My Daughter’s Friend (Part 2)

“What are you thinking about?” You asked me.

The sun was setting. We had been walking on the beach for a long while. We were barefoot and holding hands. Your hand felt warm and mine on the ocean felt cold as it lapped up onto the sand and tickled our feet.

You were wearing a black bikini with a sheer white beach dress over it. The dress hung off your shoulder and nearly reached the sand. Your hair was piled on top of your head in a very loose very messy bun. Your beach dress was sheer against your legs where the water of the ocean has made it wet.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I wondered what exactly had happened to my daughter. She had asked if you, her best friend from college, could come stay with her at my beach house over winter break. Then she had basically disappeared, leaving us alone almost all of the time.

I wondered if you had told her what was happening between us and she had decided to give us space because she was ok with it. That would have been an odd reaction to the situation, but I guess nothing was impossible.

However, option two seemed a lot more likely. She was out having her own holiday fling with that boy you told me she met on the beach. She was so busy with him that she hadn’t bothered to notice that she invited you up here and vanished on you.

Kids in their 20s are like that. No harm. No foul.

“I’m thinking about how beautiful you look,” I said. I expected that would do well enough.

You shook your head and I knew that you didn’t believe me at all.

Christmas was in a few days and the thought of spending it with you made me feel incredibly light. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so happy.

My daughter was notorious for her Christmas flings. I think I had spent the last 2 Christmases alone.

I kissed you with no particular intention, and your mouth tasted like the wine we had drunk all afternoon at my favorite restaurant by the beach. I lost myself in you and reached a hand in your hair. The wind and my fingers worked together to unwind it from its messy pile on top of your head. The scrunchie that had been holding it up fell into the ocean and floated away.

We seemed to draw closer and closer together by some gravity and suddenly I realized the surf had swallowed us. You pulled my tongue into your mouth with your teeth and we were almost knee-deep in ocean water. Your long white dress was soaked from the thighs down.

“Let’s go back to the beach house.” You said.

It had only taken you a week to transform from a woman who had never squirted before and rarely orgasmed to a woman who would take her pleasure from me whenever she saw fit. In a matter of days, we had slept together in most of the rooms of my house. You had even stepped into the shower with me. It was like a dream.

“No.” I said I knew somewhere else we could go. I had had my beach house for 9 years. I knew of a few coves in the rocks where we could have some fun. Of course, if you protested at all I would not have forced the issue. But at that moment I don’t think I could have waited. I could not wait out the 15-minute walk back to the house to touch you how I so badly wanted to touch you.

The grottos weren’t exactly easy to spot so no one ever really came there who didn’t know the area well. Also, it wasn’t particularly anything official, but they were known to be make-out spots. At night it was not unusual for younger people to go there for a little bit of fun.

When I bought my beach house I was already past that age, but I wanted the experience.
I led you to the caves and stopped outside of them taking your hands in mine. I asked if it was okay. You looked a little shy about it at first but then you nodded.

“Pretty kinky, Adrian,” Was all you had to say.

We walked in together and found a little private nook. You looked a little bit nervous but I felt you melt into my arms when I reached for you. I took your breasts in my hands through the top of your dress. Only the material of a thin bikini and the paper-thin material of your dress separated your breasts from my hands. I pinched your nipples through it and felt you quiver.

I snaked another hand down your body. One of your breasts was in my right hand and I cupped your ass with my left. I wondered if you were already wet. You seemed to get wet at the drop of a hat and it was incredible. I had never met anyone before you with the sex drive that seemed to rival and maybe even surpassed my own.

I pushed the sheer dress covering your thighs to the side and slid two fingers between your legs over your bikini bottom. The material was so thin that it was almost like touching your lips without anything in the way. You threw back your head and I latched onto your throat, fighting and kissing and sucking down your chest.

I pushed the little triangles of your bikini aside and latched onto one of your nipples. While I did this, I applied more pressure with my fingers between your legs. You let out a little moan and it echoed within the cave.

Your cheeks turned red.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “No one can hear anything over the crashing of the waves against the rocks outside.”

I wasn’t sure if that was true strictly. But, you were one of the loudest and most responsive lovers I’ve ever had the pleasure to be with. I couldn’t imagine telling you to be quiet. Not even for a second. I could have drowned in your sighs and cries as I played with your pussy.

I went back to teasing you and your legs started to spread of their own accord. I wanted to tease you forever but I also desperately wanted to be inside you. And I was at a total impasse trying to decide which one to do.

As I was stalling, totally overwhelmed by the possibilities of your body, you made my decision for me.

I’ve never met someone before you who was so ready to constantly take my cock. The fact that you seemed to find me as irresistible as I found you seemed absolutely impossible. It was the highlight of my life.

You turned away from me bend yourself over a large bench-like slab in the rock of our little nook. You pushed your dress to the side, revealing your perfect ass still in its small black bikini bottom. The bathing suit covered almost nothing and you were basically naked to my eyes.

I walked forward, pressing my dick, which was almost entirely hard, against the curve of your ass. You rocked back against me, providing the friction that I needed to become fully hard.

I pushed your bikini aside and sunk two fingers into you. We had slept together earlier that morning. It was a lazy morning fuck that seemed to last for hours and hours and hours. I don’t know exactly when we woke up, but we didn’t get out of bed and eat until almost noon. It started with just gentle kissing. Then, maybe minutes or hours later, I was inside you giving you long slow strokes that made you quake around me.

