Released Tension

“See you guys at the party,” Ivana waved, smiling cursorily at her friends as she skipped off in the opposite direction.


She had fibbed – later in the afternoon she would fall mysteriously ‘ill’ and give the party a pass. Still, she didn’t feel guilty in the slightest – she was positively exhausted and the last thing she needed was another tiresome social event. The last few weeks in college had been taxing; she’d submitted four papers, two of which she – in true senior fashion – had finished minutes before the deadline, followed by a whole host of sorority house events that would spill into her vacation. 


Summer was here, but since her parents were overseas she extended her stay at her college dormitory for an extra couple of weeks. With her friends doing the same, Ivana knew that staying meant that she would only have to be partially self-sufficient, as opposed to the daunting prospect of having to hold the fort on her own back home.


When Ivana reached her room, she nudged open the door and threw herself into her bed face-first. A lengthy sigh followed, before she rolled over in bed slowly and stared at the ceiling. Her hands on her midriff, she twiddled her thumbs and enjoyed the lightness that came with an absence of commitment. It was then that her eyes chanced upon one of the many pin-up notes she’d left on her wall next to her bed.


**For after finals**

Experience the finest therapeutic bodywork at the hands of our certified, premium massage therapists. Let your stress melt away into our warm, leather-outfitted beds and turn an otherwise uneventful hour into a sensual, relaxing Lush Premium Experience.

Book an appointment at 202-555-0167!


Ivana chuckled, remembering that she’d originally only put that cut-out up for the delectable topless male-model that adorned it. But now… the idea of treating herself to a massage didn’t seem far-fetched – she groped about for her phone, and found it wedged between her thigh and the bed. She dialed the number on the cut-out and waited tentatively.


“Hello, Lush Spa and Beauty Centre,” a pleasant female voice rang, “How can I help?”


“H-hey, uhm – this is my first time actually. I, uh… I want a massage, I guess?” Ivana said, laughing nervously, “But I’m not exactly sure how this works…”


“Ah, well Ma’am, if you’re undecided I’d suggest you go with something that’s basic but thoroughly satisfying – a Swedish massage,” the receptionist said, “One and a half hours with one of our qualified therapists. What’s a good time for you?”


“Uhm, I guess I could swing by sometime in the evening, is that alright with you guys?” Ivana asked after taking a peek at the wall clock in her room.


“Sure, I’ll put you down for eight – that’s usually a $99 massage, but we’ll shave thirty dollars off the bill since you’re a newbie! Your name?”


“Oh, thank you! I’m Ivana,” she answered, smiling to herself now.




What were massage-appropriate clothes exactly? 


Ivana rummaged through her closet, examining and then tossing what she deemed to be unsuitable articles of clothing onto her bed, some of which she even failed to recognize entirely. 


Jeans? No, too tight. Hmm… a skirt maybe, or shorts? 


She weighed her options, juggling the two fabrics – one in her left hand and the other in her right. Spying herself in the mirror, she pressed each of them up to her hips – the skirt looked a little faded, the result of being in the subpar dormitory washers one too many times. She returned the skirt to its spot in the closet – shorts it was. Above, she went with a loose-fitting top; a hand-me-down baseball jersey that her brother had outgrown a couple of years ago. 


She dipped one leg slightly and examined her side profile in the mirror again.


Casual, but kinda’ chic. Hopefully this place isn’t too swanky.




She pushed past the glass door and tip-toed quietly up to the receptionist’s desk. The parlor had a polished aesthetic, but she didn’t feel out of place in her get-up. The mildly stained carpet floors toned the establishment’s posh factor down a little, but the partly-marbled walls and warm yellow lighting still gave the parlor an air of professionalism.


The receptionist flashed a welcoming smile.


“Ivana, right?”


Ivana winked affirmatively. 


After a couple of clicks on her keyboard, she guided Ivana to a corridor of rooms.


“Yours is the last door on the left, thirty-four B. When you’ve changed into our massage gown, ring the bell and your therapists will join you,” the receptionist informed.

“Therapists? I thought I was only getting one,” Ivana asked, intrigued.


“Ah, yes. Nate is your therapist, a senior masseuse. Evandro joined us recently and is learning the ropes from Nate – a sort of apprentice – if you’re uncomfortable with that, I can let Nate know?”


