Sex Swing and a Riddle

“A guy runs up the same hill by his house every day. He runs to the summit, and then he runs back down. One night there is a torrential downpour and his normally surefooted path becomes a muddy mess. He runs this all year round though. No amount of weather stops him. He knows exactly where to step along the path to avoid slipping and falling.

“This downpour was different though. It was the type of rain that only comes along once in a lifetime. With the wind still howling, he goes running. Unperturbed, the man zigzags up his normal path. A particularly strong gust catches an uprooted tree, and it begins to falter and eventually falls right as the man is running past it. Luckily, he is able to avoid the branches of the falling tree as they come lashing down to the ground.

“The runner is only halfway up the hill though. He stops and weighs his options. He can continue up the path to the summit and come back down and step gingerly over the tree, or he can step over the tree now and run home. Since he has faith in his tried and tested foot placements, the man decides to run up the hill the rest of the way. He makes it to the summit and back to the tree with no issue, but now he must deal with the obstructed path.

“Amidst the branches and leaves, he spots a rock he normally uses to get around large puddles that form around this section. Naturally, it is the first place he steps. However, the downpour uprooted the rock. As the runner steps, it gives way. He slips and smacks his head on another jagged rock on the edge of the path. He lies dead amidst the branches of the fallen tree.” Jordan finished his story and leaned back waiting for Grace’s reaction. The sun was bright and heat radiated from his metal-backed chair. Under his sunglasses and baseball cap, sweat began to form around the bridge of his nose.

“Dead? He dies? Jeez, I asked you to tell me a story not to depress me,” said Grace after a few seconds.

“It’s a parable,” Jordan answered quickly grabbing his napkin from the table and unfolding it on his lap.

“So? Not every parable has death,” Grace argued.

Before Jordan could reply, the waiter walked up to the table carrying waters and set them down. Condensation was already forming on the outside of the glasses. The ice would melt quickly, but for the moment the cold liquid would be a welcome respite. Jordan would have much rather eaten inside Joe’s today, but Grace liked the heat.

“The usual, guys?” asked the waiter as he wiped his wet hand on the front of his uniform.

Grace nodded her head and smiled kindly at him. Jordan sat there thinking. His usual was a California chicken sandwich with chips instead of fries and two pickle slices. It was his favorite meal, and Joe’s served it with a chipotle mayo that felt like a fiesta in his mouth from the first bite to the last. Jordan was tired of all the celebrations though, as good as they were. Everything in moderation, including moderation, he thought to himself.

“No, I’ll do the turkey club with waffle fries, Mark,” Jordan said. This received a quizzical look from Grace.

“Thanks, Mark,” Grace yelled at the retreating waiter while still looking at Jordan.

Jordan smirked in his mind’s eye and continued his conversation from earlier, “the best way to teach a lesson is to have a character die from not following it.”

“It’s not the only way, and you’re trying to teach me a lesson now?” Grace looked taken aback, which was much to Jordan’s delight. He loved playing these games with her.

“You are the one who asked me to tell you a story,” reminded Jordan.

“Like a week ago,” Grace complained.

“I didn’t have a good one then.”

“What’s the lesson then babe?”

“I’m not telling you,” said Jordan. He grabbed the water and took a refreshing sip. His hands came away wet.

“Why not?” Grace asked sounding affronted.

Jordan kept the water in his right cheek for a bit enjoying the coldness of it to the point where it started to burn. He swallowed and answered. “How much fun would A Christmas Carol have been if at the end Dickens wrote ‘God bless us, everyone, learn from your mistakes, love your neighbors, and don’t be greedy. The end.’”

“You are comparing yourself to Dickens now? if I guess the lesson, will you tell me?” asked Grace.

“I make no such promise,” said Jordan straightening himself in his chair. He felt his undershirt sticking to his skin.

“Well, I think it’s about being cautious,” answered Grace with apparent confidence. “The runner, even after the tree falls, still continues up the path. He should have turned around right then and there. And it makes sense that you would tell a story about caution.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” inquired Jordan.

