Letter to Stepsister

Although our parents only recently got married, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you since the moment I met you. Your beautiful eyes, long-flowing hair and curvy body are tantalizing. But I can’t hold the feeling back anymore of wanting to ravish your tiny body. I know you’re my step-sister, but I want our soft bodies to touch and to taste one another. I can see it in your eyes, the way you look at me, the way you try to get as close to me as possible. You want it too, and you want it all.

I remember when the whole family got together for my 22nd birthday – that’s when I finally realized that you want me too. We sat at the kitchen table, and everyone was crowded around us for me to blow out the candles on the cake. Your mom was taking a video and my dad was sitting in the seat next to me. There was one empty seat at the table. Instead, you decided to sit on my lap. It took me by surprise, but no one else in the family seemed to find it strange. “One, two, three!” I blew out the candles. Everyone clapped and cheered, and I was feeling blissful. So blissful to the point that I got hard.

I couldn’t help but control it. The pressure of your soft legs against my groin felt so good. My cock started throbbing underneath my pants. Pulse by pulse, blood was rushing to it, and it was getting larger against the pressure of your warm legs. I started to sweat and fidgeted to try and make it less noticeable. That wasn’t working, so I tried pushing you off of me. You turned around, looked me dead in the eyes, and bit your lip. My heart sank. In my mind, I was thinking “oh fuck, baby”, but I looked away, pretending to not notice.

I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions too quickly, so I tested you for a few weeks to see if you actually really wanted me. I’d leave the bathroom door unlocked when I was showering, leave my bedroom door slightly cracked open when changing, and would walk down the hallway in boxers. Each time I did these things I could see you in the corner of my eye, either watching me from your room or conveniently walking by at the same time. It was only a matter of time until you’d start doing the same.

One afternoon, you had just gotten out of the shower and walked out into the hallway. I think I heard you graze your hand against my door, so I came out. You walked into your room and left the door open. I hid behind the door and peeked my head through, looking at you. Wanting every piece of you. Then, you dropped the towel and I saw everything. Your small waist, curvy ass and soft shaved pussy. I started watering from the mouth. I even felt pre-cum ooze out of me. Once again, my cock was throbbing uncontrollably for you. You put on a red thong and acted like you couldn’t see me. Then, you turned around and smiled at me. Nervously, I went back to my room.

I’ve been hesitant to say or do anything, but I can’t hold it back anymore. This weekend, when our parents are out of town, I am going to fuck your brains out. Our parents fly out on Friday morning and don’t come back until Sunday night, so the weekend is ours. Once I drop them off at the airport, I’ll go to a liquor store and get some tequila and beers for us. After, I’ll go to a sex shop and get some strawberry lube and condoms. As soon as I come back home, I’ll go up to my room and leave the door open. 

You’ll stand by my door and ask where I’ve been. “Dropping off mom and dad,” I say. You look at me and smirk. “Then how do you explain that?” you say, as you point to the condoms and lube on my nightstand. “It’s for this girl I’m seeing,” I start getting nervous. “You haven’t brought anyone back here in months” – you start inching toward me. “I know you want to fuck me.” You come closer and closer to my bed and put one leg over me as I’m laying down. Our eyes lock and you bite your lower lip, “And I want you to fuck me too.” 

My cock pops up underneath my sweatpants and you look at it. You lower yourself down onto me in a cowgirl position. You’re in sweats too, not wearing a bra underneath your white tank top. I feel your warm body against mine, your warm legs against my warm cock. You bring your face in closer to mine. I’ve been waiting for this forever. Then, I feel your warm breath against my face, slowly hitting me. Nose to nose. Cheek to cheek. Finally, lips to lips. Your warm, juicy lips rub against mine, and then we kiss. I bring my hands to your face and slide your hair behind your cute little ear. You love the feeling of my large warm hand against your cheek.

You start to rub my arms and trail your way down to my shoulders. You feel my hard muscles and grip onto them tighter and tighter. I start to hold your face a little tighter, and I slide my tongue into your mouth, hitting yours. Our tongues lock. I love your sweet taste, and I don’t want to let go. I pull your face in closer and kiss you passionately. You start grinding your pussy against my hard cock. I whisper into your ear, “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.” You giggle at me. I bite your lower lip hard and then suck on it. You close your eyes and arch your back, “fuck!”, you whisper under your breath. 

You bring your face back closer to mine and start kissing me at a faster pace, a faster tempo. Our bodies are a sexual symphony. You put your tongue deep into my mouth, you want to taste all of me too, you never want to let me go. Then, you bite my lower lip even harder. As you do, I trace my fingers down from your face to your chest. I graze my hands over your breasts. I can see your nipples and I start rubbing them over your tank top. They get hard and start to pop out through your shirt. I want to savor every second and taste all of you, so I pull your head back in to mine, feeling your body radiate heat onto mine. 

My warm breath hits against the side of your neck. I start licking your neck, and you start to squirm as I hold your body close into mine. You feel chills run down your spine as I lick your neck up and down, and in the motion of an infinity symbol. Fitting for the occasion. After a few moments I lick my way up to your ear and nibble on it. You bite your own lip hard and I see the marks from your teeth. In return, you go crazy and start licking me all over my neck. Your warm breath and wetness feel so good, and you nibble on my ear as I squirm underneath you. 