“Oh, no. No, that’s fine,” Ivana said, perhaps a little too quickly.


Nate and Evandro. Yum. 


The receptionist gave a knowing smile, and a blushing Ivana headed for her room. She hadn’t known that her masseuses would be male, but she was hardly opposed to the idea – she did get in touch with Lush as a result of their ‘eye-catching’ poster, after all.


She set her bag down in the corner and swept the loose jersey she was wearing off herself easily. Then, she adjusted her bra a little, cupping the undersides of her breasts till she felt pleased with their projection. Unbuttoning her shorts, she pulled them down to her ankles and kicked them off. Picking up the white satin massage gown she was given, she admired it, impressed with its quality. It had the word ‘Lush’ emblazoned in gold thread over her right breast, a little touch that told her the parlor cared enough to brand their gowns.


A front-facing gown, she tied a simple knot behind her before she ran her hands smoothly across the fabric, pressing it into her bare skin and enjoying the feeling of the soft, comfortable cotton against her body.


Mmh, if only I could slip off the rest of my cl-


“Miss Ivana? This is Nate, your therapist,” came a voice on the other side of the door, “Are you ready for us to come in?”


“Oh, yes, please,” Ivana stammered quickly, straightening her gown just as the door clicked open.


Nate’s appearance was just as appealing as the sound of his gravelly voice – chiseled features, thick forearms and a gleaming smile were the first things the college-girl noticed. Towering over her, he came up to her and shook her hand. Ivana felt that she might have melted in his grip if she’d lingered a second longer. His brown eyes caught hers, and she felt her cheeks warm with a blush, and her awareness of it only seemed to worsen the embarrassing phenomenon.


Behind him followed Evandro, and Ivana nearly pinched herself. 


Fuck me, he’s hot too. 


Ivana felt the unbridled glee that one is said to have when one strikes the metaphorical jackpot. Evandro was shorter and slightly leaner, but his well-defined biceps and bulging pectorals were complemented perfectly by the black tank-top he was wearing. His hair was short, which went well with his smoother, younger-looking features. His smile was a sharp, almost mischievous one, and he only offered a wink in greeting.


Nate waved Ivana to the table and held her hand as she climbed onto it and settled face-down into the comfortable leather. Nate ran his back across her back slowly, before reaching up to her shoulders and giving them a tentative squeeze. Ivana instinctively tensed up, and he let out a chuckle.


“First-timer eh?” he said comfortingly, caressing her shoulders as he did. “Try to relax, I’m going to warm you up into the full massage gradually, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.”


“Sure,” Ivana squeaked, dropping her shoulders in an effort to loosen herself up.


She began to feel his thumbs and knuckles knead firmly into the back of her shoulders through the fabric of her gown, though she could tell he was holding back some for her sake. As the minutes passed, he dug in with a little more strength, sending a pleasant, relaxed chills through her body. Her lips part for a satisfied moan as he eased into the middle of her back, and then gracefully into her lower back. He continued with his progressively strenuous style, eliciting gentle moans from Ivana each time he successfully relaxed one of her tenser muscles.


Then he raised his hands and reached for the knot in her gown.


“I’m going to undo the knot Ivana, is that alright?” Nate asked smoothly.


She nodded.


She felt the knot come undone, and the gown fall limply around her, exposing her back. She whispered an inaudible ‘thank-you’ to her lucky stars, thinking about how unnervingly close to she had been to picking a SpongeBob-themed lingerie set her friends had gifted her as a gag on her last birthday to wear for her appointment. 


Now Nate’s stocky fingers dug into her smooth skin without a protective layer of fabric between them, and goosebumps ran across her back as the inevitable sensuality of the massage began to sink in, both figuratively and literally. A small smile crept across her face as she noticed the demeanor of his strokes change, varying expertly between a tougher kneading and a softer, sensual stroking. 


With each alternate stroke he travelled lower down her body, till he reached the small of her back, just above her hips. She expected that his downward trajectory would halt here, so her lips part quietly in surprise when it didn’t. After driving his thumbs against the small of her back, his palms smoothly slid over her buttocks and squeezed them wholly. Ivana froze, debating for a moment if she should question her therapist if this was a routine segment in the Swedish massage she’d signed up for. But… did she really?


