Lovers on the Train

Around two months ago, my girlfriend, Emily, and I just got back from the second vacation we had ever taken together. We’ve been together for four years, but got caught up with college and, most recently, graduate school applications – so taking time off was rare. Last year, we took a long, exotic trip to Bali, where we relaxed on the beach, ate incredible food, and tried BDSM for the first time. We capped that trip off with me tying Emily up to a bed; I learned that she loved being dominated and was extremely kinky in general. This time around, we decided to do something just as exciting and sexually adventurous, but more local.

In April, I brought the idea up to Emily about taking a trip with me post-graduation. She had just gotten accepted into a great medical program in NY, and since I wasn’t hearing back from any schools, I finally made the decision to defer for a year. Emily didn’t seem to mind because I would stay with her in NY for the year until I’d hear back from a school in the area – either way, we wanted to keep our relationship healthy and tight. Since we’re both from the west coast, I proposed that we fly out to NY at the end of May so that Emily would be able to see the city and get comfortable with living there before the full-time move.

Emily was completely into the idea to take the trip, especially since the flights were cheap. Once I had Emily interested, I also proposed that after a few days in NY, we take the Amtrak all the way down to Miami, where we could stay for a few days to relax on the beach, go to some nightclubs, and then come back to NY to finish off the trip and fly back to the west coast. Now, Emily was ecstatic about the trip – and it genuinely made me happy to plan something like this that would excite her. This also gave us something to look forward to in terms of building the relationship and learning more about each other on this adventure.

Though, before embarking on our journey, Emily had a serious talk with me about what I wanted. This wasn’t a talk about the future of the relationship or where we were headed but was solely about what I wanted our next sexual adventure to be. It was genuinely sweet of Emily to think of me like that and remember that our last trip was focused on her opening up about her BDSM kink – now she wanted it to be my turn to explore my fantasies. It was a few days before the trip and Emily sat me down in her room at her apartment.

“Remember when you tied me up in Bali, Joey?” Emily said.

“Yeah, that was so hot, why? You want me to do it again?” I asked.

“Well… now since we’re about to take our next trip, I think it only makes sense that you tell me what you wanna do, like, what your sexual fantasy is,” she asserted.

Oddly enough, I was getting nervous to share this with her. What if Emily thought my kink was weird, or ended up not wanting to do it? I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable or like I was some sort of creep. But, on the other hand, she had the courage to share her fantasy with me, so it was only fair that I did the same. After a few minutes of beating around the bush and trying to convince her I wasn’t crazy about anything out of the ordinary, I told her the truth.

“Well, don’t judge me, but I’m actually really into doing stuff in public. Like, I wouldn’t mind if people were nearby and saw. Or, actually, I would like that a lot. Just the thought of it all makes me hard,” I said shyly.

Emily giggled and put her small, soft hand on my leg. “I think that’s so cute, Joey. I actually have thought a lot about doing that with you too.” Then, Emily started to rub my leg slowly – I could tell that she was trying to make me comfortable but was also about to tease me (she couldn’t help but be silly).

“So, if you fucked me… let’s say, in the plane bathroom, that’d get you off?” Emily said as she started to rub closer in to my groin and grabbed my inner thigh. I was getting rock-hard and could feel my cock pulsating with images in my head of me thrusting into her with people watching. Then, Emily wrapped her hand around my hard cock – she knew that she was making me hard and she loved it.

“I want everyone to watch us and see me put in my place as you fuck me so hard. I want them to see you cum on my face, too, and lick it all up. That would be so sexy, babe. I’m in, and we can definitely do this on the trip,” Emily smiled and looked at me with sex eyes. She continued to rub my cock tighter, and I tried to move away to avoid the temptation, but I stayed put. It’s crazy how after four years we still couldn’t keep our hands off of each other – we craved each other constantly.

“Well, I feel like the plane is almost even a little too private. I want something even more public and visible. I think if we did it on the train, in our cabin, that would be so hot and memorable. That’s exactly what I want,” I asserted now with a confident tone. All of Emily’s rubbing turned me on more and got me more comfortable with sharing my fantasy. I honestly loved that I could be comfortable around her without the fear of being judged or pushing her away.

