Postmates Special Delivery

She can hear them going at it next door. The walls in this apartment are too goddamn thin, Kendra thinks to herself. This must be the third time this week. But tonight it sounds like more than just the two of them. Three, maybe four. Maybe more? Sounds like they’re having one hell of a time over there. Kendra curses under her breath. How come I can’t ever get any goddamn action? She thinks about pounding on the wall, Hey, some of us are trying to get some goddamn sleep. But she’s not really trying to sleep. She’s been in bed with her ear pressed to the wall for fifteen minutes, listening to them—however many there are—moaning and begging for each other. She can hear wet mouths meeting hard cocks, hard cocks slapping against wet pussies. Kendra lets her hand drift inside her pajama bottoms, feels how wet she is.

She opens her nightstand and reaches for her vibrator. She clicks the power on, and the buzzing sound blasts sharply into the room, like she’d just turned on a lawnmower. She quickly clicks it off, worried that her neighbors might’ve heard. She tosses the vibrator onto her pillow and sighs. Maybe she could walk over there and join them, she thinks—but no, that’d be like walking into a movie theater an hour after it started and asking a stranger to tell you what you missed. Kendra presses her ear against the wall again, but the raspy breathing and heavy purring let her know that everyone has finished. Show’s over.

Kendra sits up in bed. Fuck this. I need to get laid. Kendra is a 34-year-old woman with a respectable career, a good education, and a sharp and independent mind. She works out at the gym every day, and her body is lean and toned to perfection. Michelangelo himself couldn’t have sculpted this ass. It’s been two years since she left her no-account husband, but she’s lately found herself with a surplus of desire, a backlog of pent-up sexual energy. To put it bluntly, Kendra’s been horny as fuck, and these folks next door sure as hell aren’t helping matters.

She picks up her phone and scrolls through her contacts, wondering who she could entice into coming over. What she wants is for someone to kick down her door, press her head against the headboard, pull her pajama bottoms down to her ankles, and fill her hungry pussy with cock, until both of them are screaming and waking up every goddamn body in this whole building. But it’s past one a.m., and most of the men in her phone either have young children at home, or jobs early in the morning. Goddamn these older, responsible men.

Just as she’s about to put away her phone and give up, her eye catches the Postmates app icon. Hmm. Kendra thinks back to those ridiculous videos she and her girlfriends used to watch for fun— the lonely housewife, the unassuming pizza delivery boy. It had always seemed like such an absurd premise. But what if? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Even if she gets rejected or laughed at, at least she’ll still have some bento.

Kendra opens the app and types in her order. She walks out of her bedroom and straightens up a little bit. She wonders if she should take some bottles out of the fridge and offer the delivery boy a drink, but she decides against it. She wants it to seem natural and unplanned. She even opts to stay in her white tank top and pajama bottoms. As Kendra waits on the couch for her delivery, she feels herself getting turned on with anticipation of what she’s about to do. She imagines the startled look on the boy’s face, his awkward stammering, his gee, I don’t know about this, and then the feel of his cock stiffening when she unbuttons his jeans and drops to her knees, takes him in her mouth, and lets him know who’s in charge. Kendra is already wet, and her hand begins to slip under the band of her pajamas, when she gets the notification that her delivery is here. She jumps up, unlocks the front door, sits back down on the couch, and crosses her legs to hide the wet spot on her pajamas.

A knock on the door.

“Come in,” Kendra says. “It’s open.”

Her heart is racing as the door creaks open. Kendra sits with her legs still crossed, bites her lip, and watches. She sees only a baggy hooded sweatshirt and the top of a red baseball hat, pulled down low and pointing off to one side. And then she hears the voice:

“You order the barbeque bento?” asks a soft voice. The girl looks up from her phone and meets Kendra’s eyes, which are now wide-open and unblinking, like a deer in headlights. Kendra doesn’t say anything.

“Guess not?” the girl says. “I’m so sorry, I must have the wrong address. Sorry to bother you, miss.”

“No, no, it’s me,” Kendra says. “That’s my order. I’m sorry, I was just—I wasn’t expecting a girl, I guess.”

“That’s OK,” the girl says. “I actually get that a lot. Mostly from men who tell me how ‘dangerous’ it is for a woman to be delivering food late at night. And then they immediately follow that up by trying to hit on me.”

Kendra lets out a nervous laugh. The girl is young, but cool and self-assured. She doesn’t avert her eyes from Kendra’s or look down at her feet like so many young people do these days. Kendra can see that, underneath her oversized hoodie and red baseball hat, the girl is really pretty. Stunning, even. Her eyes are bright green, with long eyelashes. Her lips are full, red, and puckered just slightly. Slender face and small, pointed nose. Long blond hair tucked messily into her hat. Kendra can guess why she wears the hoodie and hat on her deliveries.

