Kate and Andy (Part 3- A Sweet Treat)

“Take some ice cream back to bed?” Andy grabbed two spoons and a pint of mint chip from the freezer, and led her into the bedroom again. “This might be the best idea of the night.”

Kate gave a little shiver of pleasure, considering how his tracing of an ice cube across her body just made her felt.

For a few minutes, in the soft light of the moon, they just passed the ice cream back and forth, spooning up the cool sweetness. It was the anticipation of what they both knew he was going to do next that made her breath catch in her throat, and her heart race, and which also made his cock swell which made her take a taste of it after her next spoonful of mint chip.

When was the last time she’d felt this crazy happy?

The pleasure of her cool ice cream lips on his thick, hot dick was so intense she couldn’t stop licking him, reveling in the way he was quivering and trembling. She knew she’d make him come if she kept it up.

He dipped his spoon in the ice cream and tilted it over her breasts, so that it dripped, slowly, slowly off the spoon and onto her nipples, until it splashed in a small cool sticky puddle on her thighs.

He passed her the ice cream and crouched beside her, licking her breasts, moving his tongue down over her belly to her thighs, and licking them, too.

She took a spoon of ice cream and swallowed it. She climbed onto his lap and straddled him there on the bed.

Kate made a soft moan. He fed her a spoonful.

“I want to suck you again,” she said, and she slipped off his lap and crouched between his legs, and took him deep into her throat, licking him with her cool lips as if his cock was an ice cream cone. She licked each side, carefully, she ran her tongue over the tip, she made circles on it with her tongue. He groaned.

“I can’t hold back,” he said. “You have to stop…”

But she didn’t stop, she kept right on going until he exploded in her mouth, and she swallowed his salty heat, and as he collapsed back on the bed, she helped herself to another spoonful of mint chip.

He drizzled a line of ice cream across her breasts, and down her chest, and into the soft waves of her pubic hair. He ran his tongue everywhere he’d left the ice cream, and then a place he had not. He lapped at her clit, and licked the inside of her thighs, and spread them wider with his sticky fingers.

His fingers danced across her stomach and stroked the mound of her pussy, and his tongue probed inside her, and she came with a shriek that was louder than the sound of a jet passing low over his apartment.

He dropped down beside her, and she rolled on top of him, and rubbed up against him until he was hard again, and she climbed onto his cock and rode him wildly.

He turned her over and raised her up so that her ass was pressed against his balls and stroked her, with his fingers, and found her clit again in this new position, with his tongue.

Then he slipped inside her, and they rocked the bed like a ship in the warm dark night, a ship sailing around some tropical island fantasy.

They came at the same time, and she fell forward with her face in the pillows and he collapsed next to her on his side, and drew her against him.

“Is there any more ice cream?” she asked, when she could speak again. He laughed lovingly.

This felt like the beginning of something really great, she thought. And just as she’d decided the end of her marriage was the end of everything, not just getting her lying ex out of her life, but of all relationships for all time, she decided this was the start of everything, of being fully alive again. All she’d done was have dinner, have fun, go to bed with him. And yet it felt like more.

“I want you to know something,” he said. “I want you to know that I really, seriously, feel something for you. I felt it the first minute we met. I felt it so strongly I wouldn’t stop talking to you on that plane, and I knew you didn’t want to talk, but I kept at you. I kept at you until you gave up and gave in and gave me a look that said I wasn’t wrong, to feel what I was feeling. Do you remember that?”

She smiled in the dark. “Yeah, I remember.”

“And just touching you totally knocks me off my feet.”

She felt his lips moving deliciously along the back of her neck. She wanted him all over again. Despite the warmth of the night, of his body against hers, she shivered.

Kate’s heart was pounding. He put a finger on her lips. She smelled her scent on his hand and wanted him to touch her all over again.

“You’re scared,” he said. “It’s that ex-husband you barely mention, right? I’ve had my heart broken too, several times, over the years. But mostly that was my fault. Because I was trying to make something right out of something that just hadn’t quite gone wrong yet.”

