Slip ‘N Slide

“It’s not really a waterpark…it’s more of an…adult water themed party? But with slides. And fountains. And lots of watermelons soaked in vodka and weed gummies.” 

“That sounds exactly like a waterpark but minus the best part which is obviously the funnel cake.” I was spread out on my bed with my best friend, Jamie, who had been trying for the last hour to get me on board for an all night water themed rave. I’m risk averse. I’m a safe person. I would like to avoid a scenario where people on drugs are somersaulting down Slip ‘N Slides in the dark. I flop over onto my belly, head turned away from Jamie. “Look, I’m sorry, it just sounds kind of…bad to be honest. But you should go. You should totally go.”

“Ava. Come on, obviously I don’t want to show up at something like that alone. It only happens once a year and then everyone talks about it like it’s the second coming of Christ. We never go and look, we’re not going to be young forever. Time is slipping away. Tomorrow we’ll probably wake up married with twelve kids or something. We’ve gotta live for ourselves while we can!” 

“Oh my god, we’re 22. Jesus, we’re not the crypt keeper. And I’m not getting fucking married.” 

“Ava. Ava. Avvvvvvaa.” I roll over and look at her. Jamie is holding her hands up, paw-like in mid air, lips turned down into a devastating pout. Fuck. 

“Ughhh. I can’t believe you. FINE. Okay. Okay, okay! But only because I love you and only if you let me wear that slinky gold one piece you bought last summer.” 

She flops onto her back, legs kicking up in the air and fists pumping. “Deal.”

I can’t lie, seeing myself in that gold number almost gets me wet. I look good. I look real good. I’m tall and thick, almost six feet, and while most one pieces are comically undersized for me, this one glides over my body like sun kissed water. My tits, normally squeezed out of place by uncomfortably placed underwire, are pushed up and together underneath the gold fabric with my nipples pushing out like two cute little darts. The bottom half rides up my ass and sits obediently on the swell of my hips. Ass out, tits up, feelin’ myself. 

Jamie and I arrive at sundown, the sky shifting between shades of lavender and royal blue. The stars are beginning to announce themselves against the darkening backdrop, little pinpricks of light. I’m glad we came. 

There’s a pair of gates, and beyond that a swell of bodies bumping against each other around a giant pool. The pool is illuminated, and its aqua light gives everyone a bit of an alien glow. Slides emerge like dinosaurs out of the water, fountains bubble in the background, the ubiquitous Slip ‘N Slide is in full force around the corner. Any thoughts of someone tragically breaking their ankle are subdued by the realization that this party is mostly women. There are a few rogue dudes, but damn, they are few and far between and these girls did not come here to play. Everyone is wearing some iteration of ‘barely there’ and looking fine as hell. A woman in a neon thong and nipple pasties points us to a piña colada bar. Jamie grabs my elbow that way and I follow. 

The energy is so right I don’t feel like I even need alcohol to relax and get with the vibe, but one glance at the bartender and yes, yes, get me in line for a drink. What the fuck? How is that woman so hot? Shaggy bleached hair pulled back into two little buns, a bikini made of…is that latex? Lips full and painted a deep blue, slightly parted, gapped teeth. Ugh. I’m admittedly staring a bit, and she locks eyes with me as she pours from the blender. Smiles. Tongue flicks out. Okay now I’m drooling. It’s my turn. I’m in front of her. My lips twitch, can’t speak. Jamie elbows me in the ribs.

Bartender leans forward, “Cat got your tongue?” Her voice comes husky, breath laced with coconut. I can feel my labia swelling. A slight gush. Sorry, Jamie, I’m definitely flooding your swimsuit. Just then another woman walks up, touches the bartender on the shoulder. “I’m tapping you out Max. Go have fun.” Max. Her name is Max. Fuck that’s hot. 

Max comes around the drink booth, hands me the piña colada she just made. “Wanna get in the pool?” She’s tall, too, taller than me almost. I notice her suit, yes, is definitely latex, and the way it’s cut high against her pussy leaves almost nothing to the imagination. Lips outlined, slit visible. I’m craning my neck backwards toward the sky, trying not to be a creep and stare. Max leans in to me, tilts her head back, too. “What’s up there?” One hand traces the length of my back. 

“Uhm, just the sky is so beautiful.” Wow. Me, a poet. 

“Oh yeah? Hey, what’s your name?” 


“Ava. Nice to meet you. Can I take you into the pool?” 

Mouth dry, lick my lips. Yes, yes, oh my god you can take me into the pool. Whatever you want, Max, you can do literally anything with me. 

“Yeah, that sounds good.” 

