In the Elevator

I’ve been asking around the office. A couple of the other men have made a pass at you. You told them that you don’t get involved with coworkers. 


Which may be true. 


The way you were looking at me said that it might be more of a guideline than a rule. And that there may be some big exceptions. 


I got into the elevator and you asked me, “Going down?”    


I thought of pushing your skirt up over your hips, getting on my knees, and tasting deep inside you instantly, right here in the elevator. 


It seems you were on the same page because instead of pressing the button to take us both down to the lobby, you pressed the one to keep the elevator stuck exactly where it was.  


I watched you do it. Then you looked at me and immediately looked away. It was coy and delicious and seductive. I felt it from head to toe, like a single finger running down my spine.   


“I’m s…” You started, unsure. I could see you were thinking that maybe you had miscalculated. That you had overstepped. Maybe that you had misread our glances at staff meetings or when we passed in the hallway. Maybe that time we had almost kissed in the parking lot was all in your head. 


I could see you moving your hand back to the elevator button to make it move, and break the moment, shatter the tension, and let life continue as it was. With you, looking at my forearms when I roll up my sleeves and you pretending you don’t. And me, watching your hips swing around the office in your tight pencil skirt, dying to reach up it, to touch, and to taste. 


I didn’t want to go back to the status quo, of me dying to grab your perfect ass as you teeter around the office on your heels, and knowing that nothing would ever come of it at all.     


Before you could apologize, press the right button, or brush it off, I grabbed your hand. 


You gasped, you didn’t expect me to do it. I could tell. Even to the last second, you were not 100% sure that I wanted it too. 


But you did it anyway. And that kind of bravery deserves a reward, doesn’t it?            


“So, you’ve trapped me, then,” I said. I think my tone was as light and playful as I could manage while my hands started to wander, and my cock twitched in my pants. My hands teased at your waist, wanting to go lower and finally touch your perfect ass.        


Your skin flushed and I couldn’t help but wonder if that flush ran all the way down your body. I needed to know. Would your breasts be nice and pink too?      


“Is this ok?” I asked, one hand on your hip, ready to snake its way down and squeeze your ass. The other bordered the bottom edge of your bra, ready to take your breast in my hand and tease it.   


You nodded, barely looking up at me through your eyelashes. It wasn’t enough. I wanted you to say it. I pulled you close, seeking a kiss, you opened to me, your head tilting back and lips parting, eagerly awaiting it.    


Your confusion when I went to your ear instead, kissing, licking, and nibbling, only made me harder.     


“I want to hear you say it,” I said, pausing to suck on your neck until I felt you shiver in my arms. “Tell me that you want it.”    


It was is if those words set something deep within you on fire and gave you permission. Your shyness evaporated. You were suddenly the kind of woman who has the men they desire completely at their mercy, wherever and whenever they please. 


One of your hands slid down my chest to the bulge in my pants. You wrapped around it, rubbing me through my slacks. For a second, the whole of my universe narrowed to your hand on me. My cock throbbed.   


“I want it.” You said. It was almost dry, obvious as if I wasn’t keeping up. Your smile was absolutely wicked.  


It was like a dam broke. I pressed you against the elevator wall and you leaped, your legs wrapping around my waist. The feeling of your hot pussy, only barely contained by the underwear you had already soaked through, pressed against my cock, drove me insane. I ground it against you while you squirmed.    


I reached down, teasing you through your soaking wet panties, just a finger at first. I could feel your hips tense against me, seeking more friction.      


I thumbed your clit, working it while feeling your hole flutter below. You wanted to be filled and I wanted to fill you. 


You were dripping. I slid in two fingers with no warning, and you quaked against me. I curled them inside you and you moaned loud and low. My cock throbbed. I wanted to be inside you so bad.   


“Do it!” You said, and I had never wanted anything so badly in my entire life. 


When I let you down, you looked shocked. When I spun you around and had you place your hands on the railing of the wall, so you could bend and arch for me, you immediately understood.       


I ran my hands from your ankles to the the hem of your skirt and flipped it over you. Your thighs were spread, and I could see your soaked black lace panties pushed to the side, your quivering dripping pussy and asshole a feast for my eyes as I touched you as I liked and rubbed my hard cock against you. 


I saw you watching in the mirrored elevator wall as I took it out and stroked. You made a low and deep noise of appreciation. I don’t even know if you realized what sounds were coming out of you.   


I took my cock and slid it against you, once and then again. Watching you arch against me, always seeking more friction and more pressure, was mesmerizing.  


I slid in just the tip of my cock, only to pull it out slowly. I felt your pussy clenching around me, trying to hold me deep inside you. I felt you shake and quiver and clench down. I could only imagine how incredible you would feel inside.       


I slid my cock between your thighs, right against your quivering pussy, covering it in your gushing juices. 


“Please!” You finally said. Your body was shaking from head to toe. I couldn’t take it anymore. You were dying to have it and I was dying to give it to you. 


I took my cock in my hand and angled into where you were wettest. I entered in a single thrust, sitting as deep within you as I could. You clamped down on me like a vice and stars began to curl around the edges of my vision.  


I lost control. I grabbed your hips and started to fuck you as deep and hard as I could. I couldn’t get enough. It felt incredible inside you. I could feel you gripping me harder and harder within, always trying to get more and deeper as I fucked you. 


“Harder!” You demanded on a high pitched wail and I couldn’t help but do exactly as you asked. I slapped your ass and slammed into you with all of my strength. You screamed. I fucked you as hard and fast as I could, occasionally moving your panties aside.   


When you suddenly pulled your pussy off of me and stood up, I felt like my entire world had been turned on its side. I watched in a daze as you slid your panties off entirely, and positioned yourself against the elevator railing again with one leg propped up on it. Your long skirt covered you at first, and I watched, my mouth watering as you pushed it aside to reveal your hot, wet, dripping pussy to me.  


Sliding my cock inside you felt like paradise. I never wanted to spend so long outside of you ever again. When you clenched down around me, as if trying to milk my cock, I wondered if I would lose consciousness.   


I pounded into you viciously, only egged on by your tight pussy, your soft wails, and the feeling of your perfectly manicured nails digging into my back. Before I knew it I was cumming. I hardly had time to warn you and you didn’t seem to mind. 


I felt your pussy clamping down on me as I came. I all but collapsed against you. Suddenly we were kissing, and I had never tasted anything so sweet in my entire life. As the last waves of orgasm took me I bit down on your shoulder. You cried out, our combined juices dripping down your thighs.  


When I pulled out of you and you still clung to me, I felt something warm glow deep in my chest.