Everyone was home for the summer so a party had to happen. A few of my old classmates managed to rent out a floor at our town mall, of all places. The city tore the school down to build it so it was only right. The jocks gathered with the old cheerleaders to brag about their impending drafts. The family starters showed off photos of their kids. My little circle spoke about what it’s like to be teachers and then the soldiers came in. About a quarter of our graduating class enlisted. It’s been a while since anyone has seen them.  Some of us changed completely, most of us still look the same. We’ve only matured. But one guy stood out. I remember he told me he had a crush on me right before graduation but he was one of the soldiers. By the end of the summer before college, he was off to serve. I could feel him watching me. I’ll admit, I stole a few glances myself.  He was cute back then but now this man was an Adonis. His midnight skin seemed to shine deeper. Those shoulders of his are broader, his smile even seemed to be whiter. Let me not get started on how his now swaggered walk. Due to some extra weight down there that filled his zipper print well. Was it always there? I don’t even know. I swear I should’ve paid more attention to what was around me than my damn books back then.  Whichever room I entered, he followed. He didn’t hide his moves. I was his prey and he was sizing me up. Every quick glance we exchanged he would flash a grin but keep his distance. My knees buckled each time. I began to lose the battle of keeping up with small talk. Keeping my mouth busy was not stopping the puddle forming between my other lips. I never knew what undressing someone with your eyes meant but he was doing it to me. I can’t lie, I loved it.  

About two hours of this game of ours had gone by and I was running out of places to go. I had made it to the exit to the first floor and he was still on my trail. I made my way in line to pick up old yearbooks and he finds himself standing right behind me. His breath on my neck sent a surge through my body and straight to my pussy.   

“Take the stairs” . His voice boomed through my ears. I had forgotten what he even sounded like after all these years. He was always so quiet. But it was a wrap. I was going to do whatever the hell he wanted and I knew it.  While everyone took a right towards the elevator, we took a left. The stairwell was pitch black once he closed the door. I managed to find a wall to stand against. Embrace myself for the impact I guess. I couldn’t see a thing but I felt him step into me. Close enough to where my heaving chest grazed his. Our breaths were quick and shallow. My titties struggled to stay in my bra at this point. Neither of us said a word or did a thing for what seemed like an hour but was more like 10 minutes. He wanted me to crave him and he had succeeded. My underwear was a lost cause and I tried my best to clench my thighs so I wouldn’t drip down my leg. He was so intense and I love it. I want him to hurry and fuck me out of this beautiful misery.  Yet I waited. He then put his arms on each side of me and leaned in. How do I know? Because I could feel his lips close to mine. Restraint failing, I wanted to suck the breath from his body and get lost in him. As I tried to move my right hand, his own swooped down and stopped it. His tight but gentle grip around my wrist let me know I was not gonna lead on anything here. Whatever was about to go down, I was to follow orders. Made me want him even more.  He moved my hand from his side and laid my palm on his print. His arm returned to its position. I gripped and wasn’t stopped so he allows this exploration. He is the right width but he was packing more length. My fingers seemed to trail down his shaft forever. The one thing that would send me over is the tip. I traced the outline of his fat mushroom head and got beside myself for I broke our realm of silence. I couldn’t help but let a small  “Shit”  escape my lips.  

