My Lyft driver pleases herself as I please my wife

I’ll cut straight to it. My wife and I were at a wedding reception and decided to get a lyft as we had both been drinking and decided not to chance driving to our hotel. Our lyft driver was a solid 7 much to both of our surprise with perky small C cup breasts I’d guess. She was wearing a tight rock n roll tee shirt and some yoga pants.

We told her where we were going and she started the route. Small talk between the three of us quickly led to more. She had mentioned she liked my wife’s dress which was a long yellow dress that was very low cut, my wife’s DD breasts all but falling out and you could clearly see her nipples poking through the silky material. When she mentioned how good the dress looked and that she liked it, I rattled off, “if you like the dress, you should see what’s under it.” My wife semi embarrassed slapped me on the shoulder and told her not to pay any attention to me. The driver replied, “I can see some of her from here” clearly talking about my wife’s tits. I asked if she wanted to see more to which she promptly replied “yes”. My wife was a little hesitant at first but a deep kiss changed her mind. She slid her two thin straps off the side of her shoulders and pulled her top down to give a flirty flash to the driver, which she seen from the rear view mirror. I immediately couldn’t help myself and started licking her nipples, which snowballed onto her stroking my half erect cock through my suit pants. We stopped and apologized to the driver for our drunken behavior, however she said, she didn’t mind at all, followed by, it was actually turning her on. We still had a few miles to go but she encouraged us to not let her stop us.

We didn’t need much coaxing between the booze and the teaser minutes before. I scoot to the center of the suv and pulled my pants down to my ankles exposing my throbbing thick cock. I pulled my wife over on top of me facing the front just as I was. I wanted to give the driver a show. I pulled her tits out and hiked her dress up, to expose her shaved dripping pussy. The driver said “ oh my god “.

My wife lifted herself up high enough to get my big cock inside her then lowered herself down until her ass cheeks were resting on my balls and started grinding back and fourth with me deep inside her. She was more vocal then normal, perhaps the booze, perhaps the company but it was sexy as hell.

A few minutes in we started to hear the driver letting out light moans and from the look on the mirror her eyes were closing off and on as her speed slowed to a damn near stop. My wife started talking dirty telling me that she was gonna milk my cock. She started bouncing up and down as I told her I was going to paint her insides with my thick sticky load, the drivers moans got louder. It was then that we realized she was fingering herself at what we were doing.

When I found out the driver was turned on and playing with her pussy I came instantly. I grabbed my wife’s hips and pulled her down right against me to cum as deep in her swollen pussy as I possibly could. She whimpered in approval. Seconds later the driver lets out some deep moans and started shaking as she told us she was cumming. My wife reached up and massages her erect tits as she finished.

We made small talk the rest of the trip and when it came time to get out she handed us her number. We were both shocked and have been texting her back and fourth about a future date and hanging out.

Can’t wait to see how this transpires.