Rough Sex with the Cute Guy from Lecture

Jace and I had met at a lecture a little less than a week ago. After that I saw him around campus. He was average height with golden hair and eyes and muscles that showed through his shirt. He was the kind of guy I would have a one night stand with in a heartbeat, but would much rather a long term relationship. He was smart, cute, and could make anyone laugh. I just didn’t have the nerve to ask him out until last night. It was a Friday and I had done to a bar with some friends. I’m really small, so I didn’t drink much towards the beginning of the night. Early on I noticed he was there, and alone. I kept myself from going over to him for maybe a few minutes before slipping away from my friends.

“Hey, it’s Jace, right?”

“Yeah. You’re the girl at the lecture, right? Clary?”

I nodded. The light was hitting his hair in a way that made it glow even more than before. “I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime,” I find myself saying.

I hold my breath, but he just smiles. “Why sometime when we’re both here now?”

“That would be great!” I answer, suddenly aware of my jeans and Converse.

He called to the bartender while I nervously thought of the ways the evening could go. A few minutes in and I had had enough waiting. I placed a hand on Jace’s arm and whispered, “it’s a bit loud here. Want to go somewhere we can make the noise?” He smiled and took my hand. “to my apartment then.” We went outside and flagged a taxi. We climbed into the backseat and and a moment later my lips were on his. His hands ran up and down my back, making me tingle with anticipation. When we got to his apartment, we pulled off each other’s shirts as soon as we closed the door. He pulled me into his room and onto his bed. “I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you.” He said, unclasping my bra. As it fell away, he buried his face in my cleavage, licking every inch of my breasts as if to claim them as his. I worked off his pants to see a large lump beneath his boxers. As I pulled off this last layer, his erect cock sprung up and I was filled with wanting. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, before turning to my soaked panties. He yanked them off. He squeezed my ass softly before licking up my juices and pushing his tongue into me. His hand caressed my breasts as his tongue circled my clit, sucking and licking in a way that made me moan.

When he looked up, he locked eyes with me and asked what i wanted him to do.

“Hurt me” I begged, much to my own surprise.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” he flipped me over and told me to spread my legs and not to move. I did as he told me, and a second later his hand went down on my ass.

“Harder,” I begged, and he hit me again. My ass stung but I loved it. A moment later, I realized he wasn’t doing anything.

“Jace?” I murmured, but his response was the squirt of lube and a moment later he was entering me from behind. My ass cheeks split apart as he filled me up, and his hands massaged my clit. He moaned and shot his load into me. That sudden pressure sent waves of happiness through me and I climaxed. Jace pulled out and flipped me over. “That,” he said with a smile, “was just the beginning.”