Still no sound out of him, his lips then met my collarbone. He sucked, kissed, and licked every inch of my neck. My knees were almost tapped out. I squeezed on his dick to keep me from falling. That made him suck a little harder. Moans began to flee my lips. That set everything into motion.  He then made his way down to my breasts, taking each one out at a time. He got acquainted with them. Palmed them, pinched my nipples, weighed them between his fingertips. No longer wanting to stand by and be the only one tortured, he allowed me to free his dick from his pants. I began stroking him. I soon realized he wasn’t even hard yet. Well, not completely. Those few drinks I had can’t compare to the buzz he was giving me. My not so subtle gasp hipped him to my excitement and he chuckled. Even his chuckle was hypnotic. I was falling deeper into him. He mashed both of my D’s together and sucked on my nipples at the same time. I lost it. I loved it. I wanted more. I needed more. I started to pick up the pace with my strokes but he backed away. Fading back into the darkness. I could hear his pants around his ankles, belt scraping the floor. I was a mess. I could imagine how I looked, ravenous yet vulnerable. Foreplay had never been this intense for me before.  I couldn’t help myself and began to reach for my pearl through my underwear. I could feel an orgasm trying to push me over the edge and I wanted to cum. Once again out of the darkness he caught my hand. Both this time. As a slight weight tugged on my wrists  I could feel he was kneeling before me now. He instructed my hands to pull my dress up, which I complied with. He released me and began to remove my drenched panties. I stepped out of them and he spread my thunder thighs wide open, my bare ass against the cold concrete wall. To say my clit quivered would be a gross understatement. My soul did. He made no contact with my yoni. Since we were without light, I could only imagine his pause was to tease me more. All I could feel was his warm breath tickling my nerve ends. I bit my lip and waited.  Bypassing my clit, his tongue dove straight into my opening. I whimpered and gave in. His tongue was strong enough to actually penetrate my walls. He picked up his pace a little as I tweaked my nipples. I was sure to cum on this man’s face in no time. Out and in he darted, pausing to glaze my clit and bring me closer and closer to a climax. All I could hear was his spit and my juices intertwining. My moans were soon paired with his groans. He sang while he ate and that pushed me over.   

“Oh fuck!”  I screamed and my thighs clenched against his arms. I spilled nectar all over his tongue and most likely his face. He kept eating through each surge of my body and I couldn’t take it, but he made sure I did. With one quick swoop, he was off his knees and I was in the air. The weight of my size 22 waist on his shoulders was light work for him. He continued his meal and I was in heaven. Screaming, panting, shaking, I did it all. After that point, I don’t know how many orgasms I had but he had to be swimming in me. He was thorough. Sucking on my clit and licking the outline of my hole. I palmed his head and rode his tongue until I gained control of my body again. He slowed down and begin to lap at my pussy. He even sensed that my pussy had enough. He was perfect. Men usually keep going until you can’t move rather than being in tune with you. Damn, he was more than perfect.  He slid me down the wall and I held on tight. Expecting my heel to hit the floor, I felt his tip pushing its way into my more than eager pussy. I got lost in him again. 

A staggered moan escaped my throat as he paced his entrance. He managed to get his big head in and my walls adjusted to his girth, measuring to see how much of his length I could take. I damn near took it all. He settled and we sat there joined for a moment. Of course, my body won’t behave and my walls began contracting around his shaft. There was so much of him in me I couldn’t keep control of my pelvic floor. I realized once again he would be taking the lead. After I stopped and settled myself he pulled out until the tip and spoke once more.  “Are you sure?”  He gripped my ass and awaited my answer. At that same moment, I could feel his dick jump in me. Never have I done something like this in public. But I was too far gone now. I moaned a breathy  “Yes”  and it was on.  He filled me back up to my breaking point and kept his stroke steady and deep. Bouncing me on his dick as I dug my nails into his back. He sucked on my nipples as I tried to match his rhythm. To no avail, I had no choice but to let him dig me out. We rocked back and forth, moaning and groaning for a while. I was able to gain a bit of control as I felt him slipping deeper into me. He started swelling up so I tightened my grip around him. Pump after pump he began to speed up a bit. I tilted his head up and finally kissed those lips of his. He pressed me against that wall harder and fucked me as hard as he could until he exploded. His nut felt so warm dripping out of me. I milked him dry until his pants and groans against my lips ceased. I could stay like this forever.  He helped me slip to the floor and adjusted my dress. I found my panties and shoved them in my purse. He pulled his pants back up, straightened out his shirt, and spoke one last time.   “Let’s go. I’m dying to surprise the kids.”  I took him by the hand and fingered his ring. 

Now that my soldier made it back from his second tour it was time for us to head home.