A week passed by and we found ourselves at LAX airport, beginning the journey to JFK. While On the plane, Emily and I had a two-seat section in the outer aisle. Although I said the plane was a little too private before, I realized that it would even more of a public display. This turned me on so much. I couldn’t stop thinking about sliding my fingers up Emily’s wet pussy for the entire plane ride. At one point, I put my hand on her groin and grazed around her pussy, showing her that I was horny and wanted to taste her. She looked at me and bit her lip, but I could tell she was nervous to actually do anything on the crowded flight. Instead, we’d end up waiting for the train ride for my fantasy to come to life.

Once we made it to Manhattan, we explored the entire city within four days. We went to a play, Central Park, and ate at some incredible Italian restaurants. We were vacationing and being wholesome, but I kept on thinking about our upcoming train ride. Don’t get me wrong – all of the exploring and getting acquainted with the city was great – but I had my mind fixated on fucking Emily in public ever since our conversation. I also constantly thought back to how magical our BDSM experience was, and how this new experience would be an even larger benchmark in our sexual relationship. I knew that once the opportunity presented itself, Emily would be fully committed to playing the role of being into my kink, too.
And before I knew it, those four days zoomed by. In the blink of an eye, we packed our bags, left the Airbnb, and took the subway to Penn Station. From there, we boarded the Amtrak to Miami and settled our things in our cabin. We got a bedroom suite that had a fold-out bed and other bare necessities, but it was actually larger than I expected. Most importantly, there was one large window through which people could likely see us having sex once we were stopped at a station – and this was the local train – so we’d be making a large number of stops.

I was so excited as we got into the cabin, that before even locking the door, I placed my warm hands on Emily’s cheeks and started to passionately kiss her. I caught Emily by surprise, but she reciprocated and kissed me back just as passionately – and we both didn’t care that people were walking by and could definitely see everything. I could never resist Emily’s taste, and I swirled my wet tongue all around hers as we fell over onto the cushioned chairs. Emily got on top and straddled me as I held her face in tight and continued to kiss her. I pulled back a little and could tell she was smiling, and fully didn’t care if people were watching. On the other hand, I started to get a little nervous.

“This is what you wanted, yeah daddy?” Emily whispered in my ear.

“Fuck, yeah… but let’s just close the door for now. Don’t wanna get kicked off the train right away,” I suggested.

“Of course, babe, whatever makes you comfortable,” Emily insisted.

An older man and his wife walked by as Emily shut the door to our cabin. There was no doubt in my mind that they saw us making out, all over each other. She closed the curtain, turned around, and pulled off her t-shirt and bra. Her beautiful, perky breasts popped out. She must’ve been even hornier than I was, fiending for my touch.

“Take your pants off babe, I want to break in the new place,” she giggled.

I immediately knew what she meant and what was about to happen. Good thing I was already so hard, I felt my cock begging to come out of my tight boxer-briefs, fighting against the fabric. I was getting wet – Emily had me under her control. So, I took off my pants and my cock flung out. Emily brought her body in close to me and rubbed her leg against my hard pole. Without any warning, I started to ooze pre-cum onto her leg.

“Mm, someone’s wet. Daddy needs a little slut to lick it up, huh?” She said as she dropped down to her knees and proceeded to wrap her wet lips around the equally wet tip of my cock. She sucked the juices out of me like a vampire, and didn’t stop sucking once she got all of the pre-cum. I started moving my hips back and forth into her so that she could eat all of my cock.

Emily was always so good at sucking cock, and she managed to take the entire thing inside her mouth. With all inches inside of her, she started gagging, and didn’t try to be quiet – I think she really wanted boarding passengers to hear. I could tell she was thinking it too, but it was so hot that people were just on the other side of the thin metal door and could hear her gags. I was really getting off on the fact that we were doing things nearly out in the open in public. Eventually, I wanted everyone to see how passionate we were, not just hear.

“Fuck, babe. I’m about to cum. I don’t have tissues,” I said.

She gripped my cock and pulled it out of her mouth for a second. “Just cum on my face, daddy. I want it so badly,” she insisted.

I thrusted a bit harder into her throat but couldn’t be aggressive about it because I was starting to feel weak in the knees. My legs started to shake, and I think it was because of being equally turned on and nervous. I think this nervous feeling was a signal that we were doing something new and exciting – reaching uncharted waters in our sex life.

Emily put her lips on the tip of my cock and sucked away as she now jerked my cock rapidly. She looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and begged for my cum. I started to sweat and embraced the feeling of nearly cumming. Emily could sense that I was about to cum, so she
Pulled my cock out of her mouth and jerked me even faster – where I eventually spurted three large loads onto her face. Two of the loads hit close to her mouth and the last one hit near her neck.