In her indecision, she felt her legs inch open tentatively, allowing his hands to slide over her now more welcoming posterior easily. The initially talkative Nate was now unusually quiet. His hands squeezed, caressed and massaged Ivana’s cheeks without a word – in fact, all she heard was the sound of her own heavy breathing and heart thudding as the masseuse manipulated her ass through her black, lacy underwear. 


Huh, this was just probably a part of the massage after all…


Ivana was glad she hadn’t questioned him prematurely. It turned out that this portion of the massage was easily the most enjoyable segment so far, and her big mouth almo-


Ivana froze for the second time that session, but this time a small gasp escaped her thin lips. She was momentarily disoriented; Nate’s hands hadn’t moved or changed what they were doing – but it seemed that he’d suddenly sprouted a third and fourth limb! As his hands worked around the fabric of her panties, she felt another pair of hands gradually slide her underwear off, past her butt, and then her thighs.


Before it got any further, Ivana lifted her head and snapped around to see Evandro standing next to Nate, with the offending pair of limbs belonging to the attractive Hispanic masseuse. Evandro stopped and looked up, leaving her panties mid-thigh.


“What are you doing, exactly?” Ivana asked, maintaining her composure, though she could feel a tiny smile on her lips.


“If I may explain,” Evandro answered, “Miss, your undergarments are, uhm, soiled.”


Ivana blushed crimson red.


“I thought it would be best if I removed them,” he said, flashing another cheeky grin, “For your own comfort, of course.”


Ivana snickered, amused by the younger masseuse’s brazenness.


“It would be nice if I was warned, next time,” she said trying to sound curt, but letting a soft giggle escape her lips as she did. 


“Of course, my apologies, Miss,” Evandro quickly responded, though he kept his insolent smile. 


Ugh. He was so, fucking, hot

Evandro easily slid the underwear off her smooth thighs and calves and placed it in a corner with her clothes. The cool air was now dancing across her ass and exposed sex, further arousing her senses. It seemed that willing herself not to be excited seemed only to titillate her further – now two pairs of strong hands worked her petite frame, with Evandro’s thinner fingers and knuckles pressing into her thighs and calves as Nate began to include her hips and lower back into his own routine.




Ivana noticed that as the massage progressed, her legs eased open a little more. It was a natural reaction to her excitement, and soon her ankles were hanging off the edge of the massage bed. Nate and Evandro turned to each other and smirked, silently congratulating each other on the effect their skillful fingers had on their subject. As Nate focused his attention on her hips, Evandro’s hands smoothly shifted to the edges of her dripping sex. Easing between the insides of her thighs, Evandro toyed with the idea of going further. Reaching for a bottle of jasmine-scented oil, he applied some generously to his hands before returning to his sensuous ministrations.


“That smells wonderful,” Ivana commented, as the oil’s aroma permeated the air.


“This is one of our better oils in fact. You’re lucky Evandro is a trainee, he gets to try stuff out with you – usually customers pay extra for oil,” Nate chuckled.


“Any more surprises up your sleeve then, Evandro?” Ivana questioned tantalizingly, her legs spreading open a little more, as if inviting him in. 


“You’ll have to wait and see Miss,” he said smoothly, shooting a light-heartedly impertinent look at his fellow masseuse.


“Take it slow,” Nate said.


Evandro followed his colleague’s advice, continuing with his inner-thigh squeeze and release, till he saw Nate’s hands return to Ivana’s butt. A satisfied sigh came from the other end of the table, and Evandro eased his palms further in. The tips of his fingers brushed against her pussy gently as he caressed the skin surrounding it. 


A small whimper came this time – an encouraging one.


Pushing his thumbs out, he squeezed the lips surrounding her slit together and watched as her nectar eased downwards and dripped onto the table. Releasing, he did the same again, milking the warm, sticky juices, before running his other fingers carefully over the length of her sex. Her butt wriggled excitedly in response, but Nate’s firm hands held her down flat against the table as he dug firmly into her flesh. Slowly, Evandro’s full attention came to rest on her sex. His fingers spread her juices across her slit and massaged them into the soft skin around her pussy. Very gradually, he pressed his index finger into her opening, both men watching closely as her lips spread open and accommodated the intrusion comfortably. Her hips rose slightly as she felt a second finger press into her, while a third stimulated her small, swollen clit. 


