Late Night Trouble

I’m driving down the freeway, going about 65 in a 50 mph area. The radio, playing Post Malone’s Wow, blaring the loud music. I am lip syncing along to the lyrics. Suddenly, I hear sirens behind me and I look in my rear view mirror to see a police squad car. I sigh before pulling over. I wait for a few moments before I hear a knock on my window. I roll down the window.

“May I help you officer?” I ask quietly, squeezing my arms tightly together, showing off my cleavage.

“Do you know how fast you were going ma’am?” He is in his late 20s, short brown hair, sun tanned skin, forest green eyes, and standing at about 6’1. I bite my lower lip and shake my head ‘No.’ He sighs before saying “you were going 65 in a 50 mile per hour area, may you please step out of the car” I turn off my car before slowly stepping out. I stand up in my short skirt, white tee and black heels. I look him up and down, looking over every detail of his tall body.

“Please turn around.” he says motioning for me to turn my back to him. I nod and turn around, making sure to move my hips slightly. I spread my legs a bit. He lifts my arms up and starts to look at me from all angles. I can feel myself start to get wet.

“Miss, please follow me. I need to check something.” His deep voice making me wetter by the second. I follow him quietly, give my hips some extra shake. Once he get to his squad car he opens the door and reaches into the car. I notice his ass is rather large. I bite my lip, watching him, and I lean against the car door. I press all of my body weight on it. Suddenly, the car door opens more and I fall, my skirt flying up. I yelp as I hit the ground, my skirt raised up slightly to reveal a red thong. He jumps up at the sound of my yelp and stares at me. I see him lick his lips.

“You okay, Miss……?” He drags out the word, awaiting me to give him my name.

“Maggie” I say quickly. I blush and look down. He holds out a hand for me and I take it. When he pulls me up I lose my balance and fall onto him. He catches me. I look up at him with a lustful smile and gleam in my eyes. I reached for my waist and pulls me close.

“Hey” he says with a wink.

“Hey” I answer with my hands traveling his body slowly. I run my hands over his chest and down to his ass. He reaches down to my thighs and picks me up. He opens the back door of his car and sets me down. His lips are immediately on mine, his tongue running over my bottom lip. I groan against his lips. I pull away for a moment to ask him a question, “What’s your name?” I pant out softly, looking up at him.

“Jackson” he says, attaching his lips to mine again. He runs his hands down to my chest and squeezes my tits a bit. I moan softly against his lips. He pulls away to pull off my shirt, to show no bra covering my large tits. I rub my tits and pinch my nipples for him. He moves my hands and attacks my right nipple with his plump lips. He sucks and licks on my nipple as his other hand rolls and toys with my left nipple. After almost 5 minutes of me moaning, he pulls away. He starts to unbutton his shirt. A thin white undershirt underneath. He slips both of the articles off and sets them on the floor of his car. I reach over and run my fingers over every ab and muscle in his chest and stomach. I reach for his pants and start to unbutton them. I unzip them and pull down his black slacks, black boxers underneath. His bulge very visible. I get out of the car and onto my knees. I pull out his harden cock and kiss the tip. I graze my teeth over the slit, precum comes out slowly. I lick up all the precum before taking him into my mouth. I bob my head, gagging as I go deeper. I use my hands to touch and play with his balls. He moans and groans as I suck his hard cock. He runs his fingers through my hair and pushes me farther into his cock. Soon after I feel him twitch in my mouth. I suck him harder, and he cums in my mouth. I swallow as much as I can but he fills up my mouth. Cum drips out the side of my mouth as I drink it up. He picks me up and places me on the seats. He lifts my skirt and pulls aside my thong. He immediately placed his cock in front of my entrance. I nod to him before he trusts into me, hard. I throw my head back in a loud moan. His 9 inch cock in my tight pussy. He starts slow, thrusting slowly in and out.

“Faster” I moan out loudly, wrapping my arms around his neck and my nails digging into his back. He starts to go faster, my tits slowly bouncing. He notices this and starts to go faster, the sound of his balls hitting my ass very loud. My moans get louder as he goes faster. He lets out groans and pants with very few moans. “I’m close” I moan out. He starts to move faster. “I’m cumming!” I scream out, my cum spilling all over his cock. He doesn’t stop going into me. He grunts and pants out “I’m cumming” softly as he thrusts into me one more time before spilling his gum into my pussy. He pants out and pulls out of me, setting his cock on my stomach. I collapse on the seats behind me and pants. He leans over me and kisses me softly. I kiss him back. He grabs my arms and pulls me up. He picks me up under my thighs and sits me down in the back seat. He goes back to my car. He returns a few moments later and says “I’ll take you home, your car will be towed to your house.” He gets in the front seat and turns on the squad car. I notice he hasn’t put his shirt back on. “Jackson, your shirt” I pant out softly. I start to put my clothes on as well. “I’ll put it back on soon” he says with a smile. About 10 minutes later, I’m home. Jackson carries me inside and sets me down on the couch. “Hey, would you like to go out?” He asks, kneeling in front of me. “Yes” I nod quickly, smiling down at him. He kisses my lips and hands me a piece of paper. As he walks out he calls back to me “Call me!” I giggle and open the paper. On it is a phone number and a dick drawing. I laugh before closing my eyes and falling asleep, letting my dreams take over.