It’s broken my heart to have to keep spending months at a time away from you. It feels like my illness has stolen two years of our relationship from us. Over the past few months—hopefully the last I spend away for treatment—I’ve made it my mission to get better so that I can be with you again. I yearn to be able to cook together without dietary restrictions getting in the way, to talk to you without pain distracting me, to share a bed without your every movement disturbing my already disturbed sleep. I miss being with you— really being me with you. The chance to have that again is my motivation to keep working toward health.


When I finally book my ticket to return to our apartment, there is so much at stake. Being away has made me realize how badly I want to devote my life to you. Everything else feels insignificant in comparison to our love. I couldn’t bear to have to leave again. On the plane ride, I let my mind go wild, reminiscing on the day almost three years prior that I cried in your arms on my hotel bed, not knowing if I’d see you again after our vacation dalliance. But by some miracle, I did. So maybe there’s another miracle in store. It’s bittersweet to know those days are behind, yet I have hope that even better days are ahead of us – that we can get back the youth and innocence and pure unadulterated love that brought us together, now enhanced by our shared experience and maturity.


Tears stream down my face as you pick me up at the airport and take me on the same series of train rides I took the first time I came to visit you. I know the way myself by now, but having you there to guide me means everything. We are a team, just as we were meant to be. I don’t have to find my way alone. We pick up some groceries from that quaint old grocery store with fruits painted on the outside, and once we put them in the fridge, you collapse on your bed, that same bed I slept in for 14 hours after the first flight I ever took to you.


“Will you come here for a cuddle?” you invite me, your eyes wide and arms open. My cuddly little puppy. Some things haven’t changed. I crawl onto the bed and scooch into your chest. Just you and I, nothing else to think about. This is everything I’ve ever wanted: to be with the man of my dreams. How could I have been so clueless as to not see what I had before? The tears fall down again.


“Aww, come here my teddy bear,” you say as you squeeze me closer, as if this moment could get any more perfect. I don’t want to breathe; I want to stop time; I’m scared it will end. But it doesn’t. You put your hands around my head, and I lift it to look up into your big brown puppy dog eyes. The eyes that have seen me at my best and my worst, that have looked upon me with compassion during the times I deserved it the least. I am safe here in your arms; I am accepted unconditionally.


I press my lips against yours. I love how smooth they feel, how full they are, as if they are holding my lips the same way your big strong hands hold mine. I run my hand through your silky black hair, which carries the comfort of my favorite stuffed animal yet the allure of my sexy lover. My hand travels down your back, relishing the softness of your shirt and the hardness underneath it. I look up at you and smile, and you look down to say, “My princess.” It’s so lovely to be reminded that despite everything, I’m still a princess. Your princess.


“Do you want a kiss from your princess?” I ask. You don’t bother to answer; you just lean down and kiss me again as your hands wrap around my waist. My mood shifts from sentimental to excited as I feel your fingers slowly trace my hips and back. My own hands move down and travel underneath your shirt, eager to feel all of you, to know with my body as well as my mind that you are here, that this isn’t just a beautiful dream.


I trace the defined muscles of your back and chest as I pull your shirt off. You pull mine off as well and then unhook my bra, and my breasts fall right into your hands. “Mm, they fit perfectly,” you whisper as you cup one in each hand. You always say that, but I love to be reminded how well we fit together. Once you let go, I lean my chest into yours, my nipples grazing your chest hair.


Your hands run over each of my thighs, spurring me to part my legs so that you can reach between them. With one hand around my waist, you rub my pussy through my jeans with the other. I can feel myself getting warm and wet beneath you. “How about we get these off?” you ask slyly. I stand so you can pull them all the way down, along with my underwear. I am bare before you now, so exposed yet so comfortable and safe. You sit back and take in the view: a neat triangle of pubic hair between my wide hips and a little waist above it, topped by two full round breasts, my shiny brown hair falling over them. “Wow,” you say as you admire me. I can see a bulge grow in your pants. Suddenly, you seem overdressed for the occasion.


Eager to get you even more excited, I walk closer to you and slowly unzip your pants. You stand up so I can pull them down, freeing your cock from the confines of your underwear. It springs up immediately, the head swollen red; I can tell it hasn’t had relief in a while. It is desperate for attention. You let out a satisfied sigh as I begin to rub the head in the palm of my hand and then jerk the shaft up and down. Your face takes on a mesmerized expression as I bring in my other hand, moving them both up and down in unison so that no inch of you is left unsatisfied.