Somehow, there’s nobody else in the pool. Everyone is hobnobbing and sliding towards broken bones and necking in the shadows. Max dives in immediately, her long body snaking beneath the surface before she comes up, mouth opening into a deep O as she draws breath. She winks at me, raises one hand and traces it against the top of my foot where I stand at the pool’s edge. I get in. 

The gold of my suit turns translucent when wet, a design flaw, but Max seems to enjoy it. My nipples are bronze rings, and my public hair stands out in a dark V.

“You’re beautiful,” she says. We’re circling each other, legs flicking against the heels of the other, fingertips tracing the length of forearms and calves. Out of the corner of my eye I see Jamie with a group of people in a corner of bougainvillea, and knowing she’s good gives me the internal permission to make a move.

“So…can I kiss you?” And she’s pulling me in, pink tongue flicks the tip of my nose, hands wrap around the back of my neck, her palm tracing down, down, cupping the swell of my ass. We’re kissing wildly, lips sucking and teeth knocking until we come up for air and I’m dizzy. I look around, sure people are watching, but everyone seems to be occupied doing their own thing. At the end of the pool there’s a splash as a group of people dive in. Max looks at me. 

“Um, I don’t know if you knew, but this is my house. Do you…want to go inside?” And I let her take me by the hand. 

Barely inside the door, and she pulls me in by the straps of Jamie’s suit, kisses me roughly, then spins me around and bends me over on the kitchen floor. I’m on all fours, the tiling biting into the skin of my knees. 

“Your ass is a damn halo in this. I want to worship you.” And she pulls the suit to the side, stretches my ass cheeks apart, kisses the nape of my crack. Slowly, her tongue roving in gentle circles, she glides the wet of it down until she is circling, circling my asshole, and then sucking and biting and licking and feasting on the skin of me there. She turns over onto her back and traces her tongue down the crease of me until she is lapping against the edge of my pussy. I feel a finger flick my clit. Soft. I moan, yes, I like that, and she flicks harder. I can feel the edge of her nail, the nerves are all fire and she is cauterizing me with just a flick. Harder. Fling it into me. Harder. She’s sucking now, sucking against my hole and drinking the juices that are pouring, mixing with pool water, chlorinated pussy and she loves it, she loves it. She comes up for air.

“You taste like summer.” And I’m on her, I have her stretched out on the floor, pawing at her latex, whimpering, it’s so tight and I’m fumbling trying to figure out how to get it off. I’m manic, desperate – how do I get this offfffffffffffff.

She laughs, “Oh, baby, here.” And she goes to a kitchen drawer, grabs a pair of menacing looking scissors, and lays back down, spreads all limbs until she is a prostrate star. I bend down, kiss the dew gathering along her neck, hold her head and kiss her while breathing in, breathing her in. She still tastes of coconut. 

She hands me the scissors and I begin at her pussy, barely getting the edge of the fabric up it’s so tight. I make a snip. She moans. She can feel the edge of the blade against the cusp of her mound, but I am gentle, I am gentle. Slowly, I release her with one long gliding motion, the scissors separating plasticine binding from skin. Her breasts spill out, purple nipples blooming flower-like. They are pierced with hoops, and I take the left one in my mouth and gently tug at the other with one finger. Her hips buckle up, she moans. She takes my hand and pushes it down, thrusts it against the swell of her. A small puddle is beginning on the floor underneath her hips, she’s so wet. I am one finger in, sliding, she is silk. I am two fingers in, sliding, she is silk. I am three fingers in, she takes me, takes my hand, folds my thumb under and pushes the whole of it in. I am holding her from the inside and with my free arm I support the arc of her lower back as she buckles against me. She is riding me, her wetness gliding her further and further up my forearm. I have never done this before, fisting, and holy shit she is making me see God. I can feel her muscles contracting against me and when she is on the brink of coming, I bend down and bury my face against her so I can drink her. She comes in a gush that flows in gentle rivulets down my arm. My hand relaxes inside of her, flexes. 

We lay like that for a moment, me buried within and head resting on her stomach, her breathing the breath of a marathon runner. Gradually I slip out. A part of me is sad to, and I feel I’m letting go of a place it’s a wonder to ever have been inside of. 

I’m still wearing my suit. The gold catches the light of kitchen fluorescents, and radiates in their glare. I am gilded, cast in gold and glowing outwards. My entire body throbs with longing. Max flops over on her stomach, her long thighs slick and glowing, too, with the gleam of cum. She reaches for the scissors cast aside on the tile, turns her head backwards and looks at me through a mess of bleached hair. She grins. 

“Your turn.”

Sorry about your suit, Jamie.