Emily seemed to be in heaven, and she licked her tongue around her mouth to scoop up all of the cum. Then she took her finger and collected the rest of the cum from her neck, eating it as she stared at me. She was a little sexual fiend, and I was so into it. Then, Emily stood up and kissed me with her tongue down my throat. She was kinky, wanting me to taste my own cum – a product of all of her hard work. We’d finally broken in our home for the next 27 hours, and I was excited to see what would happen next.

Now, I felt way more comfortable taking this to the next level – meaning, if people actually saw us fucking. Once again, Emily was a genius with finding ways to get me comfortable with her and my fetish. I could tell that she genuinely wanted me to have the full-fledged experience and be happy doing it, just like her and BDSM. But we still had some things to do to get settled in, before our next rendezvous.

After putting away our luggage, Emily and I sat in our seat and watched a movie on my computer. We were both already drained from before and knew that this was going to be a long train ride. Once the film was finished, Emily was fast asleep on my lap, so I decided to take a quick nap too. A few hours passed by and when we woke up, it was already dark outside. We had no idea how long we had slept, but we were both starving.

Emily and I didn’t even change from earlier (Emily still had some remnants of cum on her face), and we went to the train’s dining hall for dinner. By that point, it seemed that most people had already eaten dinner, so the dining hall was nearly empty – all except for one girl who looked to be in her early-20s. She sat at a table alone, eating a turkey sandwich and looking out the window. From a completely objective perspective, she was a very nice-looking, cute girl. She had red-flowing hair, worse a yellow dress with daisies, and had very soft blue eyes, and pale skin.

I could sense that Emily was looking at her too, not in a jealous way, but because she also admired this girl’s sensitive look and beauty. Emily and I sat at the table next to her and looked around for menus, but there was nothing – and anyone who might’ve worked there wasn’t around either. I didn’t have the courage to ask the cute redhead girl, especially in front of Emily, but thankfully, Emily engaged.

“Hey! Do you know where we can grab some menus? Or is dinner over?” Emily said.

The girl quickly realized Emily was speaking to her and smiled, “Hmm… I think I heard them give last call for dinner around fifteen minutes ago,” she said, “sorry.”

“It’s alright. I’m Emily by the way. And this is my boyfriend, Joey,” Emily introduced us. I smiled and nodded.

Kristen looked at me and smiled back, “I’m Kristen. Nice to meet you guys. Where are you headed?”

“We’re from LA, but we came to NY for a few days because we’re moving here soon and decided to take the train down to Florida for a quick vacation,” Emily answered.

“That’s so sweet. I’m actually from NY, I’m also going down to Florida to see some friends for a few days,” Kristen said. “You guys are a super cute couple by the way.”

After our initial introductions with Kristen (and realizing that we missed dinner), we joined her table and spoke to her for around 30 more minutes. We spoke very casually about school, traveling, and touched on the fact that she wasn’t in a relationship. Then, we got close enough to the point that Kristen offered us some snacks she had in her luggage. I’m not saying this because I thought that Kristen was a cute girl, but I swear, she was looking at Emily and I the entire time like she secretly wanted to fuck us. Her smile was friendly, but this girl was definitely as kinky as they come.

As we made our way over to Kristen’s luggage, she mentioned that she only had a seat on the train, and that we’d just have to take the snacks and go to our seats. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since even before Emily sucked me off, so I left the girls as Emily retrieved the snacks. As I was leaving, I heard Emily mention to Kristen that we had a cabin, and Emily seemed oddly flirtatious, putting her hand on Kristen’s shoulder. I didn’t think much else of it, but what happened next, sent the night into an unexpected whirlwind.

Once I got back from the bathroom, I went straight to our cabin, assuming that Emily would be there munching on the Doritos and mini-muffins that Kristen so graciously supplied. That is what I ended up seeing – but Kristen was there too. Knowing Emily, I had the slight inkling of what was going on at the moment, but I gave it some reasonable doubt. But the question still lingered – Did Emily bring Kristen back so we could all fuck – or so Kristen would watch us fuck (the ultimate public display)? Regardless, I started to feel my adrenaline pump, the butterflies in my stomach, and my cock pump with blood.

