Night Shift Nurse, Part 1

Ana loves her job as a registered nurse. Her unique blend of intelligence, compassion and drive make her a great fit for the job. She is also an extremely attractive woman. Her long straightened strawberry blonde hair complement her beautiful big blue eyes. Hiding under her light blue scrub top was a pair of perfectly shaped 34C boobs. Her nipples were just a shade darker than light pink, with slightly darker areola about the size of a quarter. Underneath her baggy scrub bottoms was Jake’s favorite body part, Ana’s peach shaped booty. She doesn’t work out, how can it be that perfectly shaped? Jake could spend hours rubbing it, spanking it, just admiring it.

The one downfall of Ana’s nursing job is that it requires her to work two consecutive shifts every week. Since she works the night shift, that meant two nights in a row with no sex from her sexy husband.

Jake was 6’3″ with perfectly slicked back dark hair. It’s hard for Ana to describe her favorite facial feature of her husband. Was it his perfect white teeth, his well groomed scruff, or the way his nose crinkled when he laughed?

After working those two long night shifts, the thought of coming home to Jake was almost too much for Ana to handle. By the last hour of her shift, it was so intense that she always had a warm, damp spot in her panties.

Today was no different. It was 5:45 am, her shift was over at 7am, and her pussy needed some immediate attention. In between taking care of her patients, Ana’s mind wandered to what Jake would do to her when she got home. He didn’t work until 9am, so they’d have over an hour to get down, and hopefully extremely dirty.

Ana finished up her paperwork, said a few goodbyes to her co-workers and walked a little bit faster than normal to the parking garage. She started up her car and the robotic voice in her Jeep told her that she had a new text message from Jake. She eagerly pressed “listen”: “can’t wait for you to get home, I called in for the morning so we could have extra time to play. I want you so bad, Ana.”

Ana let out the slightest high pitched moan. She wondered how she would make the 20 minute commute home, waiting for Jake’s touch. Ana reached under her scrubs and pulled her orange thong to the side, as if she needed to prove to herself just how wet she really was. When her pointer finger grazed the left side of her outer labia, she confirmed how swollen and wet she had become. As she drove home, she kept one hand on the wheel, as she slowly rubbed just above her clit with the palm of her other hand. Just enough to keep her swollen and juicy.As she pulled into the driveway she felt tingles from her hair down to her toes. She knew what she wanted. She wondered what Jake had in mind. She walked into her kitchen, half expecting him to be right there ready to greet her. Instead, silence. She slowly walked up the stairs, again, half expecting him to sneak up behind her. The suspense was killing her, but making her pussy throb even harder.

As she reached the top of the stairs, she could see movement in the bedroom. Jake had just got out of the shower. As she walked closer she could see the water glistening off of his amazing body. He ran a hand through his gorgeous hair and the bulge of his bicep twitched. He then noticed Ana and his eyes looked her up and down. By this time, Ana had peeled off her scrubs and was standing there watching his every move. Her very damp, orange thong was dropped down around her thighs while two fingers circled around her clit.

Jake’s hand slowly traveled down across his abs and grabbed his now fully hard and slightly red cock. It was just over 7” and he was holding it, as if he was afraid it would jump out of his body. “I’ve been thinking about this all night. I want to be inside of you right now.” Ana wanted to be pinned against the wall and railed hard, but she knew they had time and she knew how much Jake enjoyed eating her wet pussy. “Get over here and lick my pussy. I’ve been craving it all night.” Jake practically ran over to her, picked her up, and set her gently on the edge of the bed. “Spread your legs Ana”. He started by slowly licking just above her clit, before gently kissing each side of it. “You taste so fucking good, I could eat your pussy all morning.” Ana moaned loudly. “Stick a finger in me”, she yelled. Jake obliged and pressed into her while continuing to tongue her clit.

Ana loved edging herself. It was pure sexual torture and she loved it. She was close to coming, oh so close. The orgasm wanted to come out, needed to come out. She told Jake to stop.”Fuck me with that hard cock, Jake. Fuck me right now!” 

Jake flipped Ana over, got on his knees, and plunged deep inside of her creamy cunt. His thrusts were deep and hard, exactly what she needed. Jake smacked her left ass cheek, just enough to give it a light red tone. His other hand gripped her right cheek tightly.

“I love fucking you Ana. You make me so horny.”

“Fill up my pussy with your thick load.”

Jake pumped faster and moved both of his hands to her neck with just the slightest pressure.

“Ohhh fuck, Jake. Ohhhhhhh”

Jake couldn’t take it anymore and his whole body convulsed as he shot 6 spurts of his cum deep inside of her.

“Oh fuck, I needed that. I hate not being able to do that when you work two nights in a row.” 

Ana devilishly grinned at Jake when she looked at clock and noticed that is was only 8:14. They still had all morning. The tingles started right back up…….