Lost in L.A.

Sandy was bursting with joy as she exited the little boutique that she had discovered near her hotel in downtown L.A. wearing the new sun dress that she had treated herself to, strapless and sleeveless, hugging her breasts, the flowered skirt swirling just above her knees revealing her slender legs, pale white from the sunless existence that was life in upper Minnesota.

Sandy was all too conscious of how pale she was as she watched all of the tanned people walking by. Her short, dark hair framed her oval face, her light-blue eyes above a pert nose giving her a curious, yet open, gentle appearance.

Smiling, unaware of the effect that she was having on the people walking by as she strolled, Sandy reflected on the luck that had brought her to Los Angeles, winning the raffle and the round-trip air ticket and two nights in a hotel. She had never even been out of Minnesota before and now she was in L.A., a city of magic in her mind.

She had been wandering for a couple of hours, window shopping, people watching, when she realized that she was getting hungry and that her exposed skin was starting to turn a shade of pink. Looking around to see which way she needed to go to get back to her hotel, Sandy realized that she didn’t know exactly where she was. She hadn’t been paying attention and nothing looked familiar to her.

Sandy saw that she had stopped in front of a law firm and decided to go in and ask directions. Opening the door and stepping in, she was first greeted by the air conditioning, an involuntary sigh escaping her lips as the more familiar temperature embraced her, accentuating the heat radiating from her sunburned skin.

“May I help you?” the cute blonde sitting behind the reception desk asked, a tall, deeply tanned man standing next to her, watching Sandy as she approached.

“I’m sorry,” Sandy said, actually blushing, “but I’m a bit lost.”

“Your first day in L.A.?” the man asked in a deep voice, his grey eyes taking her in with a sweeping glance.

“Yes,” Sandy replied, nonplussed. “Yes, it is. But how did you know?” she asked.

“Well,” the man replied, coming around the reception area to stand in front of her, towering over her, actually, “you’re lost and you’re sunburned,” he said.

“Oh!” Sandy exclaimed, then laughed. “Of course. You must be a very good lawyer.”

“I’d like to think so,” the man replied, smiling. “I’m Greg Harriman,” he said, holding out his hand.

“I’m Sandy Langdahl,” Sandy replied, shaking his hand, feeling hers engulfed in his, aware of his total masculinity. “From Minnesota.”

“Well, that would explain why you’ve burned so quickly,” Greg said. “Where are you trying to go?”

“Well, I’ve been walking for a couple of hours and I realized that I had gotten too much sun, so I wanted to go back to my hotel, get something to eat,” Sandy explained.

“Which hotel?” Greg asked.

“The Standard,” Sandy replied.

“That’s quite a way from here,” Greg said, “but a very nice place. The rooftop bar is particularly fun in the evening.”

“Oh, I just got here this morning,” Sandy said. “Two nights, then it’s back to Minnesota.”

“All by yourself?” Greg asked. “Do you have any friends in L.A.?”

“No, by myself,” Sandy replied. “I don’t know anybody here. You see, I won a raffle. This was the prize. I always wanted to see L.A.”

“Well, I’d say that was rather brave of you,” Greg said.

“Oh, I seem to always be doing things that I probably shouldn’t,” Sandy said with a laugh. “But living in Minnesota, well, anything is better than the same old nothing.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Greg said. “If you’ll allow me, I’ll give you a ride to your hotel. It’s too far to walk, especially sunburned the way you are.”

“Oh, you needn’t bother,” Sandy said. “If you could just call me a cab, that would be great.”

“I’d be happy to, but it would be no bother,” Greg assured her. “I imagine all of that walking in the sun has worked up an appetite, too.”

“Oh! Can you hear my stomach?” Sandy gasped, then laughed. “I am hungry.”

“Cheryl, reschedule my appointments for the afternoon, please,” Greg said to the receptionist. “I’ll be giving Ms. Langdahl a ride to her hotel and then taking her to lunch.”

“Oh really, you mustn’t,” Sandy insisted.

“Well, if you’d rather I didn’t, I understand,” Greg said, “but I’d really like to.  Your sense of adventure should be rewarded, I think. Besides, I was just leaving for lunch myself. Your company would be far more interesting than eating alone.”

“It would be nice to not eat alone,” Sandy admitted. “I wasn’t looking forward to it so much.”

“Then it’s settled,” Greg said.

“How tall are you?” Sandy asked as he escorted her to the door.

“6’5”,” Greg replied. “You’re what, 5’3”?” he asked.

