Outdoor Shower

We’ve spent a lovely day lazing about the beach. You kept making me hard through the course of the day. Every time I got into a few pages in my book, you’d lean over and tell me just how you were going to suck my cock when we got back, furtively rubbing me as you cooed in my ear.

Four hours and I couldn’t finish one chapter.

Every time I went in for a dip, you’d follow me, and we’d inevitably embrace and kiss in four feet of water, and you’d stroke my cock to hardness then wrap your legs around me as I held your ass and drove my pelvis into you.You’d always break loose and laugh, swimming away on your back with a knowing smile.

Too many people around to carry on like we do on our evening dips, and I had to concentrate on my swimming stroke to wipe out the thoughts of my preferred stroking.

On our return, we both go into the outdoor shower together.

As soon as we get the water temp right we kiss slowly. I break off the kiss, as I want to kiss your salty neck before the shower washes all traces of it away.

My hands are busy removing your suit, and you quickly do the same to me, my manhood springing out.

Your hand immediately goes to it, stroking it, as I switch over to the hand-held shower head.

I stop you, knowing how quick I could come if I left it up to you.

I start spraying you down to remove any sand, and you accommodate me, arching your head back as I stream the hot water through your hair.

I go in for the neck again, kissing and licking you there, my arm around your waist as you work your hands through your wet hair, trying to loosen as much sand as you can before shampooing. With your arms raised, I step back and rinse your hair, moving in to kiss you with your head tilted back so.

Your boobs are arched to full effect, standing up so sexy and I spin you around again, blasting them with the shower head. I concentrate on one nipple, and in no time at all it’s taut as can be, looking like a ripe berry, and I switch the spray to the other one as I lean in to nibble and suck on it. You exhale loudly as I do so, reaching for my cock again.

I move to the other one, just about chewing on it as I lower the shower head over your lower torso, back and forth until I get to your crotch and just let it hit there.

You moan lightly, spreading your legs and stroking my cock harder.

I break off from your nipple, grabbing the base of my cock to keep from coming…just in time, while spinning you around once again.

I quickly rinse back and forth across your back from your shoulders down. When I get to your ass, I have you lean forward and jut it out for me.

Having been in the surf like we had been, there’ll be sand stuck in your crack, and I use my hand in conjunction with the spray to make sure there is none left.

I’m haunched down, and as I lower the spray between your legs, letting it shoot up between them, my tongue moves into your crack for a thorough inspection. I wiggle the tip of my tongue into your sphincter, not penetrating beyond, just in and out to feel it contract on me.Your hands are outstretched on the shower wall, sitting back on me, as I jiggle the shower-head on your crotch.You reach down to take it from me, wanting it just so on your clit, and I rise up and move in to enter you. 

Your labia is swollen and ready as I feed myself slowly into you as you exhale loudly. My hands are on your hips aiding and abetting my slow thrusts.

When you took the shower head, you lay your other arm across the 2×4 that runs horizontal midway up the shower wall, and your head rests against it.

I fuck you steadily, holding back from pummeling you so you won’t have to brace yourself from smacking your head, trying to outlast you and that shower-head.

You’re groaning and I can feel your legs shaking, and I imagine that without my hands and shaft keeping you in place, you’d probably be on your knees, your legs turning to jelly as the first spasms start to hit you.

I back up and take a new stance, drawing your pelvis back with my hands to meet every slamming thrust, driving into you harder.

I hear the shower-head hit the deck and your arm raises to the wall, forming a symmetrical bracing with your forearms and the wall, and that causes me to smash into you as hard as I can, wanting to now empty myself in you.

You grunt hard from the physicality of each drive, and the primal, animalistic sound of it just makes me jump over the edge, and I start spewing into you, grunting loudly in release.

My arms go around your waist as I lean on your back, coming back to earth. I hear and feel the shower-head on the floor, writhing around under pressure, and I reach up to switch it to the overhead shower and turn you around to kiss and hold you under the warm spray, letting it envelop us.

Life’s best moments, defined.