I start rubbing your hard nipples and manically lick them from over your shirt. I smirk at you and you look at me. I can tell that you finally want me inside of you. You get up off of me and bring your soft hand to my arm. You guide me up and walk me into the bathroom. You look back at me and smirk. As you walk in front of me, I look at your ass jiggle through your sweatpants and I get even more aroused. 

Once we’re in the bathroom, you lock the door. Without a second’s notice you rip off your tank top. I look at you and drop my jaw, my cock pulsating hard. You stand in front of me and I pull you in closer to me. Your hips to mine. I lean against the sink and you grind against me. I feel your warm pussy against my throbbing cock. In an abrupt motion I turn you around and lean you into the sink. Your back against the mirror and your hips against the sink, you feel my hips lightly thrust into you and all of my weight pressuring into you. I lick my way down from your neck to your chest and cup your breasts with my large hands. 

I hear you start to breath heavily, and you reach your arm over to the shower handle and turn it on to a hot setting. Now, with the water running, it slowly starts to get hotter and steamier in the bathroom. I start licking a circular motion around your breasts, not yet on your hard nipples, teasing you. I feel you longing for my warm tongue to lick your nipples and give you electrifying chills. Slowly but surely my tongue makes it way to your rock-hard nipple. You feel my soft tongue licking up and down, side to side, and in a swirling motion. You pull my shirt off of me. You see my large chest and washboard abs and feel yourself get wet.

I bring my tongue back to your other breast and lick it all over like an animal. Then, I slow it down and sensually lick to your nipple, applying more and more pressure. I start softly biting your nipple as my other hand pinches your other nipple. You arch your back and feel your head against the gold glass of the mirror behind you. I start pinching both of your nipples lightly with two fingers and lick a trail down to your belly button. You start to pull off your pants and I help you slide them off. The bathroom is steamy now, but your butt feels cold against the granite countertop. You’re in the same red thong I saw you changing into weeks before.

I start rubbing your legs and your inner thigh and start grabbing in closer and closer to your groin. I bring my head down to your legs and start licking your inner thigh. Your skin tastes so sweet. I wrap my hands around your legs and grab your ass, spreading it. You hop off the counter and pull down my pants. My throbbing cock swings out, oozing with so much pre-cum. You smirk. Before I know it, your hand it wrapped around my long, thick cock. You hold me by my cock and lead me into the steaming shower.

You feel the warm water hit against your sweaty body and you lean against the cold-tiled wall. You let go of my cock and wrap your arms around my body, and I wrap my arms around yours, with my hands grabbing your ass. “I want you to fuck me in the shower, daddy.” “I’m gonna give you all of my cock, baby,” I respond. I lean my body into yours and you feel my hard cock rub against your wet pussy. Our lips meet once again, and we start passionately kissing. 

I spread your ass, grabbing it hard, and then grab my own cock. You feel the warm water hit off of my back, onto you, as I slowly slide my cock into you. Inch by inch, I finally put all of me inside of you. Your wet pussy grips me as I slowly start to thrust into you. Back and forth, back and forth. You start breathing heavily. Our bodies are completely soaked, and our lips are even warmer. 

I lift up your legs and you wrap them around my hips. I hold you up as I kiss you and start licking your neck again. You feel the warm water hit your chest and run down your body. I thrust into you, harder and harder. Faster and faster. You don’t want me to stop. You start clawing away at my back and griping my arms, trying to hold onto anything you can. You move with the rhythm of my hips and follow my thrusts. You’re soaked, and my warm wet cock feels so good inside of you. I lick up to your ear and whisper. “Cum for me baby, I want it all.” 

Like an animal, you start clawing my back even harder, now leaving marks. You pull my face in toward yours and bite my lip hard. I thrust into you. Now as hard and fast as I can. Since no one is home, you don’t even try to hold back your screams. “Ugh, fuck, daddy, I’m going to cum.” “Cum for me baby, cum for daddy.” I spread your pussy wider and your legs start to shake. Then, your entire body shakes uncontrollably. I can’t contain myself either. We both climax. We both cum. I slide my cock out of you before I cum, you get down on your knees, and I cum all over your face. 

You take your fingers, take some warm, sweet cum from your face, and eat it. Cum slowly leaks out of your wet pussy and you stand up. Now we reverse the roles. I bend down and lick up all of your cum. I eat it all. It tastes so sweet, just like you. I come back up and our lips meet one last time. The warm water hits our bodies. I grab the soap and start rubbing you down, cleaning your body. You take the soap for me and do the same. 

We wash off our bodies and you turn off the shower. You reach outside and grab a towel. You rub me down and I rub you down, teasing you slightly, grazing your pussy with my fingers. We giggle. Finally, we wrap our warm bodies in the single towel and walk out into my bedroom. Once in my room, we fall down on the bed and lay together. We turn on the TV and watch Netflix for the rest of the day. Naked together in bed. It’s only the beginning of the weekend, and I can’t wait to see what the next two days have in store for us, baby.