“Don’t I wish,” Sandy sighed. “I’m 5’2”. I still have to shop in the girl’s section.”

“There are a million women in L.A. alone who would give anything for your problem,” Greg said.

“What kind of a car is this?” Sandy asked as she entered while he held the door.

“It’s a McLaren 720S,” Greg replied as he went around and got in behind the wheel.

“It looks like something from the future,” Sandy said.

“It was a dream of mine ever since I was a kid,” Greg said as he drove. “I swore that I’d have one one day.”

“It feels incredible,” Sandy said breathlessly as he floored it, the g-force pressing her back into her seat.

“Only sex is better,” Greg said with a grin as he slowed, then pulled to the curb in front of The Standard.

“That was fun,” Sandy said after awkwardly getting out of the car as Greg gave her a hand, unable to avoid giving him a good view of her thighs and pale-blue g-string panties as she did so.

“I suggest a nice, cool shower,” Greg told her. “They you should use a really good moisturizing sunblock.”

“I was going to buy some, but I got carried away to be outside in the sun,” Sandy replied.

“There’s a good nature shop next door,” Greg said. “Why don’t you go up and I’ll get some good sunblock for you.”

“I feel guilty taking up your time,” Sandy said. “You must be a busy man.”

“I’m busy enough that I can take time for myself, or my friends, whenever I feel the need,” Greg replied. “You’re only here for a couple of days. I’d like to be a part of you forming a good opinion of L.A.”

“Well, you’ve already done that and then some,” Sandy said.

“What’s your room number?” Greg asked.

“705,” Sandy replied.

“Oh, Greg,” Sandy said when she answered the door to his knock 10 minutes later. “Uh, come in, please,” she said, standing back to let him enter, clutching the towel that she was wrapped in tightly to her body.

“Did the shower help?” Greg asked.

“Yes, it doesn’t burn as much,” Sandy replied.

“This will help,” he said, holding out the sunblock moisturizer that he had purchased.

“Oh, thank you,” Sandy said as she took it from him. “This is so awkward. We’ve just met and I’m standing here in a towel.”

“I understand,” Greg said, smiling, helping her to relax. “If you’d like, I can wait downstairs, though I think you’re going to need some help with your back.”

“Oh, you don’t want to get that stuff on your nice suit,” Sandy said.

“Well, I’ll just roll up my sleeves,” Greg said, slipping his jacket off and laying it over the back of a chair, then unbuttoning his sleeves and rolling them up to reveal deeply tanned, muscular forearms. “Now, let’s see that back of yours,” he said after putting some of the moisturizing sunblock in his hand.

“Oh! It’s cold,” Sandy gasped when she felt him touch her shoulders, grasping the towel to her front.

“You definitely got too much sun,” Greg said as he gently smeared the moisturizing sunblock across her shoulders, feeling her tremble beneath his hands when he reached around to softly spread the moisturizing sunblock across her upper chest down to where the towel covered her breasts. “I can feel the heat,” he said as he knelt down, gently wrapping his hands around first one leg, then the other, gently spreading the moisturizing sunblock over her legs from just above her knees down to her feet.

Sandy could feel her face flaming with embarrassment and excitement as Greg’s large, strong hands gently spread the moisturizing sunblock across her shoulders and back, then reached around to do her upper chest. She was afraid and at the same time hoping that he wouldn’t stop when he got to the towel. She had trouble stopping her legs from trembling as he applied the moisturizing sunblock to her legs, aware that her towel was only covering the front of her, that her naked ass was fully exposed and at eye level with him as he ministered to her legs.

“There, that should help,” Greg said as he got to his feet.

“It feels better already,” Sandy said. “Thank you. You have such gentle hands.”

“Why don’t you put something on and we’ll get some lunch,” Greg suggested. “All of this work has given me an appetite.”

“I wasn’t really in the sun that long,” Sandy said when she appeared from the bathroom dressed in a t-shirt and a skirt.

“The sun’s very strong, especially to skin that’s unaccustomed to it,” Greg said. “And you’ve got exceptionally soft, delicate skin,” he added, reaching out to softly caress her upper arm.

“I guess I was hungrier than I realized,” Sandy said an hour later as she carefully sat back in her seat in the hotel’s restaurant.

“Being in the sun will do that,” Greg said.

“The material from the t-shirt is almost painful,” Sandy said, pulling it away from her body in an attempt to stop the irritation of the material rubbing her sunburned skin, then giving up, letting it fall back, her hard nipples clearly visible poking through.

