Performance Review

It’s no secret that everyone in the office wants to fuck you. However, none of us really want to be fired, so we keep it to ourselves. 


It’s pretty well-known that sleeping with your co-workers is a bad idea. In some places, it can even get you fired. And even if it can’t get you fired, what if things go wrong? 


Then you have to see that person every day. You have to keep it professional afterwards, even if all you can think about is being inside them. 


Sleeping with your boss, however, is something else entirely. 


 And I had only been hired, by you, a month ago. I wanted you, but I knew it was a risk. 


After all, what if things went wrong and you decided to fire me? What if things went right and people find out and think that all of my accomplishments within the company are just because I’m fucking the boss?  


I thought I had caught you looking at me. In staff meetings. In the lounge. In the elevator. And it got my mind wandering in all kinds of directions. 


It’s made it hard to focus at staff meetings and at my desk. Sometimes I would think that out of the corner of my eye I could see you watching me in a way that wasn’t all that professional. 


But, I couldn’t tell if it was just me. Was it just my wishful thinking and my fantasy? I can’t deny that seeing you walk around the office in your pencil skirt and your heels had made me wonder what was underneath.   


I also can’t deny that I had spent a little bit of time in the morning getting ready for my performance review. I got up early that morning. I styled my hair. I sprayed on cologne. I made sure but my suit was flawless looking. There was not a wrinkle anywhere. 


As I put on my red button-up shirt I imagined you unbuttoning it and I knew I had to calm down. I had to stop before I walked into your office. You would ask me questions and I would have to answer them. I couldn’t let you know how badly I wanted you.  


 And I wanted you so fucking bad.


When I stepped into your office I smelled your perfume. You told me to sit and I did. I felt like your pet sitting in front of your desk. It only turned me on more.   


You seemed generally pleased with my reports overall. Your praise gave me inappropriate jolts of pleasure. I was barely keeping it professional. 


I couldn’t help but notice that your button-up shirt was buttoned down a little bit further than usual. 


Seeing only that little bit of your cleavage peeking through did things to me. I wanted to grab your breasts through your shirt. I want to roll your nipples between my fingers. I wanted to kiss you from head to toe and have you on your desk. 


I wanted to knock all of your papers to the floor. I wanted to take off your clothes and touch you everywhere right there in the office, knowing someone could come in at any time. 


I think maybe my thoughts showed on my face. All of a sudden the air in the room changed. You told me that I looked a little bit flushed and asked me if I felt well. However, the tone of your voice was far from professional or friendly concern. 


Your smile was just a little bit too wicked to be office-appropriate. I wondered if that alone could make me hard.    


You knew. 


I was in trouble. 


You pressed your hand to my forehead. It was the first time you ever touched me outside of a handshake. And I felt so tightly wound that I probably could have moaned just from that, right there in your office. 


“You feel hot,” you said.


I totally lost it. I kissed you right then, pressing you against your desk. I let my hands wander around your waist, almost reaching to squeeze your ass. Our kisses became rougher and rougher. I felt like I was on fire.  


I felt my hands coming down your hips, sliding down your tight pencil skirt. One of your feet was between my own. Your breasts were pressed against my chest. 


When you pressed against my hard cock I almost lost my mind entirely. I might have ripped the buttons off of your shirt trying to get it off of you.


I needed to touch more of your skin and nothing else mattered. 


Your bra was red and lacey. In fact, it was so sheer that I could almost see your hard nipples poking through it. 


I unzipped your skirt, just a little at the top. I wanted to see if your panties matched your bra. 


They did.


I wondered if you always dressed in lingerie under your clothes. 


I wondered if maybe I wasn’t the only one who was hoping to get fucked at this performance review. 


It was easy to pull your shirt off you once it was unbuttoned. I watched as your white shirt fell to the ground and your unzipped skirt slid over your hips and down your legs. 


You were standing almost naked in front of me in your office. Just a door separated us from the rest of the company. I had seen nothing hotter in my life than you standing in front of me in your sheer red lace bra and panties. 


I could have looked at you all day. But, then you leaned against your desk and spread your legs. I could see the outline of your pussy lips through your red lace panties and I had to have you. 


I could see that your panties were a little darker right between your legs and I wondered if you were already soaking wet. When I touched you and found that you already were dripping my cock twitched in my pants.


I couldn’t believe I was going to get my wish. I was dying to fuck you right on top of your desk.


I pushed your panties to the side and teased you with one finger first, just to see how you felt. You were hotter and wetter then I could have ever imagined. I slid another finger inside you and I saw you shaking your head.


“Fuck me, now.” You demanded.


And I couldn’t help but do it. I’ve never wanted anything so badly in my entire life. It felt like it took a thousand years to get my cock out of my pants. Your panties were pushed to the side, exposing your dripping hole. 


I slid all the way inside of you, as far as I could go.


We moaned together and I felt you hook your heels around my waist to draw me in even deeper. I felt the sharp points of your heels digging into my back and I knew just what you wanted.


I started to move and you threw your head back, knocking a coffee cup off of your desk.


 It spilled all over the floor and you only looked at me and said “Harder.” 


And I had to give it to you. I slammed into you with every ounce of my strength and you wailed long and low. Somehow, I could feel you pulling me closer and deeper with every stroke. I felt like I was about to explode. 


When you squeezed my cock deep inside you I swear I couldn’t see for a second. I couldn’t breathe. My whole world was just you gripping my cock inside you and pulling it in deeper and deeper with every stroke. 


I saw you reach down to play with your clit as I fucked you. You worked it hard and tiny little circles. Your hips moved and your pussy clamped down on me. I felt like I was in a dream. 


Suddenly you let out a long high pitched moan. It was so delicious that it made my cock twitch inside you. I knew you were coming. You are so hot and tight around me that I couldn’t help but come deep inside you. 


It felt endless. I collapsed on top of you, feeling you pulse around me and writhe beneath me as I orgasmed.  


Suddenly, through it all, I realized that we were kissing. Your lips were plush and soft. You nibbled on my tongue as your pussy milked my cock until I was spent. 


I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. Vaguely, I think I noticed that some papers had slid to the floor. A book landed on the carpet of your office with a heavy thunk. 


You had come hard and were dripping with sweat. Your breasts were heaving against me. I licked your neck. I sucked on your skin, tasting your sweat, and I felt your hips jolt against me.  


I wondered if that alone could make me hard again.