Poolside Pleasure

A lot of the people in my life back home don’t understand how I could be with a man so much older than me.  


A lot of the people in my life back home have seen pictures of me in his backyard, in which a custom inground pool dug into a ledge in a vague teardrop shape overlooks the southern Spanish mountains, and think they understand.    


At least all of them are thousands of miles away, so it doesn’t really matter.   


This morning when I woke up and checked the weather on my phone and saw that was going to be 43 degrees, or over 100 Fahrenheit, I figured it was a great time to start my day with a coffee by the pool. And follow that by quickly diving into the pool.  


I tend to be an early riser, and am always out of bed by 8. 


Fairuz is an early riser in that he rises with the sun, so I woke up in bed alone, as I often do. Instead of getting dressed I went to my dresser drawer full of swimwear and found an unopened package there. There were several other unopened packages in different sections of my side of the walk-in closet. I would get to them eventually. 


Fairuz likes to give me gifts from time to time, and I cannot complain. It was a leopard one-piece that was somewhat modest in front, but would leave most of my back exposed. 


I put it on and went to the pool. 


Fairuz was already there with a coffee.


We had been living together for 3 years, so it made sense that we shared some habits. He already had a pot of coffee and a cup waiting for me on a tray. There was also an orange and the remains of another orange beside it. 


He was laying on a lounge chair by the pool. I walked up to him and plopped into his lap.  


I could feel that he was already a little bit hard. 


“I bought you that weeks ago.” He complained. His voice is always rough in the morning and his accent extra thick. I love it. “Why don’t you open your presents?”   


I ground against him just a little. He was only teasing me.       


“Maybe I will start.” I peeled his bathing suit down and off of his legs, leaving him entirely naked in the early morning sun. He still had a cup of coffee in his hand.   


“Put your coffee down.” I said. He threw the entire glass off the ledge and put his hands on my waist.   


“I liked that glass.” I complained. 


He was too busy pulling my bathing suit off of me to answer. 


He ran his hands from my face to my neck to my breasts, cupping them and teasing my nipples to hardness.   


I could feel him growing harder and harder beneath me. I ran my hands through his chest hair, which was dark and speckled with grey as I ground down against him. I knew he liked that. He growled and I felt it all the way to my toes. 


Fairuz could be rough and he could be soft, but he was not a patient man. 


He had never had to be. 


He pulled me down to kiss him which such force that I almost fell off of him. My yelp of surprise was swallowed by his mouth. He tasted like coffee, smoke, and oranges.   


Four years and he thinks I don’t know that he smokes, but I can always taste it. 


I wound my hands into his thick dark hair, which was just starting to gray at the temples, and tugged it a little. 


Fairuz pretends he doesn’t like having his hair pulled.  


I felt his cock twitch against my leg and pulled again. 


He whined into my mouth.           


“I want you.” He announced.   


I wanted him too. 


I lined his cock up. I was so wet already that I took him inside me in an instant, all the way down to the root. Even though I was on top, I was at the mercy of the rhythm of his hips as moved. I nearly bounced in his lap as he moved his cock. He knew what angle I liked, but would only fuck me in that exact way every so often and at random so I could not prepare for the sparks of pleasure that would randomly burn their way through me. 


I hadn’t even had coffee yet. 


It wasn’t long before I was a complete mess. I was whining, I was moaning, and at some point I had attacked him. He looked like he had been clawed up by some kind of animal. Seeing him marked up like that and knowing I had done it drives me fucking crazy every time.  


I pounded against his chest and he pulled out. He flipped me over and I easily curled up to rest on my forearms and knees, with my back arched. I rested my head in my arms and waited for him to fuck me in the exact way we both liked. 




He seemed to have other ideas.   


He slid his cock between my legs, teasing my pussy lips with it. He was already dripping, and I could feel him wet between my thighs as he slid and teased while he held my ass in his hands. 


“Fair–”I began, and before I could finish even saying his name he slapped my ass. It stung and gave me a jolt. He smacked me again and I whined, feeling deliriously empty as I clenched down inside on the empty space where his cock had been.  


“Fairuz!” I finally demanded.  


He slid inside me in a single punishing stroke as I looked out at the mountains. 


He was wild and unrestrained, pounding into me and slapping my ass and my thighs, I think mostly just because he was losing his mind and sometimes would miss. He grabbed me wherever he wanted and kissed me wherever he wanted. On one stroke I felt him sink his teeth into the back of my neck and I howled.  


My hair had been up in a bun that was barely holding on for dear life. He pulled it out and threw my scrunchie on the ground. I felt my hair spill over my shoulders. He took a handful of it and pulled my hair and my head back. I felt arched as tight as a bow. 


He was talking and I couldn’t understand him. He was still fucking me. He knew 5 languages. I couldn’t tell you which of the 5 he was speaking.   


I was busy. 


I think maybe he had asked me a question and I hadn’t answered. He slapped my ass again and I clenched down on his cock. I felt it twitch inside me as we both groaned.   


“Are you listening?” He asked.  


He slammed into me so hard I almost slid off of the lounge chair. I scrambled backwards and ended up sliding back onto him and taking him deep.  


“I want you to open all of your presents today.” I felt his balls slapping against me. He was still going.     


“A-all of them?” I like to give him a hard time, but I could barely even get the words out. I could feel him smirking against my neck.   


“All of them.” He replied. He had one of my breasts in each hand and was grinding against me with short maddening little movements. He was really going to kill me. 


“Or I will be even more upset with you.” One of his hands came down between my legs to tease my clit as I felt his cock pulse inside me. My thighs started to shake and pleasure burned through me. I felt like I was losing my mind.   


He was talking again, but I don’t know what he said. He asked me if I agreed and I said yes as finally orgasm overtook me. 


Pleasure burned through me with such intensity that I collapsed against the lounge chair. As I lay limp and in bliss, Fairuz finished. Little sparks of heat continued to shoot through my entire body as he finished and also collapsed on top of me. 


I felt his lips on my neck and his nose in my hair. We sighed together as he inhaled me. 


At first I wanted nothing more than for him to stay on top of me forever. 


Then it started to feel heavy.   


“Ruz.” I complained. 


“What, my love?” He asked, even though he knew. We had this talk every time we fucked in this position on the lounge chair. 


“Heavy.” I groaned. 


“I have to do this to protect you from the sun.” He said gravely. I looked at where our hands had become intertwined. His were darker than mine, but not by much. “You will burn.” 


“Maybe I put sunscreen on.”     


“No you didn’t.” He said.