Losing My Virginity

The other day while we were fooling around my GF asked me about the first time I had sex. I told her the first time I had sex for real was during college and that I blew my load about 0.2 seconds after I put it in. My GF laughed and looked relieved (I never understand why she asks these questions she doesn’t really want to know the answers to) and I knew it was the right story to tell, even if it isn’t exactly the truth. The real story would definitely have started a fight.

Anyway, it happened three years ago when I was a sophomore in college and sharing a 2 bed, 1 bath apartment with Lydia and Alice (not their real names). I knew Lydia from my friend group and Alice was her grad student girlfriend. We got along great as roommates. The rent was split fair and we all paid the bills on time. I brought the PS4, the girls bought a 40” flat screen tv, and we shared our streaming accounts. And we always chipped in equally when we’d order out for food. Sometimes the apartment looked like a disaster zone, especially after we have friends over to hang out, but all three of us had about the same ideas toward keeping the apartment more or less clean and even though Lydia was a vegetarian she wasn’t annoying about it so we all lived pretty much drama free.

So what I’m trying to say is that I knew I had a good thing going so I definitely wasn’t going to fuck it up by being weird about finding both of them crazy hot.

Before I lived with her I always thought Lydia nice, but a bit boring. But after moving in I got to know her better and I started to think she was actually pretty attractive. She was always in jeans and a hoodie whenever I saw her so the first time I saw her on her way to a date with Alice all dressed up I crashed Bowser into a thwomp. Turned out she had amazing tits that looked real nice in a tight low cut top, who knew?

Meanwhile Alice… okay I have to admit that the first time I met her, when Lydia introduced us when I went to check out the apartment, the first thing that popped into my head was that she looked like Sasha Grey. I didn’t hang out with her much because she had a really crazy schedule but every time I did I always found her a little bossy and a bit of a snob (her parents owned the apartment). But she was the best cook out of all of us and always shared her food so we were cool and after a couple of months I could talk to her about GoT or TWD (this was back when the show wasn’t complete shit) without it being all awkward.

But like I said I wasn’t about to fuck up a great roommate situation by being a creep so I respected their boundaries.

So how did I end up losing my virginity to them you ask?

Well it was all because of a stuck door.

Our bathroom was one of those that had one door that opened out into the corridor and another that led to the master bedroom, which of course was the girls’. For about a day or two  before it happened the door to the corridor wouldn’t open because of the knob broke or something. I’d volunteered to try and fix it using a YouTube video but Alice told me she already had a handyman coming in to check it out so not to bother, so I’d been going through their bedroom to go to the bathroom.

The first night it was stuck when I got out of the bathroom they were giggling under their comforter and it was really awkward walking around their bed to the door. Lydia squeaked out a “goodnight!” while laughing and I got the feeling that she was laughing at ME so I just shuffled out of there as fast as I could.

The second night was when it happened, and I can still remember everything like it was last week. It had been pretty unforgettable.

When I got back from the gym the two of them were in the living room with a bottle of wine open between them, laughing and watching a pirated copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. They invited me to join them, I said “no way in hell” and went to go shower. But when I got out of the bathroom Alice was standing right there in a tank top and yoga shorts and saying, “you are very oblivious, you know that?” And then she grabbed my shirt and kissed me.

Distantly, in the part of my brain that wasn’t going crazy I heard Lydia start laughing.

Okay, at this point I wasn’t so thick that I didn’t know what was going on—the pieces all sort of clicked even as Alice was tracing the seam of my lips with her tongue—but I had a lot of crazy worst-case-scenario thoughts firing off in my head (overthinking is a big problem of mine) so I gently pushed Alice away and gibbered something out that I think ended in a question mark.

Then Lydia came over and—we three had a discussion about boundaries and consent and what the fuck was going on. The whole conversation lasted more than long enough that my boner downgraded itself to a half chub but the gist of it was that they wanted to have a threesome and they wanted to have it with me. As for me, well, at that time I had just ended my first serious relationship with my girlfriend from HS—my 3 year, long distance, I-want-to-save-myself-for-marriage girlfriend who I discovered was cheating through a snapchat one of her college “friends” sent me with a bunch of laughing crying emojis—and I was absolutely on board with whatever it was Lydia and Alice had in mind.

I was pushed down to the bed and stripped out of my shirt. I remember thinking I wished I was drunk because I was so damn nervous and turned on. Then Lydia kissed me while I got my hands on her tits and Alice pressed down on my hardon and… I came inside my shorts.

Lydia asked, confused, did I just really cum and I wanted to curl up into a ball and die. The level of embarrassment I felt at that exact moment was so profound I felt I was close enough to attain spiritual awakening.

Then Alice—and I’ll never forget what she said for as long as I live—said to her, “Give him another five minutes and he’ll be ready to go again.” To me: “Don’t worry about it. This isn’t porn. All you have to do is have fun and feel good and help us have fun and feel good and it doesn’t matter how we get there, okay?”

I stammered out something incomprehensible but full of gratitude, the girls laughed, and then we really got things going.

I discovered Lydia loved having her tits played with, and she made hot gasping noises when her nipples got sucked on. And Alice had the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen, smooth and hairless: a tight slit with a cute clit.

After licking Lydia’s tits and fingering Alice a bit more they told me they wanted me to fuck Alice doggy style while she used her mouth and this massive vibrator on Lydia. (Another thing I found out that night was that they loved toys, especially vibrators.) Alice handed me a condom and a small vibrator and I went to town. It was crazy sexy watching Lydia’s tits shake while Alice had her head between her legs. I ran my hand down the line of Alice’s spine to her ass and palmed her asscheeks before nudging her legs farther apart so I could see her hole and wet pussy more clearly. I traced Alice’s slit with a finger and pushed in. I still remember how her muscles would twitch and tighten up when she was played with right. Just remembering it gets me hot.

Anyway, I got her off by using the vibe on her clit and fingering her at the same time, and then after she finished gasping I took my dick and slowly pushed it into her. My first pussy. It was tight and the way it made room for my dick little by little was amazing. It really couldn’t have been any better.

I started to fuck her and having already cum 2 times that night (once in the shower before this all started) I lasted longer this time but that meant jack shit when you don’t know what to do, and I quickly found out that watching a lot of porn doesn’t automatically make a guy know how to fuck right.

Lydia was still moaning and looking happy but I noticed Alice had kind of stiffened up, and not in the good way. So I improvised and put the vibe back on her clit on max setting and yeah, that did it. Her pussy clenched down hard enough to make me grunt and she started to move her ass on her own, fucking herself on my dick while she made out with Lydia. I was close so I kept the vibe on her and just went for it until I came so hard I gripped her ass and bent over her back, panting like I’d finished a marathon.

And that’s how I really lost my virginity.