Late-Night Tinder Meet-Up

I’m the cute guy that you swiped right for on Tinder. My wavy light-brown hair, radiant smile, and chiseled physique won you over. Not to mention my witty caption about my ideal first date. We speak through chat casually, and then I ask for your number. I text you a cute selfie. You text one back. That was at 7 PM. You tell me that you want to wait to go on a cute coffee date. I tell you that’s a great idea. 

Then, 11 PM hits. I get that text. You’re horny and your body is craving my touch. I send you my address. You check your Maps and see that we’re only a mile apart. You tell me that you’re coming. Jokingly, I tell you to hold it for me. I also tell you to come in pajamas.

Around 12 AM you get to my house. Since you’re nervous, you call me. You hear my soft, yet deep voice when I tell you I’ll come out and get you. I walk outside and see you standing by my front door in a large band-tee and loose pajama pants. I’m dressed in loose grey sweatpants and a green hoodie. It’s clear that I’m not wearing any boxers. You see my bulge peeking through my pants, shaking around. 

As I walk over to you, I open my arms and pull you in tight. You feel my large, muscular arms wrap around your small body. You feel my bulge get a little harder as it presses into you. Your heart sinks and I let go. I hold your hand and lead you inside my apartment. We have to be quiet because my roommates are sleeping, so we tip-toe to my room. Once we get to the door, I slowly shut it behind us. 

You sit down on my bed and I stand over you and we lock eyes. Although you don’t usually do this, you bite your lower lip and pull me in over you. I take my large hand and slide it across your cheek gently, pushing your hair behind your ear. Then, I kiss a trail from your cheek, to your nose, to your lips. You feel my soft wet lips meet yours, and my warm breath on your face. All the while, you feel my hips pressuring into you, pressing you against the bed.

I kiss you passionately, and then I bite your lower lip. I hang on for a second, I don’t want to let go of your taste. When I let go, you lose your breath for a second, and feel my hand run down your body and grip your waist. I grip soft, and then harder. Then I move my head down and start kissing your neck. You can’t see, but I start licking your neck in a swirling motion with my warm, wet tongue. I blow on your neck and you feel chills run down your spin. I keep on licking as you gently scratch my back, running your fingers through my hard muscles.

I lick up from your neck to your ear. I nibble on your ear and you feel my warm breath get faster and hit into your ear. Your body fidgets underneath mine. It tickles, but it feels so good. Then, I cup my large hand around your breast. And then the other. As I kiss a trail back to your lips, I grab your boobs in my hands and start to pinch your nipples. I feel them get hard underneath the shirt. 

I slowly pull your shirt off and look at your beautiful body in awe. You’re not wearing a bra. I bite my lips and make my way down to your boobs. I cup them again, but now, I lick a circle around your boob, but not yet to your nipple. Your feel the wet trail get closer and closer to your nipple. Finally, my tongue grazes your nipple, and I feel your nipple get harder. I lick your nipple and then gently bite it. 

I get a little more aggressive and grab your boobs harder. Then, I lick my way over to your other boob and make the same circular motion around your nipple, until I lick it. Both of your nipples are hard, and then I pinch them gently with my fingers. You scratch my back even harder and whisper, “fuck” to me. I look up at you and smirk.

Then, I lick a trail from your tits down to your belly button. You feel my warm tongue over every inch of your body. I look up at you and bite your pants. I pull them off with my teeth and you giggle. You’re not wearing any underwear and you have a cute happy trail. I grab your inner thigh gently. Then, I grab your other leg, and I start rubbing with some more pressure. Your pussy is wet, and you want me inside of you. You tell me to go down on you.

I bring my head down to your inner thigh and kiss a slow, soft trail to your pussy. I grab your inner thigh harder and harder. Then, my lips meet yours. I start eating you out, licking your sweet, wet pussy in a swirling motion. You fidget and start clawing at my back aggressively now. I French kiss your pussy and lick up all of your juices, baby. I look up at you and you bite your lip hard. I lick faster and faster, harder and harder against your pussy. Then, use my fingers to spread your pussy, and you feel my wet tongue against your clit. I feel your hard clit rub against my tongue, and I lick with pressure into it.

Your body starts to shake, your legs feel weak. I rub faster, you feel the long licks of my tongue against you. You haven’t cum in days, and you can’t contain yourself. You run your fingers through my soft hair and start pulling it hard. You feel me lick even harder and faster. You arch your back into me and feel electrifying chills run down your spine. I spread your pussy wider and grab your inner thighs. Then I rub my hands down to your butt and grab your ass hard, spreading it.

Your body shakes uncontrollably as your pull my hair and claw at my back, anything to fight the feeling. You climax. Cum drips out of your pussy. You feel my tongue continue to lick, and I lick up all of your cum. I bring my head up to yours and open my mouth. You see that I’ve eaten all of your cum, I wanted to taste every bit of you. Then I bring my lips to yours and kiss you. Our tongues lock, and you can taste yourself too. 

Then, you crawl to back of my bed and lay down on your back. I lay down next to you. You turn into me. You put your head in my shoulder and my hand on your chest. I wrap my arm around you and bring you in closer to me. You put your leg on mine and feel my hard cock through my pants. You rub your leg against it and feel my cock throbbing for you. You lay wrapped in my arms, wanting my hard cock inside of you, thinking about what you want to do to me next.