Puppy Love

From the moment Sam opened his front door, Eva felt a strange connection to her new dog walking client. 

His strong jaw, his reluctant but dimpled smile, those intense hazel eyes – the way he was looking at her, as if he was just as attracted as she was. How did something like this happen, she wondered. How was it possible to meet someone so randomly and feel such an instant connection.

After two years of celibacy, maybe she was just finally ripe for a relationship. No, not a relationship. Just to be touched again would be enough. When they shook hands, she felt something awaken in her. It was something she never thought she’d feel again. Something she’d decided she never wanted to feel again. She’d decided that for the most part, she couldn’t trust men. Dogs, cats, hamsters, that was a different story. That was why she was happy now, having left her former life as a stockbroker far behind. 

Most of the time she wasn’t in the company of humans. And she liked it that way. Or she thought she did. So she couldn’t believe she actually wanted this man she didn’t even know – but somehow felt she did, to kiss her.

But he was just a client. A stranger. She had to ignore the sensation of goose bumps rising on the back of her arms, the tingling in her palms that remained ever since he’d taken her hand. It was just because she hadn’t been around a man who was as good looking as he was in such a long time, she told herself. Had she learned nothing from her experience with last boyfriend, another handsome man?

Sam was certainly not her usual harried, middle-aged dog-walking client. He was young, tall, and where he had the sleeves of his sweater rolled up, she saw how taut and muscular his arms were. 

She looked away his books – he sold rare books, he said, and glanced around Sam’s tasteful home. It didn’t look very feminine, no flowers or family photos, but that didn’t mean he was single. If he was, she wondered what the story was there, with a man so good looking. He’d mentioned being in the Army in the questionnaire she’d sent and he filled out on line, maybe that was it.

She wondered what his bedroom looked like. Eva found her cheeks growing hot as the thought crossed her mind. It was not the sort of thing she usually thought about. 

Sam tossed a ball to his golden lab, Max. Max retrieved it, and Sam gave him enthusiastic praise. Eva could tell both man and dog clearly loved each other. That affection and respect was another thing about him that was frankly a turn-on, she thought.

But why was she even turned on? This was ridiculous. She was here to get to know his dog before walking him when Sam was at work.

She needed to focus on the dog, who was her actual client, not Sam. She bent down and petted Max again, his trusting brown lab eyes gazing up at her. “What a good boy,” she said. “You’re a very beautiful boy.”

Sam smiled and he reached down to pat his dog’s back. Her hand brushed against Sam’s accidently. It was almost like getting an electric shock. How strange. A current of some kind had passed between them. She hadn’t imagined it, and it had nothing to do with being on her own for a long time. It was the man. 

She tried to ignore the feeling, focusing on Max. She liked the dog, he was smart and sweet tempered. It was funny, but often if you liked the dog, you liked the owner. Just usually the owners weren’t so sexy. She took a careful look at Sam’s hands. Nope, no wedding ring.

Again, their hands brushed. Oh, my God, she thought, I’m not sure I can walk out of here without feeling his arms around me. Okay, that was truly crazy. It was time to leave, and leave fast.


As Eva walked out of Sam’s kitchen, Sam tried to force himself to mentally step back from the situation at hand. He was ridiculously turned on. And that felt dangerous to him. It didn’t make any sense. 

“Does Max have any medical issues that I should be aware of?” she was asking.

No, but his owner did. Flat out insanity it seemed, from the way he was feeling at the moment. 

He answered her questions and asked her what arrangements she had if an emergency should arise.

He could tell that Eva, even as she voiced her replies, was clearly studying him as much as he was studying her. She had to feel something, too. Was that possible?

 He drew in his breath, sharply. Well, there were worse things than feeling the way he did now. She was a very beautiful woman. Again, he felt a burning desire to kiss her body from head to toe. Enough, he warned himself.

“…or I have a standing relationship with my vet, if I couldn’t reach yours…” she went on. 

All he could do was nod. He couldn’t really focus on what she was saying. She was so damn alluring. What was it? The curls? The deep green eyes? Or those long shapely legs encased in her stone washed jeans? He wanted to pull her out of them. But he had more self-control than that. 


He told her he wanted to hire her, and they shook hands. It was time for her to go. They both knew that.

And yet, their hands were still locked together. She looked up at Sam, almost desperate for an explanation. But what she saw in his eyes defied all logic. They were smoldering, with the same kind of raw passion she felt coursing through her own body. Or was she only imagining this?

