Pillow Fight to Pain Play

The rain fell violently. The powerful winds lifted and tossed around newspapers, plastic bags, and empty water bottles like a toddler mid-tantrum. They would blow one way then the wind would suddenly change and send all the debris back in the other direction. Every now and then something hard would smack against the glass.


Thomas sat on the couch in basketball shorts and a dark green co-ed league softball shirt, seemingly unaware. His wavy brown hair was down in front of his face, and he was wearing his glasses. He flipped through television channels. The audio on the old TV couldn’t compete with the storm outside, but it cycled through a slap from a soap opera, gunshots from a western, and screams from a horror movie. 


A sudden sound cut through all the noise inside and outside of the apartment. It was Sidney.


“Thomas!” Sidney yelled in aggravation as she slammed her open palm down on the laminate countertop. “You are driving me insane with that. I’m trying to study. Pick something or shut it off.”


Thomas snapped his neck in the direction of the loud noise – in the direction of Sidney – but at the same moment, an object the size of a bird smacked into the window. His eyes darted back to the shatterproof glass.


“Are you kidding me?” he asked, “you can study just fine with a monsoon outside, but can’t deal with me trying to find something to watch?”


“You were trying to find something to watch ten minutes ago. For the last five, you have just been circling through random crap. The storm is constant, like white noise. You switching channels makes me want to kill a man, and you are the only man here.” Sidney gave her roommate a death glare worthy of a trashy reality show.


“I’m bored though and have nothing to do,” Thomas answered. The character from the horror movie on the television screamed again.


“What are you, five? I take back what I said about you being a man.” Sidney said, her head buried once more in the graphic design textbook that sat amongst various sketches, notes, and highlighted printouts on the kitchen counter.


“Normally I love the rain, but this,” Thomas said gesturing outside, “this is insanity, should we be worried?”


“It’s just a storm,” Sidney answered without looking up. All that was visible was her jet-black hair tucked behind her ears. “It will pass. This final worries me more than whatever is going on outside.


“Finals! Oh man, that takes me back.” Thomas stood and stretched his long legs. He cracked his back and flexed his chest. Crossing the wood floor of the living room into the tiled kitchen area, he grabbed one of the scattered sketches from the counter and turned it upside down.


“Stop,” Sidney said, reaching up and snatching it from his grasp, “I am struggling really hard right now, and I need to concentrate.”


“Maybe you are struggling because you are using a book and a notepad. Just because you are going back to college doesn’t mean you gotta go all the way back.”


“I wasn’t good with computers five years ago, and I’m not good with them now,” Sidney said, copying sentences from the textbook onto the notepad.


“You aren’t good with computers?” Thomas questioned, “are you sure a career in graphic design is right for you then?”


“I love art,” Sidney said as she continued to scribble on the notepad.


“Then be an art major.”


“There is no money in art, if I wanted to continue to make no money, I would have stayed at the restaurant.”


Thomas looked down at Sidney’s legs below the counter; her right one was shaking rapidly.


“You’re stressed,” he said.


“How did you deduce that one?” Sidney’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Now please, leave me be to study.”


“I wish I could,” Thomas said, “but as your roommate, I am obligated to intercede when you are anxious and stressed. Do you remember the deal we made in college when I was freaking out over that game?”


‘This is one hundred percent different.” Sidney said, dropping her pencil and leaning back in her chair. “That was a stupid basketball game that you were obsessing over unnecessarily. This is a critical class that could very well define my attempt to remake myself.”


“Yeah exactly,” Thomas said as he slowly pushed away the graphic design materials, “stakes are just as high. Stand up, it will be worth it, I swear.”


“Fine,” Sidney sighed and stood up. She was wearing a bright green tank top and oversized Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas that dragged on the floor.


“You gotta roll those up for this or put something else on,” Thomas said, pointing to the pajamas. Sidney gave him a scowl and walked down the hallway into her bedroom. When Sidney re-entered the room, she was wearing a tiny pair of athletic shorts that exposed most of her long pale legs, and Thomas was holding two of the tan throw pillows.


“What are we doing? What are you doing with those?”


“Hit me,” Thomas replied.




“Hit me, well not me, but the pillows. You are too tightly wound right now to study. You gotta loosen up and release from tension. Hit the pillows. Pretend they are punching mitts.”