“If I told you, where would be the fun in that?” Grace’s lips curled into a smile.

“You think I am too cautious?”

“You certainly like to take a long, hard look before you leap.” Grace shifted forward in her seat slightly and squinted her eyes in the glare of the sun.

“I like to think about things, yeah, but I can still be impulsive,” Jordan said fighting the urge to grin as he spoke. He was starting to melt in the intensifying sunlight.

“Oh yeah, like last night?” Grace took the napkin from the table and unrolled it on her lap in an apparent gesture of victory.

Jordan had anticipated this subject coming up. Feeling like Icarus, he went silent.

“You shouldn’t have told a story about caution if you didn’t want me to bring it up,” said Grace.

“If the runner were more cautious and, instead of continuing, went back down the hill right after the tree fell he still would have stepped in the place he thought was safe and still had fallen and died.” He didn’t say anything else. Neither of them talked for several minutes as the cicadas buzzed around them and the smell of fried food escaped from the restaurant.

“I think it’s my turn to tell a story,” said Grace breaking the silence.

“I don’t want to hear a story,” Jordan fired back.

“You told one, I think I should now.”

“I told it because you asked me to.”

“And now I am asking you to listen to one.”


“A girl with short brunette hair,” Grace began, “flaming amber eyes, and a smile as wicked as her personality puts on a wine red dress that shows off her perky boobs and ample backside. She sends a rather provocative picture of herself to her boyfriend of three years and tells him to put on a button-down and leather jacket and meet her at their favorite bar. She waits for him, sipping casually on a gin and tonic, imagining how the night will play out. He will sidle up to her at the bar and order a dark and stormy. Her eyes will flare up at the sight of his finely trimmed beard covering his pronounced chin, but he won’t make contact just yet. He likes to keep her waiting. So long in fact, that she will playfully push him to get his attention and he will crack right away and kiss her full on the lips and his mustache will tickle her cheek, which she loves. They will finish their drinks at the bar and leave separately, only to meet up later at his apartment. It wasn’t meant to be though because as she sits there waiting for him, she gets a text.”

“You don’t need to finish. I know how this story ends,” interrupted Jordan.

“No, I don’t think you do. Because after you stood me up and decided to sleep at Landon’s, I had to go home by myself, in the pouring rain mind you, look at my smeared mascara in the mirror, take off a very wet dress and try to pleasure myself only to find that I had lost my vibrator.” Grace gave an obvious, but unsuccessful attempt to control her volume.

“You lost it? How do you lose something like that?” Jordan asked laughing.

“Maybe I left it at my other boyfriend’s house,” Grace answered unflinchingly.

“I’ll make you eat those words.”

“Oh no dear, you are going to be the one eating, for a long time.”

“Let’s get out of here,” blurted Jordan.

“Mark hasn’t even brought us the food yet,” Grace said sounding perplexed, but she still stood when her boyfriend did.

“I’ll tell him to add it to our tab and wrap the food up, we will swing back later and get it. I want to show you something.” Jordan had concocted this statement earlier in the day as he lay in bed and thought about his plan. He executed it perfectly. His anxiety and agitation were immediately replaced by adrenaline and excitement for the next phase.

Grace agreed to follow Jordan, and after five minutes of walking, they came to a hotel. The bewildered look on Grace’s smooth, heart-shaped face only intensified, but she did not ask any questions. On the elevator, Jordan produced a room key from his wallet.

“What did you do?” Grace asked finally, smiling slyly. Silently Jordan led Grace to room 2445. He walked in first wanting to catch the reaction on her face as he flipped on the lights. Her eyes immediately bugged, and her mouth fell open.

“I wasn’t at Landon’s last night,” Jordan said unable to hold back his own smile.

