Soccer Coach

I’m at a soccer tournament with my kids that is far away and we are staying in the team hotel. Most other parents weren’t there because the team took a van, but I had to drive 6yr old Paul up late after his tutoring session and decided to stay to support his team. He missed the Friday game today, but the tournament goes on all Saturday and starts early, so the kids are all asleep. I have work to do, but I am tired from the drive so decide to go to the hotel bar for a drink. I sit for a while as I finish my cocktail, and then ask for the check to go upstairs. As I go to get up from my chair, I hear a familiar voice. “Stay for a drink with me” in that soft british accent. It is Paul’s soccer coach, wearing a white button down open just enough so I can see a little chest hair. He sits down next to me, and I smell his aftershave. We have a drink, and my mind starts racing. He is so hot. Is it wrong for me to be so turned on? I drop Paul off every weekend for practice, and he always seems to linger around me and not the other moms. We have two more drinks, and then I decide to call it a night. We walk to the elevator together, and when it gets to my floor, we both pause. We kiss there, but I realize my kids are in my room so we can’t go there. We close the elevator doors and start aggressively making out all the way to his room.

He pushes me down onto his bed and starts feeling up and down my body. I moan. He grabs fistfuls of my breasts and bites down my neck. He kisses down my body while still holding onto my breasts. He pulls my dress up and kisses on top of my underwear. I moan louder. He looks up at me and smiles. He brings one hand down and moves my underwear to the side. I am soaking wet. He puts his whole face in my pussy and kisses it hard. He licks up and down the lips of my pussy, and I thrash on the bed. He goes to my clit and starts giving it little fast licks with his tongue. I can feel myself building to a climax already. I want him to fuck me.

I sit up abruptly and grab him by his belt. He looks surprised. I tell him that I want to feel his cock inside of me. He takes off his pants and brings his hard cock to the opening of my pussy. I groan as his full length enters me. He fucks me really slow, looking into my eyes, until we both cum at the same time.