Kate and Andy (Part 5 – Closing the Case)

Kate felt strange and trapped in the motel room – her own temporary safe house – with Andy out shopping.

She started worrying about everything, like who was out to get her, and how long the repairs to her condo would take – perfectly reasonable things to worry about, but which she’d almost forgotten about when Andy was touching her nipples with the tip of his tongue, spreading her legs gently, stroking her with his fingers and then brushing against with his cock until she went wild, needing him inside her. And then, taking her bent over the dresser so they could both watch in the mirror while they made it rock back and forth, and see how great that looked, his hands on her breasts, his dick moving in and out of her. The look on his face, on her own face, the way they both looked when they came…

Without Andy, she was going stir crazy. It was rough to call in and see what progress was being made on her case. Or maybe it was because she called in to see what was happening, if there was any progress made on the case.

Ed told her things were indefinite, that when she got in their lieutenant wanted to see her, some evidence from the car explosion had unfortunately been lost in transit –

She did a few deep breathing exercises and paced the room in a circle and then finally – Andy was back.

She pulled him against her for a long, long kiss.

His tongue in her throat, his dick pressing up against her through his pants, soon she forgot all about Ed.

“You missed me.”

“I did.”

“I have to get into work though.” But she wasn’t sure she wanted to. She wanted to unzip his pants, and climb back into bed with him and maybe they’d just do it all day…

“And I do, too. Eventually. City council meeting I’m covering at one, so…”


She was still wrapped in that towel that looked deliciously easy to unwrap.

“I don’t suppose there’s any real rush,” she said.

He was unwrapping the towel now and she was just letting him.

Those tits. Those remarkable curvy, beautiful hips. The way she was opening up to him as he stroked her pussy, how wet she was already as he pressed her down against the bed, as he spread her legs, as she wrapped her legs around his back. And when he pressed his cock inside her, he felt how hot she was, how smooth and wet she was, like slick satin, and he could’ve thrust inside her – back and forth and side to side the way she liked it best – for a decade. He was holding back as long as he could, his dick throbbing. They stayed locked in a delicious kiss while the mattress bucked and swayed and he fucked her easily, slow then fast, until he felt her come again, her wetness all around him, and… lips still held fast in that kiss, only they could hear the sound they each made when they came.


She really might never leave the motel room, Kate thought. Sweaty and sated, they lay in each other’s arms and half-dozed.

She could do this all day, all night, maybe all week…but eventually, reluctantly, she had to figure out who was after her. Resume her real life. Put some clothes on.

Andy stood up and wandered over to the doorway, where he had left two shopping bags. Kate never had a man buy her clothes before, and for that matter, she’d never had one dress her. In its way, it was even sexier than having him undress her.

She laughed at the red velvet bra he bought her, but she let him put it on her anyway, slipping the straps over her shoulders, carefully fastening the hooks. Promising she’d wear the thong another time, she let him lift her feet into a pair of slightly more conservative cream silk panties and slide them higher up her legs and over her hips.

He chose a dark soft silk shirt in something like taupe and paired it with the pale green suit he’d bought her, zipping her skirt, sliding her arms into the sleeves of her jacket, and standing back to admire his work.

“Man, I can’t wait to take it all off you again,” he said.

“I wish every morning could be like this,” she said, and surprised herself by how much and how literally she meant it. “Not the people trying to kill me part. The waking up with you part.”

“I could easily get used to being here for the rest of our…”  he stopped himself. “Our week. There is no place else I’d rather be, but here in this Beverly Hills-adjacent room, the must-stay location for high-powered early-morning bargain shoppers.”

She touched his cheek, lightly. “This means a lot, you know. You taking care of me.”

She kissed him again. Partly to shut him up before he said something she would feel not quite ready to hear, and partly because it just felt so good to kiss him. Tongue to tongue. His hands already lifting the edge of her skirt.

“It’ll work out. We’ll work out. I promise,” Andy said, very firmly, very convincingly.

“It’s just that nothing’s ever perfect, okay? Nothing -”

“We were perfect in Tahoe,” Andy said. “We can be perfect right here in LA.”