“Are you always this perceptive?”

“Only after midnight. During the day, I promise, I’m a complete lout. During the day, Ms. Police Detective, you’d have to send for the public prosecutor, before I’d ever admit, ever again, to a woman this unresponsive, how I’m head over heels crazy about her.”

“I’m unresponsive?”

“You’re a cold, hard, woman,” Andy said. And apparently, there was just a little bit of ice cream left, because he leaned across the pillow, dipped his hand into the container, where it was all melted now, and ran his hand across her breasts.

“Oh,” she said. And once more, he followed the cold stroking with warm, the stroking of his tongue. Her nipples rose and hardened.

“Okay, maybe not that unresponsive,” he said.

“I’ll prove it to you,” she said.

And she found her hands reaching down to cup his balls, fondle them in her palms, and then place her hands firmly around his cock. Which was already hard again.



Andy’s alarm woke them to the sound of Muzak. It wasn’t an intentional setting, he must’ve knocked the dial in the night, but it made them both laugh.

“I think I woke up in an elevator,” she said.

How good could it get with Kate? Andy wasn’t sure, but it was already getting better.

“I could call in sick,” he said, looking at her tangled in his messy sheets.

“I can’t call in, even if you could,” Kate said, “I have a caseload you wouldn’t believe. And I kind of have to eat crow about one of them, I had a theory that didn’t check out.”

“Crow. That’s not what I want to eat,” he said, bending his lips to her nipples. He could do this all day. He wanted to do this all day.

“I really have to go. My sergeant, who if you want to know is kind of a jerk is riding me like you wouldn’t believe…”

“He better not me. I’m the one who wants to be doing the riding,” he said, and he climbed on top of her, and all he had to do was brush against her slightly ice-creamy sticky body and he was slipping his cock between her thighs again. She lifted her legs around his buttocks and held on tight, and they took a ride together.

He made them incredibly late, and then there was the shower to get through, which for some reason they thought was a good idea to share. Soaping her breasts with his hands while she soaped his balls and his cock proved that time was really a relative thing. Her nipples grew hard and glossy; his cock swelled up, and there was suddenly enough time to take her again. This time, he had her back pressed up against the cool white tile wall, and she wrapped her legs around him again, as he held her ass in his hands, and the shower sprayed down his back.

Even that wasn’t the end of it though.

He stood behind her at the bathroom sink while they were brushing their teeth – as if they’d known each other a million years but their bodies were still new to each other.

He brushed his cock against her hip and it set him off all over again, and she felt him swell against her, turned right around, and lifted herself up against the edge of the sink. “Take me again,” she said, “if you’re ready.”

He watched himself in the mirror, rocking into her. He turned her cheek toward the mirror so she could see, too. It was so good, the feel of her skin on his skin; the sound of his cock moving inside her pussy, how wet she was, the steam on the mirror, how it felt to suck on her nipples while she came, the way she locked her arms around his back.

Eventually, he gave her a to-go cup of coffee, and took his last pleasure of the morning from the sound of her heels clattering down the stairs from his apartment, wishing only that they were clattering upthe stairs. He rolled up the bamboo shade that covered his kitchen window and leaned out to say goodbye again, to see her again, because man, he had it bad and it sure felt good.

“Kate,” he started to say, watching her move, those beautiful full hips swaying, watching her feet, her slender long feet, moving in sensible but still sexy pumps, wearing yesterday’s slightly rumpled work attire now instead of that form- fitting cream colored dress, and just as gorgeous nonetheless.

How he was enjoying just watching her walk across his sidewalk now, heading for her car. At least he was enjoying it until something else caught his eye and caught in his throat, so that he didn’t say her name, at least not in the tender way he’d been meaning to say it.

Because there was something on the underside of her car that looked wrong. There was a black plastic garbage bag wrapped with some kind of wire, and the wire was attached to something that looked like a tire gauge, or wait, no, like a clock.

