In the Car

It had been ages since they’d seen each other — or so it felt like. In reality, it had only been a week, but her mind and body yearned for him: his touch, his eyes upon her, his kisses, and more.

They decided to meet for dinner halfway. After he paid the bill she said, “I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.”

“Me neither,” he replied. 

“Why don’t we make out in my car for a bit, like we used to in the beginning?” “Hell yeah!” was her response. 

They’d parked in the back of the large lot, away from the other vehicles; the only light came from the half-moon peeping through the scudding clouds.

Snugly settled into the backseat of his car, she looked at him almost shyly — even though they’d been together so many times, this felt somehow new, as if she were a nervous teenager again.

He smiled — that slow, languorous grin that still made her knees weak — and reached out his hand to cradle her face and neck, slowly pulling her towards him. Their lips met, and time slowed as the kiss deepened. She parted her lips to accept his seeking tongue; she pulled it into her mouth entirely and felt herself grow more excited.

By now they’ve both leaned into each other, her hands resting on his neck, his other hand working its way inside her low-cut blouse. As soon as his fingers creep underneath to brush her nipple, she breaks their lip-lock to straddle him, the movement made easy by her flowy skirt. She purrs “as you were” into his ear while unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her bare breasts to his hungry eyes.

He reaches up to cup her tits in his hands, and she arches her back to press more firmly into his grip. She begins slowly grinding her hips against his groin and he groans as she rubs against his bulging shaft.

Bending to kiss him once again, she reaches between them to unbutton his jeans, he lifts his hips and somehow she slides both his pants and underwear down below his knees. As she settles back onto his lap, he can feel there’s not a lot separating them. 

He asks, “what are you wearing under that skirt, anyway?” 

“That little blue thong you like,” she whispers.

He gives a little moan and moves a hand down to her thigh, caressing his way up beneath her skirt. She raises up off him slightly to accommodate his seeking fingers; as her torso comes nearer to him he bends his head to take a nipple in his mouth……she gasps as a jolt of electricity surges through her.

Meanwhile his fingers have pulled aside the thin thong, and he begins tickling her clit. She reaches for his hand, bringing it to her mouth to suck on his middle finger — then she pushes it back down between her legs.

He gently rubs her slit again with his moistened digit, then slowly slides it inside her, all the while suckling and licking her upright nipple. Grabbing his head with both hands she gasps out, “oh yes!” as he strokes her from the inside.

When he grasps one of her hands and lowers it down behind her she complies, firmly gripping his hard cock. She starts alternately stroking the length of it and fondling his balls, while growing more aroused. She can feel how wet she is from his ministrations to her nipples, and from his rhythmic strokes deep inside.

As the intensity mounts, she slowly moves her hips, gliding along his rock-hard member until his sharp intake of breath makes her realize she needs more than just his finger within her.

With each thrust of her pelvis she gets closer to letting him penetrate her, but she pulls back each time, teasing. He reaches both hands down to place them on her ass, pulling her towards the head of his cock……all of a sudden he’s inside her and they both gasp at the intensity of it.

She’s rocking with his thrusts as he rises to meet her, their rhythm quickens as they both give in to the sensations. All of a sudden, she gasps out, “grab my nipple!” and he obliges, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger.

The moonlight coming through the window highlights her chest and limns her figure in its silvery glow as she grips hard from inside and starts to come hard for him.

As wave after wave pulses through her, she manages to moan out, “come with me!” and he leans back to give himself over to it. She’s riding him just like he likes it; all it takes is a few more thrusts and he can’t help but release and let himself unravel inside her as she continues to throb around his cock with her continuing orgasms.

Finally, spent and sweaty, they relax into a long, slow kiss, and then she says, “Thanks for dinner…and dessert.”