“We don’t have to be perfect,” she told him. “We can just be real.”

He was already unbuttoning the soft silk blouse…


Unfortunately, what was real was so far from perfect it made Kate feel dizzy.

There was a knock on the door, but it wasn’t the plain clothes detectives she expected. It was Ed, looking upset about something, but that wasn’t anything new.

“You’re going to have to come with me, the both of you,” he said. “We have some very interesting – evidence. And before I just lock lover-boy here up, I’ll give you both the benefit of the doubt.”

“What are you talking about,” Kate asked, her brow furrowed.

“I’m talking about you losing your badge, and him conspiring with you for insurance money.”

“What the – ” Andy began, but got no further.

“Don’t you threaten me,” Ed said. “I have evidence that could have you in jail right now.”

He turned back to Kate, and said in a wheedling, nauseating tone, “I’m assuming he threatened you, detective? That this wasn’t a willing collusion…?”

She’d gone from wanting to Andy to just keep touching her to wanting to throw Ed out the window in less than sixty seconds flat.

Andy spoke very quietly, very precisely. “Are we under arrest?”

We,”Ed sneered. “I think we’re really talking about you, assuming Katie here turns witness.”

“Have I not told you to never, ever call me that again?” Kate said, and her voice was as cold as she could make it. Her hands were shaking, just a little bit, with anger.

“Detective, then. Calm down. Maybe I’ve worded this wrong. I’m going to show you both what I’ve found this morning, and we will see what the next step will be. But possibly booking. Yes, possibly booking.” He looked them both over, up and down.

His lips curled in something just short of amusement. “And there’s no co-ed prison, you know.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you,” Kate said.

“Would you rather I called the lieutenant right now, took you both in wearing cuffs?”

Kate debated that for a second.

Andy cleared his throat. “I’d have the newspaper’s attorneys down your throat in an hour if you do.”

“I doubt that,” Ed said. “Detective?”

He stressed her title.

“It’s your call. It’s your career. He’s your boyfriend. I’m giving you both a chance here to explain this all away.”

He waved an arm magnanimously. “Or not. We can go with not. I’d like to show you the evidence.” He began to tick things off on his fingers. “And before I do, maybe just a little background to explain where I got my investigative ideas from.”

“Do tell,” Kate said, as evenly as she could.

“He worked with explosives in the Army. I pulled in a favor, checked his records already. Before he was Joe Reporter. Exemplary service of course, you know he kept a buddy from walking into a land mine? And he knew all about those mines. About setting and defusing explosives. That fire at your place. Arson of course. They found a military issue fuse -”

“So what,” said Andy. “You’re a liar.”

“What reason do I have to lie?”

“I don’t know. You want to threaten me?” Ed puffed out his chest.

Andy stepped right up to him. “Try me.”

“Stop,” Kate said, “please.”

“And your car. Same kind of fuse. Old school. Like he could’ve had them for years.”

“Why would I have fuses for years?”

“You tell me.”

“What’s this evidence you want to show us,” Kate asked.

“You gonna cooperate?”

“I suppose. Until I report to you to our superiors for botching this investigation,” Kate said.


“We should ask for legal representation. We should ask to be cuffed,” Andy said to Kate softly, even as they were following Ed down the motel hallway.

“I want to play this out,” Kate said grimly, in more of a hiss than a whisper. “You never told me about defusing bombs and things in the Army,” she said.

“Seriously? You never told me in detail about your marriage either. Probably equally traumatic.”

“Touché,” she said, and she laughed.

He loved hearing her laugh. He wished he was hearing her laugh while they were lying naked in bed with his fingers inching down her belly and through her pubic hair and slipping first one, then another inside her and making her come, but instead here they were.

But Ed – he was nuts. Andy was convinced of it. And he knew Kate knew that, but why did she want to go ahead with this farce? Did she really think this lunatic had some dirt on him?

She somehow seemed to read his mind, and touched his arm, reassuring. “It’s not that I think he has anything real. I’m thinking that he’s dumb enough to think he has something real, and I want to be sure there’s nothing he can twist and turn against you.”

