Overheard Roommates

It’s maybe 1130pm when I get into bed and try to fall asleep. I start to feel pretty restless so I resort to scrolling through my phone for some “bed time” reading material, if ya catch my drift 😉 I’m just browsing, and I feel myself starting to get wet. Times like these I really wish I had a boyfriend, or at least a nearby FWB haha.

After a few minutes, I reach into my bed side drawer and grab my vibrator. Just then I hear my roommate fumbling with her keys and eventually making her way into our apartment. I’m annoyed because she’s so loud. Our place is a bit small, and the walls are thin, so it’s not entirely her fault but still! I figured I’d wait until she’s in bed or whatever until I continue.

I then realize her boyfriend is with her. I can hear them talking in the kitchen (pretty loud, I think they’re drunk). Her boyfriend is tall, athletic, black, and very attractive. My roommate is gorgeous as well, but she’s not who I’m thinking about while I’m laying in bed 😉

They’re moving around out there for a few minutes, I hear one of them in the bathroom too. (I’m telling you, our apartment is small and the walls are too thin!!) but finally I hear them go into her room and I think I can finally go at it and then go to bed haha. I was waiting to hear them turn her tv on, just to drown out any noise she might hear from my vibrator or from my moans (I’m a bit of a moaner). I don’t hear anything at first, besides some shuffling around. And then I hear her let out a bit of a moan and I realize what’s happening.

My first reaction was to reach for my headphones, maybe watch something on my phone to get off and give them their privacy. I’ve heard them having sex before, and I never thought to really listen. Once I even had to leave the apartment because they were going at it so loud haha. But while I’m looking for something to watch, I start to hear him moaning. He’s egging her on as she’s sucking him off. Hearing him talking dirty to her as she sucks his cock gets me incredibly turned on and I take my head phones off to listen better. I focus and listen and I can hear her slurping noises, taking his cock. My pussy is tingling. He’s saying her name over and over as if he’s getting close to shooting his load. Before he finishes, I hear her mattress squeaking and moving around as if they’re changing positions. After a few seconds I realize I’m right because then I hear her gasping and him grunting.

I am so turned on at this point. I’m imagining her boyfriend naked, and his huge cock (she’s told me he’s a good 9.5 inches). I grab my vibrator and turn it on, not quite full speed, but somewhere in the middle. I move my panties to the side and push it inside of me. Fuck I’m so wet. I start to fuck myself, listening to him pounding my friend in the next room, wishing it was me. I hear more shuffling around and then I hear a loud moan from my friend. Louder than before. I can only imagine what position they’re in now. I hear him telling her to “take it” over and over again. Then I turn up the speed on my vibrator and start fucking myself faster, thinking about his cock and what it must feel like.

I force myself to slow down a bit and reduce the speed. I was so turned on I felt like I was going to squirt everywhere. I slow down to a steady pace, playing with my tits and pinching my nipples, when I hear her start screaming his name. I can’t hear him much at this point, but whatever he’s doing, she’s getting close to cumming. Sure enough, I hear her climaxing and I hear the squeaking slow down a bit. At this point I turn over in my bed so I’m on my knees with my head down and I stick my vibrator back inside me, wishing I was getting pounded from behind. I hear him start to fuck her again and I try to match the rhythm. At this point I just hear a lot of grunts and moans coming from their room. I turn my speed up some more, feeling the vibrations on my swollen clit. I thrust against my vibrator and go at it non stop for a bit, thinking of his cock and before I know it I’m cumming all over my vibrator and my hand. I had to turn my face into my pillow to muffle my moans.

Afterwards I quietly sneak out to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I pass her room I can still hear them going at it.