The thing looked familiar in a weird way, not like something he’d actually seen, but like something in a movie or on TV, something not quite real and yet all too real. It reminded him of a story he wrote a year ago about a lunatic who lived in Angeles Crest National Forest and built explosive devices to stock pile against the End of Days. An… explosive…device…

So just as Kate was taking out her key to unlock her car, what Andy said was not “have a great day, Kate,” but rather “Kate! Run!” very loudly, and a dog barked and his neighbor slammed something against his wall, and Kate looked up and she wasn’t looking quite at Andy, and then she took off fast back into his building again as something that looked like a fireball lit up her car with a pop and a boom.

Car alarms went off everywhere, and Kate’s car was in flames.

Andy ran down the stairs two at a time, and pulled her into his arms.

“Someone put a bomb on your car,” he said, as if there was any possibility she didn’t notice that fact.

“Something like that,” she said, wiping the coffee she’d spilled from her hands.

“Are you all right?” he asked her.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine,” she said, and she sounded remarkably calm. “I just have to call this in.”


Kate’s heart was pounding in her chest. There was part of her that just wanted to dissolve in Andy’s arms and go hide upstairs in his apartment under the sheets. Like she was just his girl instead of a cop. Getting her car wired and blown up surely was a good excuse for spending a day hiding under the sheets.

Instead she called it in, and while she waited for back up to arrive, she studied the ground for footprints or traces of someone hiding or anything interesting, but the most interesting thing was the fact that this all happened right below Andy’s kitchen window. How had anyone who had it in for her known she was there? And who had done this? A perp she put away, a case she was working now? They must have followed her, followed them. And – was Andy a witness?

“Did you see anything?” she asked him, “anyone – something?”

“Just – the wires. I saw the wires. That was when I shouted. I knew what it was even before I recognized it. I was looking at it, and then I was looking at you, and then I was here.”



And that was just the start of what felt like a very long day. First, was forced to explain who Andy was; she’d been asked to consider who it was – besides Andy – who knew she was at his house; she’d been grilled about every case she was working on, and she didn’t have a car.

Her insurance company was incredulous – your car blew up? Her boss wanted to put her on disk duty; and Sergeant Ed, her department nemesis, made cracks about how if she’d gone out with him instead of “this Andy fellow” she’d be perfectly safe.

Meanwhile, from his office, Andy kept calling her, and texting her, to see if she was all right. It all suddenly felt like too much.

Just as she was calling a rideshare to go home, Andy called again.

“You okay?” he asked her. “I left messages.”

“I was talking to my boss and stuff,” she said. But actually, she’d seen the messages come in and avoided answering. Avoided because she didn’t want anyone else listening in on her call, like Ed. Avoided because she was doing just fine and if she talked to Andy and he was nice to her, genuinely nice to her, she might just fall to pieces. Avoided because she just really didn’t want to talk about what had happened. Just when she was feeling most vulnerable – opening up her heart to Andy – just when she was distracted – just as she was feeling happy – wasn’t that always the way – boom, there she was getting her car blown up.

There was a part of Kate that regretted being in the position of being vulnerable and distracted at all. That part of her just wanted to shut Andy down, shut herself down, focus on the work. Someone had done this. And without a suspect in sight, she was supposed to turn the investigation over to Ed. He couldn’t find a tree in a forest, she thought. Or not the right tree, anyway.

But the main reason she’d avoided picking up Andy’s messages was one she hated to admit even to herself. There was a part of her that really wanted to have Andy there with her. After just one night together! How ridiculous was that?

“But you areall right,” Andy was saying. “You’re safe, you’re well, all that?”

“I’m fine,” she said, casually, just barely avoiding adding “I am now.”

“I can make you feel finer,” he said.

“I’m okay,” she said again. “I really need to just go home and go through my files and see if I can find a clue as to who would do this. And who would be – following me, because how else would anyone know I was at your place.”