Sidney paused for a minute, considering the usefulness of the exercise. Then she put her hair in a ponytail to get it away from her large almond-shaped eyes and got into a punching stance.


“Do it,” Thomas whispered as a wicked grin escaped his lips and played across his dimpled cheeks. Sidney raised her arms and took a sharp inhale as she lashed out at the pillow in Thomas’s right hand. The hit barely registered on Thomas or on the pillow.


“Are you kidding me?” he said, “put some freakin’ weight behind it! Look at those thighs! Ten years of soccer and you are gonna punch with your hands?”


Intensity flashed in Sidney’s eyes, and her nostrils flared. She repositioned herself and this time punched with her left hand twisting her hips in the process. The hit rocketed Thomas back.


“Now we are cooking!” Let’s go!” Thomas bounced on his toes and put the pillows up like they were boxing gloves. He started to hop around the apartment as Sidney got into it. She would jab, cross, hook, and uppercut whenever Thomas positioned the pillows for the various combos.


They were down the slender carpeted hallway when Thomas positioned his right hand for a jab. When Sidney went to strike, she left her guard down on her left side. Thomas took the other pillow and hit her upside the head with it. She stumbled sideways into the wall. When she righted herself, the fury in her eyes matched the intensity of the storm still raging outside.


“What the fuck was that?!”


“Sometimes the punching bags punch back!” Thomas exclaimed.


“Oh, you think that’s funny?” Sidney ripped the pillow out of Thomas’s right hand and started beating him with it, whipping it around while holding onto its corner.


Thomas collapsed on the carpet in laughter as he tried to shield himself unsuccessfully from his out-of-control roommate. He reached up and pulled at Sidney’s arm, and she collapsed on the floor on top of him.


After more tussling, Sidney had Thomas’s hands pinned at his sides with her muscular thighs. In a moment of pure adrenaline, she slapped him across the face hard – not with a pillow, but with her bare hand. The slap ricocheted through the apartment with a crack that even seemed to stop the storm momentarily. Thomas’s glasses flew off and hit the wall, and everything stopped. Sidney’s hands went to her gaping mouth in self-astonishment. Thomas, with his arms still pinned and his glasses off, looked directly into Sidney’s bulged eyes.


“Do it again,” he said in a voice as serious as a cut. Sidney hesitated at first, but slowly taking her hand away from her mouth, she brought it to her side and with the snap of her wrist, delivered a blow to Thomas’s other cheek. He gasped, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.


Sidney recognized pleasure in Thomas’s facial expression, and she felt unfamiliar waves coursing through her own body. At the same time, she realized Thomas’s rock hard member was poking at the base of her ass.


Sidney continued to straddle Thomas as she struggled to process the overload of new information. Thomas’s dick just kept growing and stabbing at her backside, while her pussy was suddenly flooded.


The more Thomas jerked around to free himself, the more Sidney clenched her lower half. Primal coding in her DNA that had remained untapped for her first twenty-seven years on earth suddenly consumed her. She looked down at Thomas. Instead of seeing her roommate, she saw a play toy that she could use at her discretion. The feeling of power and control was overwhelming. She had already soaked through her thong.


While Sidney fought to understand her newfound kink, Thomas had managed to break his left hand free. The sudden loss of control and the feeling of Thomas’s large hand on her round ass snapped her back to reality. She grabbed it, but instead of taking it off her curves, she moved it lower so Thomas could feel her wetness and heat. Thomas flexed his bicep and grabbed hold of Sidney’s flesh so tight that she yelped.


The two roommates shared no words. They continued to communicate through thrilling glances and shocked gasps as they descended deeper into their freak.


Thomas’s hand was fully wrapped around Sidney and rubbing her pussy lips through the damp materials of her thong and athletic shorts. His other hand was still pinned at his side. Sidney gripped both sides of Thomas’s head as she let him roughly finger fuck her. She looked into his eyes, mouth agape, and didn’t know what to do. She only knew that she wanted it to be rough.