Jordan had decorated the corner-suite with a mix of romance and raunchiness. He had stripped the bed of the hotel’s white sheets and replaced them with red silk. A bouquet of roses adorned the table by the window sitting atop an embroidered maroon tablecloth and surrounded by handcuffs, a leather paddle, and other relics of a long forgotten freaky lifestyle. Candles being prohibited in the hotel, Jordan had even set up two diffusers on either side table bracketing the silk bed, and they were sending lavender-scented vapor into the already sexy atmosphere. The main attraction, however, and the one that evidently caught Grace’s eye first, was her anniversary present, which sat in the far corner of the room with a giant bow on it like a car on Christmas. Four bent stainless steel tubes met at an arch from which a black sex swing swayed in the gentle air-conditioned breeze.

“Oh my god, Jordan, what did you do?!” Grace exclaimed as she threw the bow on the ground and caressed the cold metal of the frame that curved gently upward. Pop! Came the sound from behind her as Jordan opened a champagne bottle and poured two glasses.

“Don’t forget the bathroom babe,” Jordan said handing his girlfriend a glass. She didn’t take it though as she ran past him and back out into the slender hallway off which the bathroom extended. He heard another gasp and casually walked to join her still holding both glasses.

Jordan rounded the corner, and there Grace stood. Her right hand was on her hip and in her left was her pink vibrator. Jordan had lifted it from her not-so-subtle hiding place in her nightstand when he decided to surprise her like this for their anniversary. He snuck in when he knew she would be at the restaurant waiting for him. They had exchanged keys about a year ago, which is also why he had to tell her he was sleeping at Landon’s house. Otherwise, she would have shown up at his apartment with the intent of raging at him for ditching her.

Jordan had placed her vibrator right by the side of the soaking tub with another bottle of champagne, a blindfold, and a new sex toy he had bought for her along with the swing.

“Happy anniversary Grace,” Jordan said with smug satisfaction as he kissed her on the cheek and handed her champagne, “thought this was a little better than dinner and drinks at The Lamplight.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t figure this all out,” Grace answered in between sips, “you were being shady, and you stood me up! On our anniversary!” She continued to shake her head as Jordan grabbed her by the waist and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“Don’t be mad! Besides, you still need to explore your new toy,” said Jordan.

“Oh my god! Right!” Grace bolted from the bathroom still clutching the vibrator and the champagne glass and headed straight for the sex swing.

“It is stand alone, so no ruining doors, and it easily folds away so we can store it,” said Jordan coming up from behind Grace as she ogled the sex swing.

“Can we try it?” Grace said spinning around.

“Later, first let’s get you out of those clothes,” Jordan took the vibrator and glass from Grace and set them down. Then he went to work.

Jordan kissed Grace’s shoulder gently and caressed the spaghetti strap off of her. He did the same with her other shoulder and moved the sundress past her perky breasts revealing her blue strapless bra. With one swift movement, he undid both clasps in the back, and the bra fell to the ground. Grace’s excitement level was apparent in her stiff nipples, rigid against her quarter-sized areolas. Jordan heard her take in a deep breath as his mouth found her right nipple and began to play with it. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and began to lap at it with his tongue, circling it a few times before flicking it up and down and then side to side. He moved onto her left nipple by licking across her chest and repeated his motions as his hands reached her ass.

Grace’s full ass was preventing the scrunched up sundress from sliding the rest of the way down her body. Jordan used a little more force to try to stretch it and get it past her abundant rear and in doing so bit down on Grace’s left nipple a little too hard. She gave a yelp, which quickly turned into a wicked smile as she breathed a little heavier and grabbed Jordan’s chin.

“Wow! I missed this freaky guy!” Grace exclaimed, “I’ll remember that one.” Grace helped Jordan move her dress past her ass revealing her matching blue thong. He took a step back to admire her figure as she took a hair tie and put her hair up into a ponytail. He barely waited for her to finish as raging horniness overtook him and he grabbed at her hips, spun her around and bent her over at the waist, so her hands hit the silk-sheeted bed. 

Jordan pulled Grace’s newly made ponytail and arched her back. She moaned in approval, a nonverbal acceptance of her new fate and all the permission Jordan needed. He wound up and delivered a hard smack to her right ass-cheek. He admired the ripples he made in her flesh and the faint echo of a handprint in her pale skin.

