Kate and Andy (Part 4 – Playing it Safe)

Andy told Kate they should go to Antigua, but it was maybe no less crazy an idea than hers – to drive to her place without putting themselves back together. It excited him as much as it excited her – but then she also had her hand on his cock while he drove through rush hour.

“I am so glad I got the tinted windows,” he said.

“Don’t you want everyone to see?” she teased.

“No. This is just us.”

“Shall I spread my legs for you?”

“Yeah, yeah, that’d be great.”

She opened her thighs and raised her skirt so he could see her pussy, all wet and open. It excited her so much her breath sounded ragged.

He was turned on, too. His dick was throbbing in her hand. It kind of thrilled her how quickly she could get him hard.

Each time they hit a light, and there were a lot of lights between downtown and her condo in Los Feliz, he fingered her. And each time he did, the ripple of tension and then release, the dreamy, drifty, electric-freeze feeling of coming came easy and fast and hard. It was like riding a wave made of sex, she thought. She was getting better and better at it.

“Lose the bra,” he suggested. “Altogether.”

“Your wish is my command,” she said.

“What does that saying even really mean?”

Her only response was to slip her already-unfastened bra off through the sleeves of her shirt, and toss it in the back with her underwear.

“Wish granted.”

“Oh yeah,” he said, glancing at her breasts. She followed his gaze, and just seeing her own nipples jutting through the thin weave of her shirt, feeling the fabric grazing them, turned her on even more, if there was a way to be even more turned on.

Apparently, there was – at the next light, he barely touched her and she came.

“I love this,” she said. “So much.”

She shifted in her seat, rubbing herself against his hand. She came again. She could do this forever. It was crazy. It was bliss.

“Oh my, my, my,” she sighed out. “I think that was…my 23rd time.”

“You’re counting,” he laughed.

“You can take me home now,” she said. “It’s time I made you keep score.”

“I hope you have an adding machine,” he said. “I might not be able to count that high.”

“I’ll get it out,” she replied. “Along with maybe some handcuffs…”

“If I can use them on you, too.”

“Sure. We can take turns.”

“Blindfold, too?”

“If you’d like.”

“A feather to tickle your feet?”

“No, I draw the line there.”

“Copy that,” he said. “Isn’t that what you detectives say?”

He added a third finger inside her.

“Copy,” she gasped.


But apparently not that evening.

Because when they arrived at her condo, it was – on fire.

While they were driving around having sex in his car, a fire of mysterious origin burst out in Kate’s garage and spread into her condo, just enough to ignite her sofa before the firemen came; just enough to fill the place with smoke and cause water damage to her rugs and linens.

All just a few minutes before Kate and Andy arrived.

“It’s lucky you weren’t home. Smoke rose quick in here,” the fireman said, climbing out Kate’s smashed in bedroom window. “Now don’t step in the hole in the living room, and its habitable.”

The plain clothes guys showed up, one of them glaring daggers at Andy, big and muscle-y and mean looking. Andy followed Kate around the pile of ashes that had been her couch and around the hole in her living room floor, which gave a nice view straight down into the ashy ruins of her garage, which was no big deal, since her car itself was already an ashy ruin surrounded by police tape in front of his own apartment.

“Man, this sucks,” was the best Andy could come up with.

For a moment, her face crumpled like she was going to cry, and she leaned against him. He held her to his chest, and he realized on top of everything else she wasn’t wearing a bra and she wasn’t wearing underwear, and maybe the big glaring plainclothes cop could tell, and knew they were driving around having sex, and possibly thought that somehow their personal intimate conflagration started the fire.

“This has been a day,” Kate said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Andy agreed. “Your car was blown up, your condo smells like a girl scout campfire rampage, I made you come a million times in my car, it’s past nine and we still haven’t had dinner, and your bra is in my back seat.”

And all of a sudden, they both started to laugh. And laugh, and laugh. Apparently he had found the right words to say after all.

The firemen, the two sets of cops, they stared, but Andy and Kate kept laughing, which he thought was the sign of a very healthy relationship: when you can laugh like that with someone out to kill you.


Even if her condo did smell like a campfire gone wild, even if someone was out to get her; so far, she was okay. She was really okay. Because Andy was here. He was really there for her, maybe he’d been there all along.

She turned to her bed. It was still neatly made, as she hadn’t slept in it in two days. The pale blue pillow cases however had more of a navy-blue look. She touched them. They were soaked. So were the spread, sheets, and mattress itself.

“Hose must’ve leaked,” Kate sighed.

“A new kind of water bed,” Andy joked.

Kate just shook her head.

“That running away to Antigua thing, maybe it’s not such a bad idea.”