She pulled her hand away, and without even a backwards glance, hurried to his front door, and down his sidewalk. “See you tomorrow Max,” she called out over her shoulder.

She didn’t feel normal again until she’d climbed into her car. It was only then that she chanced a look back at the house. Sam was still standing there in his front doorway, watching her intently.

What could he be thinking? She hoped she hadn’t been rude, leaving so abruptly. But she had to stop holding his hand. Even now, as she put her key in the ignition, her fingers tingled from his touch.

She pulled out of the space quickly, and drove to the end of his block. She had no more clients to see today that she knew about. But she should check in with her partner at the office, and ask him to send a standard contract to Sam.

She reached for her purse, and felt around in it with one hand. Her phone was usually the first thing she found, but not this time. She drove over to the side of the road as soon as she turned the corner. Rummaging through her purse, she still couldn’t find it. She dumped the entire contents out in the seat, impatiently – but she already knew what must’ve happened. It had to have fallen out of her purse — at Sam’s.

No, no she thought. Now she had to go right back and stand close to that man again. Deal with whatever strange feeling she had for him. For a moment, she considered actually leaving her phone there until she came back to walk Max in the morning.

But that made no sense. Her clients wouldn’t be able to reach her. She didn’t even know her partner’s cell number by heart. She was completely at the mercy of her Smartphone which was apparently a lot smarter than she was. It hadn’t left her behind, after all.

She sighed. And swung the car away from the curb, and made a U-turn. She might as well get this over with.

It only took a few minutes to pull back in front of his house. She hurried out of the car, and slammed the door briskly.

She wouldn’t even make small talk, she’d say she thought she’d left the phone, go look for it, and leave before she felt that bizarre electricity pass between them again. 

She rang the bell, and Sam opened the door almost immediately. He smiled. Her phone was in his hand.

“Forget something?” he asked.

“That’s it,” she said. 

“Max found it, actually, on the sofa. You’re lucky I caught him before it became his next chew toy.”

She laughed. 

“I was just about to call your office and leave you a message. If you’re like me, I know you can’t be without your phone for long.”

“Definitely not,” and she reached for it.

Their hands touched, and there it was, again, that electric feeling between them. She froze, her hand in midair. 

“Are you all right?” he asked her.

She looked up at his face. He was concerned, a small line was drawn between his brows. But his eyes – they had that smoldering look again. 

“I’m fine, thanks,” she said. But she wasn’t quite sure that she was. She dropped her phone into her bag.

It was crazy, but after all this time, after telling herself over and over again how little she ever wanted to even be with a man, suddenly all she could think about was being with this one. 

She looked up at him again. She felt her hands tremble.

“I don’t know, Eva,” Sam said peering at her closely. “You look a little pale. Please. Come in and sit down for a minute.”

In one single instant, she decided the only thing that would make her fine was to follow him inside that door. And as she did, she decided something else, too. Wherever this feeling might lead her, she didn’t want the hurt from her past to stay seared inside her. 

“A glass of water maybe?” Sam asked. 

“Yes, sure,” she said, and sank down on his couch again. She watched him get the water for her. His strong hands filling the glass, carrying it to her, that look of concern mixed with something else – what was that something? 

“Thank you,” she said, taking the glass from him. She sipped the water. It was cool on her throat, but still she felt hot all over.

There was only one way to move forward with her life. She saw it now, so clearly it was like a light had been turned on in a dark hallway. She had to let herself feel again. What was wrong with starting to feel right now? 

“Feeling better?”

Her eyes roamed over his face, and locked on his deep blue eyes. She answered her own question. There was nothing wrong with starting to feel right now. 

“I’m doing much better, thanks.”

She drained the glass, and he took it from her. She felt that rush when they touched again. She drew a deep breath and took a chance. 

“I don’t know what’s going on between us.”

“Neither do I.” His handsome brow furrowed again, as he set the glass down on the coffee table. “So, you feel it, too.”

“Voodoo spell?” she tried to laugh. “Past life connection?”

“Something,” he agreed.

“I’ve never felt like this before,” she said, and why not, why not just go for it. She lifted her face to his. 

“Eva, believe me,” he lowered his face toward her, “neither have I.”

Their lips brushed; the sensation was incredible. She put her hands into Sam’s, and he lifted her to her feet. He pulled her close against him, and raised her face to his once again, and this time her body pressed to his just as her lips were on his lips.