“Give me another,” Grace sighed from her arched position on the bed.

Not wanting to give up the grip on her ponytail, he took the same hand and swung it up and down on her left ass-cheek. The resulting mark made it look like someone was waving back and forth from left ass-cheek to right ass-cheek. It was too much for Jordan. He relinquished control of the ponytail and Grace’s head slumped downward. He knelt in between her legs and pulled her thong down as he lowered himself. When she had stepped out of it, he plunged his face into her ass and began darting his tongue out at any piece of flesh he could access. He licked her ass crack down to her clit and back up. The sweat from the hot day mixed with her natural juices and Jordan reveled in her tangy taste. He dove into her pussy and wiggled his face around like he was a dog trying to dry himself. He continued to kneel behind his bent over girlfriend lapping and attacking her pussy and ass until his knees got tired. Grace rose from her position once he had stopped, turned around and grabbed him by the throat. She slowly raised him up and whispered in his ear.

“Get naked,” she said gently pulsing her hand around his throat, clenching and unclenching, so Jordan’s breath became ragged. She let go and walked down the hallway into the bathroom. Jordan must have broken a record for stripping. He walked into the bathroom not three seconds later rubbing his thick cock and was greeted by his girlfriend exploring her other anniversary gift.

“Is this a butt plug?” Grace asked holding a small purple cone-shaped toy with a long slender base. “Is this so it doesn’t get lost?” she asked fingering the base.

“Yes, and yes,” Jordan said and took it from her. He was so caught up in her nakedness that he didn’t even notice the sound of water rushing into the tub. He was hit with a puff of steam and realized what Grace intended next.

Grace was already in the tub enjoying her reclaimed waterproof vibrator when Jordan lowered himself into the hot water. He sipped champagne as he watched his girlfriend pleasure herself. Her boobs were barely visible above the water line. Droplets streaked down her shoulders and chest as they returned themselves to the tub. The foam created by the bath salts hid Grace’s activity under the water’s surface; a fact that had at first depressed Jordan until he became entranced by his girlfriend’s face. As she undoubtedly worked the vibrator up and down her clit and pussy lips, her mouth and cheeks contorted in a slow and subtle dance of pleasure. Jordan caught every eyelash twitch, every lip curl, and every chest-raising sigh. Jordan was moving forward about to get in on the action when Grace stopped and opened her eyes.

“It died,” is all Grace said as she brought the pink dripping vibrator above the water.

“Oh damn, I’m sorry babe, I just assumed it was charged.” Jordan slumped back into his spot. Grace stood up and perched herself on the side of the tub.

“I guess I will just need to use you as my vibrator,” Grace said and spread her legs wide. Jordan smiled and began to inch forward. Grace grabbed his head when he got close enough and forced his tongue deep into her pussy. She kept a tight grip on his hair and maneuvered his face like she was operating a manual car. She shifted his aggressive tongue from her clit to her clitoral hood back down to between her warm and wet lips.

Grace’s natural aromas mixed with the eucalyptus of the bath salts and Jordan became lost in the euphoria of his girlfriend’s delectable pussy. He started to move his hand up her trembling thighs and, with her fluids dripping down, he quickly slid two fingers inside her. Curling them, Jordan immediately began to assault Grace’s g-spot.

“Fuck!” Grace yelled out in ecstasy at this added pressure. Jordan continued to orally stimulate her clit with short flicks and random loops of his tongue around her hood and lips while his fingers pulsed inside her.

“Keep, keep, keep, keep, keep!” Grace shouted as her legs shook violently. ‘Keep’ was the word Grace always shouted during orgasms. It had started as a reminder for Jordan to ‘keep going,’ but he had learned Grace’s body over the last three years, and he took pride in the occasions when Grace didn’t even make it to the word ‘going.’ Grace slumped back into the tub and submerged herself in the water when she had finished. Jordan watched as she came back up and smoothed her hair down.