“Yeah, I’ll bet they do,” Kendra says. “I’m sorry, that’s rude of me. It’s just that—well, you’re very pretty. I hope you don’t mind my saying so.”

The girl smiles and blushes deeply. Am I getting wet? Kendra thinks. What the fuck?

“Not at all,” the girl says. “That’s nice of you to say. I was actually just thinking the same about you. Anyway, my name’s Lillian. My friends call me Lilly.”

“Hello,” Kendra says. “My name’s Kendra. Nice to meet you, Lillian.”

“You can call me Lilly,” the girl says and smiles again.

Kendra feels her heart skip a beat. Yeah, she’s definitely wet.

“OK, Lilly,” Kendra says. “If you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”

“I’ll be 23 next month,” Lilly says. “Gotta pay those student loans off somehow.”

She holds up the plastic bag containing Kendra’s bento and laughs.

“Oh damn, I’m sorry, I forgot all about the food,” Kendra says and stands up, but as soon as she stands she realizes she’s made a serious mistake. Lilly looks down at Kendra’s lap, at the large wet spot between her legs.

“Oh,” Lilly says and blushes again.

Kendra looks down at herself, shakes her head, then looks up again at Lilly. “I don’t—I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Lilly says. “Like I said, I was thinking the same about you.”

Kendra blushes again, then feels her heart beating harder. She knows she should say something, but her mouth won’t move. She can’t stop staring at Lilly.

“You mind if I set this down?” Lilly asks, plonking the food down on the kitchen counter.

“You don’t need to get back to your deliveries?” Kendra asks.

Lilly shrugs. “I’m off the clock.”

Kendra feels her knees weaken. She wants to sit down, but she has a guest now, so she needs to try to play host. Get it together, Kendra.

“Can I offer you anything?” she asks. “I’ve got some beer in the fridge, I think.”

“That’s OK,” Lilly says. “I don’t drink. But I’ve got a joint in my pocket, if you want to smoke.”

Kendra normally doesn’t allow smoking in her apartment—she’s actually not a smoker at all—but she immediately finds herself nodding her head up and down.

“Great,” Lilly says. She reaches for her hat and yanks it off, unloosing a cascade of dirty blond hair across her shoulders. She shakes her head back and forth a few times to untangle the mess. Kendra thinks of shampoo commercials, wondering what kind of magical power these young women possess to make even hair seem erotic.

Kendra finally allows herself to sit down again. Lilly walks over and sits next to her on the couch, then reaches into her hoodie pocket and pulls out a fat, crooked joint. Kendra eyes it warily.

“It’s mostly CBD,” Lilly says. “Just enough to take the edge off.”

Kendra lets out a nervous laugh. “What edge?”

Lilly pulls a lighter from her pocket, lights the joint, and takes a hit. She blows out a cloud of smoke, then passes it to Kendra. Kendra stares at it between her fingers, then brings it to her lips and takes a long, deep hit. She begins coughing.

“Shit, damn,” Kendra says between coughs. “My bad.”

“No worries,” Lilly says and smiles. She reaches over and rubs Kendra’s back. “Maybe not such a big hit next time? We’re in no rush.”

Kendra’s tank top is thin, almost translucent, barely covering her breasts, and as Lilly slowly rubs Kendra’s back, Kendra can feel her nipples harden. She stops coughing, closes her eyes, and takes a deep breath, savoring the feeling.

Lilly pulls her hand away from Kendra and takes the joint from her. She takes another hit, then passes it back to Kendra, who takes a much smaller hit this time and doesn’t cough. When they finish smoking the joint, Lilly crushes the roach between her fingers and stuffs in back into the pocket of her hoodie. They sit silently for a moment with their eyes closed, feeling a mild and pleasant high. Kendra is warm all over her body. She feels like steam is rising from her skin. She opens her eyes and looks at Lilly.

“You must be so hot underneath that sweatshirt,” she says.

 “Now that you mention it,” Lilly says. She grabs the bottom of her hoodie and yanks it up and above her head, then drops it on the couch beside her. She’s wearing a tight, yellow T-shirt, which highlights her tight stomach and firm breasts. Kendra doesn’t even realize she’s staring at her body until Lilly smiles and says, “Well, am I?”

“Are you what?” Kendra asks.

“Hot underneath that sweatshirt,” Lilly says.

Kendra meets Lilly’s eyes. “Yes,” she says. “Yes, Lilly, you are hot. You are goddamn hot.”

Lilly blushes and smiles. “Do you want to kiss me?”

“I—I think I do,” Kendra says.

“What else do you want to do to me?” Lilly asks.

“I want to take your shirt off,” Kendra says.

“What else, Kendra?” Lilly asks. “What do you want me to do to you?”

“Lilly,” Kendra says, sighing. “You’re so young. I’m old enough to be your—well, your much older sister.”