“He’s nuts,” Andy said, louder than he’d intended.

He was trying to push away the sensation even that feeling of wanting her.

Just her hand on his arm, and he wanted her, so bad he ached.

He had this wild idea of stripping Kate’s suit off right in the hall and opening the door to any room and falling down on the bed and…

Now they were outside in the hot, bright sun, and Ed was winking at Kate. Winking at her.

“I’ll tell you what he’s not tellin’ you,” Ed said, as he opened the back door to his car for Andy.

Ed had the front door open for Kate, but she slipped in to the back seat beside Andy.

“What’s that?” Kate said.

Ed gave a dry laugh. “About the gun under his bed.”

“You went in my apartment?” Andy exploded. “Without a search warrant. I don’t even own a gun.”

“Not legally registered to you,” Ed said with relish. “Neither of those fuses were registered to you either.”

“How would you register a fuse?” Andy asked, almost thinking this was funny now.

“Bring it on, smart guy. I’m gonna show you both – I want to see your face when Katie here sees who you really are.”

Andy took Kate’s hand as the car sped away.

In her other hand she had her cell phone. 911 was already punched in, but she hadn’t called yet.

She saw him see her phone, she nodded toward Ed. So, she thought he might just be crazy, too.



They were in a warehouse on the anonymous edge of Pacoima. Ed said something to the security guard, took a clipboard from him, signed in. The guard looked bored, maybe sleepy. He nodded at Ed like he knew him. Not lost on Kate, Andy thought.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” she said.

“Now?” Ed seemed seriously unnerved by the idea.

The guard gestured to a Portapotty across the parking lot.

She sighed and walked across the lot. She’d have to be very, very quiet.

“Keep them busy,” she said to Andy. “I don’t want anyone listening to me.”

Andy nodded.

Kate stepped back out from the portapotty a few minutes later. She was smiling. “Got any hand sanitizer?”

“I do not,” Ed said.  “Stop delaying the inevitable,” and he led them across the lot and through a door and inside the dusty warehouse.


“This is where he took the fuses from,” Ed said with a flourish.

Ed led them through a tangle of boxes and manufacturing equipment, and into what appeared to be an abandoned room. Lying on a counter was an array of boxes, one with the top torn open, and a clutter of old-looking U.S. Army stamped fuses inside.

“This is what he used,” he said, pointing a finger at Andy.

“Um. I’ve never been here in my life.” Andy sounded startled at how silly this was.

Kate laughed, but she didn’t really think any of this was funny. “What exactly ties Andy to this place?”

“This,” said Ed with a note of triumph.

He yanked a folded paper from his pocket and thrust it at Kate. It was another sheet from the sign-in clipboard, this one dated two days ago, with Andy’s signature on it.

“That’s – that’s my signature,” Andy said, “what did you do? What did you copy? Car pink slip? Apartment lease?”

“I didn’t copy anything,” Ed sneered.

“I think it’s time we went into the station. Let Ed produce this ‘evidence’ for expert assessment.”

“I agree. And bring that security guard in maybe, to ask if he’s ever seen me before in his life.”

“Oh, he’ll say he’s seen you,” Ed said. He turned to Kate. “He’ll say anything I tell him to say. Now you – say you believe me and I’ll let you off the hook.”

“Why would I say that?” Kate asked.

“Because if you don’t,” Ed had something that looked like a remote control in his hand, as he nodded toward Andy, “He’lltie you up and blow this room sky high with you both in it.”

Andy saw Kate pull her hand from her jacket pocket. She’d called 911 in the Portapotty, said only “Police emergency. Officer kidnapped,” and the address. Hopefully, the response time was quick.

“I believe you, Ed,” she said, super sweetly. The words were sticking in her throat.

“What?” Ed sounded almost surprised.

“I mean I know this is a set-up and everything, but I haven’t really trusted anyone since I broke up with my ex,” she said. “Except, you know…” she stepped a tiny, tiny step closer to Ed. “I see that you’re so committed to me, you’d um… do anything. Just to get me away from Andy. But now you don’t have to.”