With my fingers, I could feel that you were already a little bit stretched for me. I could also feel that you were very very wet.

You didn’t really need it, but I just love to play with your pussy. I applied a thumb to your clit and slid my fingers in and out of you again and again.

I could tell by your little noises that you were getting very impatient, but I wanted to see how long I could push it. I knew that the more frustrated you become, the more vocal you would get. Usually, you were a very polite and sweet girl. Nothing made me harder than how you would make demands and how mean you could get when you desperately wanted my cock.

You ground against me, trying to get more friction without asking directly for what you wanted. So, I softened pressure and heard you let out a desperate and very annoyed little sigh.

“Adrian,” you ground out and I started just barely circling your clit with my thumb and holding you in place. You could get no further friction or sensation than I decided to give you.

“Adrian,” you tried again and it didn’t sound quite broken enough for me. I held my fingers perfectly still inside you.

“Adrian, if you don’t fuck me right now I swear I’m going to fff–”

I cut you off by sliding my cock inside you in 1 strong stroke. Your hands whitened as you tried to grab onto the stone for purchase. I put my hands on your hips and slammed into you again.

You screamed.

I was still experimenting with angles trying to figure out what would drive you truly insane. I picked one and then another. On the second one, you wailed. So, I decided to slam into you in that direction as hard as I could as many times as I could. My fingers dug into your hips.

I felt on the verge of coming and I didn’t want to so soon. I slowed down my strokes. I stopped outside of you and entered you slowly a few times.

“No.” You whined. “Harder!”

I wanted to give it to you but I also didn’t want to come so soon. I maintained my slow pace even as you tried to shift your hips to take control of the situation. I responded by holding you down against the rock even tighter so you could get no leverage and could not seek your own pleasure.

“Adrian.” You tried again and I wouldn’t listen. I took my cock out of your pussy entirely and I rubbed it between your pussy lips. You were dripping and so was I. I slid my cock between your ass cheeks and onto your back. My precum pooled down your lower back and drifted down your side.

I could see your hole desperately clenching on nothing. I bet you felt achingly empty inside.

“You are a mean old man, Adrian!” You blurted and I almost couldn’t believe it. On one hand I was kind of insulted and on the other hand I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life.

You looked back at me as the realization of what you had just said set in. You looked mortified. You were blushing as if someone had slapped your cheeks red.
In that instant, only one thing occurred to me and I did what came naturally without a second thought.

I brought a hand down against your ass cheek and slapped you like a naughty child.

There was a moment in which we both looked at each other in complete shock. I got the sense that neither of us a particularly ventured into this territory before. I wondered if I had massively overstepped and you were going to run out of the cave away from me and out of my life entirely.

We had never talked about that before and I felt like I was standing on the edge of a knife about to drop off and get cut. You were almost 20 years younger than me after all. Maybe this was all too much.

Was this the line? What the fuck had I been doing for the last 10 days?

“You’re a mean old man,” You said again. I felt my angst drain out of me as my cock twitched.

Your ass will still red with my handprint from where I slapped you.

I slapped your ass on the other side to match it and you groaned aloud.

I slid my cock back inside you brutal thrust. Your back arched and you keened under me.

“Yes!” You called out. And I suddenly wanted to give you exactly what you wanted. I grabbed your hips and fucked into you as hard as I possibly could. I could see your breasts bouncing beneath you and suddenly I had to see them.

I flipped you over without taking you off of my cock and you gasped. Your bikini top was spread apart so I could see your breasts and hard nipples flopping over your chest. Your bikini was pushed to the side just enough that I could slide my cock inside you.

I leaned down to kiss you as I moved in and out of you. Your legs wrapped around me to desperately try and pull my cock in deeper with every thrust.

You were holding onto me for dear life. I could feel your nails scratching down my back under my shirt. I remember wanting you to claw me up. My cock throbbed.

“Adrian, harder…please,” You demanded I thought I could not hold back anymore not for another second.

I pounded into you as hard as I could and you absolutely wailed. Your nails dug into my shoulders and took chunks out of my skin.

You screamed my name, again and again, as I pounded into you as hard as I possibly could. I wanted to fuck you so hard that you passed out and I had to carry you back to the beach house in my arms. I wanted you to feel empty inside where I had been for days. I wanted to come inside you and watch it drip out of your pussy.

Your legs wound around me even tighter. You were almost swinging off of me as I brutally pounded into you.

My orgasm hit me so suddenly and with such force that, for a second, I couldn’t even see. I lost track of time entirely and who and where I was. I collapsed on top of you in that cave with stars in my eyes.

I felt you squeezing down on my cock as it twitched and I think I howled.

Slowly, I returned to consciousness. I was guided back by the feeling the hand in my hair slowly rubbing circles. Then I realized it was you and sighed as it invited me back to the land of the living.

I could have stayed like that for an eternity with you.

In my haze, I didn’t take stock of the fact that you were essentially trapped between a rock and a man who was 6’ 4’’. You were being squished. You told me to get off. I did, even though my legs were shaking.

I watched as you rearranged your clothing and shed your white beach dress. You handed it to me.

“I’m going to go take a dip in the ocean to wash off,” you said.