“Am I better than your vibrator?” Jordan asked.

“Mmm,” Grace moaned, “maybe I should make the switch permanent. Have you run over to my place every time the mood strikes.” She giggled and splashed some water on him.

“Oh, so you get my story now?” Jordan asked as he sipped his champagne and slipped deeper into the tub.

“No! Wait, what? What does any of that have to do with your story?” Grace picked up her glass of champagne and seemed to lose herself in thought.

“So you don’t know yet? Maybe by the end of the day,” he said as he felt the smooth silicone of the butt plug with his fingers.

They settled into a peaceful bath with Grace dipping her hand below the water and methodically massaging Jordan’s cock to life. Eventually, the water began to turn lukewarm, and to Jordan’s dismay Grace stopped and stood up. The visual treat of her soaking wet naked body was tempered slightly by her release of his cock.

“We are trying that swing now,” Grace said grabbing a towel and walking out of the bathroom. She poked her head back in a second later, “and bring the butt plug.”

As Jordan made his way back into the bedroom area of the hotel room, he saw Grace testing her weight on the sex swing with obvious trepidation. She was tugging on the ropes that held the black fabric swing up and gradually leaning more of her weight into it.

“This thing is going to hold me right?” asked Grace still staring up at the place where the rope met the giant silver rings attached to the metal arches.

“It holds up to 500 pounds,” said Jordan coming up from behind her and cupping her boobs in his hand, “it could hold both of us if we wanted. Even your ass won’t break it, babe.”

“You try it first,” Grace said grinning wildly at him.

“Me?” Jordan asked, taken aback by the interesting suggestion, “I’m not sure if you know how this works.”

“Come on, test the weight of it, I’m scared!” she answered, “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Grace sidled up to Jordan and gently moved him backward until he brushed against the edge of the swing. There was something in her eyes that made him believe that she would really make it worth his while.

Jordan reluctantly sat back into the swing. He adjusted the back strap, so it was right below his shoulder blades and settled into the seat. Then he put his feet into the stirrups that hung just a little lower than the seat itself and in doing so he was lifted off the ground and fully supported by the metal arches of the swing.

“Happy now?” asked Jordan as Grace walked around apparently checking for signs of construction flaws.

“No, because I am not just going to be stationary on it! You’re going to be fucking me back and forth.” With that, she took hold of the ropes supporting Jordan and began to rock them making him swing through the air.

Although made for the pure enjoyment of sex, Jordan had to admit that swinging through the air on it was pretty fun as well. He grabbed hold of the metal sides and stopped himself mid-swing when he thought that a sufficient test of its durability had been completed. Grace still looked skeptical though.

“I think a sex simulation would really ease my worries,” said Grace as she dropped to her knees in front of Jordan’s slightly spread legs. She grabbed both of his feet still in the stirrups and slowly caressed her way up to his thighs. She tightened her grip on his swollen mushroom head and plunged it into her mouth. He swayed a little as she sucked him in and out. Each swing eventually gave enough propulsion behind his cock that Jordan was letting momentum fuck Grace’s throat. She was willingly accepting him deeper and deeper into her mouth with every thrust. She would gag and stop his swinging only to allow it to resume once she caught her breath.

Jordan was in heaven enjoying the best blowjob Grace or anyone had ever given him. He didn’t want it to stop, but at the same time, he wanted to explore the other sexual intrigues that came with the swing. He wanted to strap Grace into it and fuck her to the moon and back. After a particularly deep plunge and subsequent gag, Jordan stopped the momentum of the swing and undid his feet from the stirrups.

“I think it’s your turn now,” he said wide-eyed and excited. Grace was about to lift herself into the swing when Jordan stopped her, “wait, aren’t you forgetting something?” He brandished the butt plug in front of her face. Grace dutifully turned around and grabbed onto one of the metal arches for support.

“Get the oil from the bathroom and go slow! It’s been a while,” she said, bracing herself.