The pressure Thomas was putting on Sidney’s pussy began to lax. Sidney hated the sudden lack of intensity and wanted to get it back. As a flash of lightning lit up the sky, she removed her right hand from Thomas’s head. While he continued to stare at her lower half, the clap of thunder that accompanied the lightning hit, and Sidney wound up and delivered a blow to Thomas’s cheek with such force that his neck cracked. It took less than a second for the energy in his arm to pick back up.


Sidney was shocked by how good delivering the slap felt. While lost in sensation, she let her grip on Thomas’s other hand slip. He used his new freedom to grab at her apple-sized boobs. Ripping her tank top down with one fierce tug, he reached out and sucked a nipple into his mouth. After batting it around with his tongue for a few seconds, he bit down on it hard. The sudden rush of pain sent a shutter through Sidney’s body, and she yelled out. Pushing Thomas’s head back to the floor, she instinctively wrapped her fingers around his throat.


Sidney felt like a woman possessed. She had never choked anyone before. She had seen it done in the porn she watched but never had the guts to try it out on a guy before today. Thomas had pushed aside her short shorts and thong and was prodding at her pussy lips, circling her clit like a cyclone. The harder she pushed on his throat, the faster his fingers moved. Sidney felt a climax coming on and needed Thomas to maintain his speed. She tightened her grip on his neck and used her other hand to slap his reddening cheek rapidly.


Thomas not only kept the speed, Sidney felt a marked increase. She sat her ass back down on Thomas’s hand and ground her hips through an intense orgasm as the wind continued to howl outside.


Once Sidney came down, she released her hold on Thomas’s throat and rolled off of him. She sat back against the wall with her knees at her chin and thought about what just happened. Her tank top was ripped halfway down her body, and her nipples stood at attention.


“That last one got me good,” Thomas said as he propped himself up and rubbed at his jaw.


“I’m so sorry,” Sidney said, handing Thomas his glasses back, which had been smacked a few feet down the hall, “I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know what that was.”


“Fucking amazing is what that was,” Thomas said, wiping his glasses on his shirt and putting them back on.


“You do that often?” Sidney asked, genuinely interested.


“I mean,” Thomas said grinning and shrugging, “you saw the girls I dated in college – Megan, captain of the rugby team, Taylor, first-team all-state tennis player, Lacey.”


“Lacey didn’t play a sport.”


“No, but she was a violinist, very aggressive. But you, never?”


“No, I mean,” Sidney struggled with a way to talk about her sex life. Even after Thomas had just finger fucked her to completion, it was still hard for her to open up about such an intimate part of her.


“Either way?” Thomas pressed.


“What do you mean?”


“Like, did you ever have a guy get rough or anything?”


“Once. I was not a fan. He did it unannounced and in a very demeaning way. I’m okay with an ass slap, or if a guy wants to grab some thigh or something, but don’t hit me without warning.”


“That’s a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?” Thomas chuckled.


“I know! I don’t know what that was. We were just fucking around. I guess I thought I had a pillow in my hand, but I didn’t, and the adrenaline just took over and god that was,” Sidney ran her hands through her hair, “and you like that? That style?”


“Fuck yeah,” Thomas responded, “I love being slapped around, and you have a natural instinct for it. It took a while for even Megan, who hit people daily, to work up the courage to smack me like you did. You liked it too didn’t you?”


“Oh my fucking god I did,” Sidney sighed into her hands, “I really liked it.”


“I can’t believe you have never tried that before!” Thomas exclaimed, clapping his hands together in time with another crack of thunder. The noise made them both stop and look towards the windows on the other side of the apartment. The rumble receded and was replaced by the pounding of incessant rain once again.


“I don’t know! None of my old boyfriends were sexually…adventurous and it isn’t exactly something you bring up on a first date! ‘Hey, I’m Sidney, nice to meet you, if things go well, would you want to come back to my place and let me tie you to my bed, slap you around, and choke you a little?'”


“You want to tie me to your bed?”


Still seated on the carpet of the hallway, Sidney glanced over to Thomas and nodded her head almost imperceptibly. It was clearly all the nonverbal confirmation Thomas needed, as he jumped up, grabbed Sidney by her long pale arms, and ran into her bedroom. With one swipe, he knocked all the graphic design stuff off of Sidney’s bed and laid down facing up.


“Do your fucking worst,” he said as he kicked out his legs, reached his arms above him, and shut his eyes.


