed together in rhythm. I started to get close to cumming, and with one last thrust felt myself explode inside her again. Ashton’s ass was bright red and you could see my handprints on her side. She rolled onto her back and caught her breath then asked me to suck on her tits while she finished herself off. I said I didn’t mind taking care of her too since I had cum already, but she insisted she wanted me to suck her tits. I played with her nipple with one hand and sucked on the other. I watched as she furiously rubbed the top of her pussy, within a minute her back was arching and she had an orgasm. We laid there for a bit and then got dressed and went to eat.

Over breakfast we talked about what had happened and how it was just the perfect storm of us both being single and so horny at the time. We agreed that neither of us wanted to date, we didn’t think the relationship would work, and felt if we tried it would mess up our friendship. We opted to leave things as they were and consider this a one time occurrence. It never became weird between us at all, and she lived with me for the next year and half. After that night we felt so comfortable with one another that she would walk around the house topless or naked. About 6 months before she moved out, Nicole and I got back together and she moved into the house. Nicole and Ashton had been friends in college and always got along well. Nicole was aware of what had happened between Ashton and I and didn’t mind since we were split at the time. The girls became extremely close while the 3 of us lived together, and Ashton was a bridesmaid in our wedding. I am still great friends with Ashton, and we still talk all the time. That night has come up a couple times in conversation between Ashton and I, but we generally don’t tend to talk about it. A couple years back Nicole wanted to know a detailed account of what happened and it led to us having some amazing sex that night.