“It’s Only Sex”

I recently got out of a long term relationship and I needed a place to live or crash until I found my own place that I could afford. A friend of mine suggested that a friend of hers had a two bedroom apartment and that she was looking for a roommate. I hesitated at first because I wanted my own place with some privacy but I met with her anyway and I couldn’t pass up the offer, at least for a few months.

Now me. I am in my mid twenties. 6’4 220ish blondish brown hair and blue eyes. She is in her late twenties. Her name is Jessica. Jessica was absolutely stacked. She had big tits and an ass to match, blonde hair, blue eyes not really my type when it gets down to it. But, she was very attractive. She was pleasant to meet and seemed a little reserved at first. Long story short, I moved in and I have to admit that it was strange to have a female roommate. We both got up early for work and basically had the same routine. I would jump in the shower first then get ready and go to work. At night we would watch tv if we weren’t out somewhere. In the morning on the weekends she seemed very comfortable walking around in her pajamas or tee shirt braless. She wasn’t exactly my type but I can’t say that she didn’t get me eroused.

A few times when I came home at night she would be watching tv and would make a comment , like ” I guess you didn’t get lucky tonight huh?”. I rarely saw her go out on a date and most of the time she would be there when I got home. I was laying in bed one night and had just about fallen asleep when I heard a faint humming sound and then I heard her moan twice. Her room was next to mine and I would often fall asleep with my door cracked open as was hers. I thought about her masturbating at night but brushed it off because I honestly couldn’t imagine her to be using a vibrator. I would continue to listen for it and sometimes I would just hear her go to bed and at other times I would again hear faint moaning and a humming sound .

A few weeks later we were both sitting there watching tv and there was something on tv about a couple talking about masturbation. She was laughing and saying how easy it is for a guy , he can just whip it out anywhere. She then said that everyone has needs and how sometimes you just need to take the edge off. I was sort of taken off guard and I just agreed with her. She went to the kitchen to get us two beers then came back and handed me a beer. I couldn’t help but notice her big braless breasts under her pajama shirt as they jiggled around. She told me that she hasn’t had sex in over a year and how the last guy she dated couldn’t keep it up . I chimed in and told her that it has been awhile for me as well. That was honestly a lie. It had only been like a month. I had no idea why I said it.

After about a half hour she turns to me and in almost a whisper tells me that “it’s only sex , and how all people have a desire. She then tells me that if I ever want some relief, we could fuck. Repeating herself and saying it’s just sex , nothing personal or romantic, no strings attached. I should have jumped right on it because I was incredibly horny. But, I was still hesitant about a sexual relationship with a roommate, especially one that I had no romantic interest in at all. I brushed it off and jokingly said, “Are you making an offer?”I got up and went to bed.

I was hitting myself thinking you dumbass… you messed that up. She basically threw herself at you… Well About 30 minutes later she walks into my room takes off her pajama shirt. I could see her big tits swaying from side to side in the dark as she layed down next to me. Without either of us saying a word she reached for my throbbing cock and started stroking it while playing with my balls. I took my underwear off , she pulled the comforter off of us and straddled me. It was strange to have a women riding your dick and I haven’t even touched her yet. I reached for her breasts and they were fucking perfect. Oh my God. My last gf had very small tits and while I really don’t discriminate. I love all tits to be real with you. They were perfection in my hands as a massaged them and sucked on them. My tongue flicking her nipples. She was riding me slowly and I could feel her wetness envelop my throbbing cock . I reached around and felt her pussy stretching around my cock.

She then got off quickly, grabbed my cock and started sucking on it. She kept saying don’t cum yet. I really wasn’t close to cumming at this point. I can normally last a good while. She then layed down next to me and spread her legs. I crawled down kissing her thighs as I made my way closer. The smell of a well kept pussy, and really the taste of someone who eats healthy and in general good health is so delightful! Man was she sweet. I licked and prodded her clit with my tongue. My tongue work is something in proud of. Eating pussy is probably my favorite thing to do sexually. Specially when it’s well taken care of and groomed. I stuck a finger or two or three into her pussy stretching it out. Her moans only made me eat harder. I wanted so bad for her to cum all over my face. Her moans echoing through the apartment. Her fingers flew through my hair gripping the back of my head as she pulled me deeper and released a moan that I can only describe as a angelic and squirted all over my face. It was incredible. It was almost a primal feeling of success.

I stood up got between her legs and slid it into her. I was pounding into her and rubbing her clit as her screams heightened. She came again all over my cock. I picked her up and guided her to the sink in my bathroom bending her over it. I pushed in again filling her pussy to the brim as I slipped a finger in her ass. She gasped but only had the breath to muster a lowkey “Fuck”. I continued pounding my shaft into her until I was ready to cum, then I pulled out and grabbed her by the shoulders. I put her on her knees and slid my cock deep in her throat as I came. Her eyes widened. I cum alot… so I don’t think she was ready. She swallowed my cum almost in a thankful manner.

We layed on my bed for a good 10 minutes and I could feel her breathing heavy. She got up and said ” I needed that, thanks” , then left to go to her room.

I lived there for approximately 6 months. She ended up getting involved with someone at her work which was cool but the awkwardness and sexual tention was too much for both of us to not do something stupid. I actually liked the guy she started dating and we occasionally hangout. He has no idea which is find really funny. We fucked over 40 times during that 6 months. It was incredible to say the least. She was way more freaky and kinky than I thought. I have some crazy stories of that if this gets enough attention I will for sure share those!