Sidney stood at the doorway hesitantly. She looked at the scattered books and papers now on the floor then at the half-drawn blackout curtains over the big window, and finally at her desk surrounded by mementos from different vacations. A row of shot glasses from Portugal, an Incan matrimonial head mask from Machu Picchu, and hanging on a hook to the right of her television was a cowboy hat and ranch rope from her trip to Montana. She had never before looked at the rope with such lust.


As Sidney stood there though, she felt divided – torn between wanting to explore this unique new side of her, a side that clearly got her excited beyond conceivable means, and the fact that this was her roommate for whom she had never before shared romantic feelings. She surmised to make a few things clear before this went any further.


“Thomas, I totally want to do this, like you have no idea how badly I want to do this, but I feel like I have to say something. We are crossing a line right here that is very often not supposed to be crossed in a roommate relationship.”


“Sidney,” Thomas stopped her, “I don’t want to date you. We have never had feelings for each other, and we aren’t going to develop them now. Fuck me, don’t fuck me, use me to get you off, as stress relief, I don’t care, just do to me what you did in the hallway over there, but more.”


Sidney still hesitated. What they had done in the hallway had flowed so naturally from their wrestling. She was struggling now wondering how to start. She glanced at the rope hanging on the wall and saw another flash of lightning.


“Try to pin me!” Sidney exclaimed as the idea hit her.


“What?” Thomas sat up.


“Yeah, try to pin me to the ground. I can’t just walk over to you and just do stuff to you, we need to get the adrenaline pumping again.” Sidney started to bounce on her toes, waiting for Thomas to come at her. Her still visible boobs started to jiggle with the swaying motion.


Thomas got off the bed. His erection was stretching the fabric of his basketball shorts.


“You sure?” he asked.


Sidney nodded, and Thomas lunged at her.


Sidney was surprised that instead of going for her boobs, Thomas actually went for her shoulders. He grabbed them and spun her around, backing her up towards the bed. Sidney struggled to stay upright as Thomas tried to push her down onto it. She used the first opportunity she saw to reach for and take hold of one of his nipples. She gave it a slight twist, and Thomas fell down to one knee. Taking hold of the other one and giving it a twist, she forced him down onto both knees.


Now Sidney was in control. She grabbed the back of Thomas’s head and at the same time worked her damp shorts and thong off of her. Once she got them past her naturally curvy ass, they both fell to the floor, and Sidney stepped out of them as if she had just arrived for a party thrown in her honor. She leaned against the closest wall, spread her legs, and, clutching Thomas’s wavy hair, guided his head into her pussy. Her sex radiated bravado and confidence. The power and the willingness to wield it came naturally to her despite never taking up such a stance in her sex life before.


Sidney felt scarily alive. An animal inside her was now on the loose, and she knew if she wasn’t careful, it could come to consume her. Exhilaration could lead to addiction – understanding to chaos, but she couldn’t concern herself with those seceding paths right now. Right now, there was a face buried between her legs and a rather enthusiastic tongue lapping at her pussy lips.


Spreading her legs even wider, Sidney started working her hips, grinding her mound into Thomas’s saturated face. A rush came over her, as another rumble of thunder seemed to shake the very foundation of the apartment building. She wondered if he could breathe down there and then realized that she didn’t care. His comfort wasn’t important to her – he was a toy. Toys don’t need air. Sidney wanted to play with him even more.


“Take your shirt off,” she ordered him, “but don’t take your mouth off my pussy.”


Sidney leaned back against the wall, pleased with her own cunning, and hit her head against the cowboy hat hanging just in front of the ranch rope. She felt Thomas slow his tongue movements as he seemingly considered the challenge. He would have to take his tongue off of her, she thought, and then she could do something to punish him. Her body jolted with the mere thought of it, but then she heard the sound of ripping fabric. Looking down at her subject, she saw Thomas tearing apart his softball t-shirt from the front like some kind of sex-crazed superman. She gasped as Thomas muscled his way through the last few threads of his destroyed t-shirt. Once he was completely shirtless and successful in passing Sidney’s challenge, she felt his tongue pick up speed.