“That’s not what I asked, Kendra,” Lilly says. “I asked you what you want me to do to you.”

Kendra sighs again. “I want—I guess I want you to eat my pussy, Lilly.”

Lilly leans toward Kendra and they begin kissing hard, knocking each other’s teeth, licking each other’s lips. They’re panting for breath, gulping for air, feasting hungrily on each other’s mouths. Kendra clutches Lilly’s T-shirt in her fists, then pulls it up and tosses it to the floor. She reaches around and unfastens Lilly’s bra, dropping it onto floor with everything else. She takes Lilly’s small breasts in her hands, then bends forward and puts her breasts in her mouth, flicking her tongue delicately across her nipples. Lilly lifts Kendra’s tank top over her head and tosses it, then leans back to take in Kendra’s body—her large and swelling breasts. Her hard, dark nipples.

“Kendra,” Lilly says between breaths. “Your tits are magnificent.”

“Just wait until you see my pussy,” Kendra says.

“I can’t,” Lilly says. “I can’t wait.”

Kendra stands up from the couch, takes Lilly’s hands, and leads her to the bedroom. She pushes the bedroom door open, takes a few steps, then stops short and gasps. She forgot she’d left her vibrator on her pillow, and it now sits there accusingly, staring up at Kendra and Lilly.

“Yeah, well,” Kendra says, blushing. “So that happened.”

Lilly smiles. “Use it on me.”

Kendra turns and looks at Lilly, then grabs her shoulders and pushes her onto the bed. She falls on Lilly, kissing her lips, then her neck, then her tits. She circles Lilly’s nipples with her tongue and teases her with her teeth. Kendra reaches for Lilly’s panties, pulls them off, and tosses them to the floor. Her hand finds Lilly’s wet pussy and slips a finger inside. Lilly’s mouth opens as she lets out a moan. Kendra slides her finger in and out, brushing lightly against Lilly’s clit.

“Fuck me, Kendra,” Lilly says.

Kendra sits up and tells Lilly to get on all fours. She picks up her vibrator and clicks it on. Lilly turns once to look behind her shoulder at Kendra, smiles, and turns around again. Kendra rubs the vibrator against Lilly’s pussy, teasing her clit. Lilly arches her back like a cat and moans. Kendra pushes the vibrator slowly inside Lillian, inch by inch, slowly pulls the vibrator out, then slowly pushes it back inside. Lilly grinds her ass against Kendra’s hand and buries her face into the pillow.

Lilly turns around, flips Kendra onto her back, and kneels over her. She takes Kendra’s full breasts into her hands and guides them into her mouth. She bites Kendra’s nipple.

“Bite me harder,” Kendra says.

Lilly bites down. Kendra stiffens her back and lets out a loud moan. Her hands tighten and release, tighten and release, like she’s signaling in Morse code.

Lilly raises her head. “I want to see this beautiful pussy of yours,” she says.

She tugs down Kendra’s pajama bottoms and drops them to the floor, then reaches up and peels her panties down. Kendra’s pussy is trembling, aching. Lilly brings her lips within an inch of Kendra’s pussy, close enough that Kendra can feel Lilly’s breath when she whispers, “Can I eat your pussy, Kendra?”

“Yes,” Kendra says, breathlessly. “Eat my pussy, Lilly. Eat my pussy.”

Lilly presses her mouth against Kendra, dampening her lips with Kendra’s wetness. Her tongue explores Kendra’s pussy, circling her clit. Lilly uses her fingers to push Kendra’s labia open, then guides her tongue deep inside. Kendra moans and trembles all over. She can’t keep herself from pushing herself harder against Lilly’s mouth.

“Harder,” Kendra says. “Suck my clit hard.”

Lilly spreads Kendra’s labia further and sucks firmly on Kendra’s clit. Lilly’s chin is dripping with Kendra’s wetness.

“Your pussy is so beautiful,” Lilly says, coming up for air. “Delicious and beautiful. I just want to drink you up.”

“Don’t stop now, baby,” Kendra says.

Lilly slips a finger inside Kendra while continuing to suck and bite her clit. Kendra is shaking and trembling harder and harder. She wraps her legs around Lilly’s head and grabs fistfuls of her long blond hair. Kendra feels her orgasm coming, and the thought of orgasming with this pretty young girl’s mouth buried in her pussy brings her over the edge. Kendra cries out loud when she orgasms, then almost immediately orgasms once again, slapping her palm against the wall over and over.

Lilly lifts her head, catching her breath. Her face is glistening.

“Well then,” Lilly says and smiles. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

But before Kendra can say anything, the two women hear a pounding on the wall. It sounds like it’s coming from the next apartment.

“For fuck’s sake,” shouts a man’s voice. “Will you keep it down over there? Folks are trying to sleep.”