Emily and Kristen only left a spot in between them, so I squeezed into the small opening and sat down. Just in case I was wrong about what was about to happen, I didn’t want either of them to see my fat cock pulsating, so I sat cross-legged. I could sense that they knew I was uncomfortable, but no one said a word about it. We spoke a little more about Kristen’s background – she was a dance major in college and hoped to dance professionally – and she sure had the slim body for it.

Every now and then during conversation, Kristen would smile at me, and would look at my lips. Or at least, I thought. I soon realized that she was looking at Emily, and that Emily was looking at her – I felt the tension in the cabin build. To break it, I put on another movie on my laptop and we turned off the cabin light. All three of us sat there and watched the movie for no less than 15 minutes before things took a drastic, unbelievable turn. It all started with Emily slyly rubbing my thigh, tracing its surface gently with her long nails.

“Do you like that?” Emily said.

“Uhhh, what?” I didn’t know what to respond with Kristen right there.

“Yeah, I do,” Kristen responded to Emily.

Then the ‘holy shit’ moment hit me like a brick wall. Kristen had to have been aware of what Emily was doing. And not only was she aware – but she was enjoying it? The gears turned in my mind and although I lost my hard-on from before, it was now back and as strong as ever. Emily pushed my crossed-legs apart and both Emily and Kristen could see my cock visibly begging to come out of my sweatpants. Then, my world turned upside down with Kristen starting to rub my right thigh, mimicking Emily’s motions.

What the hell was going on? Was Emily okay with this? Did Emily plan this? I didn’t want to ruin the mood and act disturbed – plus, I was enjoying this so much – to be the item of both women’s desire. I realized that clearly Emily had to have had a conversation with Kristen while I was in the bathroom. Emily is a blunt and honest person, so it’s likely that she told Kristen about our fantasy to have someone watch, or maybe even participate. I was more turned on at this moment than I’d ever been.

I started to breathe a little heavier, overwhelmed with the sexiness of this situation. Kristen and Emily made eye contact and grinned at one another. Then, I felt Emily’s hand slither over to my cock and grab it with such assertiveness. It was all hers, I liked when she was a little more assertive like that. She started to stroke it above my sweatpants, and I felt the pre-cum begin to flow. Kristen kept her hand on my inner thigh, and slowly (probably nervously) worked her way in closer and closer to my cock.

“You like that, huh, daddy?” Emily said confidently.

Now since I could understand the situation, I responded comfortably. “Yeah, baby, it feels so good.”

“Mm, this is so hot, and your cock is so big. Your girlfriend is a lucky one,” Kristen interjected.

“Aw, thanks. Well tonight’s your lucky night then, too,” Emily laughed. “Don’t be shy, what’s mine is yours. And we like company,” Emily insisted to Kristen.

Then, Kristen’s tone changed, and she started to rub the tip of my cock as hard as Emily – as Emily rubbed closer to the base. I was in pure ecstasy, and I couldn’t believe how open and cool Emily was about everything – she really was the best sexual partner out there. Before I knew it, Emily put her warm hand on my cheek, turned me toward her, and brought her soft lips to mine. Her lips tasted sweet, like the chocolate muffins – I wanted to eat her up.

Then, Emily started to lick my neck, and I felt goosebumps consume the surface of my skin while the feeling of butterflies hit deep down. Now, Emily pulled off my shirt and started kissing my body with little pecks, licking my chest up to my neck, and then meeting back at my lips. Kristen continued to stroke my cock over-the-pants, but now with two hands. Kristen could feel the wetness at the tip of my cock, and she focused her fingers on it, and then I could hear her sucking her finger – it was hot that she was also super kinky.

These two beautiful women continued to consume my body as they joined me and took off their clothing. Kristen’s cute yellow dress hit the floor. Emily’s perky breasts were so small and cute next to Kristen’s large DD breasts and large nipples. Kristen’s skin was so pale, and her nipples were incredibly pink, I thought that was so hot – I couldn’t control myself. I just had to cup her breasts and start licking her nipples to get a taste. I was nervous for a second, because I thought that Emily would mind – but she didn’t say anything, secretly pulled down my pants, and I felt her warm lips get to sucking.