They kissed until their lips were raw, until they were both gasping for air. She had no other thought than how good it felt to kiss him. She felt like she could kiss him forever, and like she had already been kissing him for her entire life. 

Sam caressed her cheek with his fingers. She rubbed her hands across his chest. What the hell was she doing? Did it matter? It felt so good.

“I want you,” she said softly, because it was true.

Eyes burning, he whispered back “I want you, too.” 


Sam had been alone for a long time now. He might have seemed entirely together now, but he’d known he wasn’t ready to let himself get close to anyone. Now, he was like a moth drawn to her flame. At that moment, he didn’t care if he got burned. All he wanted was to touch her. It was as if he had no choice.

He took off his shirt and then he lifted hers over her head, she raised her arms like a child. He was messing up her hair – she shook her pony tail free, and let her curls hang loosely. He pressed his face into her hair, it smelled like lavender – and rubbed his hands through it. 

Still, he didn’t spend very long on her hair, now he was pushing her bra straps down, kissing her shoulders, her arms, moving his tongue lightly across her neck, her chest, closer to her breasts, still contained, but barely.

Another kiss to her lips. Full and moist and open. Another quick graze with his tongue across her shoulders, and down, down to the edge of her bra. He lifted her breasts from the lace the held them, and stroked her nipples lightly with his finger-tips. 


Eva heard herself moaning softly. She shouldn’t be doing this. She barely knew him. But she wanted to keep going. More than anything she’d ever wanted in her life. It was like a new Eva had taken over, new and unafraid, and she was not going to stop now. 

She was kissing him again, and pressed tight, she could feel his cock hardening and throbbing. He held her bare breasts in his hands, teasing her nipples with his tongue now, tracing the outline of her throat with his tongue, running his hands down her sides, down her hips…

She wanted to hurry, she didn’t want to lose this moment, this aching longing inside her. Her fingers fumbled unbuckling his belt. She unzipped his jeans, and she had his cock in her hands now. Her breath came ragged and fast as she stroked him, gently, roughly, gently, roughly, until he was stone between her palms. 

He took her hands, drew her up against him, her breasts now tight against his bare chest, his loins against her legs, still in her jeans. His tongue teased her lips, circled her breasts. Her hand was working him over, now moving around to his buttocks, caressing him there, with soft determined strokes. 

He nibbled on her neck, down her shoulder, to her arms, her fingers…

And then they couldn’t stop themselves any longer. He was unsnapping her jeans, bending her back against the sofa, pulling them down her legs. At last he lowered her on the cushions, and tugged those jeans all the way off. He used his teeth to pull the band of her underwear down to her knees. She wriggled them to her ankles and kicked them free.

She was ready for his fingers, stroking her to velvet, wet velvet. He knew what he was doing – he found the right spot fast, and flicked her clit gently until the air seemed to seep from her lungs. Long and smooth his fingers stroked, long and smooth. 

She was ready for his tongue, moving along the inside of her thighs, and then inside her. She arched her back muting her cries in the sofa cushion. 

She was even more ready when he lifted her off the sofa and carried her into the bedroom that earlier she’d been curious to see. And now she didn’t even notice it at all. It was all about him.

They fell on the bed together in a tangle, and she slid down in his arms to take his dick in her mouth and work him so hard she was afraid he’d burst before he —

But no, he held back, and as her lips released him, there he was on top of her, and she had her legs wrapped against his hips like she was never going to let go. 

They were turned upside down on the bed so his feet were thumping the headboard like a drum beat while he was thumping her.

She just gave herself up to him, to the moment, to the feelings she thought she’d never have again. For the first time in two years, she felt fully alive. 


Eva came in a hot wet little gush; he followed fast, collapsing against her with his face half covered in the now-damp lavender-ness of her hair.

When they both caught their breath – when he came down to earth, or whatever strange planet this was with this woman lying all warm and rosy beside him, he managed “That was – amazing.”

“Special,” she said. 

“I don’t know really know what to call this.”

Max trotted into the room, his pleasant panting blending with their own.

“Max,” he said. “What do you think happened here?”

He gave a soft bark.

“I’m not sure I caught that,” she laughed, raising up on one elbow.

Sam’s blue eyes caught held her gaze. “I think he said ‘puppy love,’” he smiled.

But they both knew it was more than that. 

Like two magnets they pulled together again, her legs wrapped tight around his waist as he slipped inside her again.