She turned her face slightly and bit into the leather of the massage table as Evandro began to thrust his digits deep into her, pulling out gradually but not completely, before sliding them back into her again. She had not noticed that the firm hands on her ass had vacated their position, and that Nate was walking around to the other side of the table, hands clutching at his groin. Suddenly she felt a warm hand on her head, caressing her blonde hair as she lifted her chin into Nate’s bulge. Wordlessly, he unzipped his pants with his free hand, and released a pulsating, thick seven-incher that burned with heat right in front of her face. 


His hand on her head pulled her towards him, till the tip of his throbbing rod kissed her lips, and she part her small lips deliberately. She applied some resistance, artificially tightening her oral orifice for the pleasure of the strapping masseuse, listening with glee as he groaned, watching his cock disappeared into her mouth an inch at a time till it was completely inside her. His balls pressed up against her chin, resting there as a dribble of saliva slid past her lips and through the face-rest in the table. Holding her by the chin, he began to thrust his cock into her mouth in tandem with Evandro’s finger-fucking – when Evandro pulled outwards, he pushed inwards. Ivana’s hums and moans on Nate’s member added an extra dimension of pleasure to his experience, something which Evandro’s next action would amplify further.


Pulling his fingers out of Ivana’s sex entirely he waited for a moment, building sufficient anticipation before replacing the absence of his digits with the warmth of his lips and tongue. Ivana’s mouth opened up around Nate’s thickness, gasping in surprise as she felt the younger masseuse’s heated tongue lash across her slit eagerly. 


“Close up,” Nate said, almost commandingly, and Ivana found herself complying.


She was pleasantly surprised by Nate’s assertiveness, and she happily tightened her lips back around his cock. Lifting her hands, she wrapped them around his balls and the base of his cock, twisting her head and taking his girth into her mouth fervently. Behind her, Evandro’s tongue poked, prodded and splashed against her sex. Then, twisting his tongue, he snaked himself into her pussy. His involuntary growls and moans sent pleasant tremors into her sex and a shiver down her spine. His nose nudged up against her wet lips, while his sharp chin dug into her clit and moistened her sex further. When he pulled away, his face glistened with her juices, and a thin sticky trail of her juices mixed with his saliva held from her pussy to his bottom lip. He looked at himself in the mirror and chuckled, casually wiping his face off with the inside of his singlet. 


Standing up, he moved over to the front of the table and nudged Nate over.


“My turn,” he grinned, pushing Nate away and dropping his sweatpants.


Evandro’s cock now sprang to life in Ivana’s face – darker, longer, and about as meaty as Nate’s – causing Ivana’s mouth to water even before he pushed his member past her lips. Guzzling it down without a second’s hesitation, the strong, musky odor of his pre-cum along with his member’s pulsing form and radiating warmth utterly overwhelmed her senses. The sound of her enthusiastic draining of the masseuse’s cock filled the room as she doused his pre-cum-covered his rod with her spit. Each time she lifted off her impalement for air, a length of saliva would drip from her lips and hang off her chin till it spilled onto the table underneath her.


Nate stood next to his apprentice, and Ivana took turns sucking them off. Most of the time, she would swap onto the other man’s cock when she felt appropriate, but sometimes one of them would get impatient and pull her onto his rod by her chin. The alternating tastes and girths of their cocks turned into a rapid blur as the minutes ticked on, till Evandro stepped away from the head of the massage table. He walked back down, his index finger lightly tracing Ivana’s body from the bottom of her neck to the tip of her tailbone. Ivana’s stomach fluttered, anticipating his next move. 


Nate took control of his oral gratification, thrusting into her lips again slowly as he watched Evandro gently caress her pussy; three of his fingers curved, teasing her slit tantalizingly. Then, climbing onto the table on his knees, he grabbed her by her slender hips and pulled them upwards to a comfortable height. Reaching down, he positioned the head of his thick cock barely an inch away from her slit. Then, he pulled her by her hips onto this waiting rod. As her body was pulled backward into his, Nate’s erect cock slipped out of her mouth and flipped upwards, splashing a blend of pre-cum and saliva across her face and his belly. She squealed with unimpaired delight as she felt the young masseuse stretch her taught cunt, digging deep and pulling wide till his cock was completely buried inside her. Moaning wildly, she wound her hips sensually each time he drove himself into her, and the sight of her smoothly gyrating, twisting rear heightened both the men’s sexual appetites considerably.


