Scene Partner

I have this fantasy about this guy in my acting class right now at school. I’m a sophomore in college, and decided to take this intro acting class on a whim to get a couple more units of arts credit.

I got put with Luke on our very first exercise. We were practicing doing “character work” and had to ask each other questions about our backgrounds, childhood, and just general stuff that we liked to do. He has super deep blue eyes and this literally contagious smile.

So this is my fantasy: I ask him to come over to my dorm to practice a scene. I light a candle and dim the lights, pour some wine. We get really into the scene (it’s super romantic of course), and there’s a part where we kiss.

We’re sitting on the edge of my bed and he leans in and takes my face between his hands. It’s a strong motion, but somehow still super gentle. His lips are also strong, but soft. His tongue finds mine and we kiss deeply. I start to pull away, but he leans in again.

We make out for a little while sitting up on the edge of my bed. Then I pull him toward the top of the bed and he rolls on top of me. He grinds his hips into mine as we make out. I can feel his cock getting hard for me, and I get wet as his lips start to kiss down my neck.

He kisses my neck and nuzzles me and we laugh. “How did this happen?” I mutter with a giggle.

“Can I fuck you?” He says soft, but strong again.

I say “Yes.”

We both get completely naked, and I see his body for the first time. It’s…wow.

He climbs on top of me, and I love the feeling of our bare skin touching.

He slowly brings a hand down toward my pussy as he kisses my neck. He rubs my whole pussy with a flat palm to start, and then brings two fingers to my clit.

He slowly alternates between rubbing my clit and putting the two fingers inside me. His fingers get really wet, because I’m…really wet.

I can feel myself breathing heavier and letting out little moans. I want him to fuck me. I think he can sense this because, in one swift motion, he puts his cock in me. It feels so fucking good. He slowly fucks me as we talk dirty to each other. I ask him if I can call him “daddy” and he says I can. I almost cum every time I say it. His insane body is rubbing against my clit as his cock reaches deeper and deeper. I can feel myself tensing around him.

We both release at the same time, moaning for each other.

We finish our wine and the scene, and never mention it in class. But sometimes I catch him looking at me, and I smile to myself.