“It looks like your skin has absorbed all of the moisturizing sunblock,” Greg said, taking her hand, then caressing her arm, feeling the dryness. “We should probably put some more on.”

“But there’s still half a bottle of wine left,” Sandy observed.

“We can take it with us,” Greg assured her. “Shall we?”

“Mmm, yes, I think so,” Sandy said as she got to her feet.

Sandy felt like a little girl next to Greg as they walked to the elevators. There were other people in the elevator with them and she found herself leaning against him from the side until it stopped on the 7th floor and they got off.

“This is a very nice wine,” Sandy said as she poured the remainder of the bottle into two glasses once they were in her hotel room. “Grgich Hills. A strange name, but very nice,” she said as she handed a glass to Greg.

“They do a nice job,” Greg agreed as he took a sip. “Now, where’s that crème?”

“Oh, it’s a bit painful,” Sandy said as she tried up pull her t-shirt up over her head.

“May I help?” Greg asked, moving to stand behind her.

“Yes, please,” Sandy said, raising her hands above her head as Greg carefully pulled her t-shirt up and off, leaving her naked from the waist up. “Oh, that’s better,” Sandy said as she covered her breasts with her hands. “Ahhhh,” she sighed and gasped when she felt the cold crème being applied to her back and shoulders.

This time when Sandy felt Greg’s hands moving around to her upper chest, she turned to face him, finding that with him kneeling they were face to face, her hands still covering her breasts.

“Your hands feel good,” she said softly as he leaned forward, his lips meeting hers, the tip of her tongue extruding to tentatively explore his lips as she released her breasts and put her hands around his neck as they kissed, their tongues exploring each other. 

“Oh, yes,” Sandy gasped when Greg lowered his face and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth, sucking on it, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, gently biting down on it until she gasped, then moving to the other breast and doing the same.

Greg returned to Sandy’s mouth and she devoured him, driving her tongue into his mouth as she tried to suck the life out of him. Greg gently broke the kiss and stood up, removing his jacket, then beginning on his shirt, feeling her hands at his belt, then unzipping his pants. He looked down just in time to see his cock disappearing into her mouth after she had pulled his pants and boxers to the floor.

Sandy could not believe that she was on her knees in her hotel room sucking the cock of a perfect stranger, a very nice, big cock at that. She moaned as it pressed at the back of her mouth and the entrance to her throat, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on him.

And then Sandy found herself lifted into the air, her mouth finding Greg’s as he kissed her, walking to the bed and gently laying her on it, kissing his way down her body, sucking and chewing on her nipples, before unzipping her skirt and pulling it and her g-string panty down her legs and off, leaving her totally naked on her back.

She tried to push up onto her elbows as he pushed her knees up and back until they were pressing against the bed, her pussy spread open before him. She could see her clit, big and prominent and hypersensitive sticking up between her petaled lips. Sandy moaned as she watched his tongue disappear into her.

Greg could not believe what a delicious pussy his tongue was sinking into, nor what a hot woman Sandy was turning out to be. The sensations of her mouth and tongue on his cock had been almost too much. Now, the taste and texture of her delicious pussy were almost driving him over the edge as she writhed beneath his tongue, bathing his mouth and tongue with her thick, viscous, tangy juices.

“Oh, god, yes, yes,” Sandy gasped when Greg crawled up her body to kiss her, feeling her legs wrapping around his waist as his cock found the entrance to her pussy and sank into her while she was sucking on his tongue.

One of the most sensual fucks of his life ensued as Sandy rolled her hips back and forth, up and down, milking, massing his cock like nobody had ever done before. Greg alternated between kissing her and sucking on her delectable breasts, chewing on her hard nipples as they fucked.

“I…I…I’m going to cum,” he gasped finally, surprised by the strength that she showed in pushing him up and off of her, sitting up and capturing his cock in her mouth just as he lost control, cum gushing onto her tongue as she sucked, gulping his cum down as her mouth filled, not stopping until she had sucked every last drop of cum from him.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Sandy gasped as she continued swallowing, falling onto her back, her legs spread, her pussy gaping open, red, raw, her juices flowing down towards her rosebud. “Ahhhhhh!” she screamed, clutching Greg’s head as his tongue delved her depths, drinking her up until finally she had no choice but to push him away as she lay on the bed trembling, her hands cupping her pussy as she continued to experience mini-orgasms, one after the other.

“So, what do you think of L.A. now?” Greg asked as he looked up at her from between her spread thighs.

“It’s a great place to get lost,” Sandy replied.