Emily and I had never done anything like before, it was so new and exciting. I had the best of both worlds – a familiar feeling and a new taste. Ironically, Kristen smelled and tasted like strawberries, and I couldn’t get enough. Then, I felt Emily grab my hand and put it on her breast – it was her turn to be licked and sucked. The girls switched, and I was all over Emily’s perky breasts while Kristen sucked my cock. Kristen was extremely smooth and good at sucking cock, and she took the entire thing into her mouth with ease – she didn’t even come close to gagging (seriously, the hottest thing ever).

“I want you to put it in me now, babe. Fuck me senseless. And I want Kristen to watch,” Emily said.

“Gladly,” Kristen commented.

Since I was in the moment, I didn’t think much before ripping Emily’s pants off and biting my lower lip aggressively as I laid eyes on her cute, little pussy. I realized that Emily made it look like her idea for Kristen to be involved and watch us fuck – all to make me feel more comfortable. I owed so much to Emily, and I honestly didn’t mind, I wanted to give her the best sex of her life. I wanted every single person in that train to hear and I wanted Kristen to cum by just looking at us fuck like wild animals.

Since my pants were already off, I just slid my long, fat, and hard cock straight into Emily’s wet pussy as she sat on the couch with Kristen next to her. I angled myself diagonally facing the couch and thrusting down into Emily as her legs were up near her face. I felt the pre-cum leak out and pulled out my cock for a second for Kristen to lick it, and she did without any hesitation. Then, I continued to thrust into Emily, first passionately, and then with all of my power. I put my full bodyweight into her and made her a prisoner to my cock, holding her in place and gripping my hands tight on her ankles.

Kristen looked on in awe, and I could tell that she wanted to be fucked and controlled like that too. But I got the sense that Emily probably didn’t want me to fuck her and do anything seriously risky. That was completely fine, because I looked at Kristen as I thrusted all of my hips into Emily, and the idea that this was pretty much a public (yet personal) display of our sexual passion, was exactly what I dreamed about. Emily started screaming in pain, but pleasure. I don’t think she ever felt me this hard or naturally aggressive, putting on a performance for Kristen.

Kristen grabbed my butt and dug her nails into it, and then would rub Emily’s nipples as they shook back and forth. Kristen was trying to get as involved as possible, and I couldn’t blame her. It came to a point where the three of us were fully engaged in the rhythm of our bodies, and I could feel Emily’s insides start to shake – she was about to cum.

“Oh my God, fuck!” Emily couldn’t contain herself. Without warning, cum began to drip out of her wet pussy, and I pulled out quickly to lick it. But before I could even bring my head down to it, Kristen’s tongue was there, licking up all of Emily’s sweet juices.

I ended up not being able to contain myself from seeing this and I felt the same sensation take over me that made my body weak earlier that day. Cum squirted out of my cock and onto both Emily and Kristen. I let out a big sigh, relieved, and content with the moment. Once again, Kristen was like an animal, licking up my cum from Emily and off of herself. Emily had clearly even made Kristen comfortable with doing what she wanted.

A few minutes later, we all laid on the couch (with both girls cuddled on either side of me). We were all exhausted but feeling so blissful. I couldn’t believe that my fantasy actually came to life, and in the hottest way imaginable, not just some older couple watching from a distance.

But, like all good things, this came to an end shortly after. Kristen got up, put her dress on, and went back to her seat. Before she left, she let us know that this was easily the hottest experience she had ever had, and the she’d see us on the train later on. She also mentioned that we should definitely do it again once we were all in Miami. I wasn’t opposed (actually, ecstatic) and Emily was excited for the idea too. And so, Kristen left, and Emily and I sat there in each other’s arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and grinned.

“Are you happy, daddy?” Emily said lightly.

“As happy as ever. That was literally exactly what I dreamed of” I responded.

“I’m glad! You deserve it,” Emily insisted as she started to run her fingers through my hair.
That next evening, the train rolled into Miami. We packed up our luggage and saw Kristen on the way out. Before going our separate ways, she gave Emily her phone number and told us where she would be staying, which was actually only 20 minutes away from our hotel. Even though we only spent the night with Kristen, I felt like we had known her for a very long time – we were all so chilled out and comfortable with each other.

Emily and I ended up having a relaxing, wholesome vacation. We spent a lot of time at the beach and intended to meet up with Kristen, but it never came to fruition. Either way, I didn’t mind, because Emily allowed me the opportunity to explore my sexual fantasies without any judgement. And since Kristen is also from NY, I have a feeling that this wasn’t the last time we’d be seeing her. It’s all I could think about, and I’m sure it was all she could think about too.