Thomas grabbed Sidney’s ass and hoisted her up, so one of her legs was now draped across his bare shoulder. He was prodding at her opening, tongue-fucking her pussy like a cobra probing the scents in the air. The sensations coming at Sidney were amazing, but with Thomas’s hands all over her ass, and him holding her up, she suddenly felt immobilized. The toy was playing with her.


Reaching above her head, Sidney grabbed the ranch rope from off the wall. Using Thomas’s shoulder as a boost, she lifted her body up and over him and away from his tongue. Thomas turned. She watched the dumbfounded look on his face turn to excitement at the site in front of him.


Sidney stood stark naked with one hand on her hip and the rope in the other. She slowly walked toward the still kneeling Thomas, unfurling the rope as she walked. She could feel his eyes on her perky breasts. Wrapping the rope around the back of his neck, she turned and sauntered back towards the bed, pulling him along behind her like a dog on a leash. Bending over seductively, she reached into her nightstand and pulled out a condom. She threw it onto the floor behind her. 


“Strip and put this on. You aren’t going to be able to use your hands soon,” Sidney said without even bothering to look back.


As Thomas got ready behind her, Sidney looked around the room. The sky had lightened a bit outside, and all the lights were on making the room exceptionally bright. She usually dimmed them and shut the curtains completely when she undressed– even when alone. There was a mirror above her nightstand, and she peered into her naked reflection. Her shoulders were back, and she was standing up straight, so her perky breasts were on full display. She ran her hands down her own body and felt her milky-white skin. She never remembered being so turned on by her own touch.


“I’m ready,” Thomas said from behind her.


Sidney looked at him through the mirror and smiled. He was still on his knees, and the condom was on his surprisingly long cock. It wasn’t the thickest she had ever seen, but it stood at attention impressively.


“Stand up, put your hands out in front of you,” Sidney commanded. She then grabbed the rope and tied Thomas’s hands together. Leading him to the bed, she looped the rope through her brass-spindled headboard so he couldn’t move. Then she climbed on top of him.


As Sidney mounted Thomas, the room got perceptively darker. The reprieve from the storm outside was shorter than she expected. The clouds grew thicker, and the rain pelted the ground like machine gun fire once more. Sidney took hold of Thomas’s long cock and started rubbing it. As he waited to be adequately tied, his cock had wilted slightly under the condom. Sidney’s hand job didn’t seem to be bringing him back to the full attention he was at earlier.


With her free hand, Sidney delivered a slap to the right side of Thomas’s face, and his cock jolted in her other hand. His erection was back with a vengeance. She lined up his throbbing member with her opening and slid down its full length enjoying every inch as it crept deeper and deeper into her passage.


When it was fully buried inside her, Sidney grabbed Thomas’s neck with one hand and the rope that bound his hands with the other and started to ride him like she was breaking in a stallion. Her pussy juice flowed freely as she gripped onto everything tighter – clenching his dick between her legs with the same intensity with which she choked him.


A switch had been flipped inside of Sidney, and she started to lash out at Thomas in any way that popped into her head. She twisted his nipples, slapped his face, tightened her grip until he gasped and then loosened it so he could recapture his breath. Using her fingernails, she traced down his abdomen and up his chest, scratching at his flesh like a cat on a new post.


Through crashes and flashes of thunder and lightning, Sidney rode Thomas and abused his body. Thomas seemed to relish in the pain and pleasure as a permanent look of euphoria was plastered on his face through every move Sidney made. When she felt the familiar tickling in her pussy, she came down hard on Thomas’s lower half while both her hands found his throat. She pounded and squeezed her way to an overture of an orgasm as rain and wind lashed the apartment.


Aftershocks pinballed up Sidney’s body as she closed her eyes and collapsed on top of her toy. She slipped Thomas’s still-hard cock from her pussy and got off the bed. A sudden urge to pee brought on by the constant gyration and the rainfall hit her. She was about to make her way to the hall bathroom when she heard a loud noise come from behind her – it was Thomas.


“Sidney!” He yelled. “Are you just going to leave me like this?”


“Oh! I’m sorry!” Sidney stepped gingerly back into the room, trying to avoid the books and papers still scattered across the floor. She walked back to the bed, grabbed the remote, and turned on the television. The same horror movie from earlier was still playing.


“There ya go!” Sidney said as she dropped the remote on Thomas’s chest and walked out of the room.