He was looking at her, and he didn’t see Andy take a tiny, tiny step closer, too. She really needed Ed to take his finger off that detonator – before Andy jumped him, or whatever he was planning, and she could see he was planning something.

A long moment, and Ed took his finger off the red button on the thing he was holding, but he didn’t put it away. Andy’s body was coiled tight – she allowed herself a half second of admiration for how how strong his arms looked and how much she wished they were wrapped around her naked body in a bed somewhere – but then she shook her head, almost imperceptibly, both to clear it and to stop Andy from doing whatever he was going to do just then.

“Ed. This is crazy, you know that.”

“Crazy like a fox,” he said, grinning.

“But if you promise to take me away from all this –” she faltered. His eyes had gone opaque and she could tell he didn’t really believe she believed him after all.

So she chopped at his arm, a move she’d learned back at the police academy years ago to disarm someone. Andy did something to the back of Ed’s neck, and as Ed was crumpling, six police officers slammed into the building —

Ed was half-falling, but he still had the detonator. Andy kicked it out of Ed’s clenched fist just as Ed crashed down. The police told everyone to freeze, and they did, even Ed.


“The paper wouldn’t let me write my own story,” Andy told Kate. “I think I should resign and write a novel.”

“I think you should just kiss me,” Kate said.

And he kissed her, long and deep, and longer still. They kissed until they almost couldn’t breathe, at least she couldn’t. And it felt so good to abandon herself like that to him.

“But you haven’t heard my idea for a book yet. It’s a love story,” Andy said, and he kissed Kate again. “A very sexy love story.”

“Why don’t you tell it to me,” Kate murmured, running her hands along his hips.

They were reclined on a hammock strung between two graffiti-scarred palm trees

at Dockweiler Beach. It was a much-needed moment of relaxation after getting everything settled after the incident.

The beach was pretty deserted, given that it was a late Wednesday afternoon, near to dusk. Still kissing her, he undressed her beneath her clothes, unsnapping her bra, slipping the straps off one shoulder and then the other, and slipping the bra down her arms, kissing her shoulders and her arms now as it went, until he could pull it away, toss it down on the sand, and her breasts were loose beneath the tank top she was wearing.

It was, she thought, like the act of a sexy magician, not pulling a scarf from a hat but a bra from the girl…

He moved his hands beneath her skirt and started slowly, slowly, agonizingly slowly, slipping her panties off one hip and then the other, down one thigh and then the other, down one leg and then the other, one foot and then the other. She felt her pussy get loose and wet with anticipation.

He rubbed his hands over her breasts, kissed and sucked them through her tank top, peeled it up, slowly, slowly, and sucked first one nipple and then the other, until it was hard, then lowered her shirt again, her tits making the fabric damp. “In case anyone comes by,” he whispered, “we wouldn’t want anyone to see.”

He inched his hand under her skirt, and found the soft folds of her pussy and spread them gently. He stroked her with one finger, then slipped another finger inside her. He knew just what she liked, moving his fingers back and forth, back and forth, side to side. She was so wet, so wet as she shuddered with the pure pleasure of it and came in a gush.

She leaned across him and felt his cock, hugely erect beneath his board shorts. She slipped her hand inside his shorts and rubbed his dick between her thumb and forefinger. He grew even harder as she stroked him.

And then, rocking the hammock like crazy, she pulled the drawstring of those board shorts and took him in her mouth, and sucked and licked him until she could feel him quiver.

Then she hiked up her skirt, and climbed on top of them, the hammock rolling so hard for a moment she thought they’d both fall out on the sand, but no…

And he thrust himself inside her and she could feel his heat, feel him pulse and shudder and explode and she was shivering with the pure feeling of it.

And even after they both came, they couldn’t stop touching and stroking each other and kissing and groping until they were in a crazy sweaty tangle of limbs, clothes half-on, clothes half-off.

It was a reaction maybe to almost being blown up, or the pure joy of seeing Ed taken into custody, and knowing no one was out to get her anymore, case closed. Or maybe it was just plain being with Andy.