“Lay down,” I tell you, “and let me take care of you.” I know you need it badly. You oblige and lay flat on the bed, your legs slightly spread so I can fit between them and get a good grip on your cock. Now, I can focus. I put my hair into a ponytail, wrap my mouth around your cock, and bob my head up and down so it gets nice and wet. “Mm, I missed the way you taste,” I tell you. Then, I get back to work with my hands. You grow even bigger and harder in them. “If you keep doing this, I don’t know how much longer I’ll last,” you warn me.


“Don’t be shy,” I tell you. I don’t mind if you finish before you enter me. We’ve got plenty of time for that later. I know your poor cock is in need of release. The moment I give it permission, it starts exploding, spurting cum onto my face and body. I keep my hands on it, moving them up and down until you tell me to stop, then put my mouth back around your cock and lick off the cum that’s dribbled down your shaft. Once I feel you get soft in my mouth, I get on top of you and look into your eyes.


“Oh baby I love being back with you,” I say.


“You too,” you reply. “I missed you. You know what I missed the most?”




“The taste of your pussy.”


“Don’t worry, we can make up for that lost time,” I assure you. My pussy is dripping wet now; it turns me on so much to please you. You sit up, your cock dangling down between your legs, and pin me down on the bed. You kiss me as you pry my legs apart with your hands then move one hand to my pussy. “Wow,” you say. “So wet.” I squirm as you rub circles around my clit with your hands. I can feel my pussy swell and open up to greet you.


You kiss your way down my body until your face is lingering right above my pussy. Just to tease me, you kiss each of my inner thighs before making your way between them. I gasp when you finally lower your mouth to my pussy. Your tongue starts at the opening then licks upward and settles on my clit, where you flick it up and down. “Oh,” I whimper, encouraging you to go harder.


One of your hands reaches up to fondle my supple round breast, and one finger of your other hand plunges inside me, moving deeper and deeper as you lick my clit. I can feel an orgasm building deep inside me. “Keep doing that baby,” I tell you. “That’s so good, don’t stop.” Each time your finger goes in, I feel myself get closer and closer. I shriek as my pussy begins convulsing around your finger and my whole body quivers along with it. You keep going until it hurts. “Stop,” I beg you. Then, you inch back up toward me and wrap me in your arms, lovingly stroking my back. “Would your pussy like some sex too?” you whisper in my ear. I can feel your cock pressing hard against my leg.


“Mm yes, I will never get enough of this cock,” I reply.


“Want me to get a condom?” you ask.


“Yes please.”


“How about a toy?”


I smile. I’d almost forgotten about the cardboard box full of sex toys under your bed, tucked in there for my pleasure. It’s so sweet how you keep them there for me. “Sure, surprise me.”


You pull out one of those couples’ toys that has two vibrating wands, one to go inside me during sex and one to go over my clit. I remember you saying you like these because you can feel the vibration, too. I turn it on and place it over my pussy as you put on the condom and position yourself over me. Then, you slowly glide yourself in, careful not to move the toy out of place.


I gasp as you enter me and inch your way up to kiss me. “Oh my god, I missed feeling your cock in me so much.” I moan again as you thrust yourself deeper into me. “Yes, baby, fuck me hard like I like it.” You push yourself back out and plunge in again, pointing just a little to the left, my favorite angle. I lie back and just enjoy the sensation, yelling, “more!” to encourage you to let loose and keep pounding into me. “Oh god, your cock is so fucking good.”


“Oh baby I love how your pussy feels,” you echo.


Your cock combined with the toy is creating a buzzing all over my pussy and I can feel another orgasm building deep inside. You can sense that I’m close and start pounding even deeper. Each stroke of yours brings the sensation deeper and deeper. “Oh god, I’m cumming,” I can barely get out before my pussy gets even wetter and starts clenching over your cock. My hips buck up to meet yours as I squeeze you even tighter, taking you over the edge with me. “Mm, baby I’m cumming too,” you groan as you thrust harder and faster. I can feel your cock twitching inside me, and it makes my orgasm even more intense. Once it subsides, I pull you back down to kiss me.


“I love you, my sexy princess,” you tell me in that special way that makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.


“I love you so much,” I reply. I lean against your chest as I savor this moment. There’s nothing more that I want than to experience this with you every day. I don’t know if my prayer will come true, but I won’t think about the future now. This day alone is a dream come true. Whatever tomorrow brings, at least we still have this.