Nate stood aside, jerking on his cock as he watched his colleague thump away at a moaning, crying Ivana. Her head pressed into the table, she bit her teeth down into its leather as her body rocked to the rhythm of Evandro’s plundering thrust, her breasts bouncing and her thighs splattered with her juices. 


In a momentary juncture of serenity, she heard the whispers of both the men behind her, plotting their next move. Before she could turn, she felt Nate slide under her smoothly, latching his lips onto her breasts as his strong arms massaged her back passionately. She felt his erect member throbbing beneath her, messily prodding at her clit as he suckled on her tits, tonguing and flicking at them between his lips. 


Their next move was something she did not expect. In a gradual stroke, Evandro pulled himself out of her gaping cunt and turned her over onto her back. She laid herself down comfortably on Nate’s large chest as he slid his own cock into her from below. She moaned gently, shutting her eyes tight as she felt a different cock fill her to its hilt. He nuzzled against her cheek, kissing and licking against her neck as he began to piston into her from his lower position. Then Evandro leaned over her, and dipped his face into her firm, bountiful breasts, nuzzling them hungrily while his fingers pinched on her sensitive tits. 


Then, Ivana felt a jab of pain in her sex. It was… sharp.


Just as Ivana shifted her gaze downward, she saw Evandro navigate his own monster into her pussy, pressing Nate’s rod to the base of her pussy to make way for his. She inhaled sharply, nearly choking in surprise at the sight of two massive cocks dipping into her seemingly tight sex. She yelped at the sudden intonations of pain that interspersed the staggeringly erotic experience she was having as she tried to fix her eyes on the two men’s rods pumping in and out of her, one on top of another. Now her moans were accompanied by the rougher groans of the two masseuses, who grunted each time they thrust into her filled cunt. Evandro leant back down and kissed Ivana now as he pummeled her from above, gently grazing her cheek with one hand while his other tugged at her right breast. Nate’s left hand groped at her left breast while his fingers toyed with her swollen clit, causing her to writhe and buckle her knees on impulse. 


“Are you ready?” Evandro whispered softly in her ear, dragging his tongue lightly across her cheek.


She whispered, barely audibly, in the affirmative, while nodding her head vigorously. Tears dripped from her eyes – she was overwhelmed by the fervor of the experience – as Evandro grinned and began to increase the strength of his thrusts. Nate shot an affirmatory glance at his colleague, and matched the speed and thrust of his pumps, the two men beating into Ivana’s sex with full force. Their surge towards the edge was quick – both men had been holding their climaxes back for some time now.


The first to cum was Nate, he groaned loudly as he slowed his thrusts and let his cock squeeze shot after shot of heated, oozing cum deep into her cunt. His hips shuddered as he finally emptied his balls into her and set Ivana off on her own orgasm. She felt the final rush of Nate’s seed paint her insides generously, and the head of his pulsing cock beat against her g-spot as her own orgasm rushed to completion. Begging for Evandro not to stop thrusting she began to cum hard, her back arching sharply as her crotch burned and twisted. Her feet kicked upwards, barely missing Evandro’s nose as she quivered uncontrollably, squealing in sheer ecstasy. As her pussy pulsed and gripped at Evandro’s hard cock in excitement, he too reached his peak. Responding to the suffocating grasp of her constricting slit, his cock spewed a string of thick cum inside her, followed by shorter bursts of his seed. He collapsed over her as he continued thrusting till his cock was spent and his orgasm ebbed away. 


The men pulled out one at a time and brought their semi-erect rods to Ivana’s already open lips. Covered in each other’s cum and some of Ivana’s own, the college-girl cleaned them each off in one acrobatic motion, appreciating the delectable cocktail their ménage had created. Spending a little extra time, she slobbered at each knob, brushing away any final hints of cum with her dabbing tongue.

As they took her by each hand and stood her to her feet, Nate reached for a towel and her clothes and handed them to her. Evandro planted a small kiss on her cheek.


“We hope you enjoyed your time at Lush. We’d love to see you again,” the two masseuses declared in unison, before they all broke out in laughter together.