“I’m telling you,” Andy said, “it’s not.”


They ran away not to Antigua but to the brand-new Traveller’s Inn on La Cienega Blvd., across the street from the brand-new discount mall. On the cusp of Beverly Hills and away from the West Hollywood night life, it was a quiet, unimaginative destination approved by Douglas, as it had been used as a witness safe house in the past.

And, it was eagerly agreed to by Andy. It was important, he thought, that they were playing it safe. After all, Kate’s condo was clearly out of the question, with its soggy bed and drop through floor. And Andy’s apartment was directly in front of a fire bomb attack.

Once they were checked in, they could finally draw a deep breath, but it wasn’t really a relieved deep breath, it was more like “now what.”

“You need a time out. You’re beat. When the lab finishes up on your car and your apartment, then you’ll have something to work with. Then you can go back to investigating. In the meantime, lots of couples dream about a situation like this. Being stranded together in a motel room with nothing else to do but each other.”

He moved up behind her and began rubbing her shoulders, gently.

“I know they can’t see through the walls, but don’t you feel a little weird, that we’ve got uniforms in the lot, detectives in the hall way, everybody watching our every move?” Kate asked. “I mean the ambiance is CSI: Honeymoon,” she said. And then she colored deeply at the word honeymoon.

That made Andy smile. “As long as they haven’t planted secret recording devices in the room, I think I can cope,” he said.

He pulled the blinds closed with one hand, shutting out the clotted traffic and strip malls and the brand-new outlet store across the street that were their view.

He walked back to her and kissed her, a nice long juicy kiss, which to his pleasure, she responded to with a nice long wet kiss of her own.

“How about you, you still coping?”

“Sure,” Kate said. “And I’m starving.”

“Why don’t I order a pizza?” He was reaching for a Domino’s flyer by the phone.

But Kate put her hand over his. “No, I mean I’m ravenous. Absolutely ravenous. And not exactly for pizza.”

She tugged the bed spread off the king bed in one brisk pull. Andy grinned.

“It’s that near death thing I think. And then the fire. And having to talk to my insurance agent twice in one day,” she said. And then her voice dropped and she said something that must’ve been hard for her to say, he thought. “I need you.”

He pulled Kate against him and with no further conversation began to kiss her and undress her.

She was the most beautiful woman in the world, and he was the luckiest man. Never mind that even though they’d washed their faces and hands there was still apartment fire soot and scent on their clothes, for the moment, just touching her was all that mattered.

He peeled back her proper police detective jacket, and tossed it aside.

She unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed it away. He slipped her sweater over hear head, and added it to the little heap of clothing, and then he just had to take her in: Kate in bra and skirt and heels unbuckling his belt, unzipping his pants. And they were still kissing.

When their clothes were all scattered across the room, his pants, her skirt, and they were still kissing and clad only in their underwear – and Kate still had on those heels, which turned him on so much he was practically panting.

She unhooked her own bra and teased him with it, lowering the straps inch by inch off her shoulders, until she tossed it, too, away.

Then, with just her heels still on and panties, his boxers tenting up around his erection, she started to laugh. “You won’t believe it. But I haven’t eaten all day and now I’m actually, really and truly, hungry.”

He ordered delivery pizza and a salad, and through sheer bribery, beer and chocolate from the convenience store on the corner. They sat on the bed and had a picnic – she must’ve known how much he liked seeing her in her black lace panties and those heels, so she didn’t take them off. Everything tasted like it was gourmet.

Along with devouring the food, they devoured each other. They’d stop eating for a minute or two, long enough to nibble on ear lobes, fingers, the insides of her elbows, her very erect nipples, his very erect cock.

Until Kate pulled his boxers off altogether and spread them over the lamp on the bedside table.

He pulled her panties off with his teeth and tossed them on top of the TV.

As he slipped off her shoes, tossing one and then the other away with a little thump, impulsively he kissed her toes. She moaned like he was giving her an orgasm, and it occurred to him that just maybe he was.

He kissed his way up her ankles to her knees and her thighs…He tossed the pizza box off the bed and out of the way.

“I like the room service here,” she whispered. “I like it a lot.”

“And the ambiance suits you, I guess?” he asked, gesturing to the clothes-strewn room.

“Perfect interior design.”

She grabbed him and pulled him up against her, kissing him ravenously.

“I’m still starving,” she said, between kisses.

He reached for her and pinned her down on the bed.


Kate was happy.

Andy kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her lips. He nibbled her ears, her tits, her belly. He rubbed her nibbles, her pussy, her thighs. He raised her knees and kissed them – he stroked her clit with his fingers and then with his tongue, he teased her with the tip of his dick and then he moved his dick inside her rocked her hard and fast.