“No one should’ve known but me,” he said.

It was true, and also true that she’d been so busy getting dressed up for Andy, and meeting Andy, and making out with Andy in the restaurant that she wouldn’t have noticed in a million years if someone was following her.

“That’s what I need to find out,” she said. “Who did know.”

“Maybe I could help you. Investigative reporter and all that?”

“You can’t.”

“At least let me pick you up. I know you don’t have a car.”

Kate winced. “Very true.”

So, there he was meeting her at Parker Center again, but this time on the roof of the parking garage.

Why the roof, he asked. The truth was she wanted to be out in the open, not in the dark bowels of the garage. But she told him he should really see the view.

As Kate slid into the car, he was looking only at her when he said “You’re right, this really is a great view.”


Andy put the key in the ignition but he didn’t turn the engine over, instead he reached for Kate and kissed her.

He kissed her until they both had to come up for air, and even then, he didn’t want to stop.

“I missed you,” he said.

“Okay. I missed you too,” she admitted.

Now she was reaching for him, pulling his face to hers in her hands and holding him there for another long kiss with plenty of tongue.

“I want to undress you,” he said. “I want to sit here in the twilight behind these dark tinted windows with you naked and do things to you until it gets dark, and when it gets dark, I want to -”

“Why wait until then?” she asked. “And stop talking so much. Show me.”

He was only too happy to oblige.

He kissed her again, running his hand along her knee, inching up to her soft creamy thighs, and then between them. He stroked her through her underwear. He slipped a finger around the edge of them, and inside her pussy. She was already sleek and wet.

She leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. “Make me come,” she said.

Again, he was happy to comply.

He found her clit and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger, felt her grow hotter, felt her get wetter, felt the rise and fall of her body as she arced against him when she came.

He took his fingers from her, trailing her come. She took his hand and licked her wetness from his fingers. He was throbbing inside his jeans.

He reached behind her and unhooked her bra; lifting her shirt, lifting the loosened bra, he leaned in and licked her nipples until they were hard and dripping.

He pushed her skirt up around her hips and slowly peeled her underwear off her hips, down her thighs, down her calves, over her feet, and tossed it in the back seat.

Now he was fingering her again, in and out, making her open up to him, making her glisten, making her moan with every little smacking sound of his fingers shifting back and forth inside her.

The windows were steaming up on the car. She moved rhythmically against his hand. He pushed his thumb inside her and she rocked over it, he felt her swell and burst; she was so wet, so wet.

He thought he might explode through his jeans.

The same idea must’ve occurred to her, because she unzipped him and nimbly climbed on his lap.

She slipped on top of his cock. He pushed her shirt up and kissed each of her nipples in turn, pulling them lightly with his finger-tips, making them almost as hard as his dick.

As he thrust against her fiercely, she rocked back and forth, back and forth, whispering “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t…” until they both came, and she leaned back, accidentally blaring the horn.

“Ohhh, yeah,” she said, drooping forward against him. “That was – that was –”

“Maybe our best yet,” he said.

“We can top that,” she smiled. “Take me somewhere.”

“Any ideas?”

“You figure it out,” she whispered, running her tongue around the edge of his ear.

His cock was still inside her, and she was rubbing against him. He was getting hard all over again.

“How about we head for… Antigua or something,” Andy suggested.

“Does it have to be Antigua?” Kate was still rubbing herself against him, and her voice was low and husky. “Make it…Baja Sur… or the North Shore of Oahu, some place it won’t… cost…my life savings to fly.”

“Don’t worry about the cost,” he managed to say. She cupped his balls in her hand, stroking them gently. His cock twitched fully erect inside her.

“Why not…” she was practically purring, and moving against him faster, faster.

“We’ll go live in a grass hut. There’s probably very nice grass huts in Antigua… Not that I know anything about Antigua…”

There was only one thing he really knew just then – how great it felt rocking his dick inside her.