Late Night at the Office

My boyfriend works late nights all the time, so if I’m up early enough, we try to fuck in the morning before he puts his suit on and leaves. It’s a Thursday and I wake up to the sound of him getting dressed—we both overslept. I stretch my legs under the sheets and immediately get a chill and feel my nipples harden—I moan for him and he walks over to the bed as he ties his tie. He tells me he has to leave and when I ask what time it is, I jolt out of bed and get ready for the office. I think about him all day, tightening my legs in anticipation of my next orgasm.

I get home later than usual, have dinner by myself and then take a hot bath. I’m looking at my naked body in the hot water and thinking about his big body on top of mine. I keep body oil in the bath, and drizzle it all over my boobs. It drips down over my nipples, my belly button, and toward my hips. I rub the oil over myself, the day’s stress starting to lift as I get more and more turned on. I dry my hands, snap a quick selfie of my oiled up body and send it to him with a message: I need your cock in me, now. I’m rubbing my waterproof vibrator over my clit, waiting for his response to turn me on. Still at work—So horny for you. Last one here-so annoying I imagine his dick getting hard under his desk in his work pants. He rubs his hand over it. I stop playing with myself, get out of bed, throw a shift dress on and walk the ten blocks to his office.

I’m outside your office; coming up.

He starts typing, pauses, then calls me: Why are you here baby? His voice is raspy and deep, like he’s trying to whisper.

Aren’t you the last one at work? He tells me yes, buzzes me up, still clueless as to why I’m there.

When we get to his desk, I tell him he should sit down for this. He does, and I tell him to get back to work as I crawl under his desk, unzip his pants and cover his dick in my wet spit. I lift my dress above my hips so he can see me rubbing my clit with my other hand. His mouth is open as he watches me. He’s getting harder in my mouth and my own wetness is all over my hand. He takes my face into his hands, tells me to stand up and takes me into a small conference room.

I lie face-up on the table, my dress up over my nipples. His pants are just above his knees, his sexy Oxford shirt and tie still done. I tell him to reach into my purse, and he takes out my vibrator and puts it on my clit. I hold it in place, arch my back, and he fingers me until I almost come.

Is this why you came to visit me at the office?

I tell him yes, and he goes inside of me. I’m moaning so loud as he thrusts harder and harder into me. He covers my mouth, just in case. We fuck until I come, and then he fills me with his own before I leave him back at his desk to finish up for the day. I walk back home, still naked and wet under my dress.