She covered her own mouth with her hand so she wouldn’t cry out when she came – she didn’t particularly want the cops at the door talking about that over donuts.

They did not get back off that bed again for a couple of hours, until he claimed them each a second, now warm beer, ripped open a bag of chips, and for a joke, a joke that set them going all over again, he bought a pay-per-view adult film.

It was something ridiculous involving an artist, a nude model, and a can of blue paint, and they were laughing at it, making fun of it, even as they were acting it out. Sans blue paint of course. But it was better really, using little bits of a palm-warmed chocolate bar to paint each other up. Just like the night before, they seemed to both really enjoy dessert, she thought.

“I love doing things to you,” he said, circling her breasts with the candy. They were leaning against the cheap dresser now, watching each other in the mirror, something else they both enjoyed.

“I love doing things to you, too,” she said, rubbing herself against him, smearing chocolate across his chest. She let her hands play down along his hips, feathering his thighs.

He licked the chocolate off her tits. She licked the chocolate off his chest, and moved her lips lower, kissing his navel, his hips, and lower still, his balls.

When she’d made his cock start to quiver, she led him by the hand back to the bed. She dropped down on the edge of the mattress but before he could sit, beside her, she had his cock in her mouth.

He stood there, thrusting his dick between her lips, while she licked him and sucked him, and he came hard and fast.

Only then did she release him, and he sat down beside her while they both caught their breath.

Now it was almost five a.m., and birds were chirping somewhere outside their window, and they were sticky and sweaty. They took a long, delicious shower together, no less delicious despite the tiny sliver of motel soap they had to work with. The shower had a hand-held nozzle, and he used it to spray water against her nipples until they tingled. She moved the spray up and down his cock, and around his balls. He directed it at her anus, and then, carefully spreading the lips of her labia, inside her.

The shower stretched on as the bathroom window began to glow with morning light.

Afterwards, they had their third beer each and finished up the chips for their early breakfast, and then, wrapped in each other’s arms, too tired to do anything now except lie there, they fell wordlessly asleep.


“You guys okay in there?” Change of shift for the surveillance team.

“Yeah, great,” Andy said fuzzily. “We’re great.”

It was eight a.m. and he could’ve used a few hours more sleep. On the other hand, he was, for the second morning in a row, with the woman he – loved.

Hopefully today, no cars would blow up, no fires would be set, and whoever the perpetrator was would be caught.

Kate stretched, yawned, and looked around the room, at their scattered clothes, the pizza box, the candy wrappers. She slung a sheet around her and started picking up.

Andy reached down to pick up his pants. Kate lifted her crumpled, slightly sooty skirt from the floor.

“Going into the office dressed like this,” she said. “I wish you could order some clothes like you ordered that pizza.”

“Next best thing,” Andy said, slipping on his grubby chinos. “I’ll run down to that outlet mall, and I’ll get us some new fashionable attire.”

He tossed on his shirt. It didn’t look so spiffy either. In fact, especially since he needed to pick up a razor, too, he looked like he’d spent the night sleeping in a parking lot. They both needed some new clothes.

Kate threw her arms around his neck, just as he was. “You’d do that for me, shop?”

“I’d do anything for you,” he said. He let his hand drop to her breasts, lifted them gently from the sheet she’d wrapped around her. He brushed his fingers back and forth across her nipples, feeling his cock get hard as her nipples grew erect. He could never get enough of touching her, it was as if the more he touched her the more his she became. And he wanted her to be his. He was just as ready to run away with her as he was last night. Maybe they could run back to Reno, to some 24-hour wedding chapel. Was that moving too fast?

Kate let the rest of the sheet fall to the floor. “I’d do anything for you, too,” she whispered, her voice husky.

He supposed the wedding, and the shopping, could wait.

Chinos removed, his cock in her mouth again, what could possibly be a better morning? She scrambled on top of him, eased him inside her, and eyes closed, she slid over him, slow then fast, fast then slow. He loved feeling how wet she was, riding him. He loved feeling her come, ripples around him, like little waves. He met her moves now, both of them together like an in-sync machine, moving in and out, back and forth. It was just so damn good. She closed her eyes as he tweaked her nipples with his fingers, as he reached behind her to probe stroke her buttocks, to slip his little finger inside her anus.

She bit down hard on his shoulder when she came, so the cops outside wouldn’t hear them, and in turn, she pressed the sheet she was still half-tangled in over his lips, when he groaned in release.

Their eyes met and hers lit up with how good it all felt and how illicit and crazy it was. And they buried their faces in the pillows and laughed.