Night Shift Nurse, Part 2

Ana’s bright and cheery personality made her very likeable. She had developed many friendships over her 5 year nursing career. She was just one of those girls that everyone wanted to be around.

Like Ana, Cierra was married. They had all hung out at a few house parties and it was enjoyable. Cierra’s husband, Max, reminded Ana a lot of her own husband personality wise. Max’s body type was different than Jake’s. Max was about 5’8″. Where he may have lacked a bit in stature, he more than made up for in muscle mass. Max’s arms were huge. His biceps stretched out any shirt he wore, and he had the most defined horse shoe triceps she’d ever seen. His chest looked massive through his shirt, and Ana couldn’t help but wonder what his naked body looked like. From a few candid late-night conversations they had at work while sitting at the nurse’s station, Cierra made it sound like Max was quite the stud in bed. Jake was obviously no slouch in that department either. Again, Ana found herself fantasizing what it would be like if the four of them all “played” together. The amount of sexual energy would be unbelievable. Ana had kissed a few girls in college, but nothing more. There was always a little fantasy about going further, but once she married Jake she had never really thought much about it. 

However, when Cierra started working on her floor, there was something about her that brought her fantasy of being with a girl back to the front of her mind. Cierra had long, dark hair paired with always perfectly tanned skin. She was shorter than Ana, only about 5’1″ and couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs. She had complained to Ana about her boobs, they were only A cups and she wished they were bigger. Ana had never seen smaller, perky tits in real life, but she guessed that Cierra had very nice, perky nipples. She’d seen the outline through her scrub top on many chilly nights at the hospital. Ana always wondered if Cierra caught her looking.

This shift was absolutely dragging. They were no deliveries, and all paperwork was caught up. The girls had a few minutes to sit and talk at the nurse’s station. 

“Max wants me to get a wax, but I’m super nervous. I’ve never had one before,” Cierra told Ana.

They talked about things sexual in nature before at work, but something seemed to be different. The tone of Cierra’s voice was almost flirty. Ana wondered if she was imagining this. Was she just sleep deprived and border line delusional by 3am on the second night in a row of a night shift?

“Do your shave yours?”, Cierra asked. When she asked the question, her eyes traveled down towards Ana’s blue scrub bottom. It had been close to 48 hours since Ana had any stimulation and this talk was starting to get her going. She felt her pussy tingle a little.

“I actually just got a wax three days ago”, Ana responded. She shifted in her chair as she said it and crossed her legs. This friction sent a chill down her spine.

“Does Jake like it? Is it still smooth?” Cierra traced her lips with a finger as she asked. The combination of sleep deprivation, fantasy and desire was too much for Ana at this point. She instinctively pulled her blue scrub bottom down about three inches to reveal a teal pair of boy shorts. She pulled up on the boy shorts to allow Cierra to get a peek of her ultra smooth, now very moist, pink pussy. Cierra’s eyes got bigger as she locked eyes with Ana.

Ana quickly pulled back up her scrubs. Did she really just flash her her pussy to Cierra?She didn’t have a moment more to think about it before Cierra spun in her chair. She put her hand right down Ana’s scrubs and put placed it on her pussy, right over her boy shorts. By now, there was a large wet spot covering the entire front of her panties. Cierra used two fingers to part Ana’s panties to the side so she could feel her hot pussy. 

“Oh, it is smooth” Cierra said as she used her whole hand to slowly massage Ana’s entire pussy.

“I’ve been fantasizing about this for a long time, Ana. I’ve even talked to Max about it.”

All Ana could muster up was a throaty “Uhhhhhh” as Cierra slid a finger into her opening and pushed up on her clit with her thumb. Ana’s clit was throbbing and Cierra knew just how to service or with gentle, circular strokes. Ana reached for Cierra’s scrub bottom, but Cierra stopped her. 

“No, it’s your turn this time.” With that offering, Cierra slowly slipped a second finger and curled both fingers up to stimulate Ana’s G spot.

She started slow, and then pumped her fingers a bit faster. She suddenly pulled both glazed fingers out and quickly shoved them into her mouth. 

“Max told me he wondered what you tasted like, now I can tell him how sweet your juices are. Do you like that?” With that Cierra plunged her curled fingers back into Ana’s slit.

“Ohhhhh I’m gonna cummm.” She squirmed in her chair, rocking back and forth. Cierra had the cutest smile on her face as Ana used her fingers like a toy and came all over them. When Cierra pulled her fingers out, they could both see her milky pussy juice all over them.

“I guess you did like that. I can’t wait to tell Max. Next time, it’s my turn. Do you think Jake will mind?”