After Jordan had lubed up the plug and Grace’s ass in turn, he lined up one with the other and lightly applied pressure to the small cylindrical object. It slowly began to work its way into Grace’s ass with only a few accompanying whimpers and grimaces. Within a minute, Jordan had pushed it all the way in, and the flat base of it was lost between Grace’s ample ass cheeks.

“I feel so full!” she exclaimed as she took a few steps to get used to it. Jordan grabbed her face and kissed her full on the lips and eased her down into the swing. He then got on his knees and helped her set her feet into the stirrups. With her eyes staring blankly and her mouth slightly ajar, the look on Grace’s face was one of unconcealed anticipation. It was like she couldn’t understand why Jordan had not put his dick inside of her yet, even though she had only been sitting on the swing for two seconds.

Jordan lined his cock up with Grace’s exposed pussy, and she leaned back and allowed the back strap to brace her as she became parallel with the floor. With one quick thrust, they were off. Jordan did not start slow to make sure the structure held up or to make sure the position was comfortable for both of them. He was once again lost in a world of uncontrollable urge and began to right away slam into Grace’s swinging pussy. Every thrust was met with a loud bang as flesh met flesh and a quick recoil where they both flew apart only to be brought back together milliseconds later for another loud ‘clap!’

Jordan’s heavy breathing and Grace’s moans and screams filled the tiny hotel room, and it began to smell of sweat and sex. Grace’s legs were spread so wide that Jordan could feel his balls smacking up against the butt plug in her ass. He hoped every thrust was sending pleasure waves up both of her holes simultaneously. With such hard, fast and deep fucking, it did not take long for Grace to orgasm.

“Keep! Keep! Keep! Keep!” echoed throughout the hotel room for the second time that day as Grace’s legs shook in the stirrups and she squeezed the ropes that held her up. After her orgasm, her legs began to tire. Jordan pulled them out of the stirrups and lifted her knees up, which propelled the rest of her body down until it was almost like Jordan was driving Grace straight into the ground.

Jordan fucked Grace right through her second orgasm. He stared down into his girlfriend’s eyes and watched as her boobs bounced freely almost hitting her in the chin. The new trajectory was putting even more pressure on the thin wall between Jordan’s cock in Grace’s pussy and the butt plug still lodged in her ass. The plug made her already-tight pussy feel like a vice around Jordan’s cock, and eventually the sensation got to be too much for him. Without warning, he pulled out of her and came all over her stomach and boobs. When Jordan was done, his legs were so weak that he staggered back, hit the bed and collapsed. Grace hung limply from the swing closing her eyes and letting her head dangle freely. Jordan must have passed out for a few minutes because the next time he opened his eyes Grace was curled up in a bathrobe underneath his arm. He tightened his grip around her and fell back asleep.

An hour later, they woke up almost simultaneously. Jordan sat up and surveyed the room. The sex swing’s motions were minimal now as it softly rocked back and forth in the air-conditioning once more. The diffusers on either side of the silk bed were still purring along releasing vapor into the air every thirty seconds. He walked over to the toys that he and Grace did not get to enjoy, at least not yet. Jordan had to fish out the handcuffs and the paddle from the back of his closet and dust them off for this event. He was confident that after today they would be receiving a less safe, but more accessible hiding spot. He went into the bathroom, and Grace’s pink vibrator was still on the side of the tub, which was now drained of all the water from before.

Grace appeared in the doorway. “Hey stranger,” she said softly.

“You want to take a shower, get dressed, and get that food from Joe’s?” Jordan asked taking a towel off the rack by the sink.

“Yes, yes, and no,” Grace replied, “I was thinking we could try that Thai place by the mall?”

“Oh yeah?” Jordan asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yeah, I’ve been wanting to for some time now,” said Grace, dropping the robe and revealing her still naked body. In her left hand was the leather paddle from the table. She threw it at him and turned around. She bent over slightly, and Jordan could make out the shape of the butt plug still in his girlfriend’s ass.

“Oh,” he said with a smirk, “so now you get my story?”